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Scenario Submission Talk

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Scenario Premise Idea.

Pathfinder Society Scenario Open Call

Quests & Target PC Levels

Maps for submitted scenarios

Writing NPCs for scenario submission

Do open calls for scenario writers still occur?


Event Description

Guns, Germs, and Stele

Thanks for editing us.

submission question

Black Waters...

Current status on the Open Call ?

Percentage of Open Call scenarios?

Writing for Pathfinder Society

Any Guide to Names?

Model for Scenario Submission

Looking for a GameMastery Map Portfolio.

Materials on Hand

Rules Questions for Submissions


Planning to Submit and I Could Use Some Feedback

Monster stat-blocks

New Submssions?

How do I report a module like "We be Goblins?"

Open Call Relaunch

PFS Quests: Rewards & Ideas

Pathfinder Quest submission

Miniature / Pawn Requirement - How Strict?

Pathfinder agents working with trainees?


Possible scenario

Paizo, please allow GMs more flexibility in scenarios for lethal encounters

Paizo rejected my script, under old Guidelines

Relatively new to Pathfinder. Should I even bother?

Open Call Flip Mats Question

Story NPCs?

Open Call and Figs / Pawns

Paizo Blog: Open Call Revisited

No Response From Submission

Return of King Xeros!!!

Regarding feedback from Open Call responses...

Working on an idea

Idea: Babysitting Mission turns deadly

No response at all for a sumbission...

Word Count?

Quick & Dirty: Scenarios you think should serve as an example

Active Voice vs Passive Voice

Scenario Submission Advice

What do you want in a Scenario?

Tiers for Open Call submissions

Questions for Josh on scenario submissions

Unable to report

As a player can I report an event?

NPCs and Mounts

Current Submission Turnaround Time?

List of Scenario Locations

Question for the current open call

No Response from Submission

question about faction missions

Need "rejected submissions" subforum of this forum

Just made my first submission

First Time Submitting

Some advice on the ratings of the Scenarios

Is There an Overdone Topic Area?

Venture-Captain & Lodge stuff

Feedback turnaround?

Campaign Setting still canon?


Pathfinder Society Open Call Guidelines Update

Mounts as rewards

NPC Wizard Construction

Battle interactive for con?

A small bit of irony?

Reported in wrong Event

Alternate places to post a rejected scenario and building reputation, skills, acceptance

Standard adventure submission vs. Scenario Submission

Curse you adamantine!!!

Maps and handouts

Monetary rewards in PFS scenarios

Open call submissions and the Shadow Lodge

Looking for the 'best' module and summary format to follow.

I'd like to suggest larger font and a few more non-deadly investigative encounters

Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Paizo Blog: Good Maps Make for Good Adventures

PFS questions

Advice on writing and running mysteries

What is the BIG STORY?

Seeking Feedback on the New Open Call Format

Monster creation

Paizo Blog: A Trickle of Submissions

Open Call PFS Adventure Submission Question

Submission Question

Play Testing

Rejected #45 -- Critique Welcomed

Rejected Scenario Submission: An Infestation of Mites

Any Advice for A Newcomer?

Maps and Copyright

Rejected Scenario: Weaver of Lies

Grand Master Torch

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