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Topic Posts Last Post
Pathfinder at Archon 32

PFS in Richmond (VA)

PFS Midwest

Paizo Fans Gen Con UK After Hours Get Together!!!

Pathfinder Society in Eugene, Oregon

Any PFS in or near Auburn AL?

PFS between Elgin & North Chicago,IL

PFS in Ottawa

Gen Con UK Pathfinder Society Slots Updated

Kentucky Pathfinders

The next big (er, even small) con

Woo hoo! Local Convention Definitely Interested In PFS Events!

Pathfinder Society of Southern Utah

Pathfinders in Regina, Saskatchewan

Alaskans interested in Pathfinder Society Play

Columbus needs Pathfinders!

Official Call for Gen Con PFS Volunteers!

GenCon Indy get together

Atlanta Games

Pathfinder at DragonCon

Looking for a Slot 0

GenCon UK Side Trip to Stonehenge

Gen Con UK


2008 San Diego Comic Con

Gen Con Oz

Indiana Slot 0 IDea

So I'm in Europe ...

Pathfinder at Gamex / Strategicon this weekend (May 23-26)?


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