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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
(PFS) Scroll Cost Question

Pathfinder Society, APG, and rebuilds

Must have magic items from the APG?

Reported in wrong Event

Magic Weapons and enchanments

Nok'to'Kah, Scratched by Goblin

Adding a character for my son

Scenario layout suggestion

Scenario layout suggestion

First PFS character question - traits

Animate Dead Animal Companion

1st PFS Event tonight

Upcoming Tier 1-7 adventures?

Reporting PreGens

Store Blog: Pathfinder Society Season 2 Begins!

AVP feat "Well Prepared" in organized play

Quick question on encumbrance and items...

Thank you Josh

Gen Con 2010 Year of the Shadow Lodge - The Big Adventure

Converting a current Pathfinder character

Awarding the end of the Session?

Starting equipment

Trying to Join Pathfinder Society...

Sigh... the nightmares have begun.

Questions I forgot to ask Josh at Gencon

Pathfinder Society Maps

More than 6 players show up?

GM Rewards Question

Final Gen Con 2010 Notes

I have extra tickets for Echos of Everwar at GenCon

Gen Con 2010

Location stuff for PFS Events doesn't work in Canada

APG and Bestiary in PFS

Gnome Trait Etymologist Assistance

Path Variants for Summon Monster spells

Question for Paizo on a future Pathfinder Society book.

Advanced Player's Guide and Pathfinder Society

PreGen Character questions

What constitutes a completed scenario?

Cleric X / Fighter 1 - Why Not?

Simple question on traits - Genie caller

Armor for Society Sorcerer?

Clarifying GM rewards for GMing / playing

Swapping out Gen Con Events I'm GMing

Pathfinder Society Organized Play Rules v2.2 FAQ

Is an alternate rule for initiative rolls acceptable in Pathfinder Society

Mounts: Useable in most scenarios?

Character levels for Pathfinder Society Scenarios

Store Blog: All in the Family!

Additional GM Reward Ideas:

Daivrat: Special Requirement?

Trait question

Potentially New to Pathfinder

Newbie lookin' for PFS xperiences

Flipmats for Gen Con

PFRPG at Dragon Con

Who is Othelo?

HELP, newbe gm messed up in reporting character number

Post looking for Pathfinders for a Chicago Are Convention

Prediction: Heirloom Weapon trait will be very popular

XP for Year of the Shadow Lodge Special Event?

Companion Figurine gives Ranger more options?

Purchasing items question

Items purchasing question

Wizards and Spellbooks in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?

So... Season 2?

Eyes of the Ten release dates

Faction Mission Items

PFS Clerics and Multi-class and / or Prestige Class

Event not showing in Search of Local Events

PFS revenue idea - sell battle map scale scenario map PDFs

PFS events at Gen Con... should I create (and register) PFS characters to bring?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society European Extravaganza!

Game Mood

Confusion of Potion Purchase Ability

Geography question

Help me pick a "katana"

Oracles and the Bones mystery

How Would You Feel About This As a Player?

Chronicle item purchase limits

PFS Play by Post

Advanced Player's Guide - Archetypes

Online games

Gen Con Questions

Paizocon UK 2010

Gen Con 2010 Events Update!

Is the Urumi still a reach weapon in PFS? - p.209 (PF campaign setting)

Druid Animal Companions

Which Pre-Gen to Use

PFS Podcast?

My Magical Knack Dilemma

First PFS Event

Characters traits

Faction missions: Handouts vs Scenario

Played Master of the Fallen Fortress tonight.

Disarm Specialist

Promotional one sheet

Finding local games

Update for Pathfinder Society Organized Play?

Additional Traits ruling needed

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