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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Running out of Scenarios

Question about playable genders in pfs

Upgrading items (Rods)

Additional Magic Item slot suggestions - for an Axebeak.

Amulet of Mighty Fists clarification

first time GMing a sanctioned event

Dealing with the inability to deal with long term ramifications in PFS.

Pathfinder society scenarios playing order?

Wanting to survive Bonekeep

PLEASE tell me Prestige Class Bootstrapping is not legal.

New Ennie Catagory for Organized Play

sorry if this isn't the right place for this

Faction bonuses

How much roleplaying as opposed to roll playing occurs in PFS?

Paizo Blog: Mid-Season Faction Updates

Paladins in Cheliax?

Some questions.

Will it get nixed?

Animal Companions and Size Changes for Equipment

Newbie adventurer build and other questions

Retraining - Before Leveling or WHILE Leveling?

Ultimate Campaign

Wanting to Clarify Something

Getting official credit for Unreported Games

Character creation question and help (new player)

Scrounger: Broken Items In PFS?

Anything about this build not PFS-legal?

Pathfinder Society and Philosophies

How to RP a cleric of asmodeus

What mounts are available for purchase?

Just wondering about this

Essential PFS Preparations by Tier

Is a Tattooed Cross-blooded Sorcerer allowed in PFS?

PFS buying larger size weapons

Deity Retraining?

Con Boon Suggestions

Melee weapon enhancement for DR effectiveness

How are GM-star replays working out?

Season length worries

Heidmarch's Crest

[policy proposal] Old modules in home game mode

How does one acquire an exotic mount in Pathfinder Society?

How do I look?

Captain-Venture say I am too fat

Dervish Build

Summoning Creatures and Alignment

New Summons

Oracle of Bones with Raise Dead Revelation

A Question: Ways to Improve Caster Level Checks

Paizo Blog: Ancient Evil, New Opportunities

Winter Fantasy 2014 Fort Wayne

Changing Alignment

Season 5 Four Star Special?

Cold Spell

Necromancy...Is it just not worth it in PF society?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Survival 101

White Haired Witch

Benefits of fame

Replaying Scenarios (without stars)

Some Things I Have Learned

witch hex while in rage

Advice for a build for a NEW PFS player

Sayonara and Some Suggestions

Are the retuning rules from Gods and Magic PFS legal?

Factions on the wane?

Dragon Disciple / Sorcerer Multiclass

Dual-Wielding Light Crossbows as a Sorcerer

Retraining Animal Shaman Archetype into standard Druid

Magic Wand Questions

Samurai regaining resolve

PFS Ruling Required: Two-Weapon Fighting & Multiweapon Fighting

Monk BAB, flurry of blows & deadly aim

Pathfinder Society

Session credit

Ironwood weps / armor

What Happened With Torch? [spoilers]


Becoming a better player and GM

Any Chronicle Sheet give access to a blessed book?

Table Variation

PFS and the Spell Gate

Effortless Trickery, multiple spells

PFS - Ring of Spell Knowledge and Wands

Lantern Bearer, Aiudara Network, and You?

Faction Goal Progression

Noble Scion Prestige Class

Cannon Golem

Dragon's Demand + GM Star Replay

Replay question

New Iconics Request

Times you almost doomed the entire party?

Where the heck are the pregenerated characters?

So they nerfed my prestige class... (A question on character rebuilds in PFS)

What classes are most common, Least common by area?

Chronicle Specific question disambiguation for Quest for Perfection.*spoilers*

how to boost wisdom

Season 4 Faction plot inconsistences

Diabolist Entry Requirements Clarification...

Store Blog: Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

[petition] Please revisit Diabolist requirements

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