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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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By wave of bloodcove module has a serious flaw.

help im board and i dont want to let my party down

How do you handle saves against specific effects?

You Have What You Hold ( possible spoiler)

"Adapting" Season 0 scenarios

"Can you help me find that rule?" YMMV...Knowledge Aid

"Customizing" enemies

"Double Checking" characters pre-event?

"Failed mission" during a PFS module

"First Steps" Introductory Adventures Retired?


"I fell in a pit? I'm a rogue!" and other questions.

"I hate haunts" in PFS

"Incorrect" encounters - how do I handle them?

"Retrys" on failed faction missions

# 6-4 Problem playing a scene

#0-17 Perils of the Pirate Pact Character Script & Tokens [Spoilers]

#1-29 The Devil We Know Part 1 - Shipyard Rats - Did we just get stuck?

#1-40 Hall of Drunken Heroes Map Visualization Help

#2 - 10 Fury of the Fiend (spoilers)

#2-04: Shadows Fall on Absalom: A few major issues [SPOILERS]

#2-14 The Chasm of Screams **SPOILERS**

#2-24 Web of Corruption Discussion *Spoilers*

#3-01: Frostfur Captives Gold Error?

#3-01: The Frostfur Captives - Tweaking the Fluff for Season 5

#3-02: Sewer Dragons of Absalom Questions and spoilers

#3-03 Ghenett Manor Gauntlet setting discrepencies [Minor SPOILERS]

#3-09 Quest for Perfection: The Edge of Heaven

#3-18 God's Market Gamble Cold Runnable?

#3-18 The God's Market Gamble Issue [Spoilers]

#3-19: The Icebound Outpost *** SPOILERS ***

#3-21 The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (spoilers)

#3-22 The Rats of Round Mountain, Part II: Pagoda of the Rat SPOILERS

#3-23 The Goblinblood Dead

#3-EX vs #4-15 The Cyphermage Dilemma credit

#3–23: The Goblinblood Dead

#4-05 The Sanos Abduction - Discussion, GM Tools, Etc.

#4-07 Severing Ties ***SPOILERS***

#4-9 The Blakros Matrimony (Mega Spoilers Inside)

#4-12 Refuge in Time boon and Atonement

#4-15 The Ciphermage Dilemma

#4–05 Sanos Abduction Questions / Complaints [Spoilers]

#05-07 Port Godless [Spoilers, I'm sure]

#5-02, The Wardstone Patrol, GM Discussion [Spoilers]

#5-03, Hellknight's feast GM Discussion [Spoilers]

#5-04 The Stolen Heir GM Discussion [Spoilers]

#5-05 The elven entanglement gm discussion [spoilers]

#5-06 You Have What You Hold

#5-08 The Confirmation [SPOILER]

#5-09 The Traitor's Lodge GM Discussion

#5-99:The Paths We Choose (spoilers)

#5.01 The Glass River Rescue, Encounter C. Over-Powered?

#5–08: The Confirmation started on the 29th of June but...

#6-04 Beacon Below

#6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

#6-07: Valley of Veiled Flame

#6-13 Of Kirin and Kraken GM thread

#6-14 Kaava Quarry

#6-15 The Overflow Archives [SPOILERS]

#6-16 The Golden Guardian

#6–08 The Segang Expedition (Spoilers)

#6–17: Fires of Karamoss

#12 Stay of Execution--Spicing it up

#16 to Scale the Dragon (spoilers) what is a GM to do?

#31 Sniper in the Deep [SPOILERS]

#51 The City of Strangers part I The Shadow Gambit [SPOILERS]

'You Only Die Twice' - Implications for Characters W / GM Boon

**Spoilers** We be goblins too - moot ran too long

*important* Problem with "Tide of Morning" (Potential spoilers under tag)

*spoiler* 4-20 words of the ancient: ritual question

*spoilers* Too many undead in the scenarios *spoilers*

*Vague Season 5 Spoilers* GM Chronicle Credit allows access to "any special boons?"

.....subject to GM discretion.

0-05 Mists of Mwangi (PFRPG) - (*spoilers*)

0-20 King Xeros of Old Azlant [Spoilers]

01: Silent Tide items to purchase

1 Time PFS , what scenarios?

1st Star!!!

1st Steps - Pregens - Credit to other characters,

1st timer & dealing with random looting [candlesticks & body parts]

02-11 Penumbral Accords (spoilers)

02-KQ Ambush in Absalom

2-01 Before the Dawn Part 1 - The Bloodcove Disguise

2-01: Bloodcove Disguise and Shopping

2-05 Eyes of the Ten Part 3 Questions *SPOILERS*

2-12 Below the Silver Tarn

2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid Chronicle Sheet

2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [Possible SPOILERS]

2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [SPOILERS]

2-13 Throaty Mermaid faction missions no longer needed now?

2-14 Chasm of Screams BBEG Stats wrong? (Spoilers)

2-15 Shades of Ice Part I: Written in Blood **SPOILERS**

2-17 Exiles of Winter

2-17 Shades of Ice Part 2

2-20 Wrath of the Accursed *Spoilers*

03-23: The Goblinblood Dead (Spoilers, of course)

03-25 Storming Diamond Gate last stairs steep!

04-14 My Enemy's Enemy

06-05 - Slave Ships of Absalom

100% new to PFS GM.

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