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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Announcement: Pathfinder Society Names Regional Coordinators

Paizo Blog: Dancing with a Monster in the Pale Moonlight

PFS Module Listing by Level

Does This Count As PVP?

Vic or Mark

Boots of Speed

Playing Out Of Tier

I have some issues with recent changes to Pathfinder Society

Opening Up The Archdevils for Organized Play

Reporting Retired Adventures

Prestige, true resurrection, and what you can buy with 67 prestige points.

New Guy Question about selling off old gear

GM Rewards and Chronicle Sheets

Can we have Pathfinder Society dice sets?

Pathfinder Society Scenario - Locations map / list

PFS-legal dagger throwing feats?

Bonded item and PFS

Oddball Character Concept (reasonability / rules questions)

Available Scenario Tiers - A Request

rewriting my magus cause of Arcane Strike

Board "sniping"


Pathfinder Society Scenario Retirements


Tier 1-7 problems

7th level Valeros Attack sequence incorrect

Pathfinder Society vs. Magus

Buying Scrolls above min level

Inner Sea Primer

[POLL] Replay Redux

Request for replay with credit

GM-written Adventures

Summoners: Eilodon & Summon Monster?

Go Cheliax!

Limits of Player Responsibility towards other Players

Perform for Stage Magician

My Faction Mission Removed Another Party Member From Play! (Spoilers from HoM2 Where Dark Things Sleep)

Store Blog: Gobble Up these New Pathfinder Society Scenarios!

Brute Trait: Taldor Companion vs. APG

Magical Knack - bummer

Paizo Blog: Buy a PFS Scenario, Get Previews!

New Character help

PFS Online: Thoughts on using apps like Game Table and VOIP to run PFS games

Master Chymist Mutagenic Form Alignment question

Judge rewards for burning level 12 scenarios

Failing a scenario

[PFS Update] Official Replay Rules

Re: replaying scenarios

Trying to find my OPathfinder Society number

GM Cheat Sheets

How do I remove a character who has been killed?

Player's Guide to Pathfinder Society v4

Names of Venture Captains in Golarion

What races are available for play?

Black Waters Retirement

Dwarven Gods

PFS GM Number

Is joining a faction required?

Pathfinder Society Item Purchase with PA

Playing up (to lvl 5)

Found consumables

I have been tainted by devils!

Animal Companions and Teaching Tricks

Lost Season Zero Chronicle Sheets - Able have them count for new PFS character?

Staves and society play

Rough and Ready

Equipment from Dungeon Denizens Revisited

GenCon Shout-out Thread!

Archives of Nethys - Society Friendly

XP Credit for GMing

Subdomains for pre-existing characters

Paizo Blog: Psst... Wanna see some new art?

Pathfinder Venture Captian-we got the wrong one

Concept over Build

Lack of Prestige classes?

Is it true?

I was reported as playing a mod I didn't play

Paizo Blog: We Have Ways of Making You Report

The Best of the Best!

Paizo Blog: Oh Look, More Venture-Captains!

Experience with switch-hitters

Wands / Potions

Every PFS player to own Seeker of Secrets? Why?

How many Venture Captains have you had the chance to toss some dice with?

Best way to find players in an emergency?

The Next Reporting Carrot

Scroll Libraries

How to deal with this?

Selling equipment after a mod

Idea for free re-rolls for Halloween weekend

Great Moments in Faction Missions (Spoilers!)

What makes a Pathfinder?

Organized Play Magical Items

How do you make a correction

Old versions of the PFS rules guide

Dragon*Con Reporting - Thank You

Pathfinder Society at EN World Chicago Gameday

Paizo Blog: We're Listening!

Preemptive discussion about the future of the re-play rule

Potion / Scroll / Wand caster levels in PFS

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