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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Propitiation on day jobs?

The Best Harrower

where to start?

Horizon Walker Clarification

Switching Deities when you have a Religious Trait for a specific deity

Well rounded class and race to create for PFS.

List of Tiers for Season 6?

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of Cologne, Germany

Racial Boon Trading

PFS Playing Card cost...

Running Carrion Crown AP in PFS

Continued Support of the Comics?

Buying Gear During Downtime?

Animal Companion Question

When selecting a race choosing in PFS?

What the heck, a black dragon skeleton?!

Thematic Characters for the Year of the Sky Key

Mid Con leveling?

Harrow Cards Only: Is Paizo Money-Grabbing Us?

A public service announcement for half-elf spellcasters

Rule question regarding rolling a natural 1 on a caster level check

Golem Manual

I *DEMAND* an official ruling from Mike Brock!

Would a Cartomancer require a legal Harrow Deck if she never pulls Harrow cards?

Am I the only one, that hates Year 5 Faction?

Class Total, Post Yours!

Faction Total, Post Yours!

Race Total. Post Yours

Cold Iron Alchemical Bullets

Difference Bewteen The Midnight Mauler 2–EX and 3–16

Gencon Friday night special

Rangers in PFS

Building the Beast (Summoner Discussion)

Pregen Kyra is overpowered!

"Curser" Build Suggestions

Rewarding local organizers

Passing the torch

NorWesCon, PFS presence? Other cons?

2014 PFS PaizoCon Bloggery

Pathfinder Pandas: Heed My Call!

Aasimar, re-skinning?

I have Meta'd Myself a CHAMPION

Additional Resources at the Table

New to Pathfinder Society and I have a question about registering

My little animal companion

Handling a bad situation

Gunsmithing to Repair Starting Firearm


First Level Character Died

Formula Books

Quick subtier question

The (hopefully) final word on horse animal companions and combat trained

Burst or Sustained Damage for General Society Combat

Basic question about character creation

PACG Society queries.

PFS Game World Background

PFS Summoner Build: 2-Part Question

7th level animal companions for medium characters

Rebuilding characters with ACG classes

Need help building a Sword Saint

what is the break down on points for leveling in PFS?

PaizoCon Sessions Updated?

Reworking before 2nd level

Nearest PFS Lodge

Question about pre-level 2 retraining

Arcane Bonded Item FAQ

Character change question

Should I dip into paladin levels with my Dawnflower Dervish bard?

Rage problems.

Roc Animal Companion

Chronicle of the Righteous and Subdomains in PFS play

Brilliant or Broken?

Discussion For the Beneficial Bandolier

Starting Season 6?

Shopping with prestige points

Craft and Profession

Prestige Points spent, then retrained class [still level 1]

Looking for Pregen Sheets

Druid Magic Items

How to play a Kitsune Lunar Oracle in Pathfinder Society, in 18 easy steps

Tattoo Parlor / Magical Tattoos / Slotless Wondrous Items

Women in PFS

Do you even report?

Question about Scenario 5-20, The Sealed Gate.

Question to people who've played The Horn of Aroden (spoilers)

PFS specific question re: Deific Obedience [Calistria] from ISG

2 questions regarding some of my pfs PCs


ShakaUVM's guide to playing a Necromancer in PFS

Destiny of the Sands Part 2 Boon (Spoilers Within)

0-09 Eye of the Crocodile King - Why retired?

Second 5th Star in Eastern WA!

Free character retraining after level 1

Bay Area Labor Day conventions?

Weapon Blanches and Alchemical cartridges

(Spoilers) Destiny of Sands pt 3 - how to add boon to Hero lab

Qinggong Monk Retraining Ki Power

Ring of the Sublime - RAW clarification needed

Need help identifying ability I saw at a PFS game

wand / consumable ITS

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