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Throwing Feelers Out: PFS@Bubonicon #44

Pathfinder Society in Phoenix, AZ?

Pathfinder Society Grand Junction, CO

PFS in Fort Wayne IN?

Free RPG Day Events in NYC and New Jersey

Seeking GMs in Mesa, Arizona

Winnipeg Pathfinder Society - first game Aug 10!

Any PFS in Reno NV?

Which Cons that Pathfinder society will be at?

Pathfinder Society at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012

3Con, Fort Wayne, IN on July 7th, 2012

Boston, MA - Sunday, June 3rd

PFS 2-18 The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor

PFS near McHenry / Elgin Illinois?

Are there any PFS PBP games?

Phoenix Comicon 2012

GAMEX 2012 - PFS Los Angeles, CA Memorial Day weekend - 4 days of gaming

Oasis 25 - Orlando, Florida - May 25-27th 2012

Ropecon in Finland, July 27th to 29th

Comicpalooza 2012 - Houston, TX - May 25-27

Origins 2012 Schedule?


Pathfinder Society Organized Play in Danville, Va

PFS in Quebec City

Disappointed In Gen Con

Let the Pathfinder Sauce be Awesome...and it is. (Kublacon 2012 notes and more)

Online Pathfinder this weekend.

Florida Pathfinder Website!

World Steam Expo - Dearborn, MI - May 25th - 28th

Anything going on in Charleston, SC this Thurs, Fri, or Sat?

Pathfinder at Gencon... Help?

Looking for PFS games in San Francisco!

Gen Con Catalog...

Gen con, no first steps #1 or #2?

What's happening in Missouri!

Any Pathfinder society events in Ottawa, Ontario?

Looking to join in on PFS Play by Post

Scholars' of Bridgewater, MA Sat May 19th 3-15 & 3-19

GMing online

Pathfinder Society: Battle Creek, MI

New York City games?

Pathfinder Society on IRC (Austnet #d&d)


Pathfinder Society at Origins 2012

MobiCon XV - May 18-20th - Mobile Alabama

Pleasent Grove Utah Weekly Game Day

Pathfinders of Florida

Bellevue, WA: Dragonflight, Aug. 10-12: Seeking GM's

Pour les Frenchies

Potential Cleveland PFS at Warzone Matrix, gauging interest

Tampa Florida Suncoast Skirmishers 19 May 2012

PFS near Mt. Rushmore?

Looking 4 a game...birmingham alabama

HMGS Recon in Cocoa Beach Fl 26 Apr to 29 Apr

New Orleans area PFS

Looking for a group

April 15th PFS game in Metairie, LA

Anyone playing Pathfinder in Devon UK

Albuquerque, NM — Active Imagination, Friday 6pm

EUROCON 2012 - Kontakt, Croatia, Zagreb (26th-29th April)

Any Games in Huntsville, AL or Online with an opening?

Any Pathfinder Society games in Ireland (Specifically around Dublin)?

Cape Girardeau Comic Con 2012

Egypt Wars 2012 (Carbondale, IL)- April 13-15

Southeast New England PFS

Pretzcon 2012 - Bellevue, NE April 20 - 22

Pathfinder Society Chattanooga, TN

Ruby Phoenix: Sydney, Australia; April 6th-9th

ChimaeraCon 2012 - April 6 - 8, San Antonio Texas

Pennsylvannia PFS : In the Lehigh Valley

PFS in / near Bremerton WA?

Northern Arizona?

PFS@Kingdon-Con 2012, April 13-15, 2012 in San Diego, CA

Origns 2012 Judge Request

Athens After Dark - New Monthly Game day in Athens, Geogia

AnCon 2012 in Ohio June 21 to 24

[Montreal] PFS at Chimera April 14th‏

Looking for pfs within an hour of Lexington, NC

Con-Quest UK (Derby) April 14th 2012

Reaching Out to Rural Areas

Attention South Carolina Roleplayers!

Pathfinder Society at Spring Offensive 3 / 30 - 4 / 1, East Peoria IL

N. Colorado Gaming on 4 / 4?

PAX East Boston

PFS - Las Vegas, NV - April 2012

Concentric Convention - March 24 & 25 - Chicagoland, IL (Itasca)

PFS At Origins Game Fair When / Where?

PFS At PenguiCon (Dearborn MI, April 28-30)

"Blood Under Absalom" yesterday at Spilefesteval 2012.

Assistance Requested: Setting up a continuing PFS home game

making a new group in london

New game in Douglas County, Oregon

Calling for all Pathfinders in the Sacramento and Surrounding Areas!

PFS - Las Vegas, NV - March 2012

LFG Cincinnati

Pathfinder Society in Cincinnati

Last Call for Signups for ConQuest Sacramento 2012

New Orleans area game day

Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society GM's

Game Day

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