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Topic Posts Last Post
How does a local game shop set up a new society gaming venue?

Event calendar change

Southern Maryland Area

Pathfinder Society Italia

Neon Galaxy Convention in Las Vegas - October 2014

Reminder about PFS at Gamehole Con 2014

A Pathfinder Game in the Layton, Utah area!

Jackson MI Pathfinder

NukeCon Oct. 3-5 2014 Omaha, NE

Vasectomy Con 2! Testicular Boogaloo!

Kudos to Pathfinder Society for well run PFS events at GEN CON 2014

PFS in Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarasota, Gainesville...seriously, we have a lot of Pathfinder!

PFS in North Chicago

Any PFS at PAX Prime

CarbonCon, September 19-21, Carbondale IL

Pathfinder in South Bend

Lodges in Louisville KY?

PFS in Northern Indiana

FG Con 5 - 17-19th October 2014

Florida PFS next week?

PFS @ BloomingCon 2014 (Sept 26 - 28) Bloomington Indiana

PFS@Pacificon - August 29 - Sept 1 2014 Calling all players - Warhorn signups closing soon

Tavern Con October 2014: Call for Players (Central Michigan)

Looking for group in Pontotoc, Mississippi

SCARAB Gaming Convention - Columbia SC - January 16-19, 2015

Houston PFS presents: Day of the Stonelords, September 13

Dan's Con of the Vale 15, October 24-26

Pre-Gen Con Pathfinder Society Play @ Scotty's Brewhouse: Sign Ups now open!

South Nashville / Murfreesboro

Who's Yer Con WYC April 17 - April 19, 2015

South Bend, Indiana PFS

Gateway 2014 - Los Angeles Hilton / LAX Labor Day Weekend - Aug 29 to Sep 1

PFS@Pacificon - August 29 - Sept 1 2014 Calling all players

Waypoint 2014 Auckland, New Zealand Sept 6-8

PFS @ Council of Five Nations Schenectady New York October 10-12

CogCon 24 - Rolla MO - Sept 19-21 2014

Two Pathfinder Society Events in Tacoma, Washington

When will the Paizo Pathfinder Society Store Locator be Fixed?

Searching for Group Gulfport, Mississippi

Contact for organizing events in countries without a regional coordinator

PFS Tacoma at The Game Matrix, Saturday, August 16, 2014

PFS in New Castle, PA or Youngstown, OH?

Looking for Players London / Brighton / Surrey UK

PFS @ PACIFICON August 29 - Sept 1

Franco pathfinder du Québec

Kansas City PFS Players wanted!

Asheville Pathfinder Society Lodge

Looking for a game in Knoxville Tn


Sydney Pathfinder Society

Sanfu Con 2014 Oct 45-26

Convention compilation

Any PFS in Okinawa?

Dubuqe, Iowa (Checking on Interest)

Green Mountain Lodge Discussion Thread (VT and SW NH & Western MA)

10 days to fill ahead of GenCon in Indiana - meeting intersting people

Texas - Kingwood

PaizoCon UK 2014

Stuttgart PFS?

Pathfinder in Grand Junction, CO

Feeling Paizocon UK withdrawal

AnimeFest 2014, Aug 15-18, Dallas Texas USA

Knoxville Pathfinder Lodge

Convention Planning in a Thread: Pacificon 2012

Helena Montana

DragonCon 2014 - event pre-registration opened yesterday

Vasectomy Con 1!


Pathfinder in Brasilia, Brazil

Need a group in San Angelo, TX

PFS at Nerdy Stuffs - Tacoma, Saturday, July 26, 2014

Looking for Pathfinder Players in the San Fernando Valley

PFS at Dragonflight in Bellevue, WA - Aug 8-10, 2014

Pathfinder Society in Bogota, Colombia

Paizocon 2014 Reporting Issues: Request for Assistance

San Francisco?

new player looking for a Pathfinder group around the Ottawa Illinois area

PFS at Nerdy Stuffs Tacoma Saturday December 14

PFS at Nerdy Stuffs - Tacoma, Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phoenix Comicon 2014 June 5-8

Pathfinder Society in Anderson, Indiana!

Inconjunction 2014 in Indianapolis!

Pathfinder in Dublin, Ireland

St. Louis, MO -- Seeking Game

Fields of Honor 2014

ConGregate, Winston-Salem, NC, July 11-13, 2014

Tavern Con October 2014: Call for GMs (Central Michigan)

Pathfinder in the Netherlands

Rage-Con 2014 June 27-29 Reno

PFS at Nerdy Stuffs - Tacoma, Saturday, June 21, 2014

Texicon: June 27-29 2014 in Grapevine TX

Milwaukee Summer Revel; Brookfield WI July 11-13, 2014


Origins Game Fair 2014

Pre GenCon 2014 Wednesday games

Gencon PFS Newb Questions

PFS in Fort Mill, SC

Things are finally happening In Calgary!!!

Sunwrought Con in San Diego, CA -- June 7-9

ConTemplation 2014

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