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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Level limit of PFS and its application on archetypes

Quick and Dirty map extraction

Ulfen death squad seeks vacation adventure

Best use of Custom Order boon

Assassin in pfs

So, can I make a paladin of Erecura in PFS?

Paizo Blog: New Scenarios for a New Year

Conflicting sources

Echoes of the Everwar Question

Summoned Creatures - What Can They Do When Dead?

Stacking CON

What's your experience with skalds in PFS?

Is Ninja / Scout legal?

Sajan 4 has Spring Attack???


Game Rules / Mechanics vs. Setting Lore in PFS

Technical question on GM session logging

Can You Upgrade Items Purchased With Prestige?


PFS Playtest for Occult Adventures Chronicle Sheet query

Questions about Armor Spikes

Looking for a PFS game near LAX

Cleric Pathfinder Savant

Trained Animals in PFS / Handle Animal skill

The Silver Mount Collection boon question (Spoilers)

How Do You Know What You Can Buy?


Animal and Terrain domains for Clerics and Inquisitors

Lore Stone

Thornkeep Drain no save? [SPOILERS]

Unique PFS-Legal Builds?

The Best Player Companions for PFS

primal hunters

How to bring your Animal Companion along?

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of New Hampshire and Vermont!

Do tomes and manuals carry over between scenarios?

Savage Technologist and guns?

Need help picking the perfect vanity.

Weapon upgrades


PbP and New Books

Any poison users out there?

New to PFSOP. Was wondering for a little detailed help?

Emerald Spire GM Question

summon vanth

Help Gear my 9th level Paladin - PFS

Damage from Alchemist's Fire and Oil...

Boon Question - 'Custom Order' and Bane

Hey, that's my character!

spirit summoner why is it not alowed?

Art of Your PFS Characters!

Character Wealth in PFS

Titan Fighter legal for PFS?

A question on Silverhex Chronicles as a player

Combining Hospitaler & Sacred Servant archetypes legal?

AP extra feats and goodies, legal in all PFS play?

mounted animal companion (aka bear rides me)

Sky Citadel Jormurdun - we ever go?

Undine Race Boon

Bonus Language Questions

Hello Every one new FG user

Giant Hunter Basesless Speculation

PSA on reporting old sessions (dated before the Factions changed)

Belts and duration

Human ethnicity in PFS - only for Humans? Or includes the half-races?

What are tables of credit?

PFS Group Size Limit

Can a GM write scrolls or spells into a spellbook ?

What ever happened to the Runecarved Key?

Are Investigators allowed to craft?

Happy Holidays Pathfinders

Questions about teamwork between players

Catfolk as a PC race

Rules Question: Adopted Trait

Cramped Hand Character Sheet Syndrome (CHCSS)

Reach weapons no longer cutting corners

Bones Oracle: Raise the Dead Rules Question

PbP Game Day 3 Question

War Drummer Skald

Changelings and the Pathfinder Society

+1 gun

Things you've done to keep PFS fresh for you?

Scenario was reported to the wrong character

PFSS (Pathfinder Society Snaps)

Welcome new Venture Lieutenant for Vermont!

Is the Giant Hunter's Handbook PFS legal?

applying pregen chronicles

When does a scenario "end"?

PFS & ACG Retrain Synergy

If there was one class you'd wish Paizo to drop from PFS legality, which one would it be and why?

Creating Society Characters

New VL in the Arizona Desert

Paizo Blog: Piracy on the Sanctioned Seas!

Treasure Map boon question.

Ranger Style-Natural Weapon

one more scorpion whip thread? (sorry)

Flail snail Language


Extreme PFS: Gaming in the Arabian desert

Can you own two Wayfinders?

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