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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Paizo Publishing, LLC to Release GameMastery Item Pack: Adventure Gear

Paizo responds to customer demand!

Paizo Publishing announced yesterday that they are expanding their popular GameMastery Item Pack line to include cards representing mundane items as well as generic magic items. PZO5004 GameMastery Item Pack: Adventure Gear will be released in January 2007 and contains everything a fantasy roleplayer needs to equip a character. The non-random deck of adventuring items includes rope, torches, caltrops, a lantern, and even a 10-foot pole.

Adventure Gear's genesis was based on consumer response on the messageboards as well as letters received from Item Pack fans. "Paizo has always had a very close relationship with our customers," said Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens. "Our messageboards give us a wonderful venue to share ideas with our customers and get their thoughts. Adventure Gear is one result that we are really excited about."

GameMastery Item Pack: Adventure Gear will be released in a 54-card box (the same format as GameMastery Item Pack One) and will retail for $9.95 USD. A complete card list will be published online at soon.

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