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Purchase your Non-Mint Silver-painted Boba Fett Action Figure now!

Silver-painted Boba Fett

Our Price:


This limited edition figure is modeled after the 300th Edition Boba Fett, as he was seen in The Empire Strikes Back. It is packaged on a distinctive card; the same packaging is used for all figures worldwide.

This 3 3/4" likeness of the saga’s most infamous bounty hunter was created by Hasbro as a special thank you to Star Wars fans. The Official Fan Club sold this action figure at conventions in summer 2003.

Special Note:
"Non-Mint" items have some packaging defects. The term "Non-Mint" applies only to the packaging - the item inside the package will be in similar condition to items sold without the Non-Mint designation.

No returns will be accepted on products marked as "Non-Mint". Gift Certificates
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