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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
New PFS GM - Two Questions ...

Question Regarding Pre-Gens

GM Rewards at Star Tiers

Accursed Halls Question - regarding replaying characters

DM Credit for replayable modules / scenarios?

GM Strategies

Additional Resources - What is required?

Why I'm growing more in favor of character audits

Ruins of Bonekeep question


Warning: The Slave Pits Fight is Tough! [spoilers]

Scenario 27 Loot Question

Prepping Thornkeep

Sanctioned AP's

We be goblins

Sharing Modules.

Forgot to fill GM chronicle sheets

GM Chronicle Sheet

We Be Goblins 1 / 2 Pregens

DM Credit

Running GM 101....

PFS #3-15 The Haunting of Hinojai [spoilers]

Chase Scenes

Pregen Rules for The Harrowing?

Accursed Halls Question

advice on best use of boon

Rivalry's end / Way of the Ki Rin question

Checkin' those sheets

Blakros Matrimony Question

Way of the Kirin

PFS / Adventure Path questions.

Prince of Augustana

Update to First Steps for Season 5?

PFS 02-01 Before the Dawn Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise [spoilers]

New GM and players who talk their way out of combat

#3-EX vs #4-15 The Cyphermage Dilemma credit

GM Tables of credit for Adventure Paths and Modules

Gm credit for game ran last night.

Good PFS Scenarios for Non-Society Play

4-26 The Waking Rune--a couple of nitpicky questions (spoilers)

Applying GM credit to a character on PbP?

Gen Con GM not having modules yet

0-05 Mists of Mwangi (PFRPG) - (*spoilers*)

First Steps Part II: Question on specific mob tactics...

Clearing "unconscious" or "disabled" condition

Helpful Tips for Doing A Quick Character Audit

Problems reporting events and GM rewards

Gm Credit & Character credit question

Running scenarios you don't own.

What is actually in a spell?

Newbie GM


A friendly heads up regarding Aasimar and Tiefling

First Steps Series -cant report-

4-17 - Tower of the Ironwood Watch [SPOILERS]

Thornkeep: The Dark Menagerie (yup probably spoilers, read at your own risk)

How to delete not used sessions in an event?

Midnight Mauler - Wolfsbane

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Reprting a Near-TPK Correctly

design of tier 7 to 11 scenarios and modules

Temple of Empyrial Enlightenment tips needed!

Tier 12 Scenarios

So I Can't Count

Scenario 3-01, Intro, Summary and Getting Started....HELP

TPK - Thoughts and Feelings

Veteran's Vault - Secret Door Question

Cultist's Kiss question...

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Chapter Two: The Skinsaw Murders PFS Sanctioned Module - Time question


04-14 My Enemy's Enemy

Storing printed scenarios

when is it okay to use death spells and effects?

Minimum required reading material?

Perception - different when playing for different judges....

What if the player doesn't think to do so?

Using society modules as sidebars / fillers for the adventure paths?

PFS#23 Tide of Morning [SPOILERS]

Scenarios in Beldrin's Bluff

I think I have a good idea...I think...

Scenario #6: "Black Waters" Questions

Can a GM look up a missing PFS number?

Adventure / module by region

GM and Player credit for Play-by-post scenarios

GM Credit for AP

Tiers and Pregens

Pregen credit question

Dealing with unnecessary agression (1-33 spoilers)

Reporting a home game from RotRL

2-15 Shades of Ice Part I: Written in Blood **SPOILERS**

Time is of the Essence

Carrion Hill question SPOILER ALERT

How do i get GM credit for running more than once?

Legal-for-Play Scenarios Question

when should a PC be marked as dead in reporting?

Thanks for inspiring me to "cheat"

Optional Encounters

Need help finding a Chronicle

How do you handle one player making poor decisions?

Tower of the Ironwood [Spoilers]

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