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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Cavaliers and Crocodile Mounts

Game Day Flyer Templates

Society PA Purchasing

An orange is an apple

Aspect of the Beast: Still legal in 3.1?

Missing Sessions from Dragon*Con 2010

Wrong faction for character

Faction Guide

Order of the Lion Cavalier

Finding PFS organizers for a Con

This is all screwed up!

How do I delete a character?

Writable Character Sheet?

Adding a Character to the Society

Ack! I have reported the event on the wrong date!

French Exception: Character File and Free reroll ?

House rule on consumables and an easier fix.

Pathfinder Society Magus?

Hero Lab and PFS

Paizo Blog: Prepare to Play with Fire!

Is it possible to play a Paladin of Calistria or Pharasma?

Parts of scenario not printing

Recommended Modules for New Players

Language question

Can't view Sessions

Chronicles and consumables

PA Awards

Can we play sesaon zero mods? and other questions

Waste not want not

Spread the Word Flyer Out of Date

Please fix my mistake

Seven items bought limit?

PF Society window decals?

PFS Horror Scenario

PFS Factions and Magic:The Gathering?

Is Sundering Evil? You be the judge

Dragon*Con 2010, Atlanta, GA Sep 3-6

Pathfinder Table Tent PDF

Rolling Dice for PFS

Pathfinder Society Scenario Bundle

DMs gone wild!

Alchemists & Inquisitors in Pathfinder Society

Pregens for all six new APG base classes?

Question about APG alternate class features

Variant values on Society Sheets

The Special @ Pacificon

How to become a Hellknight

Corrupt file on Download of Pregens

Need help registering player number

A couple of specific society questions

Is there a good Halloween-themed Scenario?

Can not add my character onto site. Can not get character into GMs site.

RANT - Purchasing Consumables - RANT

Quick Questions

I think Paizo should bundle the PFS Scenarios (a full season) for a reasonable price

How to handle honest player mistakes

Silent Blades Info

Bestiary feats for natural weapon rangers in PFS

PvP - what constitutes it?

Pathfinder Society T-Shirt

Bug on listing an event

Have the Gen Con 2010 Pathfinder Society games been reported?

PA philosophy

"Reworking" Characters

Starting an Organized Event in my area, Questions & Tips...

Gestalt Rules

N00b questions from a GM new to PFS mod

I'm back.

Player languages

Most amusing faction mission

Please help: Rogue sneak attack vs undead in Society games

Prestige Award

Starting an Organized Event in my area, Questions & Tips...

What to do if a session is unreported?

Question about Paizo PFS support...

Starting an Organized Event in my area, Questions & Tips...

Noob questions

Looking for a group in my area

New to Society Play - tell me about Factions

Organized play.. in central Nebraska?


New to Pathfinder Society - questions regarding character creation

Are Asmodean paladins legal for play?

Going to Start Organized Play in Anchorage, AK

Lost on Score

Are the APG Pregens Available?

Use of pregen characters

Subdomains for Deities not listed in the APG

Does anybody have the APG Pregens?

Does anybody have the APG Pregens?

Anyone created Pathfinder Society pregens for Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Oracle, Summoner, Witch?

(PFS) Scroll Cost Question

Pathfinder Society, APG, and rebuilds

Must have magic items from the APG?

Reported in wrong Event

Magic Weapons and enchanments

Nok'to'Kah, Scratched by Goblin

Adding a character for my son

Scenario layout suggestion

Scenario layout suggestion

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