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How does a local game shop set up a new society gaming venue?

Event calendar change

noob looking for players near by

SCARAB Gaming Convention - Columbia SC - January 16-19, 2015

Owlcon 34 - Feb 6-8, 2015

Pathfinder in South Bend

Gryphcon - February 27 to March 1, 2015 - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Pathfinder Society GM Harrison AR

Pathfinder Society GM Harrison AR

Pathfinder Society GM Harrison AR

Winter War, 6-8 February 2015, Champaign Illinois

Looking For A Game In San Francisco & Salt Lake City

Asheville Pathfinder Society Lodge

Dunedin (NZ) Pathfinder Lodge

Pathfinder Society in Charlotte, NC

Kalispell, MT Pathfinder Society Lodge

We keep on growing--PFS in Germany welcomes two new VL

PurpleBunnyCon - Murfreesboro TN Feb 20-22

PFS in Kansas City

MegaCon 2015 : Orlando FL : April 9-12

MAG CON - New Caney, Texas

BookWyrm Con 2015. Fresno, CA. April 18-19

Con of the North, Feb 13-15, 2015!

Pathfinder Society Italia

Pathfinder Society Organized Play in Delaware (it is a state)

PFS at TotalCon 2015

CarbonCon 2015 (Spring), Carbondale IL, March 21-22

Gamicon Omega February 20-22, 2015

Sydney Pathfinder Society

PFS in Canberra, Australia

Gamestorm 17 March 19-22nd

Jackson MI Pathfinder

PFS in Coralville / Iowa City / Ceder Rapids area?


Pathfinder Society at Lake Geneva Games (Lake Geneva, WI)

ORCCON 2015 - Presidents day weekend - Los Angeles, CA 4 days of gaming

Are you coming to New England? Do you want to Find Some PFS?

Texas - Kingwood

DundraCon 39 - San Ramon, CA Feb 13th-16th

Con Nooga 2015 Feb 27,28 & March 1st Chattanooga,Tn.

Green Mountain Lodge Discussion Thread (VT and SW NH & Western MA)

Dubuqe, Iowa (Checking on Interest)

Looking for a PFS game near LAX

Eau Claire WI?

PAX South (January 23 - 25, San Antonio) Volunteers Needed

PFS in Oklahoma

Pathfinder in Wales

WA, East Wenatchee: Tues 6pm -- Pathfinder Society at Cave Collectible Games

Looking to Join / Create group in / near Lafayette Colorado

Third Bi-Annual Save vs Hunger, Maryville, Tennessee Jan 24-25th

New to Pathfinder, looking for PFRPG in South Orlando, FL

PENSACON 2015 of Pensacola,FL 02 / 27 / 15-03 / 01 / 15

Visiting El Monte CA in December

Enchanted Grounds Colorado GM Check

Philadelphia Pathfinder

pathfinders eagan,MN. looking for a Monday morning group.

Pathfinder Society North Las Vegas

Marmalade Dog 2015

Looking for group in Roseburg Oregon

Cayden's Crawl 2015 Feb.18th-22nd Jacksonville, Fl.

Vasectomy Con 2! Testicular Boogaloo!

Richmond, VA - Pathfinder Society Organized Play Returns to One Eyed Jacques on Saturdays

Stars are bright in Raleigh

Looking for adventures in Mississippi

PFS in Northern Indiana

South Nashville / Murfreesboro

Pathfinder Society at Lake Geneva Games (Lake Geneva, WI)

Black Friday Game Day in NE GA

PFS Getting Started in Dover, DE

Convention Update: JimCon IV, Nov 14-16, 2014 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

PFS in New Castle, PA or Youngstown, OH?

CaydenCon at At Ease Games in San Diego

Heroes for Heroes! December 6-7, Knoxville, Tennessee


U-Con 2014 (Ypsilanti, MI) November 14-16

PAX East 2015 - March 6th - 8th

PFS in Philadelphia?

Visiting Elk Grove, Ca this week (Nov 10th thr 14th)

Post-Apocalypticon Nov 15-16 Cleveland, Tn

Richmond, VA - Year of the Shadow Lodge Special (11 / 22 / 14), Regular Weekly Game Days, Learn-to-Play Event

Pathfinder Society at Heretic Games in San Bruno

Orakei Pathfinder Society - New venue for east Auckland, NZ - November 18th

Reminder about PFS at Gamehole Con 2014

Looking for specific scenarios in the Southeast.

Thanksgiving week games in So. California?

LFG Bone Keep Part 1 and 3 at UCon in MI

Pathfinder Society at Lake Geneva Games (Lake Geneva, WI)

FlatCon, Bloomington IL, 24-26 October 2014

Arkansas PFS-LFG

Dan's Con of the Vale 15, October 24-26

PFS in Indiana and you

ZappCon 2014 - October 18-19 (Fresno, CA)

[Texas - Humble] Ladies Only

Kansas City PFS Players wanted!

Tavern Con October 2014: Call for Players (Central Michigan)

MACE 2014 - November 7 - 9, 2014 - Charlotte, NC

Group for Santan Valley / Queen Creek, Arizona?

PFS in Maryland?

NukeCon Oct. 3-5 2014 Omaha, NE

FoodMachine Houston - November 15th

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