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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
5-Star Roll Call

Heroes of the Wild - Wild Caller

PFS scenario season pass suggestion

Alternate means of "provide all source material" rule?

Organized Play Coordinator Job Search

New,,,can I play a hunter?

Funniest PFS moments?

Was told that a change occurred and my Printed PDF Folio was not longer allowed for rerolls

Five new Campaign Service Award Recipients

Serpents Rise Pregens [Spoilers]

Is wyroot too powerful for PFS?

Post your best PFS / Golarion Koan!

Swashbuckler Cleric

Question: Bones Oracle

Spellcasting Services in PFS

Boon Companion Feat Clarification

rogues, magic and Mnemonic Vestment

Custom Gear?

Pathfinder Arena

Scions of the sky key order

PFS Kids Track Preview

Advanced Player Guide pre gens......will they be made?

Occult Adventures Sanctioning?

Medium Archetype - Please allow it?

Paizo Blog: Undercover Society

Giant Slayer’s Handbook

PFS Gear for a level 7 / 8 Archanist?

Gunslinger Free actions in PFS


APG Pregen - Feiya

Blight Druid Advice

what are the book boons and such?

How often can I play a pregen?

Help - my whole family just got killed ...

When is the new Organised Play guide due out?

Spell Warrior Skald: Who choose the bonus ?

Proposal regarding languages for half-human characters.

Witching gown

PFS Request for Clarification / Petition for Change: Investigators, Craft (Alchemy) and Master Alchemist feat

Wild Shape and Item Slots

There is a small potential "loop hole" where an unchained rogue could get rogue talents they aren't supposed to.

Reporting Quests

Five brave souls enterered Bonekeep tonight...

Portland / Vancouver have two new VL's

What happened to the event finder?

Can I just retire my character early?

Do Familiars add to day job rolls?

Does Smite Evil ignore the DR of non-evil foes?

Pathfinder society scenarios playing order?

Can I apply a GM'd chronicle to a first level character?

Changing the location of the last encounter in a scenario

PSA: Ironskin no longer a legal spell

Do Religious Tenets Trump 'Cooperation'?

Where can I find more information on House Charthagnion?

Armor, Weapons, Combat rules

Ranger with dead animal companion

True Primitive Archetype Ban

Stats for cabble-weed?

Amulet of Mighty Fists?

How long does Thornkeep: Accursed Halls take?

Gen Con Pregens Large Print

GM requested

Addition of Cohorts & Companions rules to PFS

List of Scenarios By Tier

Acceptable practices question

question about infernal healing

PFS players trading items?

Magic item creation questions

How Do I submit suggestions to be implemented in PFS?

Way for child under 13 to play in PFS?

gm higher level games

Going to be playing an inquisitor soon

New 5 Star GM from Upstate New York

Combining abilities on items

When errata nerfs an item

Scenarios at Gen Con

Quick Question About Ioun Torch

Ammunition and Prestige Points

New Lodges

Liberty's edge faction journal card question

Paizo Blog: A Case of Disappearing Persons

Favored Enemy - Aspis Consortium?

Using timeworn gear in PFS

PFS Request for Rule Clarification: Summoner Unchained with evil subtype eidolon.

Finding solution for "Alternate Means of showing ownership of materials."

Do any scenarios or modules visit the City of Brass?

Which adventures should I play as lead up to PFS Gen Con Special: The Sky Key Solution

Argh! My Search Fu has deserted me!

Unavailable Scenarios?!

Unchained Rebuilds

Take 10 Non-FAQ

Oread's Favor Boon

Questions: I have them.

Ability modifiying magical equipment

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Montreal!

New Scorpion Whip FAQ, please update Additional Resources accordingly

New Venture-Captain in Central Illinois

I like things wet and soggy!

Natural Weapon Attack Bonus and Grapple CMB

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