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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
tying Character Background into the meta-plot

Gen Con from California?

"All right, who's running this circus?"

Pointlessness of damaging armor and baiting the DM

Who do I complain to?

Parting Blast Feat legal in PFS?

The Line between Disruptive and RP

You want to keep WHAT from the scenario?!?!

Which Double Crossbow Is Correct?

How do I fix this?

The viability of a shark shaman's companion.

Kickoff July with some PFS

Is it PFS legal to purchase a Rapier of Venom or a ?

Sessions sheets for InCon.

Aspis COnsortium

Paizo Blog: Vote for Your Favorite Pathfinder Society Character Sketch!

New Pathfinder Society ID Card format?

Now that invulnerable ragers can be rebuilt (due to DR nerf), what are some good rebuild options?

Pregen Characters (PFS Legal)

Newly minted Four Star GM

Any adventures in Yjae?

Pathfinder Society "elevator pitch"?

Gloomspires on the horizon?

Natural Weapon Improvements and PFS Specific Rules Thread?

Tricks for Animal Companion gained later in career?

Ultimate Equipment (Second Printing)

GenCon Character Journals 2016

Pathfinder Society Character Sheet Fillable Version?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log--20 Sarenith 4716

[PFS] Gunslinger build advice

InConJunction 2016!!

Dumb question that I need to ask...

Official All for Immortality requirements?

Paizo Blog: Calling All Seekers!

How to get help?

Amazing GM Star Accolades in Bloomington Indiana!

New player attended free rpg day with no player Id.

PFS Suli recommendations

PFS Oradin advice...

Bones Mystery Oracle

"Best" scenario in each season.

Owning Books for Play

PFS Rock Throwing?

Back story critique.

Are Characters Limited To Their Starting Skills?

Eidolon reach question

GM Credit and Downtime

Bonded objects in PFS question

Do any other modules have the alternate play method from Dragon's Demand

A discussion on Blood Havoc, and if you think it should be allowed.

GenCon 2016 Kids Coloring Book Open Call

Armor Master's Handbook: PFS Legal?

Sessions tracking question (GM Errors)

Games in my area??

How do i know what games i can play in?

Silly question

GM Credit and Boon interaction question.

Bloodvine Strength

Something else on Hex Channeler, Familiar Channeling.

The Needle of the Eye (dibs)

Advice for the Less Skilled Classes

New to PFS: Cold Iron or Adamantine?

PFS Legal?: Cloistered Cleric / Asmodean Advocate

Paizo Blog: OPC Log--16 Desnus 4716

Starfinder Society?

Vanity Follower - Lookout - any idea how this works?

Character Death and Unapplied chronicles (Specifially True Dragons)

New Player (Traits)

Pathfinders in Central Illinois!

Pathfinder Society: A roleplaying game, or a roll-playing game?

Steps to become a GM for PFS online

Horror Corruptions

First society character - Faction info question

New Venture Lieutenant-Bethlehem / Allentown

2016 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery

Familars and Weapon Finesse in Society

What to name my gun

Is Alm for the poor considered as spending gold?

Serpents Rise and playing the Experiment

Scotty’s Brewhouse sign-up?

Does venture captain Brackett look familiar to you?

Pathfinder Companion: Cohorts & Companions

Asmodeus Question

Blade of the Society

Gods Authorized for PFS

We Be Goblins credit confusion

PFS Character Retraining rules, a bit over the top?

Pictures and descriptions of PFS Lodges?

PFS Allowed Races?

Congrats to Edmonton, Alberta's newest 5th Star GM!

Next Update to the Additional Resources?

What happens to Faction Boons if you rebuild a lv 1 character?

Upcoming PFS Social in Bothell, WA this Saturday

Always Available Materials

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—6 Sarenith 4716

New to PFS need help creating character

Season 7 change for Pregens to 1st level?

Looking for clarification on applying high level module credit

Titan Fighter and improvised weaponry?

[PFS] Storm Kindler

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