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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

Guidelines for Rule Changes

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Season 5 Faction Letters

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

ETA on Additional Resources update?

You know you're in trouble when you get to the table and...

Boon Trading Thread

Urban Barbarian Archetype

ETA on New changes?

Level 12 Retirement Story Arcs

Character died, what do I do?

Remaking a character after level 1...

Expanded Narrative boon clarifications

VL changes in DFW

Pummeling Style - Charge

Races and Campaigns for Season 7

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of Latvia!

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of San Antonio, TX!

Congratulations on promotions of four VLs!

Trying to reach PFS leadership for Chicago, IL

New Tier vs Retirement Arc

Is this cheating?

Paizo Blog: Open Call Thoughts

October Scenarios

is the impossible bloodline legal for PFS?

Should old faction missions be handed out during scenarios?

Why do Thornkeep levels count as "modules" for PFS credit?

Why am I not allowed to train my animal companion?

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of India!

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Argentina!

Legal Animal Companion Feats

Complaining about a PFS table aka "Airing your dirty laundry"

Season 5 Faction Missions for obsolete factions?

A new 5-Satr GM for Canberra, Australia

Druids Log: Animal companions

New Paladin Help

What's the ruling on variant spells?

Question on Sessions

Variant Oradin Build

Lunar Oracle Primal Companion: Can It Be ridden?

Advanced Class Guide Question

PFS Trait Legality Question: Shield-Trained?

We've got another 5-Star GM in Massachusetts!

The Future of Quests in PFS

Cestus and reloading a pistol

Paizo Blog: Update: Open Call!

Holiday boons

Eidolon and Beastiary Feats

A public service announcement on stat stacking (and happy dance)

Question about False Focus in PFS Play

buying racial boons

Enora (Pre-gen Arcanist) Question

Masterwork Acrobatics Tool

Spellscar Oracle

Ezren level 1 PFS Pregen has a +7 on Hand of the Apprentice. Is that right?

Commonly Overlooked Tactics

Potion of Align Weapon, Communal

Installation Of Cybertech

Musings on Factions

Pregen Amiri

Season 6 LG faction choices?

Reporting scenarios with no player numbers

"Have Your Body Recovered By a Rescue Team"

swashbuckler, a buckler and a dervish dance

Someone mistakenly reporting games to my character

Has there been an official PFS ruling on UMD for Oracles with the Ring of Revelation?

Is there any way for me to talk to my Animal Companion all the time?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Combat

Potions of a personal nature

Thrown Weapons

A 5 star all-star in Spokane!

Pathfinder Shirt Reroll

Masterwork Tools: Dance

APL and scenario tier?

Any Chance at Opening up Great Old Ones or Outer Gods for society play?

PFS Ruling: Spiritual Weapon and Spiritual Ally

Dire Animals as companions

Rationale Behind Legal / Illegal Deity Choices

Kitsune PFS legal without boon?

Best Pathfinder Society Pregens?

Scissors as magical weapons?

Kistune flawed?

Season 6 Faction Letters - Year of the Sky Key

Horrible Experience

Taking a Cue from Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild on Free Scenarios for Stores


animal companions in PFS

Beyond Character Death

Partially charged wands?

Enora (Society Arcanist Pre-gen) question.

Paizo Blog: Four Tales, Ten Heroes

Double-Barreled Sneak Attack

PFS and Young Pathfinders

Rebuild, what is the limit?

New Campaign Service Award Recipient

List of all the Hojin Tapestry / Runelord / Lissala adventures

Can someone aid me with Pathfinder Society

Animate Dead PFS question.

6-00: Legacy of the Stonelords Twist Ending

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