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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Does 4-01, "Rise of the Goblin Guide", give 2xp?

Becoming a More Difficult GM

First time GMing PFS

Five Major Changes in Season 5 -- GM Handout

Season 5 Faction Missions: GM Guidance

Guided Weapon

GM initials every item bought / sold / used etc.

Reporting error

Struggling GM - Season 4 game and season 5 goals - Questions

Suggested character levels for Fangwood Keep

New 5 star GM Tracy Windeknecht

module credit

Initiative - on the GM side

Request for future scenarios

Permanency and Detect Spells

What kind of animal would this be?

Scenario for a party of half-orcs

How do you deal with this?

4-21 Way of the Kirin

PRD vs up to date books / pdfs

What do you do when the GM is phoning it in?

Fortress of the Nail

First-time PFS GM at GenCon ...

RP versus Combat (Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment)

New player wants to play PF at Gateway con!

Season 5 Primer

Owlbear boon

Crowdsourcing: Gunslingers GM Reference

*Vague Season 5 Spoilers* GM Chronicle Credit allows access to "any special boons?"

PFS5 Mists of Mwangi GM Discussion [SPOILERS]

PFS Scenarios as a Campaign

Just to be clear

Dumb chronicle sheet question

Society Play-by-post questions

Tower of the last baron twist. spoiler

When to state a DC check # to a player and when not to...

Getting Out of a Haversack

Question about chronicle sheet fill out.

First time PFS GM question.

GM registration?

Deleting Events I'm Organizing

Adapting Seasons 0-4

Problem with reporting Reign of Winter for PFS

Frozen Fingers, Bonus Gold: I've Changed My Mind (spoilers)

GM Credit question

Call for all Online GMs!

GM Faction for reporting

5-02 Ward Stone Patrol *Possible Spoilers*

New GM Questions

We Be Goblins record sheet?

4-20 Words of the Ancients *Spoilers*

Way of the Kirin _ New PFS GM _ SPOILERS

Post Your Gen Con 2013 GM Schedule Here!

I know: "Wait;" but I'm getting worried ...

Downloads, downloads, pretty, pretty downloads!

PC death by GM mistake

I lost my star?

Confused about found items in scenarios

So, I have a problem.

Confused about GM Core Assumption

Retraining Faction Change and past scenarios prestige question.

Eyes Of The Ten Part 4 Chronicle Sheet [spoiler]

Inventory Tracking Sheet

Reporting when you didn't create the event

PFS 2-11 The Penumbral Accords *SPOILERS*

Can 01-41 ("Crypt of Fools") be played by a character that hasn't played the earlier "Devil We Know" scenarios?

URGENT: Help prevent a TPK in The Quest for Perfection—Part I: The Edge of Heaven

Thornkeep ( accursed halls in 3-d) ( spoilers)

**Spoilers** We be goblins too - moot ran too long

Efficient Quiver question to PFS GMs

PFS numbers for my kids

Speak with the Dead, Augury, Commune, and other such ways to gather info

Where do you get chronicles for modules?

How do you get connected with a Captain

New PFS GM - Two Questions ...

Question Regarding Pre-Gens

GM Rewards at Star Tiers

Accursed Halls Question - regarding replaying characters

DM Credit for replayable modules / scenarios?

GM Strategies

Additional Resources - What is required?

Why I'm growing more in favor of character audits

Ruins of Bonekeep question


Warning: The Slave Pits Fight is Tough! [spoilers]

Scenario 27 Loot Question

Prepping Thornkeep

Sanctioned AP's

We be goblins

Sharing Modules.

Forgot to fill GM chronicle sheets

GM Chronicle Sheet

We Be Goblins 1 / 2 Pregens

DM Credit

Running GM 101....

PFS #3-15 The Haunting of Hinojai [spoilers]

Chase Scenes

Pregen Rules for The Harrowing?

Accursed Halls Question

advice on best use of boon

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