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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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[PFS] Oracle Retraining - Archetype, Mystery, Revelation

Character creation for my account

Continual Flame and high fashion

Whoops! Did I really do that?!?

Paizo Blog: Society Unchained

Near TPK due to GM mistake.

[Spoilers] Scenarios with Aram Zey

Secret Society question.

is selling and buying items through the forums online as long as you document it?

Two Schools of RPG Gaming

Who can we contact now that Mike is gone?

Oracle: Spirit Guide - Would This Work?

race-related features? (boon)

Dealing with the inability to deal with long term ramifications in PFS.

profession (torture)

Enchanting Timeworn Tech Weapons

Paladin casting Infernal Healing on themselves

Question on Level 2 Retraining, RE Gold

What does the Ectochemist Get?

Another name on the Wall

shuriken questions

Rules help

[Spoilers] Intelligent Items & Artifacts

Questions both new and old

Promethean Alchemist meets Alchemist manuel

How do I get the new PFS player cards?

Question about special materials, chronicle sheet, and upgrading

Hey Look! Nefreet has a fifth star before his name!

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Survival 101

Spoilers - Trusty Buddy Question

Is debuff not an acceptable combat role to bring to the table?

Faction Specific Prestige awards?

Good uses for UMD in PFS

Serpents Rise and True dragons ETA

Exchange Faction card and 100pg per level goal

How do I keep track of copied spells?

PFS Ability Scores

PFS @ GenCon Bloggery - Painlord Edition 2015

Gencon Society GM Shout Outs

Please welcome Sean Ennis to the ranks of the 5 star GMs!

Stepping down as VC

Vanities database?

Can my Vanity be killed?

Post something cool that you know!

[Interest Check] youtube channel and / or podcast about "min-maxing" in pathfinder

Master of the Fallen Fortress, Tier 1 or Tier 1-2?

Tattoo Potion Permanency

Starting Languages

Congratulations to 11 new Campaign Service Award recipients

GM Help

Retrain opposing school Wizard in Society

Battle Mind Occultist's Starting Item Question

PFS PBP Gameday IV

Foo Lion / Dog Mount in PFS

Serpent's Rise Proud Moments: Warning*Spoilers*

Is Monster Summoner's Handbook being sanctioned for PFS?

APG Pregens

Caster's Shield?

Looking to clear some confusion



Fane of Fangs replayability

How do you get "Affinity" in Pathfinder Society play?

Edmonton season 7 special

Top 10 Favorite Races + Class

Rules question: storing a Rod or Wands on Blinkback Belt

Question regarding the unconscious status effect

You are, without a doubt, the WORST Pathfinder...

A great way to spend a Saturday Evening

Congratulations to Robert Pepka on his 5th star!

Welcome New ACG Venture-Lieutenant of Arkansas

starting organized play?

Why is the Traits Web Enhancement incomplete?

10 questions that'll make your PFS roleplaying blossom.

Bronze House Reprisal

Advice for character stuck in between EotT parts

Thematic Characters for PFS seasons

Improvised Weapons In PFS

what is the bare minimum that needs to be on a paper to count as a "character sheet"

For PFS what counts as Ulfen descent?

I am looking for a Chronicle Sheet with a Chakram as a buyable equipment.

The ACG / ARG Errata Broke my watch

[PFS] Ruling about Blanches / Balms and ammo

Is there any retraining synergy for Occult Adventures classes?

[PFS] How much will it cost to retrain from core rogue to unchained rogue.

Rat Swarm?

Pathfinder Society Campaign using Year of the Shadow Lodge Modules [Spoilers!]

What is an ability-score-dependent feature of a class, prestige class, or archetype

Unchained Rogue and a Dog Slicer

Please congratulate Sean Goodman on his fifth star!

Swashbuckler's Precise Strike

Petition to get this blog approved

5-Foot Step Questions

PFS Rules Question -- Precision Damage

Official Gen Con 2015 Feedback thread

Making an Investigator but really want potion glutton...

Searching Low Level Scenario with Ghost Touch weapon

Sha'ir Occultist archetype and limited pets in PFS

So, What Occult adventures characters are you guys rolling up?

Petition to let the Pooka Use Magic Device

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