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Pathfinder Society Names Regional Coordinators

13 Venture–Captains Help Bring Pathfinder to the World

Paizo Publishing announced today that 13 Regional Coordinators from around the globe have been brought on board to help coordinate Pathfinder Society events. Regional Coordinators, known as Venture-Captains, will oversee specific locations and serve as local organizers and points of contact for members of the Pathfinder Society, the organized play arm for the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

"Venture-Captains are a vital component in our Organized Play structure," said Hyrum Savage, Marketing and Organized Play Manager for Paizo Publishing. "With this new structure it will be easier than ever for players to find local games and get playing right away. We’ve named 13 individuals now, but have plans for many more in the coming months."

Each of the Venture-Captains will be the local focus for the Pathfinder Society, helping coordinate games, find local game masters, help local retail stores set up Pathfinder Society events, and get people excited about Pathfinder and other Paizo products. If you are a player or retail store manager that is interested in the Pathfinder Society, please email the Venture-Captain closest to your area for more information and instructions on how you can join. If your local area is not currently represented by a Venture-Captain please email Paizo at

The 13 individuals who have been named as Pathfinder Society Venture-Captains are:

Los Angeles, CA
Robyn Nixon

San Diego, CA
Eric Brittain

Tampa, FL
Michael Griffin-Wade

Atlanta, GA
Michael Brock

Indianapolis, IN
Mark Garringer

Detroit, MI
Douglas Miles

New York City, NY
Art Lobdell

Cincinnati, OH
Russell Akred

Seattle, WA
Dane Pitchford

Stephen White

Auke Teeninga

Diego Winterborg

United Kingdom
Dave Harrison

Set in the popular Pathfinder campaign setting of Golarion (home of the blockbuster monthly Pathfinder Adventure Path series), Pathfinder Society Organized Play follows the exploits of the setting’s most notorious group of treasure hunters, vagabond scholars, and thrill-seeking adventurers: the Pathfinder Society. With nearly 30 scenarios released annually, Pathfinder Society gives players ample opportunity to roll dice, create characters, vanquish monsters, and accumulate treasure. For additional information on Pathfinder Society Organized Play, visit, and download the free PDF guidebook.

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