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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Twelfth Level Character Question

5-Star Roll Call

Statutes of limitation on Chronicle sheet purchases: how long is too long?

Guidance's Design 101 — Young Characters and Organized Play Edition

Season 8 Roleplaying Guild Guide

Spell casting while polymorphed?


Weapon Finesse on Katana?

Illegal character at table

Expedition Manager clarification

Question on Weapon Special Ability for Guns

Lending rerolls to other players

Noob to PFS

Is it ok that I type out the info on a chronical sheet and send it via email?

Druid item slots.

Pathfinder Society Play

Shout out to the Marion Il society players

magician / soundstriker are they altered for PFS?

Piecemeal Items

3.5 FAQs and PFS

New One-Star GM in Metro Boston!

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon 2016 Pathfinder Society Announcements

Is Profession (Slaver) legal in Pathfinder Society?

Starfinder Society?

Prepping Scenarios

Panoply Bond item: SPIKED armor? Later Enchantments?

Reminder about update

GM technology at the table - speaker

Are Inquisitions like Archetypes?


Large Animal Companions & Reach

Creating PFS characters out of sequence

Do you tolerate or punish Gamers for not roleplaying?

Can Shirt Rerolls Be Forced On NPCs?

Amateur Swashbuckler and archetypes

Been gone for two years what changed

On FAQs and Errata - please change your policy!

Chronicle Sheet and Registration

Cost for a Witch to Teach a Familiar from a Scroll in PFS Play.

Store Blog: Show Your Pathfinder Society Pride!

Elemental races with bloodragers

Pathfinder Society Character Sheet Question

Sanctioned Scenarios

Question about applying GM Credit

For PFS can a Everflowing aspergillum have anything added to it?

Day Job in Modules

Brainstorming Rewards for the pins

Pre-Gen Quinn - Weapon Focus

ecclesitheurge bonded holy symbol

Investigators and poison

Alchemists and poisons

Red Mantis scenarios?

For PFS can a kikko get full benifit from being mithral?

Updated with Ult Intrigue?

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Singapore!

Long Shot - Any Society Action in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The same items, feats, and spells in different books? Which do you use?

Question about running a module for PFS

PFS rules question: Is Ettin a valid language to learn?

How can I protecting a protect a permanent spell from getting dispeled?

Failing the mission: modules and adventure paths

Ranger Deity

Is it legal to use "Adopted" trait to access Bastards of Golarion traits?

Your Skippy's List -or- Things You're No Longer Allowed To Do In PFS

PFS summoner related feats?

Antagonize feat in PFS

reflavoring a weapon...

Firearm Ammunition Costs

The Vigilante's duel identify in PFS?

Dragon's demand and applying credit to PFS

Quick question about Ioun Stones.

Botting PCs in PFS PbP scenarios

Blazing Channel

Weapon Trick - Hindering Shot

Sign language related

Ongoing Runelord Chap. 3 (Hook Mountain) campaign - Looking for advices on a build / situation

Looking for a Mentor

Noob question

Expanded Inventory Sheet

First Gen Con, Any Suggestions?

Northwest Regional RVC will be at PaizoCon

The Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier was severely underpriced anyway

Aspis consortium Silver Badge Cost?

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon Brings Out the Best

Wayfinder enhancements (field guide p.62-3)

new quick runner's shirt

Dragon Ferocity & Braid of a Hundred Masters

Pregen Cards: Can we get a season on them?

Pathfinder Chronicler in Pathfinder Society

Suggested equipment buffs...

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant of NWA

Socially acceptable use of magic in PFS social settings?

Anyone using Mistmail in PFS?

Gencon 08-00 100% sold out.

Chronicle Sheet Change Request

Unchained Rebuilds

How to deal with faction conflict?

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