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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Crane Style question.

#6-18 From Under Ice

Build help request - Rope User

By wave of bloodcove module has a serious flaw.

Confused by Aasimars, Half elves, Favored Class bonuses, ARG restrictions

Errata / Clarification Request: Ascetic Style

I've just created a free Pathfinder resource for GMs and players - Condition, Effect and Spell Counters - Enjoy!

Mr. Brock, please allow us to become more familiar with our dear friend, the Rhamphorhynchus.

Pathfinder Society Number Question

PFS reroll

Prot Evil FAQ ruling and resonant Clear spindal Ioun Stone

racial heritage feat.. can you learn the races spells?

Sky Citadel Jormurdun - we ever go?

Some help with my build

Some questions for pfs that ive seen come up

Specials do they become available for purchase?

Wayfinder + Clear Spindle Ioun Stone

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant of Long Island, NY

What will you be most glad to see in PFS games?

Witch Doubts - Hex, familiar and Blood Money spell

[SPOILER] Fangwood Keep Boon Question

"A monkey riding a pig"

"Adopted" -> Boon Race Traits: Legal?

"All 0-level wizards spells"

"All right, who's running this circus?"

"Always a class skill"

"Arcane Monk" Question

"Best" scenario in each season.

"Chronicle fishing". What is it, and why it is a bad thing?

"combat" animal

"Confessions of a Pre-Meditated Griefer"

"crafting" bombs on the fly

"Curser" Build Suggestions

"Decemvirate"--Hard or Soft C?

"Dog, guard" Stats? Info?

"Free Hand" and Improved Unarmed Strike.

"Free RPG Day" modules question

"Have Your Body Recovered By a Rescue Team"

"Have your body recovered by a rescue team" Does the body have to be dead?

"Held" or "Pre-loaded" Feats?

"Hiding" player's damage?

"House Rules" and PFS games

"I go into stealth." and Other Ways to Annoy Your GM

"I got a slug." "Does it talk?"

"Keep your mouth shut!" Amusing Story

"Majority rules" for playing up is ridiculous

"Master of Trade" Prestige Award

"Named" familiar on chronicle

"New Guy" thread!

"No, you don't understand. We're Pathfinders!"

"Noncombat animals cannot participate in combat at all" - What does this mean exactly?

"Orc" Weapons?

"Organic" PFS Characters

"Organized Play" Question

"Pathfinder Campaign Setting" entry in Additional Resources

"Pathfinder Tales" benefit

"PFS is too XXXXX" ... Soft & Deadly

"Please Don't Double the BBEMs!", and Raise Dead ideas

"Quasi-Public" Events

"Quest Items" on Chronicle Sheets

"Racial" Spells & Gear in PFS

"Refilling" of mundane arrows

"Replaying" and other questions on Non-completed Scenarios

"Report My Event" link

"Reworking" Characters

"Riddle of Steel" Oracle revelation in Day Job checks?

"Rocks Fall" and Other DM Tales

"Scenarios Played" booklet

"Seen it Once" Gen Con 2013 Boon #13 - What does this do, exactly?

"Shorter" scenarios?

"Step 2" contradiction

"The synthesist wears the eidolon like translucent, living armor."

"This is my BOOMSTICK!" - Gunslinger FAQ

"Typical" Chronicle rewards

"Ultimate Pathfinder Society Roster" (book suggestion)

"Well not at MY table"

"Well, you have probably heard of me...I'm kind of a big deal"-The Most Famous by Faction

"You wanted to play high tier!"

#3-01 Frostfur Captives Editing Error

#3-20-#3-21 The Rats of Round Mountain no spoilers general question

#5-99 Boon Question


#49 & #50

'Easy Mode' Option for PFS

'Generic' PFS scrolls & UMD

'Normal' loot and PFS

'Seeker Arcs' and high-level PFS play

'Talking' animal

'Year of the Shadow Lodge' Boon Question (Possible spoilers)

(fun) what monster would you eliminate if you could from PFS?

(fun) what monster would you eliminate if you could from PFS?

(Mis)understanding Pathfinder thu the illustrations

(Noob Q) Tien armour...

(PFS difficulty) Crushed Ego & Hope

(PFS) can i cast a symbol spell and bring it out from one scenario to another?

(PFS) CS to open kitsune

Paizo Blog: Covers Unfettered!

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society European Extravaganza!

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Regional Coordinators—Apply Now!

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