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New Event coordinator questions

CogCon 23, Sept 20 - 22

Welcome to the Maine event!


Game Day Event - Matthews, NC - Oct. 26th, 2013

In Buffalo NY for about a week and looking for games

The Frozen Orc, St. Louis Michigan

Pathfinder in NW Indiana

Way to allow people to edit a spreadsheet on Facbook without using Google?

Pathfinder in Fort Wayne, IN

LFG PFS in the Providence, RI area

Eau Claire WI?

Boston Lodge Website

[Bay Area, California] PacifiCon Gaming Expo- Aug 30th-Sept 2nd! The Labor Day Weekend of Win!!!

Ft Myers Pathfinder

Rock-Con 2013, Oct 25-27

Nuke Con 2013- Need help contacting coordinator

PFS in Pittsburgh, PA - Frostfur Captives Sunday 9 / 29

Wilmington, NC PFS group

Anyone want to play Academy of Secrets for PFS credit PbP?


At Ease Games Second Annual Mini-Convention, Poway, CA

PFS in Hamburg, Germany

Little Egypt Wars, Sept 14, Carbondale IL

PFS - Artesia, NM - September 20, 2013

LFG Upstate, SC Clemson / Anderson

PFS In Tucson, AZ

Greenville, SC - We Be Goblins 1 / Too!

Looking for GMs for a Game Day Event

London or Dublin games?

GaymerX-August 3rd & 4th-San Francisco, CA

Council of Five Nations, Schenectady NY, October 11-13

September 21 Vegas Game Day

San Francisco geek game night (Wednesdays) needs a venue for Sept

DEMON⊕MANIA :: October 5-7 :: Sydney, Australia

Wed 8 / 14 Pre-Gen Con PFS @ Scotty's

PFS in Auburn, WA

PFS in Richmond, Va. The Dragons Den

PF Society gaming at Hobbytown in Kennesaw, Ga.

Hornet's Nest Lodge - Charlotte, NC

BarbeCon 2013 in Clarkston MI

AnonyCon 2012


Pathfinder in Elkhart

PAX Volunteers

GATEWAY 2013 - Los Angeles Gaming Convention - Labor Day weekend (Aug 30-Sep 2)

Pathfinder Society at Lake Geneva Games (Lake Geneva, WI)

Fields of Honor 2013

Looking for PFS group, Torrance CA area.

Pathfinder Society Event in Boonton NJ

Animefest 2013!

End O' Summer GameCon at Game Master Games in Hicksville, NY

First time PFS player

[Pittsburgh] Sibcon Sept 20-22, 2013 • Days Inn, Butler PA

Atlanta, GA | PFS @ Dragon Con 2013 | Aug 30th - Sept 2nd

DragonCon 2013

PFS at All For One Games Victoria,Tx

Charleston, WV / Charcon 2012 / October 19-21 2012

Quincon 28 - Quincy, Illinois July 19, 20 & 21

Rincon 2013

Boston Lodge Facebook Page

Pathfinder for Dummies in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

[Houston, TX] Space City Con prepares for launch.

St Crispin's Irregulars Anaheim, CA Monthly meetup

PFS Indonesia

Open call for PFS players in NH, ME and North Eastern MA

PFS in Melbourne Florida or Online

GenCon 2013 Kids Track and BB Bash Thanks

The Waking Rune @ Gen Con - Anyone for Hard Mode?

looking for group near albemarle nc

Fan Expo - August 22-25, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pathfinder games in Kingsport, TN?

[Texas, Louisiana, Seattle]

PFS at JBLM WA Friday

PaizoCon Aus 2013

Last Chance for Way of the Kirin Retirement Boon

Orlando / Central Florida Pathfinder Society

PFS: Ann Arbor, MI area

Looking for Gm and Players in the Conway South Carolina and Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Visiting Houston, Tx & Huntsville, Tx from 13 April to 20 April 2011 Looking for a PFS game or two

In Houston, TX for three weeks

PFS at PAX Prime

Gencon 2013 - Bonekeep Premades

Gen Con playable car 2013

August 17 Vegas Game Day

Vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC

GenCon -- No Scenarios for Low Level Characters?

Gen Con Keg Tapping and Party at Scotty's Brewhouse!

Pathfinder Society at Board Knight (Decatur, IL)

Rolecon 2013, Moscow, Russia - GMs wanted

Eyes of the Ten at GenCon

PaizoCon UK 2013

Space needed for a small games day

Sunday 8 / 18 Post-Gen Con PFS

Aug 4th-Stocktoncon

Seeking Players / GM in the Myrtle Beach SC and or Conway SC Area

Lost Bestiary

Gencon Team PVP Pathfinder event

Gen Con Indy 2013 volunteer stuff

PFS in Eastern Kentucky

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