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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Goblin Scenarios

I just came across a PFS scenario chronicle spoiler wiki

Body retrieval missions

Who knows who the Decemvirite Are?

GM Rewards for Conventions vs. Game Days

Hero Lab, Missing Ability - Blood Drain for Giant Weasel Animal Companion in PFS...

Unchained Monks and Feats for other sources...

PFS rules for wizards scribing new spells

PFS Legal Oracle Mystery that has negative channeling revelation

Can players be from Mwangi Expanse?

Picking up Beastmaster Archetype

Gnome Switchscythe?

Question about Faction Cards

Question about Prestige, Fame, and the Pathfinder Society Field Guide

What a New PFS Player Should Know

Enchanting Hellknight armor?

PFS GM Credits

On PFS free rebuild, retraining, and feat prerequisites

Question about Abyssal Rageshaper Bloodrager claw damage.

Legal Musical Instruments?

Has anyone else seen slime grenades in action?

PFS rules for Mithral weapons?

New 4 star in Spokane

Half orc and orc

Alignment Infractions

Finding Events

A little confused on adding events online and retraining

How much prestige for We Be Goblins slow track?

Which modules or seasons to start as a new PbP GM.

Poison Use

Shield enchanting - Defensive vs Offensive

Bull Rush modifyers and Shield bash

ring of rat fangs

Shadow Dance Prestige Class - Shadow Companion Stats

Three new 5-Star GMs in Western Washington!

Slow progression question

Arcane Bond Firearms

Additional Resources / FAQ discrepency re: poisons.

Season 6 Boon #4: Expanded Narrative

Chairperson Faction Reward for the Exchange - does the maximum discount increase?

I'm a recovering Mystic Theurge. What do I do now?

Follower Vanity -- flavor?

A Suggestion for Experienced PFS Players

Paizo Con [Feedback]

Unchained Rogue Talents from Other Classes?

Dealing with Table Variation : Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

Master Trait List

Witcher III - as a module?

Suggestions for GM Rewards.

Pathfinders loading up on Stingchucks

Five new campaign award recipients

[PFS] Rules question with an Eidolon

Is a Paladin who Worships Desna Legal in PFS?

PFS and Monstrous Physique choices

Congratulate the New Venture-Lieutenant for Fayetteville, North Carolina!

Character name change after playing a PbP

Hello,I know thiss has been discussed before

Announcing a new 5 Star GM in Omaha, NE

Playing out of subteir?

Return from a life hiatus

custom magic items in society?

What's required to make a mount voluntarily fail a will save?

PFS Rule Question: 3 xp modules and slow progression

Master of Trade and 2PP purchase?

New PFS GM with GM credit questions.

Question about adding sessions...

question tieflings, chronicle sheets and being pfs legal

Polymorph into a were-creature

Why my VC is the best

New VL for Newark, Delaware

Society Ruling on Free Feats and Retraining

GM Table Credit Lost when Cloning Events

Recharge Innate Magic

PathFinder Society

To Arms!

A big thank you to TetsujinOni!

What I want to see in PFS.

The progenitor campaigns for PFS

Need help deciding on a character for GenCon.

PFS set in Absalom

UM inquisitions

PC's for CORE games

Alchemist Crafting... too good to be true?

Are the following valid ways to play a paladin in Society?

Unchained Summoner and Story Summoner

How Does the Decemvirate Maintain Loyalty? (Spoilers: Eyes of the Ten)

Faction cards - recruiting NPCs

Hamatulatsu Feat

Proposals: Master of the Fallen Fortress: 2 Prestige, 1 table credit

Retraining Rules for Advanced Class Guide Characters

Pathfinder Society Fillable PDF.

When is a GM credited character considered "newly created"?

Best Holder for all these chronicle / character sheets?

Do feats such as superior summoning, mighty summons etc etc effect summoner's SLA?

Simple question about awards

Previously allowed races

PFS Negative boon question

Wand question

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society at PaizoCon

PFS for high level play

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