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Topic Posts Last Post
The Black Knight Begins. Ireland's only Regular PFS Event Returns Oct 20th

Central Michigan GM meet-n-greet

Looking for Players in Parma, OH

Anything in Memphis, Tennessee area?

Memphis, TN - GameCon 2012

A new (online) home for the Washington, DC area Pathfinder Lodge

PFS in Quebec City

Tacoma, WA Game Day, Sept. 22

Fields of Honor 2012 September 28-30th

Pathfinder Society in AZ

Southcoast UK, Hampshire

GMs and Players needed for a convention September 29-30!

PFS in Pollock Pines / Placerville, CA

Livonia, MI -- 9 / 17 and 9 / 18

St. Joseph / Benton Harbor, MI PFS

New Players Looking Group

PFS @ At Ease Games Mini-Con Sept 22-23, Poway, CA

PFS @ 7th Dimension Games (Jenkintown, PA)

CT Gammer looking to join PFS

Any other San Francisco based Pathfinder players?

Beginning PFS organized play in a new region - Portugal

Gryphcon's Shadow, Oct 20th, Guelph Ontario

PFS online

Kenner, LA: CONtraflow 2, October 5-7

PFS @ All Things Fun! West Berlin, NJ

Rock-Con (Oct 19-21) - Rockford, IL

PFS PbP -- I have a ready-made party for a willing GM

San Antonio, TX: Dragon's Lair Pathfinder Penultimate Game Day

PFS @ Sibcon (Butler, western PA) Sept 21 - 23, 2012

PBP Frozen Fingers of Midnight

12th level Texans, report!

Western South Dakota Pathfinders Roll Call

Thursday afternoons @ Dragon's Lair in San Antonio, TX

Other conventions

Burbank, California?

Oahu, Hawaii?

Little Egypt Wars 2012, Carbondale IL, September 8

Pacificon 2012, Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, Bay Area, CA

PFS joins the official Programme at Dublin's Gaelcon 2012'

Villainous Pathfinder: September Game Day Change (San Diego, CA)

Mists of Mwangi, Venice Homegame, Sat. Sept. 7th

Pathfinder Society games in Santa Cruz!

Pathfinder Society: Kalamazoo

PFS in Montreal

PFS Returns to Belfast

Looking for PFS games in Buffalo, NY

PFS at the Monmouth Roleplaying Society in Central New Jersey

PFS Monthly in Milton Ontario - Starting up

Dragon Con Atlanta GA 2012

south texas

Pathfinder Society summer conventions in Dallas / Ft. Worth

AnimeFest, Dallas, TX Aug 31 - Sep 3 2012

GATEWAY 2012 - Los Angeles, CA - 4 days of PFS goodness

Looking for a game in the Redmond area.

DragonCon 2012 Slot 0 - Looking for Players

BarbeCon 2012 Clarkston MI 9-15

Pathfinder Society in Hungary

Pathfinder MD / Northern VA

PFS Intro @ Glen Burnie, MD

Risen Rune: 28 Sep - 1 Oct, Sydney Australia

Las Vegas Game Day September 8

York Uk......any pathfinder groups out there!!!!!

Pathfinder Society at Bubonicon #44!

PFS in Quebec City

Pre-Gencon Wednesday Games @ Scotty's

Pre-Gencon Wednesday Games @ Union Station

Toronto - FanExpo - THIS WEEKEND - August 23-26, 2012

dragon con 2012

Pasadena, CA PFS locations

Awesome Moments In Roleplaying In PFS Games

[Iowa] Any PFS in Bel Plaine / Cedar Rapids next week?

New Player in Washington DC

Dragon Con

Houston - RA Salvatore & Tracy Hickman - PFS at Space City Con - Aug 10 - 12

Pre-Gen Con Wednesday Games @ The Arsenal Game Room and Cafe

Looking for PFS PbP

First Real Life Shadow Lodge Meeting at Gen Con

Looking for Pathfinder Society Game in Fort Wayne IN

Post Gen Con game

Scottish Society Members

Player looking for game

Maplewood Hobby Pathfinder Intro Gameday 08 / 18

Here at Gen Con

Who's ready for Gen Con?

The Race is About to Begin! Are you ready?

Anyone have any info on PFS at CogCon this year?

Dragoncon 2012 special

New player looking for PFS game

Kingsport, Tennessee PFS

New player looking for a PFS game

Las Vegas - Looking for Eyes of the Ten

Gen Con Slot 8 GM Looking for trade.

Games In Columbus, Ohio?

Looking for a PbP Pathfinder Society game

Gen Con GM's

PFS in Frederick MD

Attention Arizona!

PFS scenearios at Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous

Finding An Online PFS Group To Play With

Guns of August in Williamsburg, Virginia 10-12 Aug 2012

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