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Topic Posts Last Post
Looking For Pathfinder Gaming Society Around Evansville IN

MIDSOUTHCON 31 - Memphis, TN - March 22 to March 24

Gamicon Chi March 8-10 2013 Iowa City, IA

Texicon: May 17-19 2013 in Fort Worth TX

Year of the Shadow Lodge (Durham, NC)

CogCon Spring Game Day March 8 & 9 Rolla, MO

Pathfinder Society - Melbourne, Australia

Edmonton PFS still active.

Want to Play!

CaesarCon 2013 - Northwest Ohio Con Looking for PFS Games

PFS in Danville, KY

PFS in Leicester UK?

PFS in Montreal?

No More VPFS

play online

Pathfinder Society Ireland

Gryphcon - March 1-3, 2013 - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

PFS@Condor 20, March 8-10, 2013 in San Diego, CA

PFS in Comox Valley / Campbell River or surroundings areas!!!

AnCon 2013! May 2nd - 5th. Ohio.

Pathfinder Society Convention List

Vegas Game Day - March 16

Pathfinder Society in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton, Ohio.

Monterey Bay, CA Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Best 'Not Big Name' Cons?

Far Northern Illinois PFS Group

Recruits (April 5 - 7) in Lee's Summit, MO

PFS on IRC (Austnet #d&d)

San Diego PFS?

Birmingham Alabama Pathfinders

Spellstorm March 1-3, 2013!

San Diego: VPFS cxl'd

SF Bay Area >> DundraCon 37 >> Feb 15th-18th, 2013

Arcticon February 16th Valparaiso IN

Pathfinder Society in Montana

Mysticon 2013: February 22nd-24th!

ORCCON 2013 - Los Angeles, CA Presidents Day weekend Convention Feb 15-18

Looking for PFS in central MA

Eyes of the Ten

DREAMATION 2013 Feb. 21-24th, Morristown, New Jersey

Cold Iron Conventions Presents Conflagration 13! (Feb 22-24)

Con of the North, February 15-17, St. Paul, Minnesota

Marmalade Dog 2013: Feb. 8th - 10th

Pathfinder Society of Virginia

Recruits (April 5 - 7) in Lee's Summit, MO

Getting a badge for San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (7-18 to 7-21)

Pathfinder Society in Lexington and Central Kentucky

Gulfport / Biloxi Mississippi Area looking for players / game!

Visiting Tokyo Japan In March

Conception 2013, South Coast UK, January 30th-Feb 3rd

Group near Dundee

Columbus, OH PFS

Search for fellow PFS players by zip and distance?

New to this

February 16 Vegas Game Day

Kingmaker Online [Maptools]

re: looking for PFS in Hanover NH, Lebanon NH, and White River Junction VT

SE VT, SW NH Pathfinder Society Members

Winter Fantasy 2013 Thanks

Help me play PFS!

PFS question

A Changing of the Guard in Sydney, and a New Appointment for the Society in Canberra

PFS @ Hobby Ninja, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

RadCon 6A Feb 15-18 TriCities Washington

Game Summit - Feb 2-3, 2013 - Ottawa, Ontario

A New Appointment for the Society in Wollongong!

Winter War 40, 25-27 January 2013, Champaign Illinois

Guelph Game Day - February 3rd, 2013 - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Winter Fantasy 2013 Special Guests and PFS Special Event

Chicago 2 / 4 - Race for the Runecarved Key

Fowlerville, Michigan - upcoming games

Anything going on pre-PaizoCon?

Arcanacon Thanks 2013

Want to Play Eyes of the Ten With Me?

PFS Gencon 2013

PFS in Coralville / Iowa City / Ceder Rapids area?

SCARAB Gaming Convention 2013 January 18-21 Columbia, SC

OntarioPathfinders has been hacked

GenCon 2013 - PFS in Sagamore Ballroom!

GenCon 2013 - PFS in Sagamore Ballroom!

Running GAGG XVII: A Con You Can't Refuse

PFS @ Hobbymasters in RED BANK, NEW JERSEY

GenCon 2013 - Pathfinder Society Events

PaizoCon UK 2012

Silence potion?

Pathfinder in New Zealand?

Year of the Shadow Lodge / GM101.1, Carbondale IL, 01 / 12 / 2013

BASHcon 2013 Toledo, OH February 15th-17th

PFS in Gamersworld Dublin Sunday 20th Jan 2013

CommonCon 2013 - Bloomington, IN

mini-mace 2013 game day- Jan 26 - Winston-Salem, NC

Cincinnati weekend of gaming, Jan. 19th and 20th 2013

SWAMPCON in Gainesville, FL Jan 12 -13

Simi Valley, CA PFS Games

Otherworld Games, Dallas, GA

PFS at Shadowcon Memphis?

New to the Society

Haversack stickers (humorous)

Conventions with Society play in the UK

Michigan 2012 Census

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