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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Additional Resources Updates

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

Guidelines for Rule Changes

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Core Campaign

Does Taking Prisoners Mean Less Loot?

Maximum Possible Day Job

Paizo Blog: Writing a New Entry for Factions

Best PFS item for 1500g?

Boon Trading Thread

Best PFS-legal items / spells / feats / tidbits that no one else seems to know about

How does one handle items without a listed price?

Gencon: step by step for playing PFS

Jingasa into a mask?

Electronic Dice in PFS

Character Sheet 101

Animal companion and reach

In Memoriam: Rick Lighthiser - Venture-Lieutenant of Northern NJ

The Waking Rune on Hard Mode - Wish Us Luck!

magic item permanency

Must Play / Favorite PFS Scenarios?

Sessions accidentally on the wrong character

Do people track encumbrance in PFS?

Is The Infested Oracle Curse PFS Legal?

Can a non-bipedal creature ride a mount?

Beast Rider Archetype and Mammoth Mount Question

question on hospitaler paladin with meditation crystal

Spells in Blood of the Elements

any ETA on adding Plunder and Perils to Session reporting tool?

Oradin Question

Additional VL for Cincinnati, Ohio

Proficiency in Eastern Martial Weapons

How often do you see mounted characters in PFS?

Reporting Silverhex

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Petition to let the Pooka Use Magic Device

Upgrading Gamin?

encombrance and 6 legs

[policy proposal] Goose / Gander: Digital chronicles okay online; how about in person?

Followers in Society

Re-skin FAQ confusion

Chronicle Sheet - Item List

Running games for level 11 and up

Scenarios with gargoyles in them...GO!

Who do you wish you could play PFS with?

Pathfinder Society Event

Hybrid Classes and the "of the Society traits?

Pathfinder Society Field Guide

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society in Israel and Mexico

The 'Society & Paizo hierarchy need to read this - genuinely

Building a witch for the society

Racial Heritage and Roll with it.

Baleful Polymorph in PFS

Are in-scenario combat pet replacements allowed?

re:Chronicle sheets and additional resources.

Combat Medic / Swap Places Rules Questions (Inquisitor)

Theorycrafting: Have fun with me, build Marvel's "Thor"


Stuck Session Report

Druids Log: Animal companions

The Osirion Pantheon in PFS

Printable PFS Tracking Sheet

Iron Gods Sanctioning?

5th GM Star Earned by Patrick Harris (aka Pathar)

Level 12 Character list

Custom Mount


Request for Society Clarification on Bloodragers and Dragon Disciples

Can a GM require you to have a paper character sheet?

Pathfinder Society in Pathfinder Online

Goblins of Glorian Resource - Use in PFS?

Promotion of a Venture-Lieutenant

Questions about Poisons and things in PFS

favored enemy ranger question

Maximizing PFS cash rewards

What are considered "priests" for customized summons lists?

Enchanted monk fists

PFS Scenario Tracker


Guide for Animal Companions in PFS

Why Is Lamshtu Forbidden?

Yet Another PFS Question

Dragon Disciple

Thrown Weapon

Is hero lab allowed?

Paizo Blog: Year of the Sky Key Q&A

Eldritch Heritage; From one of the Supplements

The Ocala, FL Lodge is good people!

Improved Familiar magic item slots

What Are Belkzen War Drummer Skalds Supposed To Gai At Level Seven?

Least popular and most popular races?

Michigan's newest 5-star GM!

What is the general starting level in pathfinder society

Do the writers hate the Silver Crusade faction?

Character stat question

Paizo Blog: Incremental Changes

Warpriest Fervor Question

Retraining from a certain item

help for newbie

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