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Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Dealing with unnecessary agression (1-33 spoilers)

Reporting a home game from RotRL

2-15 Shades of Ice Part I: Written in Blood **SPOILERS**

Time is of the Essence

Carrion Hill question SPOILER ALERT

How do i get GM credit for running more than once?

Legal-for-Play Scenarios Question

when should a PC be marked as dead in reporting?

Thanks for inspiring me to "cheat"

Optional Encounters

Need help finding a Chronicle

How do you handle one player making poor decisions?

Tower of the Ironwood [Spoilers]

Cannibalistic crew / ghouls

How the heck am I supposed to run as written?

Black Waters prestige

IDEA - rewards for DMs who run scenarios more than once

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun PFS Chronicle Sheet

PFS #2-02: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (heavy spoilers)

PFS #2-02 Before the Dawn, Part II

Recommendations for a new GM

4-EX isn't available to me

scenarios allowing you to get better?

Levels for Shards of Sin / Shattered Star

Run as written

4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore *Spoilers* - need help understanding the last room

The Godsmouth Heresy Question

Gunfighter's ammo saves vs "FIRE" damage

We Be Goblins and We Be Goblins, Too

Anyone want to run an adventure on Free RPG Day 2013

PFS' Newest Four Star GM is in Florida!

Problems reporting AP

Item Purchases line ignores PA and makes 5-3 PA chart mute

Event Reporting not showing "Completely Reported"

Running God's Market Gamble for the first time

GM Credit - Slow Progression?

Thornkeep, The Accursed Halls part 1-2

New GM Few questions

Thornkeep - Sanctum of a Lost Age - (Spoilers & GM discussion)

Feedback for #30 Cassomir's Locker

Among the Gods a RANT (some spoilers)

Whimsy Subdomain

2-21 The Dalsine Affair Questions

Free RPG Day GM Sheets

Party with 3 Players - All the time?

Chronicle Resource Adjustment

Campaign Rules?

Some things jez don't make any sense...

Collected Site of Faction Missions

#3-18 The God's Market Gamble Issue [Spoilers]

PFS #35 - Voice in the Void - Enemies in part 6

Running the Thornkeep dungeon levels

We be goblin's - TPK, PC's Reported Dead

Old GM pondering New GtPFS rules with questions

Re-assigning GM credit

Issues with the Iconic Characters

Changes to Sanctioned Modules in PFS?

New Home group.

Reporting Replay

RotRL Home game chronicle credit

The Harrowing chronicle

Devil We Know Series: Still MUST be played in order?

New CRB errata

Way of the Kirin and characters above level 7?

Sanos Abduction (Spoiler)

Third GM Star achieved!

First Steps, first PK (possible spoilers)

Debt of the Kirin

Lost Frostfur Marching Song

PFS and the Beginner Box

Adventure recommendations (Society / Adventure Paths) please :)

Waiting for 4-21 Way of the Kirin

Shortest Scenarios?

How do you coordinate your game day?


Creating event

From Shore to Sea (Spoilers)

Tomb of the Iron Medusa "special item in question"

Materiales en Español

Top Ten Favorite Adventures in PFS Play to date.

Race boon as incentive for GMing

Ideas For Paizo on Making a Better PFS GM

PFS#3-EX The Cyphermage Dilemma [Spoilers]

"Customizing" enemies

NPCs and their spell components

reporting events

Treasure vs. Chronicle Awards

Thornkeep deadly denizen... [Spoilers]

GM Rules Question about "Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Player's Guide (PFRPG)"

PFS#3-06 Song of the Sea Witch [Spoilers]

When should a GM fudge rolls

Pathfinder Society - Feast of Sigils Printable / VT Battlemaps Complete

Character confusion

Shard of Sin and other AP’s in PFS.

Advice on GMing a party from 1 to 11

Running Specials at Conventions

Meta Plot Scenarios

Not running much of Season 4

GM incentive programs

Sanctioned Modules Questions

901 to 1,000 of 2,096 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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