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Paizo to Donate Merchandise Profits to Scholarship Fund

Between now and April 1, 2004, the Official Star Wars Fan Club will donate all profits from its sales of Attack of the Clones IMAX posters and banners to a scholarship fund for the daughter of Chanel Vanecek.

Vanecek was a vibrant member of the Star Wars community who was involved in everything from costuming groups to collecting clubs. We at the Fan Club were honored to get to know her when she spent long and always cheerful hours volunteering at our booth at Comic-Con International this past summer. Tragically, Chanel died in October, leaving behind her young daughter, Angelica.

Friends of Vanecek, also members of the fan community, set up a scholarship fund for Angelica. The owners and staff of Paizo Publishing, the company that manages the Official Fan Club, decided to help. Profits from every IMAX poster or banner purchased from the Club between now and April 1, 2004, will be donated by Paizo to Angelica’s scholarship fund. To order, fans can go to

The IMAX poster, which features a striking image of Jedi Master Yoda with lightsaber at the ready, is the same 25" by 46" double-sided piece displayed in IMAX theaters when Attack of the Clones hit the really big screen in November of 2002. The heavy-duty vinyl banner was also displayed in theaters, and the banners are available for sale only to members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club.

For this special scholarship offer Paizo increased the maximum number of posters per order to 15 per subscriber (from 10), and increased the number of banners to 4 per order per subscriber (from 2). Posters are only $24.95 each, and the giant 4’ x 6’ banners are $199.00. All orders are shipped with white glove handling, and the scholarship offer is good until April 1, 2004, or while supplies of the posters and banners last.

To order and help make a contribution to Angelica Vanecek’s scholarship fund, fans can go to Those who wish to send a contribution directly to the fund can write a check or money order (US funds) to: Scholar's Choice Acct. # 954079 – Investment option #1906. In the memo write "Angelica Vanecek." Mail funds to: CITIBANK, P.O. Box 8566, Boston, MA 02266-8566.

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