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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Missing the rest of the First Step series

DM prepp.

completing a scenario and earning 0 presitge

A problem player

good low level scenario for cavaliers

Penumbral Accords (2-11) with season 5 prestige points

Inner Sea Gods Evangalist to Advance Prestige Classes

Year of the Shadow Lodge special [SPOILERS]

Year of Shadow Lodge : Help

Question about GM Credits..

New to Pathfinder Society: give me advice to start from zero

When do you attack downed characters?

City of Secrets Comic Store Invasion

Bonekeep part 1 GM prep (SPOILERS!!!)

Shortest Scenarios?

Clarification about additional ressources and Chroncile items

Silent Tide - test run, huge problems, lots of questions.

Question For Veteran GenCon GM's...

Missing Chronicle Sheet from Gencon 2013

When my PCs get letters from Venture Captains, they get them in style. What other things do you all do for a bit of extra prep work?

4-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild (spoilers)

5-12: Destiny of the Sands Pt 1: Secondary Success Condition [SPOILERS]

Seeking advice on rules combo

Deliriums Tangle Notes

List of Scenarios with Dragons in them?

Ring of Invisibility...

Dealing with falling attendance

4-02 In Wrath's Shadow - SPOILERS

Succubus Scenario List

Eyes of the 10 boon question.

Pros and Cons of considering Eidolons / Animal Companions as part of the APL

About the undead and their fondness for raging

4-18 Veteran's Vault (Spoilers)

5-19 The Horn of Aroden Chronical Clarification (spoilers)

Siege of the Diamond City layered map?

Sanctum of the Sages and Pregen Characters

Way of the Kirin and Rivalry's End

Masks of the Living God

Assigning GM certs

PFS#3-11 On Hostile Waters [SPOILERS]

GM Credit: What character can I apply the chronicle to?

Starting a new round: All-Pregen friendly modules

GMs needed for CombatCon In Las Vegas, June 13-15!

Current rules on prestige (Pre-season 5)

Reporting sessions for an ongoing home game

Running Specials Outside the Convention Environment

How would you rule this: Gravity Bow / Lead Blades and Ki Arrows?

Retired Scenario Question

[5-19 Horn of Aroden] - Aldona statistics missing? (Possible Spoilers)

New home campaign with PFS

Adding more creatures

Chronicle sheet rewards

Question about Intro First Steps Part I in Service To Lore - Spoiler Alert

Running / converting Season 0 scenarios

Running Delrium's Tangle... Feedback

Comic Store Invasion

Thornkeep : Sanctum of a Lost Age (spoilers ahead)

Smoke arrows = auto win?

Thornkeep. What parts are sanctioned?

Suggestions for Making 4-07 Severing Ties more Kid friendly

Level 1 Character in Tier 3-7?

Adjudicating Rules Interactions Options: Aasimar Lunar Oracle

Chronicle for #5-16 Destiny of the Sands 3: Sanctum of the Sages

Out of tier gold for The Conformation

PBP thread management question

Contemplating GMing and would like feedback.

Looking to GM...

Max Gold Out of Tier Clarification

Midnight Mirror: Not for Summoners?

2-12 Below the Silver Tarn

We Be Goblins clarifications

Good scenarios for new GM

fame and max gold item

So I Got a Beef with Port Godless *Spoilers* & *Whining* Ahead

The Confirmation - Tips and Tricks

Do Free RPG modules like MotFF offer Day Job rolls?

I've just created a free Pathfinder resource for GMs and players - Condition, Effect and Spell Counters - Enjoy!

How to hit the brakes on a infinite Ki using Drunken Master

5-08 The Confirmation: Chronicle question

Translation of 5-11 Library of the Lion into french? [MAY BE SPOILERS]

I'm Dead, Now What Are My Options?

Weapon in the Rift reporting question

PFS and Negative Levels

Here's A Pathfinder In Game Character Resource Tracking Sheet To Help You Track HP, Ammo, Charges, Ability Usage etc.

Bonekeep 1: What's the big deal? (stories from Bonekeep) (SPOILERS)

Favorite Scenario So Far

Key scenario's to the meta story arch

Destiny of the Sands series, Grandmaster Torch, and the Shadow Lodge help please.

Jade Regent Brinewall Legacy

Under-appreciated scenarios

1 Time PFS , what scenarios?

Question about Player and GM chronicle

Crafting of Alchemical items AND crafting in the downtime of travel from Briefing to start of adventure

Season 0

If you have a character in range for game you must apply pregen credit to 1st level?

WWYD: "Chase" scene (using DC Map) and Fly spell

Chronicle Sheet for pregen

3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune

Siege of Diamond City [SPOILERS!]

Accommodating a New Player at a Higher Level Group

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