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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
need a cooler name than "Try Pathfinder" for my MiniCon

Dazing Spell Errata

Improved Familiar and books required

New player help

Druid Archetype options

Pathfinder in HOLLISTER!!!!

Caster Levels for Magic Items in Pathfinder Society scenarios, please...

Can the Hierloom Weapon trait be used to qualify for Dervish Dance in PF Society?

Awesome stories from your PFS characters?

A different view on "meta-gaming"

Paizo Shirt Reroll

I hate to do this but. . .

"Seen it Once" Gen Con 2013 Boon #13 - What does this do, exactly?

Deviating from box-text?

Rules Questions: Soft Cover, Partial Cover and Precise Shot

Animal Ally Feat and AC Boons

Thoughts so far on PFS.

Is there a trait to add a fae background to a halfling?

Reading scenarios before playing them - what should I do?

Questions about Racial spells / archetypes / feats etc...and their legality for certain characters...

Bloodrager & Berserker of Society Trait

"Rocks Fall" and Other DM Tales

Characters Playing in Scenarios Between Module Sessions

Shuriken and Masterwork Ammunition

Building a Truly Powerful Theurge [need help] / / MOVED THREAD TO / ADVICE

Does Investigator Count as Alchemist for Craft Alchemy?

Shadow Blending Evolution

Faerie Fire vs Invisibility and Improved Invisibility

How PFS lost my money, and can re-win it

GenCon volunteers

Running AP in a different system.

PFS Legal Swashbucklers with Guns?

Boon Companion / Beast Rider

Student of Thassilon - retraining possible?

Changes to crane wing and crane style.

How do you handle / reward scouting ahead in society play.

Gen Con 2014 PFS Games

Scenarios played per character.

Dice Tower 3 in Orlando - PFS games

Total n00b about Pathfinder Society

Please welcome Katie Sommer to the ranks of the 5 star GMs!

Upgrade Prestige Pts to include racial boons

Thornkeep for players (PLEASE NO SPOILERS!)

Character death & replay

Your best one liner from a player at a PFS table (use spoilers when appropriate)

Best dungeon crawl scenarios

prestige class discussion?

Character name registration

Honored Fist of the Society / Drunken Master Ki bonus work?

Character help

Blind character in PFS

Quest for Perfection Boon and Animal Ally

Whom to favor when planning to GM

How to draw mecha?

PFS Mounts and martial beater

Player's leaving early

The 'must have' publications for PFS

Cavaliers do not need their mounts!

A Pedantic Proposal on Pathfinder's Proficiencies

I want to host a game

Cosmetic changes to wondrous items

Talons of Leng, Legal or Not?

Cyphermage, Swift Scrivener

Tiefling Magus

The Pathfinder Society Emblem

Why are performance feats illegal in organized play?

A PSA for PFSers: SKR is leaving Paizo

Weapon Blanches on Ammo in PFS

Germany's first 5-Star-GM!

New 5 Star GM in the UK (and he isn't even British!)

Filling out a chronicle sheet that hasn't been "applied"

How much would a continuous ring with a 1st level mage armor spell cost?

Can "Rime Spell" be used on an "Elemental (Cold)" spell in PFS?

1st level retraining and PFS factions

Slaves now legal to own in PFS?

So, I've roughly $50...

PFS Character Advice Needed.

Contracts aka making the Legalistic Curse an actual curse

Racial Heritage and Native Outsiders

New Venture Lieutenant for the UK

[5.0 clarification] Out-of-tier gold in Tier 1-7 scenarios

Improvements for Chronicle Sheets in future seasons?

Contentious Topic: Are items on a Chronicle Sheet available at ANY time?

Additional Resources / FAQ discrepency re: poisons.

FYI: Old question quietly resolved

When is a PFS character "dead"?

Valid PFS Source for Kitsune PCs

Out-of-Tier Etiquette

Arcane Archer / Imbue Arrow and "Area Spells"

5 star GM exists in two locations at once

Is PFS like Fight Club?

New additional Venture-Lieutenant for Milwaukee, WI

Tracking sheet, What the?

Arizona's 2nd 5 Star GM

a question about attending

Magic Items

PFS Ioun stones

Lvl 1 Feat Retraining Question

Power Level for PFS

Can Samurai use Vambraces of the Tactician in PFS play?

501 to 600 of 7,838 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | next > last >>
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