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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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PFSS (Pathfinder Society Snaps)

Scenario Length

PFS: Noob to Pro

Occult Adventures playtest character "Retraining"?

Who are the venture captains for Toronto?

Can I play a blind character?

when can you play 6-98 & 6-99?

[PFS] Ifrit build?

Dead Pregenerated character and body recovery

Gencon 2015 race boon?

How do I contact the campaign coordinator?

plot questions about the end of the gencon pfs specials

[PFS] Dual Wielding and Casting

Boon-Complete Rebuild Question

Luthier's Rapier Pricing Error

Are newly published Rogue Talents available to Unchained Rogue?

Gold Exploit?

Character sessions?

Roleplaying Guild Guide?

Three part scenario

What constitutes "owning a book"

Retraining Draconic Bloodline to Draconic Bloodline Cost


Gen Con AV

Penny Arcade classic talking about Faction Missions...

Basic occultist question

Ontario Pathfinder Society. Local Website has been down since Saturday.

PFS: Player played level 7 pregen too much

GenCon reporting problem

A Pitch for Out of Tier Play

Pathfinder Society comes to Buffalo, NY

Campaign Mode?

Paizo Blog: There is No Certainty, Only Adventure!

Paizo Blog: Fair Winds and Following Seas

Unspoken subtle Racism / Sexism / etc in public games

Named NPC stat blocks

PFS @ WVPopCon

Giant Slayer Sanctioning?

Table Cleanliness and You, a Basic guide!

PFS-Looking for Advice on Class Selection

Half-Human Native Outsider FAQ

Arrows on Chronicle sheet

Race Total. Post Yours

More Bloomington Bragging

Does teaching an animal a trick have you forgo your Day Job check?

Vigilante Playtest at GenCon - 6-18 From Under the Ice

The Even Bigger Ten

Ego Whip a scary thought for the "7 Charisma" martial characters out there.

ACG Errata and PFS character playing mid-module

Rush Creation of a Wizard

Mythic Powers / Abilities

ARG errata - regarding Favored Class Oracle Bard change

Congratulations to Bloomington's first home-grown 5 Star!

New to Path.Society, not sure what's allowed.

Durable arrow's

Registering PFS character

Occult Adventures Pregens

Occult Skill unlocks legality

Strategic Chakra deployment

Gen Con 2015 reporting problem

A better solution to overpowered eidolons

How to create a second "director" for an event?

So, where are the limits about pre-generated characters (can't change gear / spells / etcetera)?

Who at Paizo is in charge of convention support?

Chain Challenge now banned

The ACG Graveyard

What would happen if total rebuilds were allowed for all FAQs and errata?

PFS registration

Racial Boon Trading

Occult Adventures Playtest Rebuild

Rogue sniper archetype

Assumed Gear at Level 11

Mephit lore

ARG errata has killed most aasimars and tieflings! And all dhampirs. Please fix?

Mask of Stony Demeanour - Grandfathered or refunded?

Missing Sessions

Underground Chemist Archetype and Craft Alchemy

Kami Medium Shikigami

17-20 / x3 vs 15-20 / x2

Question about upgrading equipment that I should probably know the answer to

Amusing Faction Card thing that came up the other day in game.

Is This possible?

PirateRob's PFS bloggery thread

petition to allow more free rebuild options due to ACG changes

Additional Resources Upated

kineticist’s buffer in PFS

Unchained Rogue / Skulking Slayer

Advanced Class Guide errata is up!

Gencon specials Core vs Standard

Vigilante and Modules

Tar Bombs and its Accessability?

confused about vigilante playtest....

Rare, but useful skills / abilities?

Primordial Ones & Primal Ancestry Feat in PFS

Occult Adventures and PFS

Unarmed Fighter question: New to pathfinder society

Familiars barding and neck-slot?

Gencon Special 2015 - Friday Night

re: wizard adding spells to spell book

Unofficial Lodge at Gen Con 2015?

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