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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Guidelines for Rule Changes

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

+1 gun

Changing Gods for Divine Casters

What are tables of credit?

Reach weapons no longer cutting corners

Rules Question: Adopted Trait

The Waking Rune on Hard Mode - Wish Us Luck!

Questions about teamwork between players

Things you've done to keep PFS fresh for you?

Sky Citadel Jormurdun - we ever go?

Can a GM write scrolls or spells into a spellbook ?

I wish X were legal...

Scenario was reported to the wrong character

Bonus Language Questions

Level 12 Character list

PFSS (Pathfinder Society Snaps)

Welcome new Venture Lieutenant for Vermont!

Is the Giant Hunter's Handbook PFS legal?

applying pregen chronicles

When does a scenario "end"?

Pathfinder Society Campaign Paths

PFS & ACG Retrain Synergy

Boon Question - 'Custom Order' and Bane

Paizo Blog: End the Year on a High[-Level] Note!

If there was one class you'd wish Paizo to drop from PFS legality, which one would it be and why?

Creating Society Characters

Boon Trading Thread

New VL in the Arizona Desert

Paizo Blog: Piracy on the Sanctioned Seas!

PFS Group Size Limit

Treasure Map boon question.

Ranger Style-Natural Weapon

Hey, that's my character!

one more scorpion whip thread? (sorry)

Flail snail Language

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Delaware!

Hello Every one new FG user


Extreme PFS: Gaming in the Arabian desert

Can you own two Wayfinders?

Post something cool that you know!

Promotion of a Venture-Lieutenant

7th level Wizard pregen question

Welcome to New Venture Lieutenant of Topeka, KS!

The ARG "race restriction" and favored class bonuses

Congrats to Linda Zayas Palmer on her fifth PFS GM star!

Requesting Clearification: Mithril's Medium > Light property + Magus

How exactly does one pronounce "Morilla" anyway

Are there PFS Legal Sign Language options?

PFS Question on Mundane Equipment

The Exchange boons for Sason 5

The Ocala, FL Lodge is good people!

Lore Oracle goes Barbarian? (We Be Goblins Too Spoilers)

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of New Hampshire and Vermont!

Aging in Pathfinder Society (For Roleplaying Purpose)

Who do I contact to fix my profile?

Question about Land Rush Chronicle Sheet

PFS Cleric-Deity Question

Party of pre-gens smokes Bone Keep Level 3. woot!

Spending Prestige Points

Domain Strike and Rune Domain

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Portland, OR!

Lethal curses / diseases in PFS, evil or not?

Reporting Silverhex

Pathfinder Online Emerald Spire Cert question

The Mephit can use wands, how about the Homunculus! [with Alchemy Manual, and Voice]

I wish X was Illegal

Aspiring bard seeks back up singers - no experience necessary

Ranged Tactics Toolbox


Additional Resources & Summoned Elementals

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Ankara, Turkey!

Favoured Class Bonuses

Legally Commit an Evil Act?

Can you Reskin a Kineticist?

Magic Item Slots for my Ape Animal Companion

"New Guy" thread!

Enchanted Grounds Colorado GM Check

Omaha, NE has a shiny, new 5-Star GM

PFSACG boon for PFS

Building Doctor Riverius Song

What ever happened to the Runecarved Key?

Merry Dungeon Delving

PFS Crossblooded Bloodrager / Bloodline question

Paizo Blog: Rescue in Riddleport

PFS - Buying Inappropriately Sized Weapons

Lowly PC Moving

Benoît Gros new 5-star GM

Bit of Luck / Shining Wayfinder questions

Can I play a tiefling or not? I am so confused...

Profession Skill: Apothecary

ShakaUVM's guide to playing a Necromancer in PFS

Animators in PFS - Does it work out?

Perception vs. Escape Artist

AP Player's Guide

Level 12+ PFS Mods, APs & Scenarios

Paizo Blog: Occult Society Revisited

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