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Topic Posts Last Post
Gen Con Indy 2013 volunteer stuff

PFS in Eastern Kentucky

Looking to host games in Mississippi Gulfport area!

Dragonflight - Bellevue, WA - Aug 9-11

Gen Con 2013 Event Registration

PFS at MonsterCon, Greenville SC, July 26-28

Pathfinder Society Weekly - St. Louis, MO

Kauai, Hawaii


MichiganPFS.Org is under attack

Pre-Gencon Events- Aug 14 Indianapolis

Assault on the kingdom of impossible tier 1-2 on roll20

Ohio Pathfinder Society - Columbus, Dayton Cincy

BookWyrm Con 2013 - Fresno, CA - March 9-10 - FREE!

Shout Out to DexCon!

Inconjunction 2013 Indianapolis IN July 5-6 -7

Roll20 Pathfinder Society

Online PFS

Burlington chapter of Society new high attendence

PFS in KPR? Tri-Cities Washington

PFS in Cleveland / Akron OH area weekly game night

Halton Ontario Monthly Pathfinder Society Lodge Meeting

Borderlands Games (Salem, OR) Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society at CONvergence, July 4th - 7th, Bloomington MN

Vegas Game Day - July 2013

Medieval Starship, Pembroke

Milwaukee Summer Revel - Milwaukee, WI - June 21-23

Rivalry's End and Way of the Kirin

Crispycon - November 17-18 - Peterborough UK

PFS Angus / Tayside Scotland

Origins 2013 June 12-16, 2013

San Francisco PFS - June & July schedule - including Way of the Kirin

Seeking advice on coordinating young player convention events

Recommendations: Starting from scratch in a convention

Oops, Wrong Society-PC got the Free-RPG-Day Credit

Back in Pathfinder Society -- Holy Moly New Factions!

Two new Venture Lieutenants for England

Looking for Pathfinders in Southern Indiana / Northern Kentucky

Pathfinders of Missouri, Unite!

I Need Some GMs In Missouri!

Downtown Montreal Pathfinder

PFS Kosovo

Looking for players in Vero Beach Florida

New Convention Questions

PFS in germany?

Pathfinder Society Play

Kansas City PFS

MichiCon, July 12 & 13 (Rochester, Michigan)

PFS Hawaii

Consolidated Convention List

Ending scenarios for Factions in Pittsburgh Area

NY Poughkeepsie region

Thinking about Turkey

Phoenix Comicon 2013

[San Francisco Region] KublaCon 2013 - The Khan of Cons is back!

Item (Headband of Vast Intelligence)

judges needed for MichiCon 2013

A new player with a simple question

UK Games Expo 2013

goodbye, San Diego

Is Italian Venture Captain (Massimo Cranchi) still active?

PaizoCon 2013 - Thursday Night

Pathfinder Society Comes Home - PFS at Lake Geneva Games, July 20, 2013

PFS at the Las Vegas Comic Expo 9 / 28 & 9 / 29

Looking for games in Westside Cincy

[San Francisco Bay Area] Looking for Players for a Weekend Ruby Phoenix Tournament Game

Brand new to PFS

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Area Pathfinders

Introduction to Pathfinder and the Pathfinder Society - Peoria, IL

Linkscon - Fowlerville, MI - May 17th-19th

Gad-Con 2013 Baltimore, MD

Gencon - question about joining a PFS game

Cangames Ottawa, Canada May 17-19, 2013

RoundCon 2013 - Columbia SC - August 2 to August 4

Bay County, Fl (PC, PCB, etc.)

RoundCon 2013 - Columbia SC - August 2 - 4 - seeking PFS GMs

Oasis 26 - Orlando Florida - May 24th to 26th

The Seelie Court - A Pathfinder Society convention at Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia, May 17-19

[KublaCon 2013] Emerald Elixir - G.A.G.

Central Florida Gaming

PFS in Brisbane, Aus

A-Kon 24, Dallas TX, May 31 - June 2, 2013

Fort Myers / Cape Coral, FL Lodge - Pathfinder Society May 19th

Little PFS help

PFS in Vancouver, BC

PFS in San Francisco - every Wed night


Looking for players in Florissant, Missouri

Looking for Replacement GM

Building Pathfinder Society via

Countdown to Gen Con

May 18 Vegas Game Day

First Steps Online

Central Iowa - Pathfinder GM Derek Boobyer, Des Moines Venture-Captain

GeekOut - Asheville, NC (5 / 3 / 13 - 5 / 5 / 13)

Boston Lodge

Maine: Anything near Bar Harbor and / or Bangor?

Origins - who's going?

Pathfinder Society Chess Lodge

New Pathfinder Looking for PFS - Seattle, WA

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