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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Season 5 Faction Letters

Guidelines for Rule Changes

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

Wheres the archaeology?

A Small Gift for the PFS Community

Antipaladin Spell List Legality

tech throughout season six?

Advance Class Guide Iconic Pregens

If you could be any race...

Boon Trading Thread

Reviewing All the PFS Reviews

Advanced Class Guide

Reviewing the Reviews (Seasons 4 through 6)

Faction Vanity Prestige Awards

Irez legality

Druid Treesinger and Hunter Multiclass debacle

Shaman and Extra Hex Rules Question from ACG

can I buy 'skill services'?

Is there list of pathfinder mods by location?

Scenario Design

Are Investigators allowed to craft?

Advanced Class Guide: Merciless Butchery

What do you do with the bodies?

The Exchange boons for Sason 5

PFS credit from APs

Gnome Druid Aperider

Druids Log: Animal companions

I want to get involved

Reporting a problem

ACG filling Prereqs

Issue Reporting The Confirmation

Fact-Checking: "In" & "Out" PC Races

Kobolds of Golarion - anything legal forthcoming?

Where are the new factions?

how to make a headstart for a group

Is there such a thing as a StoneSkin potion?

PFS dealing with afflictions

Confirmation Code


Is there a season 6 Faction Guide?

Level 12+ PFS Mods, APs & Scenarios

Season 6 faction change?

Trust issues with GMs

Printing scenarios at Staples

Rules Question: Arcanist Elemental School Savant

A question of class.

Guide 6.1?

Paizo Blog: Year of the Sky Key

Can someone explain something about the Eldritch Scion archetype?

What do people think about the new factions for season 6

First Level Retraining Question

Is GenCon Reporting done?

Year of the Demon Year-End Faction Boon?

PFS Warpriests and non-CRB Gods

Idaho Venture-Lieutenant Update

Mike Welham (aka RPG Superstar 2012) new V-L of Winston-Salem, NC

PFS game changing items / spells from the ACG

I'd like some advice about a kitsune ninja pls.

Congrats to the new Bunny VL!

Summoners not allow to share their tools?

SPOILERS - Trusty Buddy Question

Paizo Blog: Catching Up

Congratulations to Erik Oparowske, new VL of New Hampshire!

Congrats to the new VL in Arizona

Pregenerated Questions

PFS Age Limit

Not sure how to handle questionable GMing(contains spoilers)

Qinggong Monk Retraining Ki Power

Welcome to the 2 new VL of Barcelona!!

Feels inclined to share great experience

numerian fluid: pfsop approved?

ACG Pregens

Can a Faerie Dragon Familiar use a staff in PFS?

Subtier Computation Question

New Campaign Service Award Recipient

Gen Con Stonelord Scenario Session Credit

Starting Languages Tian-Min

Cleric Separatist Archetype

Feral Child Should Be Unbanned

PFS & ACG Retrain Synergy

Checking math on PFS AP GM credit

In character sex change?

Metamagic Mastery & Magical Liniage - How does this work in PFS?

Is flamboyant arcana PFS legal?

Hello Im new and looking for some advice.

Boston Lodge: Player Profile of the Week

Fame Boons from your faction

Society Characters and Herolab

A PSA for GMs running Season 6 scenarios

Level 12 Character list

GenCon Highlights

Secret Societies in Occult Mysteries for PFS

What is the target audience for pfs?

Clarification needed for Misfortune ability.

Clarification on Special material ammunition purchases

What is the official word on re-builds of the Play-Test Warpriest to the ACG Warpriest?

Confirmation Scenario and Pathfinder Society Primer

Advanced Race Guide - Half-elf / Half-orc question

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