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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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The Best of the Best!

Paizo Blog: Oh Look, More Venture-Captains!

Experience with switch-hitters

Wands / Potions

Every PFS player to own Seeker of Secrets? Why?

How many Venture Captains have you had the chance to toss some dice with?

Best way to find players in an emergency?

The Next Reporting Carrot

Scroll Libraries

How to deal with this?

Selling equipment after a mod

Idea for free re-rolls for Halloween weekend

Great Moments in Faction Missions (Spoilers!)

What makes a Pathfinder?

Organized Play Magical Items

How do you make a correction

Old versions of the PFS rules guide

Dragon*Con Reporting - Thank You

Pathfinder Society at EN World Chicago Gameday

Paizo Blog: We're Listening!

Preemptive discussion about the future of the re-play rule

Potion / Scroll / Wand caster levels in PFS

SPOILER - Scenario 33: "Assault on the Kingdm of the Impossible" Items

GMs' Characters and PPP

Who Represents Your Faction?

Appropriate Penalty for PC Home Invasion?

Anti-Pathfinder Society Faction Missions

PF Rules Questions That Don't Have Answers

Thoughts about Factions

Clarify Alchemist crafting for PFS sessions?

Bloatmage in PFS / Baron Harkonnen / Build Advice / Free Beer

Coup De Gras vs. Players in Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Pregen Character Errors

FAQ vs. PFS Guide

PA and Session Item Availability

Double reporting

Gen Con sessions getting reported?

Factions and their influence

Wizard spells and PFS

Rogues in PFS

Why do you GM for Pathfinder Society?

Playing Up

Josh Frost Appreciation Thread!

Play by post

The Shadow Lodge Event

Low-level scenarios

New Pathfinder Society One Sheet--Check It Out!

Some rule verifications

Send Mark and / or Hyrum over

Gamemastery Guide

Maps: How important is accuracy?

A hearty well met from your Atlanta Venture-Captain!

Changes to the Pathfinder Society

no session credit?

No love for Horcs?

High Praise for scenarios 2-05 and 2-06

All Hail Baron Taco

Who do I request the PFS Special from now?

General PA question

PFS game reporting

Crypt of the Everflame

Challenge level of mods below el 5

Is there a list of linked scenarios somewhere?

The Devil we Know Series

Paizo Blog: Guest Blogger Blake Davis Announces Special PFS Event

Differences between OP doc 3.0 and 3.0.1?

No new low-level scenarios until 2011?

Intimidating undead

Cavaliers and Crocodile Mounts

Game Day Flyer Templates

Society PA Purchasing

An orange is an apple

Aspect of the Beast: Still legal in 3.1?

Missing Sessions from Dragon*Con 2010

Wrong faction for character

Faction Guide

Order of the Lion Cavalier

Finding PFS organizers for a Con

This is all screwed up!

How do I delete a character?

Writable Character Sheet?

Adding a Character to the Society

Ack! I have reported the event on the wrong date!

French Exception: Character File and Free reroll ?

House rule on consumables and an easier fix.

Pathfinder Society Magus?

Hero Lab and PFS

Paizo Blog: Prepare to Play with Fire!

Is it possible to play a Paladin of Calistria or Pharasma?

Parts of scenario not printing

Recommended Modules for New Players

Language question

Can't view Sessions

Chronicles and consumables

PA Awards

Can we play sesaon zero mods? and other questions

Waste not want not

Spread the Word Flyer Out of Date

Please fix my mistake

Seven items bought limit?

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