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Lucasfilm Wants Fans In Hyperspace

A Lucasfilm Announcement

After 17 years, the Official Star Wars Fan Club is coming back home to Lucasfilm Ltd.—and as part of this big move it’s getting a new name: Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club.

This is an exciting time for the Fan Club. Benefits for members in the U.S. and Canada are changing significantly—and for the better. Lucasfilm has created a comprehensive membership package for just $39.95 in the U.S. ($49.95 in Canada) that includes:

  • A six-issue, one-year subscription to Star Wars Insider magazine, published by IDG Entertainment, a leading provider of interactive entertainment editorial products including GamePro magazine. Star Wars Insider will continue to deliver all the features that its readers demand, including celebrity news and exclusive interviews, Prequel Update, Star Wars Q&A and Scouting the Galaxy. Plus, IDG has many new surprises in store for Insider readers!
  • One year of access to Hyperspace—the online component of the Fan Club and the ultimate online Star Wars destination. Here, the Hyperspace webcam brings you true behind-the-scenes coverage of Episode III post-production, including live coverage of pickup shooting in London this summer. The long list of Hyperspace features also includes free Star Wars-themed email addresses, exclusive celebrity online chats, and access to the acclaimed "Making of Episode III" video documentary series.
  • A membership kit, which includes a letter from George Lucas, posters, a one-of-kind animation cel, and other exciting and exclusive Star Wars products.
  • Discounts and early purchases at—Fan Club members who shop here can expect to receive VIP treatment!
  • Access to member-only fan events, such as regional Fan Club breakfasts with special guest speakers and giveaways, and special treatment at Lucasfilm-attended national events such as Star Wars Celebration III in 2005.
  • Interaction with your local and global fan community, which will continue to be the spotlight of Bantha Tracks coverage. This famous newsletter for Star Wars fans will now have expanded frequency in Star Wars Insider magazine, and will debut as an interactive online presence at Hyperspace.

To help ensure continuity as the Fan Club transitions, Lisa Stevens will continue to serve as President of the Fan Club. More details about the changes are available now at For current subscribers to Star Wars Insider, here is a list of some Lucasfilm-supplied FAQs with answers about Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club that you may find helpful:

1) How do I become a Fan Club member?

U.S. and Canadian residents, simply fill-out an online form to join the Fan Club for just $39.95. ($49.95 in Canada). Payment can be made by major credit card, or you can choose to be billed later.

The Fan Club is open to members worldwide. For $19.95, fans living outside the U.S. and Canada can join the Fan Club and receive all of the membership benefits, including full access to Hyperspace online content, discounts and exclusives, and fan event perks. International members do not receive Star Wars Insider magazine, nor a membership kit. Click here to join our international subscription.

2) I am currently subscribed to Insider and/or Hyperspace? When should I join the new Fan Club? What happens to my current subscriptions?

To receive full online and offline benefits of the new Fan Club, join today.

For current Insider subscribers who join now, your magazine subscription will be extended by six issues when you join Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, and you will immediately begin to receive full benefits of membership.

Similarly, current Hyperspace members who join now will simply have their online access extended by one year when you join the new Fan Club and you will immediately begin to receive full benefits, including six issues of Star Wars Insider.

Current subscribers to Insider and/or Hyperspace who do not join in the new Fan Club will continue to receive their subscriptions for the remainder of their subscription period.

Sign up now! You won't want to miss any of the Star Wars action with the new Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club.

3) Can I subscribe to just online or just the magazine?

No. We've united the best of our online and offline benefits into one great package. Save over 25% off of regular subscription prices. U.S. and Canada membership is available only as a complete package.

4) Can fans outside the U.S. and Canada get a membership kit or Star Wars Insider magazine?

Not at this time. We may evaluate other offerings in the future.

You may also be eligible to subscribe to local Star Wars magazines in the U.K., France, Spain, Mexico and Germany.

5) What is the automatic renewal option?

For added convenience, to make sure that you don't miss a single day of Star Wars excitement (or lose your Star Wars email address), you can choose to be automatically renewed when your current subscription expires. If you pay by credit card your card will be charged in a year, otherwise we will simply send you a bill.

6)When will I gain access to Hyperspace?

When you join the club, you will receive an email with your Hyperspace access code within 48 hours.

When you receive your coupon, log on to (or create a new account) and enter the code in the Join / Renew section of Member Services. Your year of access to Hyperspace content and features will begin immediately when you enter your code.

7) When will I get my first issue of the Insider?

Star Wars Insider is published six times a year, roughly every second month. You will receive an issue within 8 to 10 weeks.

8) When will I get my membership kit?

Membership kits are sent in groups throughout the year. Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.

9) Can I cancel my subscription?

Annual offers cannot be cancelled.

However, if you sign-up for the automatic renewal option, you are free to cancel at any time by contacting the subscriber services team at

10) I am a Star Wars Insider subscriber. How many issues do I have left?

When you sign up for the Fan Club, your current subscription will be extended by six issues. Contact the subscriber services team at for more information on your subscription.

Thank you for your interest in Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, and in the enhancements that have been made for you. Lucasfilm is very excited to provide the greatest benefits package ever to fans as Star Wars blasts forward to Episode III and beyond! Gift Certificates
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