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Paizo Publishing to Take Over Sales for Cheapass Games in March 2006

Paizo to become the exclusive sales agent for Cheapass Games

January 11, 2006 (BELLEVUE, WA) – Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publisher of the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons gaming magazines Dragon and Dungeon, and the premiere e-commerce site for all things gaming, is pleased to announce today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with James Ernest and Cheapass Games to become the exclusive worldwide sales agent for the entire line of Cheapass Games products.

"I've always been a fan of Cheapass Games," says Lisa Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of Paizo Publishing, LLC. "Now that James and I are working together on Titanic Games, it seemed natural to add Cheapass to the Paizo mix."

Paizo Publishing will begin soliciting orders for new products and backstock in March. Fans of Cheapass Games will be able to buy the complete line of Cheapass products on

Cheapass Games president and head designer James Ernest is also thrilled with the new arrangement. "I think goblins are living in my basement," said Ernest. "Getting all these games out of here will prove it one way or the other."

Paizo Publishing will also demo and sell Cheapass Games' products at trade shows and consumer conventions starting in 2006.

Please direct any questions to

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publishes special interest magazines and gaming products in the field of hobby gaming. Paizo also operates a full-line Internet game retail store at It is Paizo's goal for every magazine and every product to be an event that encourages new and experienced hobbyists and fans to become more excited about their interests.

Cheapass Games is a tiny little game company in Seattle specializing in quirky, low-budget board games with no spare parts. Their best-selling titles include Kill Doctor Lucky, Give Me The Brain, and Unexploded Cow. Cheapass Games have received several industry awards for board games, card games, and graphic design, as well as frequent listings in the GAMES 100.

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