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Paizo Publishing Appoints Jeff Berkwits Editor-In-Chief Of Amazing Stories Magazine

Also, Pierce Watters Returns to Paizo Publishing as Circulation Director

Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of special-interest gaming and entertainment magazines Dragon®, Dungeon®, Undefeated®, and Amazing Stories™, is pleased to announce today the appointment of Jeff Berkwits to the position of Editor-in-Chief, Amazing Stories magazine.

“After a search that brought us a wide array of qualified candidates, we are confident that Jeff Berkwits is the editor to bring the 21st century entertainment magazine into the future,” says Keith Strohm, Chief Operating Officer of Paizo Publishing, LLC. “His background as a science-fiction contributor and his passion for the genre are going to establish Amazing Stories as the definitive voice in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, and superheroes.”

Berkwits comes to Paizo from Wolfson Public Relations where he was Senior Staff Writer. Berkwits previously worked as a freelance correspondent covering the music and entertainment industries for such publications as Cinescape, SCI FI (the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel), The X-Files Official Magazine, Science Fiction Weekly, and Amazing Stories among others, and served as Entertainment Editor at Galaxy Online.

Amazing Stories is a publication that, for fans of science fiction and fantasy, has been revered for generations,” says Berkwits. “We’re now living in the age that was first imagined in the earliest issues of Amazing Stories. It’s my job to keep motivating and inspiring future generations of readers, writers, and fans. I’m looking forward to building upon the past while crafting and encouraging a bright future for both the magazine and speculative storytelling in all its forms.”

In additional news, Pierce Watters rejoins the Paizo Publishing staff as Circulation Director for the publishing group’s four magazines. In this role, Watters is responsible for expanding and improving upon mass-market magazine distribution and increasing overall subscriptions. Watters returns to Paizo after a stint as Associate Agent for the Barbara Bova Literary Agency, reading science fiction, fantasy, non fiction, and techno thrillers. Watters brings with him 35 years of experience in publishing, ranging from book and magazine editing to book sales and magazine circulation.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Pierce back on the Paizo team,” says Strohm. “His expertise with the publishing industry and specifically in magazine circulation, will be invaluable to Paizo and the growth of Amazing Stories, Dragon, Dungeon, and Undefeated as the premiere magazines in their genres.”

For more information, please contact Jenny Bendel at

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