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Connecticon CT Con?

A Pathfinder Society Game Day in Houston, TX.

Central NJ - HouseCon - June 19 to 21

ConCarolinas 2009 - May 29-31 - Charlotte NC

Toronto: Any pathfinders want to head to Gen Con Indy?

Looking for storytellers for a convention in Peterborough, Ontario

Pathfinder Society in Glen Burnie, MD

Elko, NV

May 20 - "Murder on the Silken Caravan" via MapTool

Pathfinder Society at Ropecon '09, Finland

ConFlict VII - July 17-19 - La Crosse, WI: ConFlict Pre-registration Now Open!

Convention in NJ, June 19-21

Michigan PFS in May

Slot Zeroes for PaizoCon 2

ConFlict VII - July 17-19, 2009 - La Crosse, WI

Attracting PFS Players to Conventions

Tampa or Brandon Pathfinders...

Pathfinder Society Events at ConCept 2009

Strategicon / Gamex


Free Advertising for Paizo and the Pathfinder Society

The S.I.E.G.E, May 1-3 Chatanooga, TN

Looking for Pathfinder Society GMs In Central Illinois

Find a Pathfinder Society in Your Area

Pathfinder Society Help needed at Oklahoma Convention

Looking for PFS support for Diecon 9 - St. Louis - Early June

Winter War 2009 Wrap Up

Looking for Pathfinder Society GM's

Pathfinder at KublaCon?

AnCon in Hudson, OH

Gainesville, Fl

Pathfinder Society play at Norwescon?

PFS @ BASHCon, Toledo, OH in February?

Columbia, MO

Any Pathfinders around Ottawa, Ontario?

Pathfinder Society at ConDor XVI in San Diego

PFS in Mid-Atlantic Region

Conflagration IX; West Allis WI; March 13th to the 15th

Pathfinder at Dreamation

Greater London Lodge games on 22nd Feb

Pittsburgh (Monroeville) Pathfinders

OwlCon February '09 PFS - Houstonians / Texans / All Potential Participants

Winter War 2009 Wrap Up

Looking for Pathfinder Society group: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Looking for Pathfinder Society Games in Orange County, CA

Pathfinder Society scenarios at ConDor

PFS at MarsCon (SW VA)

Savannah, GA

Pickrington Ohio Pathfinder?

Any PFS at Conquest NW - Seattle?

Pathfinder Society Events At Winter War 2009, Champaign, Illinois

Pathfinder Society events at Templecon 2009

Pathfinder Society at St. Crispins, January 10, 2009

OrcCon 2009 looking for PS DMs, players

Any PFS players or GMs in NE Ohio?

PFS in Southeast-Southcentral Kentucky

Chicago Christmas Pathfinder

Pathfinder Society @Anonycon (CT)

Michigan & Indiana PFS Games

Unofficial Society using Pathfinder RPG? (Redmond, WA area)

Running PFS at your FLGS? Tell me about it!

Pathfinder in Harrisburg, PA (or Central PA) ????

Accidental Duplicate, Please Ignore

AnonyCon 2008 Pathfinder Society 1-10 being offered Dec 12-14th Stamford, CT

Nine Slots of PFS @ BASHCon in Toledo

Chicagoland PFS

Madison, WI Society Action?

PF Society @ Running Gagg?

PFS @ WinterCon in Rochester Hills, MI on December 6th

Pathfinder Society at D&D Experience

OpenRPG Online Games

Any Pathfinders in Provo, UT?

Pathfinder Society at ShaunCon, Kansas City area

Pathfinders in Athens, GA?

Looking for SoCal Slot Zeroes

Pathfinder Society in the NY / NJ metro area

PFS# 1 November 11th in NYC 2 openings

PFS in Montreal

Pentacon Ft. Wayne, IN Nov 7, 8, 9

PFS in SW VA (Roanoke area)

London, England Players / Members?

Visit to Washington DC Nov 13-19

New England Yahoo group up.

Pathfinder Society on Facebook

PFS - Vancouver BC Dec 13th

Ubercon this weekend?

Pathfinder Society - Vancouver BC Nov 8th and Nov 22nd.

Pathfinder at Game 08 - Manchester, UK - November 1st & 2nd

PFS at U-Con

EN World Event Calendar

In the CT area

NYC Gameday starting 9-17

Pathfinder Society in Fremont California

Illinois PFS

Pathfinder @ Fields of Honor 2008 in Des Moines, IA

Pathfinders of Quebec, Unite !

Pathfinder Society Judges in the Carolinas for MACE 2008

Pathfinder Society needs DMs for St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Day, Saturday, Oct. 11

Gameday October 1st NYC Hydra's Fang 3 openings

Pathfinder Society in Central Virginia

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