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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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GM credit

Can Thornkeep be played in PFS 'campaign mode'?

PFS Full Campaigns

Thornkeep xp


Please Help: Lost gold and items for diplomatic solutions?

Some questions on starting a new world

GM credit spellbook access

02-KQ Ambush in Absalom

Faction Mission boons and GM Credit

How to record games?

The Darkest Vengeance: A players tale of heartbreak and woe [Spoilers inside]

"I hate haunts" in PFS

GM credit and negative boons

4-EX Day of the Demon [Spoilers!]

GM question about Jade Regent AP as Module

Maps for 4-11 The Disappeared?

Adventure in Nirmathas region (or transferable there)

Issue with a problem player and VC's open gaming policy

Ask an Organizer Anything....

Three Errors in Shadow's Last Stand II : Web of Corruption

GM rewards

a question about playing an adventure path for Society credit

Does anyone care about a cool dying boon thread, if you were allowed to die for free

PFS GM rewards?

Errors in Scenarios?

Help a GM with choosing a PFS scenario

Scenario map question

#5.01 The Glass River Rescue, Encounter C. Over-Powered?

Low-Level Pregen Use for Credit?

SPOILERS Partial Cert for Shades of Ice II: Exiles of Winter

Lost Gold in Modules

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament Experience in San Antonio [Spoilers!] With Pics

A beginner GM in trouble

question from a newbie

2-05 Eyes of the Ten Part 3 Questions *SPOILERS*

Master of the Fallen Fortress: The Third Floor

Should I run all, some, or none of the intro adventures?

Introducing a new GM to PFS?

Magic Item slot sheet

Knowledgeable Hireling Pricing for PFS GMs

Adapting Season Zero scenarios to PF rules

Pathfinder Tales - Boon Chronicle Sheets

5-01 Glass River, chronicle error

Comic Con Help

Rules of Ascension

Master of the Fallen Fortress time question

Gencon GMing: thoughts, opinions and experiences?

Run Thornkeep dungeons within Rise of the Runelords for PFS credit?

Aid Another on Perception checks?

GM Credit Query

Adjudication Query - Cloudkill

03-25 Storming Diamond Gate last stairs steep!

4-16 Fabric of Reality

PFS #3-18 - The God's Market Gamble [Spoilers]

Recurring problem

Running the Full Adventure Path in PFS Home Games

The Pallid Plague monster ability Question

Quick "Veteran's Vault" map question

Dragon's Demand - GM Questions (heavy spoilers!)

Pre-Gen Characters for All Tiers

A.B.C.D. When reporting older scenarios

Crane Style

player death question

Modules that can be run in 2 parts

Running modules

5-10 Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread

Module (MotFF) Chronicle Sheet Help

How do I run PFS games online?

Dueling enhancement

Now Possible to advance a character through 3 APs and get to 18

GM Chronicle Sheet for The Confirmation

Season 0-5 Sczarni Faction Missions

"First Steps" Introductory Adventures Retired?

How should we be reporting "scenario missions accomplished" for older scenarios?

First Time PFS GM Needing Advice

4+ Encounter Scenarios = Still Only 1 XP

Total XP for 5.01 The Glass River Rescue

How does one report abuse?

Reporting a Pregen

Best Scenarios for new GMs?

Revisting The Third Riddle?

PFS 2-09 Heresy of Man Part III **SPOILERS**

Fallen Paladin question...

Upgrading Boots

Running Rise of the Runelords in PFS?

Source Books Management

Does anyone has a non-spoiler Map for Feat of Ravenmoor?

Prestige Point Questions

Ideal Season 5 Scenario Order

PFS and Favored Class Options

Custom faction mission writeups for older scenarios?

V2 Warhorn

can a gm take away certed items

Prep for Curse of the Riven Sky

Pallid Plague - Finding a cure and timeline question

Subtiers reloaded

What things should I have that aren't... required

Who can make use of the animal companion boon? *Spoiler*

Heresy of Man - first act

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