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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
reeserving society number buy block of ten

Advice Needed: Best Adv Path for Roleplaying?

Am I stepping too far out of bounds and being mean

Wardens of the Reborn Forge Playtime questions

PFS Online question about chronicle sheets

Feast of Ravenmoor, CdG, another question about it. Spoiler ahead!

Can a GM outright forbid a character that is otherwise legal?


Accessing old session reports

Echoes of the Everwar

Remove sick player from table?

3-05 Tide of Twilight question [SPOILERS]

Subtier-Rules for APLs between Subtiers (Seasons 4-7)

4-18 Veteran's Vault (Spoilers)

Blakros Scenarios

PFS scenario #44: Terror at Whistledown as a set piece?

Players Competing For Faction Journal Checks?

Returning to Society play - GMing for local gaming group

5 Star Eval Scenario

It's Cold And It Sucks, Need Help Picking A Scenario

Convention GM Rewards

Pregen Specials & CORE Legality

Advice: Level 2 group wants Exploration & Monsters

#6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [SPOILERS]

06-97 Siege of Serpents GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

[PFS]Attempting to Streamline 'Prep Time' (Confirmation / Wisp)

Expected Downloads

Question on buying gear in small towns

[Spoilers] Good low-level PFS adventures with no undead

PFS#40 Hall of Drunken Heroes [SPOILERS]

Sniper in the Deep: Resurrection cost [Spoilers]

#51 The City of Strangers part I The Shadow Gambit [SPOILERS]

Gencon Reporting issues?

If I lose a player on PbP

PFS Season 1: Infernal Vault, an advice please. *Spoiler*

So just where was the Society founded?

How are GMs handling "ammo" for Psychic cantrip TK Projectile?

npc idea how would i do it and is it possible

6-98 and 6-99 question

Phantom Phenomena Quest Questions

5-17 Fate of the Fiend - GM Discussion

PFS #0-05: Mists of Mwangi updated version [SPOILERS]

Quick Question about the Confirmation subtiers

How smart do you play generic NPC goons?

Quick Questions - Among the Gods, #3-08, SPOILERS

GMing 6-98 Serpent's Rise-related scenarios

7-00 The Sky Key Solution : two issues

PFS #1: Silent Tide questions [SPOILERS]

You only die twice - tier 8-9 question

Please Help Me Select A Scenario For Halloween

7-02 Six Seconds to Midnight

Finding new GMs

06-99: True Dragons Post-Order Exclusive Day +~90 DLC [Pre-Order Bonus Spoilers]

Carrion Hill Spellbook question

What Scenarios Would You Say Are Good Dungeon Crawls?

4-23 Rivalry's End (spoilers probable)

Help with Chronicle Sheets for Players Leaving During Play by Post Game (The Confirmation)

New Map Purchase for Society GM

4-08 Cultist's Kiss GM Discussion

Looking for "Arabian Nights" scenarios

4-17 - Tower of the Ironwood Watch [SPOILERS]

The Sky Key Solution Success Conditions

GM Credit

Help determining tires

Owlbear boon

New DM

PFS #24: Decline of Glory

First Steps: In service of Lore, etc. *spoilers*

True Dragons of absalom question

Do I need to add GM chronicles to a character in order?

Which subtier to play: player choice, or no?

Pallid Plague - Finding a cure and timeline question

Foxglove Manor Mission Briefing.

PFS #3-18 - The God's Market Gamble [Spoilers]

What about the other stuff not on Chroncile sheets?

No More AP Chronicle Sheets?

Delay between 4th star and getting access to the scenarios,,,

Applying GM chronicle

PFS4 Frozen Fingers of Midnight GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

Is there a list of scenario requirements?

What would y'all say are the essential books for a mobile FLGS / Convention PFS GM?

PFS: Questions at Reporting, A, B, C, D?

PFS core prep questions

Bestial Simple Template (Tide of Twilight spoilers)

How to pace a PFS game

Year 6 / 7 specials for 4 and 5 star GMs?

Primary mission completion for Library of the Lion (5-11)

Haunting help please

BBEGs using summon in combat

Deific Obedience (other)

Senario order etiquette

Serpent's Rise -- The Parade of Pathfinders **Spoilers**

Voice in the Void question

Planar Binding Predicament

So, I have this star by my name but I'm not sure that I've earned it...

A cleric of Urgathoa in Among the Living, what to do?

PFS, whole party buys combat trained what?

Chronicle Sheet questions

PFS6 Black Waters GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

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