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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Monk of Many Styles

Old charaters

Entwined Syrinx a Hostile Act, or an Uncontrollable Act?

Books for Groetus

Hi there! New to PFS and all that.

Store Blog: Through the Deserts and Upon Hungry Seas!

Do crafted items for Alchemist have to be listed on Chronicle sheets?

Fame for PF Adventure Path Adventure?

Level 15 PFS Character???

Flagbearer Feat and other banner questions

Masters of the Fallen Fortress..?

presitge flaws

Mummy's Mask Sanctioning

Can I forego XP?

Happy Halloween!

Occult Class Playtest Scenarios & Modules

sharing PDF's with the wife

Paizo Blog: Open Call Thoughts

Paizo Blog: Starting to Look a Little Spooky!

animal companions in PFS

Blood Money

Oread's Favor Boon

Druid Magic Items

Really early character death & replaying?

Psst... there's a sale going on...

Question for creating a character using GM Credit

Where are you, Scenario?

Orange Prism Ioun Stone Resonant Power Question

Another question, this time about the Emerald Spire Super Dungeon.

Beginner Box Bash Demos Part 2 and PFS GM table credit

Inspiration on Daily Job

Animal Companion training harness?

Cleric thoughts

PFS legal?


Racial traits.

UMD a wand of Crafter's Fortune?

Remaking a character after level 1...

What races are free and legal?

Wondrous item creation?

Bonus Druid Animal Companion Damage (Half Orc)

GMing Bonekeep Adventures

Can Gunslinger use Craft skill / Gunsmithing to repair?

Missing Pre-Gens

How Are GMs (and players) Ruling Hunter's Animal Companion in PFS?

Is this cheating?

Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

Needing to report a problem with my sessions.

Help! I made an illegal PFS character, but I can't go back and change it now!

Warpriest pregen possible error

New Tier vs Retirement Arc

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Survival 101

Evolved Companion Is this a legal feat?

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Racial spells in PFS

Varisian Idols

Why do Thornkeep levels count as "modules" for PFS credit?

Congratulations on promotions of four VLs!

Is Hunter's Eye Trait Still Legal?

Detroit VC earns his 5th GM Star!

Brew Potion replacement for PFS Investigators?

Silver Hex Chronicles slots for convention credit

Is there a spell that allows a Ranger to see through her Animal Companion's eyes,

Customize Caster Spell Lists

Update on the new factions????

VL changes in DFW


Vanity characters & the use of Hero Lab

Urban Barbarian Archetype

Metamagic in PFS

What to do when chronicle sheet doesn't give a description of an item?

Dusk elves banned in PFS? wtf?

ETA on Additional Resources update?

Level 12 Retirement Story Arcs

Death and the Newbies

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of San Antonio, TX!

Trying to reach PFS leadership for Chicago, IL

October Scenarios

is the impossible bloodline legal for PFS?

Should old faction missions be handed out during scenarios?

Why am I not allowed to train my animal companion?

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of India!

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Argentina!

Legal Animal Companion Feats

Complaining about a PFS table aka "Airing your dirty laundry"

Season 5 Faction Missions for obsolete factions?

A new 5-Satr GM for Canberra, Australia

New Paladin Help

What's the ruling on variant spells?

Question on Sessions

Variant Oradin Build

Lunar Oracle Primal Companion: Can It Be ridden?

Advanced Class Guide Question

PFS Trait Legality Question: Shield-Trained?

We've got another 5-Star GM in Massachusetts!

The Future of Quests in PFS

Cestus and reloading a pistol

Paizo Blog: Update: Open Call!

Holiday boons

Eidolon and Beastiary Feats

A public service announcement on stat stacking (and happy dance)

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