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Salvatore, Stackpole, and Cunningham Come to Planet Stories in August

Anthology highlights creator-owned stories by top-tier shared-world authors

Paizo Publishing today announced the fast-approaching release of Worlds of Their Own, a short story anthology of shared-world fiction edited by James Lowder (The Book of All Flesh, Prince of Lies) that features many popular fantasy authors including R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, and Elaine Cunningham that releases this August.

"Shared-world authors sometimes live in a sort of literary ghetto in the minds of critics and their fellow authors," said Paizo's Publisher, Erik Mona. "This collection presents creator-owned stories by some of the best of today's shared-world authors, freeing their creativity from the shackles of corporate dictates and elaborate multi-author continuities. It's exciting to see what these authors do when they're playing with home field advantage."

Many of today's best (and best-selling) fantasists got their start writing shared-world fiction supporting roleplaying games. Worlds of Their Own collects more than a dozen thrilling tales, providing an exciting overview of the original worlds and characters of authors who achieved their greatest fame writing stories they do not own. Worlds of Their Own presents an unprecedented sampler of fantasy and science-fiction adventure tales from some of the best-loved and best-known authors in the genre.

Worlds of Their Own contains the following short stories:

Introduction: "The Last Word Matters," by James Lowder
"Mather's Blood," by R.A. Salvatore
"Keeping Score," by Michael A. Stackpole
"The Oaths of Gods," by Nancy Virginia Varian
"The Doom of Swords," by Greg Stolze
"Catch of the Day," by Jeff Grubb
"Ghosts of Love," by Steven Savile
"The Wisdom of Nightingales," by Richard E. Dansky
"The Guardian of the Dawn," by William King
"How Fear Came to Ornath," by Ed Greenwood
"The Admiral's Reckoning," by J. Robert King
"Memories and Ghosts," by Monte Cook
"Three Impossible Things," by Lisa Smedman
"Near the End of the World," by Greg Stafford
"Confession," by Paul S. Kemp
"Lorelei," by Elaine Cunningham
"The Unquiet Dreams of Cingris the Stout," by James Lowder
"On the Off-Ramp of the Intergalactic Superhighway," by Will McDermott
"Twistbuck's Game," by Gary Gygax

Worlds of Their Own authors Ed Greenwood, Paul S. Kemp, Michael A. Stackpole, Greg Stolze, and Editor James Lowder will be on-hand in the Paizo Publishing booth at this August's Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, IN on Saturday, August 16, 2008 from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. signing copies of Worlds of Their Own. The signing is free for all attending Gen Con and copies of the anthology will be available for sale at the Paizo booth.

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