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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Pathfinder Society Quests - What is it?

[PFS] Did I make a mistake? (Natural Attacks with Improved Unarmed Strike)

Haunted Oracle Curse and Spell Components

Was the Extradimensional School overlooked?

Wondering how others handle handing out pregens

Occult Playtest Classes update after a couple of Months

Measured response "averages"?

Kind of disappointed

Paizo Blog: It Pays to Read

PFS legal Languages and Ethnicity

Fame / Money table questions

Paizo Blog: GM Rewards

Skinwalker, what is legal with Exotic Heritage Boon?

Advanced Player's Guide Pregens

Proposal: remove trained animals from the list of legal options

Race for the Runecarved Key & level 20

Fun Rules Glitches!

Tier 1 replayability

Fillable Character Sheet

Paizo Blog: Society Unchained

Standard PFS Caster

What happened with the world wound at the end of season 5?

[PFS] Armored familiar and Extend the Bulwark

All Aspis must die!!!

Vigilante conversion?

Promethean Alchemists' Homonculi - Magic Item Slots?

Losing / Retraining Gunsmithing?

6-14 Boon Clarification

Furious Amulet of Mighty Fists

rocket bombs discovery -- society legality

Eyes of the Ten, but I have a level 13 chronicle waiting?

Applying pregen chronicle

PFS fluff question regard prestige awards

Lodge of the Golden Compass Page News (NY,NJ,PA,CT)

Two Handed Archtype and Cleave

A Brand New 4 Star GM in Spokane

Humble Bundle supplements

So is it too early for the "Year of the...." speculation?

Pathfinder Society Item Imbalance...

B3 Pachycephalosaurus Companion Clobbering Charge errata

A question on books

PFS Morality and "Monster races"

PFS items without prices

Oversized weapons.

How many pregen credits can I convert for a level 1 character?

Pearl of Power

Missing PFS Scenario

Happy Birthday John Compton!

How fighty should my Fighter be?

Best wizardly school for crowd controling???

How to build a character that makes nobody else have fun; or how I learned to not fear power creep

Can you apply a GM credit to a first level character?

Mission over Class Vows?

Occult Realms Psychic Battery PsiTech Discovery

Multi-Classing and Single-Classing and the PFS Compression Factor..

Aquatic Scenarios & Modules?

Alternate Animal Companion Advancement

Are the APG Pre Gens ever going to resurface?

Scurrying swarmer legality

Can paladins have Poison Minion race trait from Blood of Shadows?

Can we have a determination on "No looking like a Drow?"

Crafting guns in PFS

Underwater Demolition - legal for non-gripplis?

Negative boons for eidolons

Varisian / Devout Pilgrim in PFS

"crafting" bombs on the fly

Racial Rage Powers With Skald?

RE: New Player: Core or RP

A New 1-Star GM in Metro Boston

Bless Water question

Gunslinger's Starting Gun in PFS

Blood of Shadows and Drow-Related Half-Elf Options

Looking forward - scenarios

Summoner in PFS question

Looking for Drandle Dreng and Zarta

Glass Cannons in PFS

Carnival Barker, Perform or Profession

PFS Theme

Are there PFS Legal Sign Language options?

How Big is PFS in comparison to the number of Pathfinder Players? Estimates? Thoughts?

Chronicle sheet loot: Tier played or Tier of Character?

Grrr... Grumble... Unprepared... One-Trick...

Pseudodragon Familiars and Wands?

A silly idea I wish to get advice on

The Edge of Concealment Rules

Noob needs advice

[PFS] Input on my new slayer please!

[PFS-Character Crafting] Bard needs Martial Class, badly!

Chained vs Unchained Barbarian

Making a PFS Player Survey

This needs to go into the FAQ.

Apsu And Bite Attacks?

Improved Familiar magic item slots

Adding a physical sheet online?

Help With Gunslinger for PFS

Mike Welham's 4th Star!

Core scythe fighter, advice please?

Unskilled players affecting attendance, what to do?

Pregens for quest scenarios?

Pathfinder Character Creation Rules!

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