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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Creating a Level X Character for a PFS Legal Module

Limited replay rule--Quality excemption

Some Pathfinder Society rules questions

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society: News from the Field

Factions Represent!

Play, Play, Play clarification

Witches, Improved Familiar, and Gold

Buying of Items

Getting Started in PFS (the basics)

Playing Up: Gold Doesn't Matter

PFS Adventure Maps

APG Classes and Good / Challenging Class Choices

Scenes from a Central Illinois Gaming Convention (PFS Trend Observations)

Winter War 2011 (Thank you to everyone!)

Pregenerated Characters

Rebooting a character

A Unique Group of Heroes - TMNHO

Paizo Blog: Is This Pathfinder Society Legal?

Store Blog: January Made Me Shiver!

Halflings of Golarion

Which adventure for a convention game?

Marneus, Paladin of Aroden

Please Reconsider Banning Daring Act

Converting to a Ninja


PFS Scenario Suggestions

More questions about PFS for Gen Con 2011

Paizo Blog: New Year's Resolution: Recycle Less!

Undead lasting past the adventure's conclusion

Best of the Best - Round 2

Use for Retired Scenarios

New Changes for Pathfinder Society: Phase 1

Boon Companion + Eidolon

Pathfinder Society and online gaming opportunities

A Broken Combination - Fighter + Growth Subdomain

Do I have to own a scenario myself to report running it?

The Road to 5-Star GM!

Finished my Cavalier take a look

Calling all PFS Cavaliers

Confusion about Advanced Players Guide Classes Legality

What niches are challenging to fill in PFS?

Atlanta Comic Con Experience!

Scenario Introduction: How do you do it?

Change Character Name

1st level Wizard Pregen PC has too many feats and skill points?

"All 0-level wizards spells"

General Purpose Ranger Build

Paizo Blog: Remodeling the Blakros Museum

Chelaxian Mounts

Running a PFS mod the first time though not eating it, Voilla, a Chronicle

Paizo Blog: New Taldor Recruit

Oh No!! I think I've been Possessed by Kyle Baird!!

The Decemvirate or the "other guys"

Bestiary 2 Races

Two question about factions

Social status for PFS

Faction shirt stock dwindling

Question about found stuff

Made a Mistake With New Player's PFS Number

PFS Special and replay

2 Questions About PFS Adventures

A radical suggestion for the future of PFS

Animal Comp

How do you draw?

How much for a MW wand?

A pretty spectacular Christmas! (Introduction Thread)

Trained Only Skills and Faction Missions

Official Replay Rules

Errata, Clarifications, and Recovering

Pregen Characters

Psionics Unleashed

[Discussion] Players play the GM Character

Cavalier question

New to the Society

Changing faction - no longer possible?

Merry Christmas

Announcement: Pathfinder Society Names Regional Coordinators

Paizo Blog: Dancing with a Monster in the Pale Moonlight

PFS Module Listing by Level

Does This Count As PVP?

Vic or Mark

Boots of Speed

Playing Out Of Tier

I have some issues with recent changes to Pathfinder Society

Opening Up The Archdevils for Organized Play

Reporting Retired Adventures

Prestige, true resurrection, and what you can buy with 67 prestige points.

New Guy Question about selling off old gear

GM Rewards and Chronicle Sheets

Can we have Pathfinder Society dice sets?

Pathfinder Society Scenario - Locations map / list

PFS-legal dagger throwing feats?

Bonded item and PFS

Oddball Character Concept (reasonability / rules questions)

Available Scenario Tiers - A Request

rewriting my magus cause of Arcane Strike

Board "sniping"


Pathfinder Society Scenario Retirements


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