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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Senario order etiquette

Serpent's Rise -- The Parade of Pathfinders **Spoilers**

Voice in the Void question

Planar Binding Predicament

So, I have this star by my name but I'm not sure that I've earned it...

A cleric of Urgathoa in Among the Living, what to do?

PFS, whole party buys combat trained what?

Chronicle Sheet questions

PFS6 Black Waters GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

#5-99:The Paths We Choose (spoilers)

2-25 You Only Die Twice questions

Emerald Spire

Plunder and Peril

02-11 Penumbral Accords (spoilers)

Wardens of the Reborn Forge GM Discussion (SPOILERS)

Looking for advice on how to run Thornkeep in a PFS-credit / non-credit mixed format

Player Insanity in PFS?

We want to start, but where? Is "In Service to Lore" a good choice?

In Service to Lore Revamp

Emerald Spire 3, Splinterden questions

Condensing 1 Adventure Path Book in to a 5 Hour PFS Slot

Pathfinder Quest: Phantom Phenomenon [spoilers]

5-12 Destiny of the Sands P1 GM Discussion *Spoilers*

Eyes of the Ten : Requiem for the Red Raven ***Spoilers***

When can a GM make a "command decision"?

Free Actions Per Turn Poll

Derro's poison bolts

#6-23 The Darkest Abduction

Emerald Spire GM Credit Question

GM Rulings on 'Typos' or Other Errors

Emerald Spire level 1 reporting

Replaying scenarios.

5-20 The Sealed Gate Question

5-24 Assault on the Wound

Dealing with the faction talk in First Steps 1

Pathfinder Quests. The Silverhex Chronicles

GM Question about a tense situation (#4-16 The Fabric of Reality Spoilers)

#2-14 Chasm of Screams: Can someone please explain encounter logistics of C3?

PFS # 47: The Darkest Vengeance [SPOILERS]

Optional encounters missing

Recommendations for a GM new to PFS

Changing the VC who gives the mission briefing-yes or no?

Faction Boons and GM Credit

PFS Reanimated Medium Question.

Races in PFS

06-05 - Slave Ships of Absalom

GM Help

4-06 The Green Market

#5-04 The Stolen Heir GM Discussion [Spoilers]

How would you GM casting in a crowd?

Applying GM credit to character in PbP game?

Creating a Complete Level 1-12 Campaign for Society Players

So current errata changed Maneuver Master massively

5-21 - The Merchant's Wake

World Building help

Pallid plague, does it work on animal companions?

Fane of Fangs GM question

gm star replay on module?

Knowing What Scenarios Were Ran

Run length for Emerald Spire levels

Help for a brand new DM? I've only ran 3 adventures so even the simplest tips would be good.

Looking for promoitional flyers

Aasimar / Tiefling Cutoff date?

Tiers and Sub-Tiers

2-01 Before the Dawn Part 1 - The Bloodcove Disguise

Advice please, on a party's original approach on infiltration. Spoiler ahead.

Upgradable items only on Chronicle sheets

New to PFS questions.

What is the Runecarved Key for?

Rasputin Must Die ala PFS

Murderhobos gonna murder

What constitutes "owning a book"

3-13 Quest for Perfection: Defenders of Nesting Swallow *Spoilers*

Silverhex Chronicles Questions.

6-99 True Dragoons of Absalom at Gen Con *potential spoiler*

6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom Follow up Adventure?

Gencon volunteers Occult Adventures book

#3–23: The Goblinblood Dead

#6-13 Of Kirin and Kraken GM thread

Looking for contacts for convention in Toronto, ON

Share your 2015 Gen Con schedule!

Maps for specials (GenCon)


damage vs break

"I'm just playing my character" vs. Cooperation with the party

Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible **SPOILERS**

table layout for GenCon and other gming questions

New to PFS, Have some questions about large number of players in your group.

Dead Tree Books at GenCon

Question regarding Refuge of Time's unique reward. Very slight spoiler inside.

Expected date on new Scenarios / Quests for Gencon?

A flash of insight re: chase scenes

Emerald Spire - Rune of Change [Spoilers] Level 15

PFS#52 City of Strangers, Part 2: The Twofold Demise [SPOILERS]

New Season 7 PFS Guide?

Map List for Gen Con 2015 Adventures

Silly, Silly question.

Increasing the creepiness in Voice in the Void

PFS #3-03 - The Ghennet Manor Gauntlet question (Spoilers)

GM rewards

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