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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
How many players is good for a tier one run of The Stolen Heir

Valet Valid?

Heart of the Sea and Marine Terror

Summoning Question (Multiple Summons)

Gaining an archetype after 1st

Spring-loaded wrist sheaths and table variation

New to PFS - Need suggestions on how to prepare.

On Average, How Easy Is It To Get A Pistol By Level Two?

Need help for a new character's backstory (Red Mantis Assassin!)

Do spellcasting services include the option for metamagic?

Abundant Ammunition errata

Monstrous Mount for Paladin

Iconic Monk Questions

Investigator - Sap Adept / Master

Variant Channeling options in PFS

Running a retired adventure

Who do you wish you could play PFS with?

The Horsemen

Not sure what to do

Jingasa into a mask?

Hong Kong PFS?

Animal Domain - Wolf Domain

Can I report a problem with a session without using microsoft outlook to email

PFS "Trusty buddy" build

Clockwork Familiars, Why aren't they Legal?

Cleric Separatist Archetype

Does the feinting thing work? Will my table kill me for it?

Reporting an Adventure Path correctly (when not everyone in my group does PFS)

PFS Legal Table question

New to PFS and had a question

What options are bad form in PFS ? GM view & / vs player view

Maximum Possible Day Job

The chosen one

How do I achieve this cosmetic effect using PFS-legal options?

Chronicle Sheet - Item List

Versitile Spontaneity in PFS.

PFS Core character . . . does this work?

Must Play / Favorite PFS Scenarios?

Oathbow Arcane Bond?

Question about clockwork familiars...


Can Investigator's Use Two-World Magic Trait?.

I Just Got Through Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Stat diffrence between Iconic and Custom

Core campaign - what will you play?

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Core Campaign

Core Only - How does it change things?

Core should trivially allow all Golarion languages

I am Aching For Some Bacon

Core Mode reporting now live

Core only druid

Homunculus use wands?

PFS Replayable Scenarios

Any PFS resolutions for 2015?

familiar stacking

Request to add a spell to Additional Resources

PFS Specific Rules Inquiry

Advice: Handling a disagreement with a VC (without just giving up)

adding to hunter spell list

Paizo Blog: End the Year on a High[-Level] Note!

How does one handle items without a listed price?

Help With Resolving a Replay Issue

Gencon: step by step for playing PFS

Best PFS item for 1500g?

Electronic Dice in PFS

Character Sheet 101

Animal companion and reach

In Memoriam: Rick Lighthiser - Venture-Lieutenant of Northern NJ

The Waking Rune on Hard Mode - Wish Us Luck!

Sessions accidentally on the wrong character

Is The Infested Oracle Curse PFS Legal?

Can a non-bipedal creature ride a mount?

Beast Rider Archetype and Mammoth Mount Question

question on hospitaler paladin with meditation crystal

Spells in Blood of the Elements

any ETA on adding Plunder and Perils to Session reporting tool?

Oradin Question

Additional VL for Cincinnati, Ohio

Proficiency in Eastern Martial Weapons

Reporting Silverhex

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Petition to let the Pooka Use Magic Device

encombrance and 6 legs

[policy proposal] Goose / Gander: Digital chronicles okay online; how about in person?

Followers in Society

Re-skin FAQ confusion

Running games for level 11 and up

Scenarios with gargoyles in them...GO!

Pathfinder Society Event

Hybrid Classes and the "of the Society traits?

Pathfinder Society Field Guide

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society in Israel and Mexico

The 'Society & Paizo hierarchy need to read this - genuinely

Building a witch for the society

Racial Heritage and Roll with it.

Baleful Polymorph in PFS

Are in-scenario combat pet replacements allowed?

re:Chronicle sheets and additional resources.

Combat Medic / Swap Places Rules Questions (Inquisitor)

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