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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Help With Buying Society Legal Items Inbetween Scenarios

Advice for this sylvan sorcerer?

Help with changing factions?

Is the kickstarter boon tradable?

Rise Of The Runelords Cleric

Paizo Blog: Booncraft

Seltyiel's sword

Clerics without a deity

Total nerd excitement thread... My newest PFS character!

PFS, eidolons, and healing

How / Why is Sanguine-Wildblooded legal for play?

Why does PFS punish the good?

Petition that Arbiter Familiars be able to use wands (UMD)

How do we tell if a class is Pathfinder's Legal or 3rd party?

Changing my character (including faction) before level 2, what happens to the chronicle sheets that list my old faction?

[HELP] Pathfinder Samurai Katana Question

PFS and NPC Wizard Spellbooks

Dayjob for pregens?

Gunslinger and Masterwork Weapons - A Question

Question regarding applying pregen earned chronicle sheet to level 1

Congratulations to Brian Lefebre - New Jersey's VL for achieving his 5th Star!

New Venture-Lieutenant for Main, Germany

Why is it banned?

The Committee for Accreditation of Paladinhood

Witchwar Legacy for PFS credit

Non-ammunition, non-charged, non-expendable items

Special materials cost modifiers

Petition to add Lickytoad plushie to the free / item rerolls

Tengu and Bladed Objects

Animal questions to which I am not sure of the answers...

Trench fighter

Adding masterwork to a Battered Firearm

Convention Society Play

Most Popular Deities in PFS

V-C Winnipeg, departing...

Cleric Question about Favored Weapons

Welcome to new VC of Iceland!

Picking characters to play in Season5

Questions about Reach weapons and attacks of opportunity

Tablecon in Salt Lake City- Thank you to Paizo

Community Feedback Desired: Proposing Synergy List for Prestige Class Retraining

Animal companion question, magic weapons.

In character sex change?

Scenario Listing / Tracker

Is Implanting Ioun stones allowed in PFS?

PFS gold per level

Alchemist bombs thrown into melee

Half Race combinations

Cross Classing into Gunslinger Question

Weapon "Optimization" Suggestions

BAB question?

A bunch of questions about Pathfinder society.

Masterwork Tools

Allowed Races in PFS Online play?

Monk AC Item Question

Charm Person Official Ruling

Rules Question

Quick Boon Clarification

Is there a check-off sheet of all the Scenarios / Modules?

PFS PrC Retraining Synergy

Alignment and actions

'Talking' animal

Mythril Unicycle

Petition to unban Mind Buttressing

Pathfinder Society Character Record Sheet

PFS Reporting Issue

Starting Season 6?

Halfling question..

Event "Tracking" Help for Players

Question thread! Playing for no credit and boon sheets like "research specialist"

My PFS Passport

Bard, Dazzling Display, and Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike)?

Ioun Stones and Resonant Powers

Absalom map

Season 5 Meta

Congratulations are in order: A new 4-star GM

Lodge in Andoran?

Unofficial IC Organizations in PFS

First PFS session held in Dubai

Scenario 43 - Pallid Plague Questions

applying pregen chronicles

Braid of a Hundred Masters

Total PFS session list by location.

A New Venture-Lieutenant for Canberra, Australia!

Treasure Map boon question.

Ioun Stone Resonate Powers

Help With Some Retraining / FP Questions

Can Folding Plate be upgraded?

Help me pick a scenario to play

PFS Retraining: Practice and Theory

Sessions listed I have not completed

Hellknights and the Creation Thereof

Can we ban Lessons of Chaldira from PFS?

Confirmation number?

Tengu White haired witch.

Upgrading Magic Items in Pathfinder Society

9th Level Cleric - Suggested Items

Any PFS players in Flagstaff AZ or other smaller towns???

Table of PFS legal gods with domains & subdomains?

Ran game now need help

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