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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Saveable version of ITS

Organized Play Question

Found a local PFS group.

PFS rules question - Ability Focus

familar spells or spell like effects.

Free RPG day chronicles?

Ra LN Channeling Clerics?

Singapore, South Africa, England, and Italy on deck for World Cup free rerolls

GM stars disappeared

Acceptable level for a GM-pregen

Wayfinders for the Masses!

I Need to know if this is allowed: Readying Actions with Wands the cast Immediate Action Spells

Year of the Sky Key and flavor

How much 12+ level play is in your region?

Scenario difficulty problem areas and suggestions

Flyby attack legal for a wizard? (PFS)

Destiny of the Sands Part 3 boon Question

GM vsing Players over table variations - The importance of Official FAQs for PFS play

Want to make a drunken master

GM Stars Not Showing Up

Character Creation & Backround Ideas

Finder Con

Question: Can items be combined in Pathfinder Society as suggested in the thread linked below?

PFS: animal companions and ion stones

Tomorrow two regions have an opportunity to win free, 48 hour rerolls

PFS lvl 2 gear

Custom Order boon question.....

Advanced Class Guide Iconics?

Wayfinder enhancements (field guide p.62-3)

The next step for Pathfinder!

Where to spend Prestige Points

Legality Question

Encounter design in PFS scenarios

Is it possible to take the test of the Starstone in a PFS event to become a deity in canon?

Please help me chose between two traits.

Questions about Monks

PreGen Question.

Virtual Tabletop Digital Gaming Surface Kickstarter for Pathfinder Society

Chronicle question for out of tier characters

Scribing scrolls into my spellbook - is it allowed as part of GM reward?

Welcome the new Venture Lieutenant of Fort Myers, FL!!

Character with two traits from same category - Pregen Amiri

Trap Monsters and disabling

PFS an new guys perspective.

Magic items best for a Dragon Disciple.

Boon Companion + Cavaliers 'Mount'

Paizo Blog: Faction Evolution

Please welcome Joanna Gore to the ranks of the 5 star GMs!

Favourite Bestiary and Favourite Monsters

I'm a n00b and I need help!

Bending in the wind of Table Variation is giving away free stuff in a contest if they get likes on their facebook page.

Dropping 12+ level support: huh? Someone clue me in

Faction R / Evolution - some thoughts

How to get a monstrous mount?

Clarification and Statement for Campaign Cohesion

Advice for PFS Events in Less Than 4 Hours

PFS tales chronicle

Venture Captains

Advanced Class Guide Archetypes

Scenarios: Average Table Size

_______ of natural armor?

2pp, a vial of efficacious medicine and 1gp healing?

Hope springs eternal is there life after you have played every scenario

Florida Gets Another Five-Star GM - Shane Murphy

Partial Credit for Modules?

Amulet of Might Fists question for PFS

Credit applied to wrong character

New Rule Proposal: Consumable Reimbursement

Racial Heritage Feat Clarification

Are Inner Sea World Guide regions (and their traits) PFS-Legal?

In what resource can I find a picture of `Venture-Captain Adril Hestram`?

Magus Clarification

Amulet of Mighty Fists clarification

Got any good PFS game stories?

Mid-Michigan Venture-Lieutenants

Player possibly dropping out of PbP game

Racial Deities

Pre-gens for the Gen-Con specials?

2 Scenarios before retirement left in Season 5

Racial Boons

Paizo Blog: Changing Seasons

Spellslingers. . . . when?

Welcome the new Venture LT for Eastern Arkansas

Welcome to the newest VL in the Washington, DC area!

Royalty on Golarion

Help for a newbie please?

Trying Pathfinder Society for the 1st time at Gen Con

Tier 1-5, APL is 2.7, which subtier do we play?

Welcome the new VL for Israel

Rolling Creatures into the same initiative, and delaying into the same initiative

infinite holy water 'bug'?

Which faction should this character pick?

Gunslinger Ammunition

Advice for a Noob?

Holy Symbol / Divine Focus

Welcome the new VL for Chattanooga, Tn!

Venture Lieutenant for Houma, Louisiana

Inventory Tracking sheets and the other cheat sheat

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