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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Adult themes and Children

Can't read the pdf

Are PFS players sick of summoners?

Visual description template for adjective-starved players.

Two Q's about Wizards and Alchemists in Pathfinder Society Organized Play Rules FAQ v3.0+

Request for rule clarification for selling a wizard's spellbook

Magus in Society- Starting Magus HP

1001 Inquisitor Spells Legal for Society?

New Faction Characters in Older Scenarios

Notice: Heirloom Weapon errata'ed

PFS Character page - Special Abilities

Is This Item Legal?

Why aren't you reporting your scenarios?

Retraining / Adjusting Characters?

Noncombat-focused PFS PCs

So "Year" changed to "Season"

First Steps?

Hide Shirt

Dwarf Craftsman alt racial trait

A PFS Module I'd Like to See

Pathfinder Society Quest: Ambush in Absalom (Kobold Quarterly #17)

GenCon Question

Bladebound (Archetype) Question

Year of the Shadow Lodge

Paladin / Sorcerer prestige class that *is not* Dragon Disciple

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part XIV: Loyalty to the Decemvirate Above All Else

Scrolls and Use Magic Device

List of trained animal cohorts beyond horses and dogs?

Specific armors in core rule book

Grand Melee at PaizoCon UK *possible spoilers*

When does the new season start?

GM Chronicles for a character who's never been played

Banking and PFS

Unbalanced Groups


Character Creation Question: Demon Worshipping Characters?

What book are the PFRPG factions explained in?

Vestigial arm, Multi-weapon fighting, and PFS

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part XVI: Use Pathfinder Missions as a Front for Personal Gain

Organized Rules Update for Season 3 -> Released before or at GenCon?

Pathfinder Society Online question

Pallid Plague Questions (Spoilers)

Celestial / Fiendish / Entropic / Resolute Animal Companions

Help me make a Paladin / Necromancer *Not Stats Fluff only*

Creating Traps

The Vivisectionist: Need an Official Ruling

PFS Approved Sources -> Mid- & Late-July Releases

Do Eidolons begin each scenario fully healed?

Reliquary Arms and Shields

The Paladin's Code of Conduct

Pathfinder Society FAQ

GM Rewards regarding old modules

Short 2 Scenarios for Season 2?

How tolerant are players supposed to be of each other's characters

Confusion About Copying Spells from Scrolls

Haven't played in a while. Here are my questions:

Paizo Blog: Official Call for PaizoCon and Gen Con Volunteers!

Faction Code of Conduct?

Running PFS like D&D Encounters

Proposing a PFS Game at Local Shop

New 3 - 7 Tier Scenarios

GenCon 2011 PFS Events

PFS at Gen Con 2011 - Going, Going, Gone!

Unofficial Thread on the New Taldor Nobility Titles from PaizoCon

CONvergenvce 2011

Question on making an Osirion Paladin (deity selection)

Hey Players... Know About Your Faction


When Are Resurrections Needed?

How much gold will you have as you advance?

Swarms of swarms and dirty DR

5 New Factions for Season 3

Release Date for New Organized Rules w / new factions?

Wild Shape and Polymorph Subschool

Re: finding new options for the alchemist in the UM

PaizoCon Grand Melee vs. GenCon Special (2011)

Ok, new weapon based question, this time about a feat

Treasure in PFS

Where's the resource pdf?

Advice needed - getting the most out of season 2 metaplot

We Be Goblins!

Grandmaster Torch

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part I: PaizoCon and Beyond

Academy of Scerets and Tomb of the Iron Medusa for PFS Question

Kyle Baird Asks You!

Who's Coming to Origins

What Makes a Scenario Memorable?

Dragonhide armor for Mark / Hyrum

Season 1

Highlight of the Banquet@PaizoCon - Congrats to new 5 Stars!

Gen Con 2011 PFS Area

Scenario 2-06: The Heresy of Man, Part I: The First Heresy Item (Spoiler)

Guns and PA

Animals and Magic items, any official rulings for PFS?

Animal Companions

Buckler Catch (Taldan Rondelero Archetype; Inner Sea Primer)

What do you do when the GM [makes a mistake]?

PBP Game: two players left

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part IV: Freedom and Democracy For All!

Season results by the numbers?

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