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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Two Combat situations, PFS GM needing guidance

How do you force manditory encounters with no faction missions?

Help a GM report for Silent Tide

Is the no two traits from same category still the rule? because...

Running a sanctioned adventure path with the Pathfinder Society?

Scenario Suggestion Needed

4-12: The Refuge of Time

Event numbers

GM Reference - Light and Dark and Sight and Spells and...

Can Boons be Given Away?

character credit for high-level adventure paths

Discouraging ill-fit characters (Voice in the Void and spoilers)

Rounding APL

Calling to GM's out there. Collaborative world? Any takers?

How do you petition Paizo to ban dice apps?

Using skills in combat when playing a PFS PC who is not strong in combat.

Tier APL Chart

Another Credit question

Map files for PFS

RAW: Shooting past friendlies -- clarification needed

lvl gaps thornkeep an dragons demand...

Greater Grapple question

What adventure to Run?

New PFS GM. Questions on Thornkeep

Season 4 Scenarios not on Sale and some Are?

How to deal with grappling PC's without breaking "run as written"

Thoughts on Table Variation [EX: The Sarkorian Prophecy]

How rigid are the "Tactics" supposed to be?

Could an NPC use Knowledge (Local) to identify a PC?

Boon from #4-16 The Fabric of Reality

Proposal: Player credit for GMing

PFS Progression by Season

GM Credit question

Weapon enhancements and Class Abilities

4-08 Cultist's Kiss GM Discussion

AP: Sanctioned Content

Stat Blocks for Major NPC's

Pre-gens and Season 5 Faction missions

rise of the rune lord adversity reporting

Season 5: Secondary Success Goals

Mists of Mwangi + Druid *spoilers*

Chronicle Sheet for AP#72 "The Witch Queen's Revenge"

Where can I get a list of which factions care about which Season 5 scenarios?

Good afternoon - New GM here, had a question or two.

Chronicle Sheets?

Blakros Scenarios

Recording an event that you have GMd before...

Module Progression for Non-standard Campaign

Scenario Reporting Sheets

Question on module access.

Level Range for Sanctioned Modules in Season Five

The Brinewall Legacy PFS Question

Sanctioned module "The Midnite Mirror" PFS level play rule

Knowledge of HP for fellow PC

GM hitting a man when he is down!?

Can GM's play a character in the game they're GMing?

PFS #20 King Xeros of Old Azlant [SPOILERS]

Running Faction Missions

What kinda PFS GM are You?

4-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild *Extras* (Spoilers)

[Spoilers] Does the rules of fair play and cheating apply to GMs?

Walkthrough Guide of a mod?

Meta-gaming, AoO, and Combat Reflexes

Rule of Thumb for inappropriate behavior?

Hellknight's Feast fight question

How long is a pfs sanctioned module supposed to last?

Take 10 on a Knowledge Skill check

YARRRR!!! Pirate themed adventures!!!

Petty Cash in Scenarios

Light PFS scenario for a kids table - suggestions?

Down and Dirty Helpful Hints for GMs, Particularly Those Running Organized Play

Manuals and Tomes in Seeker play

Shifting from Game Days to Conventions

Rage Quit - Rewards?

Paladin of Torag - LG limits?

Best current starting scenarios?


Making note of charges used on chronicle sheets?

I GM'd my first session..

Playing the Worst (or Out of Modules)

GM Rolls - Open or Screened?

Scenario suggestions for Geek Girl Con

Blatant cheating for low-level tables

What is the official policy on gender-flipping / name changes on pregens?

How Do I Look Up Player / Character Info by Society Number?

Short and sweet scenarios?

General Protocol -- What do we do when a player sits at our table with a character we deem illegal?

So I think "they" got me

GMing for the first time ever.

PFS GMing 101 & 201

Planar Binding!

Forming a new chapter - Where to start?

Adventure Paths And You

AP: ROW question

Bonewrack Isle

Silverwood Campaign (Advice needed for new DM)

May I ask, How to be a GM?

"Adapting" Season 0 scenarios

4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep (SPOILERS)

PFS Policies on Tablets at the Table

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