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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Prestige Award and Item Purchase

Faction Mistake

Adding spells to a wizard's spell book

Dervish dance questions


Higher tier scenarios for characters

Clarifying PFS Rules

A few quick, and possibly already answered, qustions

Faction size

Store Blog: Mega Mona Module Mania!

Pally Portrait

Request official clarification on cavalier mount question with regards to PFS play

Can you run a Pathfinder Society game via Play-by-Post?

GM's who are unwilling to rerun a scenario, what to do?

Advice for GMing at Gen Con

The three NPC 'crafting' classes

Large Animal Companions

Season 0 PFS Scenarios OGL to PFRPG

New GM / player mod questions

All feats available for Pathfinder Society

Character sessions missing

Am I allowed...

Upgrading Wondrous items

Must a PC's Faction be the SAME as a players Faction?

Replay and my worries.

Feeling inadequate as a Summon Monster specialist... :-(

Paladin Bards

Pathfinder Society in Cincinnati

Session sheets?

What's the new rules for apl?

Creating my first Pathfinder Society character

Traits - Dwarves of Golarion

Trait Categories

Traits - Racial

What is your favorite Pathfinder Society scenario (no spoilers)?

Explain How I Set Up and Run PF Society Adventures at my FLGS.

ConCarolinas 2010 / DeepSouthCon 48 - June 4-6 - Charlotte NC

Faction Tattoo

GM Credit question

Questions on making a Summoner

Lost Character.

Pathfinder at Origins 2010

Reporting events question

Uses for the summoner

Orcs of Golarion

Overlapping books

PFS Wishlist

PFS at Gencon for non-regular PFS players

Playing a cleric of Zyphys

Society Monk

Passage of time, damage and healing

Ways for a single classed fighter to have a decent mount at higher levels

Any special events at Gen Con we should block out time for?

How many 12th Level PCs we have running around?

Gen Con Module Question

GenCon Event Question - The Year of the Shadow Lodge: a Pathfinder Society Special Event

Can someone dumb this down for me?

Character redesign

Dumb characters and Favored Class Bonus

Level Cap

The reporting system is down

Lost My Chronicle Sheets

Lost My Chronicle Sheets

Store Blog: Mazes & Minotaurs

Faction Iconics?

Keepers of Secrets


Cost to purchase an item?

Cleric - Holy Warrior

Scenario #45 gone

Prestige and Scenarios

Question regarding using found items during a scenario

I think I missed adding a PFS number in a reported scenario - how to check?

Dervish Dance and Flame Blade - official ruling sought

Ideal items to buy with prestige.

Available Trait Question

Spell-like abilities and newer-than-beta

Lower-tier games at PaizoCon 2010?

Pathfinder Society & Facebook

Will v2.2 be released before PaizoCon 2010?

Shopping with prestige points

Can I ever play a Hellknight?

Is Magus Allowed?

The Void domain not legal for play?

Using pre-gens as "ghost players" to get to table minimum?

Tier 12

Prestige Class requirements

Planar Forks in PFS

Legality on converting a 3.5 mission to PRPG?

Eidolon Mount question.

Official Call for PaizoCon and Gen Con Volunteers!

Pathfinder Society Rules v2.1 FAQ

ONLY non-accessible Special Material "DRAGONHIDE" when will it be available?

Home Games and the "Play, Play, Play" Rule

Purchase question

Favored Weapons for Clerics

Paizo Blog: Exploring Paizo's Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part 5

Add sessions to ongoing events

Map Treasure Accessories (inquiry for project)

The reason why the leadership feat is not allowed in PFS games

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