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Topic Posts Last Post
Here at Gen Con

Who's ready for Gen Con?

The Race is About to Begin! Are you ready?

Anyone have any info on PFS at CogCon this year?

Dragoncon 2012 special

New player looking for PFS game

Kingsport, Tennessee PFS

New player looking for a PFS game

Las Vegas - Looking for Eyes of the Ten

Gen Con Slot 8 GM Looking for trade.

Games In Columbus, Ohio?

Looking for a PbP Pathfinder Society game

Gen Con GM's

PFS in Frederick MD

Attention Arizona!

PFS scenearios at Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous

Finding An Online PFS Group To Play With

Guns of August in Williamsburg, Virginia 10-12 Aug 2012

PFS in Modesto, CA

JAcksonville, Fl. Looking for GMs to help with a Game Day!!

Pathfinder Society Game at Dragon's Lair San Antonio, TX

Starting up PFS Chapter questions?

Reno plays Pathfinder!

Looking DM For Rise of the Goblin Guild (PBP)

Looking for a corruptible GM susceptible to bribery

Poway, CA - Saturday August 11th @ At Ease Games

Help a Gen Con Virgin

Anyone have some good flyers?

Solano / Yolo California Society Anniversary Game Day--8 / 18 / 12

Bought an extra Gen Con Ticket

Gen Con Quick Stats

UK Games Expo (Birmingham) 25th-27th May 2012

PFS In Ireland North & South!

Pax Prime - Aug 31 - Sep 2 - Seattle, WA

Making a legal car(table) for Gen Con roadtrip from MN

PFS at DragonCon 2012

Attention San Diego: Villainous PFS is only a few days away!

PaizoCon UK - Report and Thank You

Paz's PaizoCon UK 2012 Report

Who is going to Gen Con and What are You playing?

PFS @ WyvaCon in Wytheville,Va 28 July 2012

Seeking PFS GMs in San Diego

PFS newbie looking to muster a group / DM online or in Pasadena, TX

New PFS venue in Castro Valley, CA!

Venture Captain region / locale questions

Ancient City CON Jacksonville FL 20-22 July 2012

PFS at the Compleat Strategist, King of Prussia, PA, July 28th.

Pathfinder Society in Albuquerque

PF Society online games July 20-22 online at FG Con Virtual Convention

PFS Community Webpages for South Jersey and the Philadelphia area

LF any games going on near Columbus, Mississippi

Pathfinder at Dragon*Con 2012

PFS / FLGS in Downtown Minneapolis

Pathfinder Society at Tacticon 2012 in Denver needs GMs (and players)

Pathfinder Society at Pegasus Games - Madison, WI - July 14th, 2012

Pre-Gen Con Wednesday games

Game-a-Con! July 14th, Schenectady, NY

July 13th: Galactic Quest (Georgia) Zombie Apocalypse Special Event

Pathfinder Society at CONvergence

Looking for PFS in NYC

So who's running a game here at Comic-con?

Texicon, Ft. Worth, Texas July 21st

Monthly PFS Game tonight at CitiGroup Center in NYC (Aaron please read!)

InConJunction XXXII Indianapolis July 6-8

Registration Help

Pathfinder Society Online on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Panama City, FL Pathfinders?

Santa Rosa, CA PFS in July?

KublaCon 2012 : The Khan of Cons!

Pathfinder in / near Lexington, KY?

PFS and VTT...What do I need to do / know to get started?

Want to play Pathfinder Society games online?

Western based Cons

Dexcon 15 July 4-July 8

Thursday Night PFS at PaizoCon

Looking for a GM to host Pathfinder night.

Nashua, NH on Sat June 30 at The Comic Store

Columbus Ohio Grand Lodge Opening

Looking for a game near Hollister or Springfield Mo

Seeking a PFS GM Mentor

Connecticon 2012 July 13-15

APL Organization and Administration

PFS in Asia?

Calling All Buffalo-Area PFSers!

Milwaukee Summer Revel, Milwaukee, WI July 20-22

ConTemporal CON Chapel Hill, NC June 22-24, 2012

Quin Con 27 (July 20-22)

Ideas for flyers at FLGS

PFS at CelestiCon 4

Manchester, England, England

Pathfinder Society at Origins 2012

Dexcon 2012. July 4th to 8th

Conventions on a Budget and a request for help

Pathfinder Society Game Starting! Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Dice Tower CON Kissimmee FL JULY 5th - 8th, 2012

Is Wyoming PFS really possible?

Outstate MN Gaming - Looking for Local Coordinators

Pathfinder Society Leeds, UK

PFS Game Looking for Players - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Pathfinder Society of Florida website!

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