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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Introducing Faction Missions to Players

Problem reporting - Additional Tables are not saved

Re: Rules vs. Inclusivity

Double report?

My screwup, can I fix it?

Does Year of the Shadow Lodge get PA?

PFS#19: Skeleton Moon [SPOILERS]

A Few PFS DM Questions

Huge Elephant stand

Customized PFS Report Form

Not enough time

New to society

GM Reminder - Double Check Those Sheets

#12 Stay of Execution--Spicing it up

shadow logde mods

Sorceress able to do the scrolls / spells thing like Wizards

PFS#11: The Third Riddle [SPOILERS]

Background Clarification on The Heresy of Man—Part I

What to do when the only sensible option is to kill a PC?

Opinion on GM power to change Scenarios?

Prestige Awards

PFS 29: Shipyard Rats [SPOILERS]

Did I break the reporting database?

PFS @ Necronomicon St. Petersburg, FL

Shipyard Rats and a question......Possible spoiler

PFS#25 Hands of the Muted God [SPOILERS]

Getting GM character credit for running a session.

Any problems with Echos over Everwar yet?

Questions from virgin PFS GM...

Reporting for first timer

GM using high lvl character

Did I do this right?

Pathfinder society GM

Very basic new GM question(s)

More questions from a first-time PFS GM

Best Module to "Suck In" New Players

Pathfinder Kudos at Gen Con

Who is the point of contact for Society while Josh is on leave?

Music of the Society

Best choice for first PFS adventure?

Reporting Season 2

Season 0 with 2 PA

Increasing CR

Lyrics of Destruction spoilers

Last Minute Worry

Error in Season 2 event(s)

Which PFS scenarios are currently out and can't be run any longer?

Gen Con 2010 PFS GM Questions (Posible Spoilers)

Releasing Gen Con Modules to GMs?

Post placed on the Pathfinder Yahoo Group for a Chicago Area Convention

GM rewards.

PFS #23 Bag of Tricks

Year of the Shadow Lodge feedback [Spoilers]

GMing and Faction Missions

PFS #50 Fortunes's Blight Was I too easy on the players?

Printing Scenarios that were Ordered

Eyes of the Ten, Part II: The Maze of the Open Road flaw(s)

My GM name doesn't populate....

Just double checking on "eating a scenario"

PFS #30 TDWN 2: Cassomir's Locket - Retail maps available?

Getting Pathfinder Society Numbers for New Players?

Help with reporting convention data

Congratulations, Doug Doug!

Pathfinder Society Scenario AP

Is there a Listing of Mod NPCs?

PFS #52 City of Strangers, Part 2 question

Which running of Mod to apply GM reward to?

New 'public' GM question, what to do about crazy backstory

GM Award question and tiers - New GM

Promotional PFS poster pdf

In game and Chronicle Sheet

Palid Plague Prisoner question

National Pathfinder Day! Saturday June 26th

Mods That Run Short?

How to handle disease?

Newbie GM Rewards question regarding access

Randomized Dungeon Formulas

Suggest a PFS module for my home game.

Something for Future Modules - +ACL Option

GM Screw up player gets punished...

Terror at Whistledown [GM Reference]

Retiring(ed) modules

Using Iconic to fill a table

What's an event?

Credit question for multi part scenarios?

I've been gone so long... Do zombie wolves get two attacks per round: bite and slam?

PFS #48 Scenario Sheet Error

Play by Post Questions

PFS9 Eye of the Crocodile King GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

Stay of Execution

Converting PFS#1 - 28 to PRPG Rules

01: Silent Tide items to purchase

My local group

Help restoring characters from "The Culling"

How do I report a game I just GMed?

Dearth of Season 1 Tier 5-9 Adventures

Using other Paizo resources

Can someone confirm event reporting went right?

Pace of New Mods

GM fudging

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