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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Contemplating GMing and would like feedback.

Looking to GM...

Max Gold Out of Tier Clarification

Midnight Mirror: Not for Summoners?

2-12 Below the Silver Tarn

We Be Goblins clarifications

Good scenarios for new GM

fame and max gold item

So I Got a Beef with Port Godless *Spoilers* & *Whining* Ahead

The Confirmation - Tips and Tricks

Do Free RPG modules like MotFF offer Day Job rolls?

I've just created a free Pathfinder resource for GMs and players - Condition, Effect and Spell Counters - Enjoy!

How to hit the brakes on a infinite Ki using Drunken Master

5-08 The Confirmation: Chronicle question

Translation of 5-11 Library of the Lion into french? [MAY BE SPOILERS]

I'm Dead, Now What Are My Options?

Weapon in the Rift reporting question

PFS and Negative Levels

Here's A Pathfinder In Game Character Resource Tracking Sheet To Help You Track HP, Ammo, Charges, Ability Usage etc.

Bonekeep 1: What's the big deal? (stories from Bonekeep) (SPOILERS)

Favorite Scenario So Far

Key scenario's to the meta story arch

Destiny of the Sands series, Grandmaster Torch, and the Shadow Lodge help please.

Jade Regent Brinewall Legacy

Under-appreciated scenarios

1 Time PFS , what scenarios?

Question about Player and GM chronicle

Crafting of Alchemical items AND crafting in the downtime of travel from Briefing to start of adventure

Season 0

If you have a character in range for game you must apply pregen credit to 1st level?

WWYD: "Chase" scene (using DC Map) and Fly spell

Chronicle Sheet for pregen

3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune

Siege of Diamond City [SPOILERS!]

Accommodating a New Player at a Higher Level Group

Reguarding the Loot at the End of 4-18 Veteran's Vault

Musing from the void

Confirmation Questions

Good (4 hr or less) 7-11 scenarios

GM Credit and Modules

GM Rewards - clarification needed

GM credit - Paizo shows I have 8 tables of credit...but only did 5

Fallen Fortress, who can play it?

Falling off the edge

Handling min / max builds

Monk question for AOO, High Ac monk

Rise of the Runelords, Parts 4 & 6: Chronicle Questions

Destiny of the Sands Part 2 & 3

how to deal with druid / earthlide.....

First scenarios now that First Steps are retired?

Legal Character Checking and Tracking Inventory

Dominate Person and other similar spells: how to run them

Question about Boon on Siege of the Diamond City and Eidolons (Spoilers)

Can't create an event?

Dragon's Demand reporting

Druid in Full Plate question

Entirely new to PF and would like to dive right in by GM'ing a PFS module - how do I get started?

No Healer to be found

Talking raven familiar with a wand

Seeking advice from veteran GM's on dealing with scenarios that turn out lengthy (like WBG Too!) - SPOILERS

Silly question? Is your GM number the same as your Pathfinder number?

Bonekeep questions..

Adjudicating Misfortune Revelation

Having GMed Destiny of the Sands part 1 and played Destiny of the Sands part 2...I have to ask: (Spoiler)

Starting some PFS players with the Beginner Box

Season 5 reporting sheet generator

So...what did you make your Ifrit?

How much gold for a character that died in the first combat? [PFS]

Player PF Number Blunder -- Official Help Needed

Should I make the leap into GMing for PFS(if so, what to start with

New to GMing

Amount of party talk allowed during combat?

Preparing a Game: Copying statblocks from the PRD

Crafting for alchemist class

First Steps assistance needed

Recurring NPCs

Giving Credit for Adventure Paths - Full Campaign

How would you rule on this...the casting failed...does the caster know?

Living the Dream, most fun path to level 12!

We Be Goblins

Wizard and Witch, who get's the scroll

Where can I find level 4 pre-gens?

[SPOILERS] PFS# 32 Drow of the Darkland Pyramids

Curse of the Crimson Throne / Council of Thieves

players want to do an AP how do i do XP

Sarkorian Prophecy mission briefing and a certain traitorous Venture Captain

Module GM Prestige

New PFS DM Question

Trouble reporting First Steps I

Noob DM ?

Beginner GM with beginner players

APL Issues- When do we play up?

Simple(?) monster attack question for The Confirmation

4–21: Way of the Kirin; Window Question

One Bard, Two Traits- is this Legal?

DM credit problem

season 5 reporting vs holding back scenarios

Changes needed to Pathfinder Society Session Sheets

5-07 Port Godless Reporting typo?

Favorite Scenario Suggestions?

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