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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Hell's Rebels And PFS

[PFS] Cost of Retraining a lvl-1 dip, or other options.

Seeking weapon special ability

My fun Character

Broken Link? *Nevermind*

New PFS player faction card question

Digital Chronicles and Characters?

Finding a PFS group somewhere I don't live

(PFS) can i cast a symbol spell and bring it out from one scenario to another?

Can the Legacy of Fire AP be played for Society credit?

PFS GenCon Noob

Paizo Blog: So Much New Material!

The Line between Disruptive and RP

Sarasota Florida

Retraining GM signoff

How to Handle a Bad Situation?

Advanced-Players-Guide-VS-Occult-Adventures and Favored Class bonues

Tomes in PFS

GenCon 2016 Registration Experience

Eyes of the Ten Michigan Area

Request regarding the sanctioning of high tier modules

Proposed Rule Change for Season 8: Unlimited GM Credits

Chronicle Sheets and Gunsmithing:

Season 8 guide eta?

In the Rainbow of PFS Polo Shirts, is there room for one that a VA could wear?

Help! How do you add scenarios as a reporter?

Faction Journal Card Questions

Bonus Feats and Prequisites (PFS)

Can the Spell 'Callback' Be Used With An Animal Companion?

Gencon Pathfinder Society events.

Sad about Teisatsu

So... my friend wanted to be a Gunner Bomber....

Double Checking: Upgrading special material into a named sword

GMing Iron Gods: Fires of Creation at Home. Credit?

Maps Featured in Gen Con Scenarios

Modifying mundane items and making new ones in PFS.

Entrepreneur Banned, Is This Why?

Can my two Seeker characters get to level 20?

Clarification Request: Kapenia Dancer armor proficiencies

Looking for PFS clarification: just got an Oread boon... Shaitan Binder?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—2 Desnus 4716

PFS Characters, Purchasing items, and Prestige Awards requirements

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—18 Erastus 4716

[PFS] Two peg legs?

PFS Investigator questions

PFS-legal dinosaur animal companions

Road to 20 advice (post-Eyes).

PFS: Eidolon with multiple arms


Guessing if I can replace weapon finesse

Hunter DF

PFS Ruling Request: Hallucinogenic Aura for Psychedelia discipline

What's up with the Shair?

Amulet of mighty fists and class ability based weapon buffs

Native Outsiders FAQ

Urushiol and obscure poison spell ruling

Prestige Point Question.

Scroll Scholar of Nethys - World Traveler in Geb...?

Question about PFS: In Service to the Lore

Changing Summoner to different class after the Unchained errata.

Urushiol and obscure poison spell ruling

Lengthy prep time characters?

What are Mundane Items in PFS

Season 0 XP

Season 2 Special, Chronicle boon question

Item slots for humanoid-shaped improved familiars in PFS

Couple of PFS Questions

Eyes of the Ten retirement rumors.

Petition to open up Retraining for the Occult Classes

No ulterior motive, just good intentions

No ulterior motive, just good intentions

Return to Gen Con

public opinion poll

Any tips for 1st time PFS player during character creation

In home game play can my players make use of my Pathfinder library of books?


How does one find out if there's any PFS activity in one's area?

Got any good PFS game stories?

Magus and Armor specialization

[PFS] Looking for answers about Magic Jar / Possession

Two-Weapon Fighting and Haste

PFS: Building a Loremaster and looking for advice

The Exchange Faction Cards, and Me!

[PFS]Post 2000 -- How Do We Make RP Grow at PFS Tables?

Pooka + wands?

Gnome Druids and racial weapons

Society scroll buying but not cleric, druid, or wizard spell

Playable Races

Errata / Clarification Request: Ascetic Style

Why isn't this allowed? [Communal Gold for Revival]

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—4 Erastus 4716

Please Change This

Sad news, many questions

Paizo Blog: Weapon Training--And So Many Weapons!

Idea for a boon I would really like to see.

About Alchemist "Spell Knowledge" Discovery in PFS

White Mage question

Is Emergency Force Sphere banned yet?

Dervish Dance and Spell Combat

Any way for a Society Skald to learn Inflict Wounds Spells?

601 to 700 of 11,963 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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