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Paizo Publishing to Produce Ptolus Miniatures


Extensive line debuts in May

February 10, 2006 – Paizo Publishing, LLC® is proud to announce an extensive line of officially licensed premium metal miniatures inspired by Monte Cook's Ptolus: City by the Spire campaign setting. The line debuts in May with the City by the Spire boxed set, featuring five of the city's most fascinating inhabitants, and three individually packaged miniatures ideal for use as player characters. Additional monthly releases will ensure a line of dozens of miniatures by the time the Ptolus hardcover comes out in August, with more in the months to follow.

Ptolus is a detailed fantasy city that rests in the shadow of a sinister three-thousand-foot Spire and is built upon the resting place of the worst evil in the history of the world. Heroes and dungeon-delvers visit the city from far-off realms to test their mettle against the unknown dangers that lurk below. The setting has seen constant action as the site of Cook's home campaigns since his days co-designing the Third Edition rules.

"Monte Cook's Ptolus is a deluxe campaign setting, with almost 700 pages of rich detail," said Paizo Publisher Keith Strohm, a long-time player in Cook's campaigns. "Our miniatures line will take a similar approach, aiming to highlight the marvelous characters, organizations, and monstrous threats of the city."

"It's going to be really great to have Ptolus miniatures, and I am particularly excited to be working with Paizo on this, because they really get Ptolus," said Cook.

May's releases include the City by the Spire boxed set (featuring Sheva Callister, the Iron Mage, Lilith, Navanna Vladaam, and an Urthon Aedar) and three individually packaged miniatures: Cleric of Lothian, Knight of the Pale, and Inverted Pyramid Wizard.

The miniatures will be available through hobby distribution and online at

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publishes Dragon and Dungeon magazines under license from Wizards of the Coast as well as a full line of GameMastery roleplaying accessories and miniatures. Paizo also operates a full-line Internet game retail store at It is Paizo's goal for every magazine and every product to be an event that encourages new and experienced hobbyists and fans to become more excited about their interests.

Monte Cook, co-creator of Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons (the basis of the d20 System), also penned the Dungeon Master's Guide and many other books for TSR/Wizards of the Coast. He launched Malhavoc Press in May 2001 with the publication of the bestselling Book of Eldritch Might, which won three EN World d20 System Awards for excellence. Hallmarks of Malhavoc Press and Monte's game design include a mastery of the d20 System rules that only one of the game's original designers can offer. Malhavoc Press titles are available at, along with free game articles and downloads. Print versions are published by Sword & Sorcery™.

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