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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Who do I contact to fix my profile?

Question about Land Rush Chronicle Sheet

PFS Cleric-Deity Question

Party of pre-gens smokes Bone Keep Level 3. woot!

Spending Prestige Points

Domain Strike and Rune Domain

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Portland, OR!

Lethal curses / diseases in PFS, evil or not?

Pathfinder Online Emerald Spire Cert question

I wish X was Illegal

Aspiring bard seeks back up singers - no experience necessary

Ranged Tactics Toolbox


Additional Resources & Summoned Elementals

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Ankara, Turkey!

Favoured Class Bonuses

Legally Commit an Evil Act?

Can you Reskin a Kineticist?

Magic Item Slots for my Ape Animal Companion

"New Guy" thread!

Enchanted Grounds Colorado GM Check

Omaha, NE has a shiny, new 5-Star GM

PFSACG boon for PFS

Building Doctor Riverius Song

Merry Dungeon Delving

PFS Crossblooded Bloodrager / Bloodline question

Paizo Blog: Rescue in Riddleport

PFS - Buying Inappropriately Sized Weapons

Lowly PC Moving

Benoît Gros new 5-star GM

Bit of Luck / Shining Wayfinder questions

Can I play a tiefling or not? I am so confused...

Profession Skill: Apothecary

Animators in PFS - Does it work out?

Perception vs. Escape Artist

AP Player's Guide

Level 12+ PFS Mods, APs & Scenarios

Wardens of the Reborn Forge Sanctioning

Sanction Games

Character Creation

Chronicle sheet timing...

grappler build

Cleric / 1 Wizard / 2 Mystic Theurge / 1 ... REALLY? PFS Legal?

PbP & PFS & Pets

Emerald Spire chronicle question - Splinterden

arcane worshippers

Emerald Spire Cellars, Bone Dice?

By wave of bloodcove module has a serious flaw.

Assassin PrC

Edge of Tomorrow in PFS (EOT Spoilers)

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of West Virginia!

PFS Guide to Armor Optimization (a.k.a. Adding the Tin Can to your Can)

Advice for season 6

Cosmetic Size Rules

Witch Patron Question

GM101 & 201 for PFS

Retraining Class Level PFS Rule Question

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Salem, OR!

Eldritch Heritage and Robe of Arcane heritage.

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Topeka, KS!

New Venture Lieutenant for Texas - Texarkana Region

New VL in Southeastern Michigan

Chronicle Sheets: Storing your collection

why rhino hid but no mammoth hide?

Loremaster vs. Wizard.

What is PFS all about for YOU?

Can a Alchemist have a Homunculus?

Ancestral Ally Boon, Boon Companion and Huntmaster Feats

Silverhex chronicle assignment

Help with the Pregens

Warpriest blessings of other dieties

Additional GM incentives at your LGS

Store Blog: Where Blossomed Many an Incense-Bearing Tree!

New to Society and looking for character ideas

Allosaurus not legal animal companion

Chronicle sheet Item

Create Spell Tattoo.

How do I get sessions back that are gone?

Retraining question regarding equipment

Purchasing Scrolls

Question regarding magical rings

Stoneplate vs. Stone Armor

Subtier determination

magical lineage wanna be?

When is UMD (other than CLW wands) useful in PFS?

How is the crafting part of Swift Alchemy useful in PFS?

GM fulfillment in PFS

Plant Shape question.

[PFS] Survivability of Fullcasters at level 1? Or is it impossible to make your first PFS character a fullcaster without getting some GM or pre-gen credit first?

Emerald Spire - land rush + property broker

Quick Rebuild Question

Pathfinder Society GM MIA -- What do we do?

Build advice for Calvin and hobbes?

Congratulations to a new Venture-Lieutenant!

New Venture Lieutenant for England - Carol Tierney

Damage with weapons

Occult Adventures and PbP?

Yet Another Emerald Spire Land Rush Question

Tier 1?

How re-playable is The Confirmation, really?

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