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Topic Posts Last Post
Charcon 2013 - Charleston WV - October 18,19,20

Tavern Con October 2014: Call for Players (Central Michigan)

"Blood Under Absalom" yesterday at Spilefesteval 2012.

"Find an event near you" not working properly

"Find an Event" still not working

(Southeast) New England - Where are my players?

1d4Con in Winchester, VA on 26-28 April

1st Annual GameCon at Game Master Games hosted by PFS of Long Island

1st / 2nd Dec in NW England / NE Wales - judging interest

2 Pathfinders traveling to Boston / Groton CT 12th September

2nd SF Pathfinder Night tomorrow

3Con, Fort Wayne, IN (April 1-2, 2011)

3Con, Fort Wayne, IN on July 7th, 2012

3XP - 27 to 29th June 2014 - Great Staughton, Cambridgeshire, UK

7. RollenSpielTage in Karlsruhe, Germany

10 days to fill ahead of GenCon in Indiana - meeting intersting people

12th level Texans, report!

19th Nov Tampa Florida

2008 San Diego Comic Con

@Josh, Mike, and Cherry - Celesticon 2011

A-Kon 24, Dallas TX, May 31 - June 2, 2013

A-KON 25 June 2014

Aberdeen, UK, PFS

Abilene Pathfinder Society

Above Board Games PFS October Event Day (Fort Mill, SC)

Accidental Duplicate, Please Ignore

Adventure Card Game OP in the SF Bat Area

Adventure photographer and Pathfinder, Dan Sandoval, commissioned Venture-Lieutenant of Chengdu, China.

Advice on Building a Local PFS Group

Advice on Building a Local PFS Group

Advice to start / convince / organize a pathfinder society in Regina Saskatchewan

Ahoy! Walk the Plank Con '13 - Clearwater, FL

Alabama Phoenix Festival - May 24-26

Alaskans interested in Pathfinder Society Play

Albuquerque, NM — Active Imagination, Friday 6pm

All Call for PFS Players in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Glendale, Scotsdale, ETC. Arizona

All girls table in Cincinnati

Allentown, PA Area PFS

Anchorage AK event Sep. 26th Sunday

Anchorage Alaska... have any players in the Society?

Anchorage Sep. 26th Boscos Spenard.

Ancient City CON Jacksonville FL 20-22 July 2012

AnCon 2012 in Ohio June 21 to 24

AnCon 2013! May 2nd - 5th. Ohio.

AnCon in Hudson, OH

Anime Central (Rosemont, IL 20-22 May)

Anime Milwaukee, Feb 14-16

Animefest 2013!

AnimeFest 2014, Aug 15-18, Dallas Texas USA

AnimeFest, Dallas, TX Aug 31 - Sep 3 2012

Announcement - Oasis 23 [5 / 28 / 2010 - 5 / 30 / 2010]

Announcing the new Pathfinder Society of Georgia website

AnonyCon 2008 Pathfinder Society 1-10 being offered Dec 12-14th Stamford, CT

Anonycon 2011

AnonyCon 2012

Anonycon 2012 - December 7-9 - Stamford, CT

AnonyCon this Weekend.

Any chance to get sub-forums here?

Any Games in Huntsville, AL or Online with an opening?

Any interest in Pathfinder Game Days in SLC, Utah?

Any interest in SE florida?

Any Las Vegas PFS games 3 / 24 to 4 / 1 / 13?

Any love for Nothern CA? Any Shasta / Butte County PfS groups?

Any Orlando Florida groups out there?

Any other San Francisco based Pathfinder players?

Any Pathfinder games in Durham NC?

Any Pathfinder games in London UK?

Any Pathfinder society events in Ottawa, Ontario?

Any Pathfinder Society games in Ireland (Specifically around Dublin)?

Any Pathfinders around Ottawa, Ontario?

Any Pathfinders going to Cangames 2010 ?

Any Pathfinders in Provo, UT?

Any Pathfinders in Southern Colorado?

Any Pathfinders near Oxford?

Any PFS at Conquest NW - Seattle?

Any PFS at PAX Prime

Any PFS events in Missouri?

Any PFS games in San Diego?

Any PFS games in the Norfolk Virginia area?

Any PFS games in Ventura, Santa Barbara or LA next week?

Any PFS in Kalamazoo MI?

Any PFS in Okinawa?

Any PFS in or near Auburn AL?

Any PFS in Reno NV?

Any PFS in the West Valley AZ?

Any PFS players or GMs in NE Ohio?

Any players in Stockholm, Sweden interested in starting a PFS?

Any players in the Memphis area

Anyone doing Pathfinder around South Bend, IN?

Anyone have any info on PFS at CogCon this year?

Anyone have some good flyers?

Anyone interested in gaming on a cruise ship?

A Changing of the Guard in Sydney, and a New Appointment for the Society in Canberra

A Con listing for generally the Southwest U.S.

A great experience at PaizoCon UK

A new (online) home for the Washington, DC area Pathfinder Lodge

A New Appointment for the Society in Wollongong!

A new player with a simple question

A Pathfinder Game in the Layton, Utah area!

A Pathfinder Society Game Day in Houston, TX.

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