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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
How common are Kitsune?

Question about Adventure Paths and PFS Credit issueing

Do you allow fluff when it doesn't affect mechanics?

Additional Resource Update Schedule?

Do Aasimars / Elves get a rebuild after the ARG errata?

Do Encumbrance and Armor Check Penalty apply in PFS?

What makes a lodge?

PFS - Multiple Pet Build Question

Applying chronicle sheet?

gunslinger upgrade

PFS - Chronicle Sheets and Reported Scenarios

Elemantal Ally Character Sheet Question

What is the Average time to run a senario?

New Venture Lieutenant of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Twas the Night Before Xmas Pathfinder Lodge Poem

PbP Etiquette Questions...

Taking 1st level credit for higher level chroincle sheet

Four-Handed Fighting, it is what it sounds but how would it work?

To which factions would the iconics belong if they were 'real' PFS characters?

Ganzi Languages?

What are all of the season 4 scenarios that lead up to #4-26 The Waking Rune?

Request for an FAQ on whether a player can turn invisible whilst under the effects of Glitterdust

Looking for a monster to change into

Pathfinder Society Scenario difficulty

PFS "Jump Man" Rules Interpretation Help

Sanctioned AP PFS Credit Question

Arcane Bonded Item FAQ

Consortium games themed games in PFS?

Two Newly Minted 1 Star GMs in Spokane

Back in the Chair Again

Pathfinder Society and Construct Companions

Rename Character After 2nd Level?

Question about different types of Rage Powers in PFS

Society Pseudo-Sequel Scenarios [Tagged Spoilers]

Additional Resources Conflicts

Raise Dead does not work on 2nd level characters RAW. Request PFS clarification.

Holy Symbols for Pantheons?

Aspis COnsortium

Advanced Race Guide character features

Time Dilation Boon - From Emerald Spire - The Tomb of Yarrix (11)

Completely new to pathfinder..

The Village Roleplaying Project at Christmas

Faction Storylines

3XP - Update and thank yous

Paizo Blog: The Evergreen Desert

Master of Trade Prestige Award

Aasimar Favored Class Options

Unsung 5 Stars

Faction Journal Card: Asked and Answered

Ten More Stars for North Carolina's State Flag

Summoner Change?

Getting lots of 10 PFS numbers

Weapon Master's Handbook

New FAQ, Improved Familiars and wands

A thought about scenarios

Communicating with Intelligent Summoned Monsters

Spokane Adds Another 5 star to its ranks!!

Good PFS modules for Newbs both to PFS and to PF in general for PbP

Conga Rats to Alabama's newest 5 Star GM

Welcome to New Venture-Captain of the Canary Islands

Why is ghost whip not pfs legal?

Now I see why slings are free...

New to PFS, quick race / class question - allowed?

What is the reason behind preventing Alchemists from using alchemical weapons as, well, weapons? Will this ever be changed?

Boon conjunction confusion

Switching Factions at Level 1

Can familiars use wands? How about potions and oils?

PFS #200,000 has been given out??

Level 12 Retirement Story Arcs

[PFS] Advice on PC progression (fighter 4)

Faction Journal Cards: Grand Lodge clarification

[PFS] Divination School Familiar and Lookout

Thanks to writers...

legal potions question for season 6

[Spokane Valley, WA] 48+ hours of straight PFS

Encumbrance, location, and ease of access of equipment in PFS

[PFS] Blunt Arrows...

[PFS] My first character: monk / barbarian

[PFS]When is it...

Reporting Conditions

Venture Captain Appointments!

Question about Pregen Application

Weapon Finesse with Swashbuckler / Unchained Rogue

Dark Archive faction card

How to Create and / or Report Your Pathfinder Society Session(s)

Witch hex Aura of Purity

Audible and Pathfinder Tales boons

Permanent Death

Newbie questions about boons

Retraining CFEs [FAQ]

Happy Thanksgiving, Pathfinders!

Faction Journal - Scarab Sages - Soul Warden

Silver Crusade Faction Card question

Venture Officer Farewells

Help with a Tiefling

Need some advice

Reporting problems

Paizo Blog: Getting the Band Back Together

Please welcome the new Venture-Captain of Denmark

Psychic omitted from PFS Guide "Potions, Scrolls, and Wands"

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