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Paizo Publishing®, LLC Announces Return Schedule for GameMastery Campaign Workbook

Online Return Tool Makes the Process Easy

Paizo Publishing, LLC will begin accepting returns for defective GameMastery Campaign Workbooks the week of February 20th, 2007. A large number of copies of the original print run unintentionally use a low quality glue in the binding, causing some books to fall apart when laid flat. To prevent this from occurring again, Paizo re-bound the books with a spiral ring bind.

Anyone wishing to return their copy and exchange it for a new one can follow one of two paths:

First option is to return your defective copy online at You'll need to create an account and fill out the e-form provided at the address above. Completion of the e-form will generate an order number. Please tear the front cover off your defective Campaign Workbook and treat it like a postcard. Legibly write your return address in the top left corner, Paizo's mailing address in the middle (see below), and affix a stamp to the top right corner. Drop it in your mailbox and Paizo will send a new copy and two FREE GameMastery Item Card booster packs to you by the end of March 2007. Returns are only possible while supplies last.

Attn: #[order number]
7120 185th Ave NE
Ste 120
Redmond, WA 98052-0577

Second option is to return your copy at your local hobby retailer. They will be able to exchange your copy for a new one and can tear off the front cover and return it to distribution for a replacement.

Paizo again apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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Paizo's GameMastery accessories give you the tools to make the most of your RPG campaigns. Publisher Erik Mona and one of the most experienced design staffs in the game industry present products that combine the best art and production values to bring a vorpal edge to your campaigns.

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