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Paizo Announces New Pathfinder Fiction Line

Authors Include Elaine Cunningham, Dave Gross, Paul Kemp

Paizo Publishing is proud to announce a new line of Pathfinder novels to support the smash hit Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the most successful tabletop roleplaying release of 2009. Pathfinder novels launch in September 2010 with the release of Winter Witch, a new novel from New York Times best selling author Elaine Cunningham. In October, Paizo will release Prince of Wolves, by former Dragon Magazine and Amazing Stories editor Dave Gross. Additional novels—including a new adventure from popular novelist Paul Kemp—will follow throughout 2011.

Pathfinder novels are 300–page mass market paperbacks, and have a cover price of $9.99. They will be sold through book and hobby game channels, as well as directly from the publisher at Paizo will also offer a subscription to the Pathfinder fiction line, with subscribers receiving free electronic copies of the books they purchase as part of their subscription. Pathfinder fiction will also be available as PDFs, and other electronic formats may be announced in the future. Additional releases will be scheduled roughly every three months.

"One of the big attractions of writing for Paizo is that I know these guys and how much they care about creating a vivid, exciting world for their game. You can see that passion reflected in the enthusiasm of the fans. I’ve never seen a more devoted, creative group," said author Dave Gross. "It’s a big thrill to be a part of the Pathfinder novel line so early. The Pathfinder Campaign Setting is still a pretty comprehensive bible, but with so little carved into stone there’s enormous freedom to expand and detail the world. It’s a great place to tell new stories."

"I’ve been waiting a very long time to write a story like Winter Witch—an adult version of a Slavic fairytale, set in a land that’s both sinister and beautiful," said Elaine Cunningham. "The folks at Paizo are a joy to work with."

Details on the first two Pathfinder novels follow:

Winter Witch by Elaine Cunningham

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-286-9
Price: $9.99
Size: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4
Publication Date: September 2010

In a village of the frozen north, a child is born possessed by a strange and alien spirit, only to be cast out by her tribe and taken in by the mysterious winter witches of Irrisen, a land locked in permanent magical winter. Farther south, a young mapmaker with a penchant for forgery discovers that his sham treasure maps have begun striking gold.

This is the story of Ellasif, a barbarian shield maiden who will stop at nothing to recover her missing sister, and Decclan, the ne’er-do-well young spellcaster-turned-forger who wants only to prove himself to the woman he loves. Together they’ll face monsters, magic, and the fury of Ellasif’s own cold-hearted warriors in their quest to rescue the lost child. Yet when they finally reach the ice-walled city of Whitethrone, where trolls hold court and wolves roam the streets as men, will it be too late to save the girl from the forces of darkness?

From New York Times best seller Elaine Cunningham comes a fantastic new adventure of swords and sorcery, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-287-6
Price: $9.99
Size: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4
Publication Date: October 2010

For half-elven Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his devil-blooded assistant Radovan, things are rarely as they seem. Yet not even the notorious crime-solving duo is prepared for what they find when a search for a missing Pathfinder takes them into the mist-shrouded mountains of gothic Ustalav. Beset on all sides by noble intrigue, mysterious locals, and the deadly creatures of the night, Varian and Radovan must use both sword and spell to track the strange rumors to their source and uncover a secret of unimaginable proportions. But it’ll take more than merely solving the mystery to finish this job, for a shadowy figure has taken note of the pair’s investigations, and is set on making sure neither man gets out of Ustalav alive...

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross comes a new fantastical mystery set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

For a current schedule of announced Pathinder fiction releases, please visit

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