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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Paladin animal companions question.

One of the my players wants to hire an NPC to cast the "Wish" Spell

Magus Class

Pathfinder Society Play and Play by Post Gaming

Items and Equipment

Registering an old PFS Society Number


Character Sheets

Paizo Blog: Year of the Shadow Lodge

What will 46 prestige points get me?

GenCon Volunteering HELP!

Training your Animal Companion Clarification

Do you have to have a Faction?

What are the remaining 'dud' modules

Gunslinger Playtest v2.0

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part V: The Quest

Congrats Twilight_Knight

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play Part III: The Rules that Govern the World

Requesting clarification from current staff

Killer Dungeon Masters.

Feat help for my "Bard-barian"

Your favorite scenarios

Any thoughts about Coordinator stars or rewards?

Still trying to understand replay

Campaign Setting

New Player Question

How viable is UMD in PFS?

Ultimate Magic in PFS

Children and PFS play

Why is Hamatulatsu banned from PFS?

Gaming Enjoyment

Destroyed Weapons in PFS

Everwar series

PFS for kids

Arise Cheliax, Arise!

Rules Update

Factions, Factions, Factions

Faction observations

Continual Flame - Does it end when the scenario ends?

Gunslinger and faction traits

Paizo Blog: The Future of Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Part II: Where Once There Were Five...

What can one do with their prestige points?

Good Starting Point?

Pathfinder on Facebook

Small Rules Question...

Kobold Quarterly Offical PFS "Quest"

Hiring an NPC

When does the session end?

Hillsboro, OR: Troubles getting the PFS ball rolling.

New PFS Player numbers

Prestige Totals by Faction

Players jumping in mid adventure line

Regular Pathfinder Game Setup Help New DMs Help

PFS heads of state...

What is a good site to host a lodge?

Statistics for factions

Pathfinder Society Mods, Adult Themes, review / modify for Kids?

Can I still be a Hellknight?

Dark Ice Fey

What is organized play all about, anyway?

Missing something in the Guide, what books are allowed

Society and Magic Item Creation

Casting the Net

The New Campaign Guide and Arcane Bond

PFS Adventure Checklist? Collect 'em All!

PFS Module #33 now on YouTube

Character Registration Website Question

Community Update to the PFS Guide to Org Play - DONE!

I hope everybody saw this

Legal for purchase as you gain levels....

Although it violates the NDA, the fans deserve to know

Pathfinder Society Character Build Sheet

Pathfinder Sanctioned Modules

Paladin mount choices

Non-Core Races

A pair of questions for Society play

How to Change your Faction?

PFS Organized Play Guide + Elemental Summoning

Running "As Written" vs. "Free-lancing"

Why Do My Events and Characters Keep Disappearing?

Coming back to Pathfinder Society

"Arcane Monk" Question

Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus

Why No Love for Drandle Drang?! - The Inner Sea Shunning

Recording of PFS Module #4: Frozen Fingers of Midnight up on YouTube

Gunslinger 2.0 playtest questions for PFS gun availability

Is it possible to get an old PFS reporting error fixed?

The Big Cons

Venture-Captain Ryan Bolduan!

Season 3 of PFS?

Kinda confused by the various Death themed options...

Ensuring fun is had by all

Any chance of a ZIP file of all scenarios for a season?

A couple of General Questions

Is it possible to change a reported character's name?

Convert a pregen character to my character?

Pathfinder Adventure Paths

Admin question...

Question about Midnight Mauler

Recordings of Pathfinder Society Module #2-15 are up on YouTube

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