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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Corruption and Boons

using "salvaged" coinage

Thank You guys for a wonderful Gencon

Emerald Spire chronicle item question

Request to change years 6 & 7 Faction Reward Cards

Re: Are there plans to make Stats for the Iconics for Magus, Cavalier, Oracle, Inquisitor, Summoner, Witch, and Alchemist?

new sovereign court faction card.

How often are Scenarios released? Sheduling question.

Can Dreadnaught and Mooncursed Barabrians use the Unchained version?


Should I Retrain My Sorcerer Class out to become Pure Oracle?

Emerald spire and PFS

Favored Enemy (Native Outsiders)?

PFS prestige point double check.

Forum symbols for Lantern Lodge, Sczarni and Shadow Lodge

Receiving GM Credit for Non-PFS AP Campaign Mode

PFS event # 82,133: The Volcanic Rim (Kenya)

Chronicle for New Players

Thorny Ioun Stone

Dealing with table variation

PFS Legal Musical Instruments

Half-Humans and ethnicity

Wealthy Dabbler, return of arcane striking rogues?

Season 8 Guild Guide and Craft (gunsmithing)

Exchange faction card question

PFS noob questions

Tier 1 Gencon Boon swap

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—2 Arodus 4716

retraining traits

Retraining a first level

Lost Character Sheets

Question about character options from adventure path "Player's Guides"

Can we get a single-page version of the Faction Journal Cards?

GM Stars

I love the new Silver Crusade FJC benefits.

Using Adventure Paths In PFS

Gen Con 2016: 7-98 Serpent's Ire CORE Campaign

Anyone from Flint or surrounding area Michigan?

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2016 Call for Volunteers!

Do any scenarios or modules visit the City of Brass?

Replay Rules

Change Factions

New Page

Any noteworthy changes in the last couple years?

GenCon 2016 - Way too early pre-muster

Slayer / Investigator: Would it work?

Channel question

Improved Familiar legality?

Cleric of Irori Favored Weapon

[PFS] Hitting / Damaging Incorporeal

PFS am I allowed to buy out of tier gear under these circumstances?

Need Clarification on Racial Spells.

GenCon Ticket Trading

Building Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad for PFS

Trying to save space -- issues?

Armor special abilities

Can't Report "We B4 Goblins."

Hell's Rebels And PFS

[PFS] Cost of Retraining a lvl-1 dip, or other options.

Seeking weapon special ability

My fun Character

Broken Link? *Nevermind*

New PFS player faction card question

Digital Chronicles and Characters?

Finding a PFS group somewhere I don't live

(PFS) can i cast a symbol spell and bring it out from one scenario to another?

Can the Legacy of Fire AP be played for Society credit?

Proposal: Unchaining Phantom Phenomena and Silverhex from the Pregen Requirement

PFS GenCon Noob

Paizo Blog: So Much New Material!

The Line between Disruptive and RP

Sarasota Florida

Retraining GM signoff

How to Handle a Bad Situation?

Advanced-Players-Guide-VS-Occult-Adventures and Favored Class bonues

Tomes in PFS

GenCon 2016 Registration Experience

Eyes of the Ten Michigan Area

Request regarding the sanctioning of high tier modules

Proposed Rule Change for Season 8: Unlimited GM Credits

Chronicle Sheets and Gunsmithing:

Season 8 guide eta?

In the Rainbow of PFS Polo Shirts, is there room for one that a VA could wear?

Help! How do you add scenarios as a reporter?

Faction Journal Card Questions

Bonus Feats and Prequisites (PFS)

Can the Spell 'Callback' Be Used With An Animal Companion?

Gencon Pathfinder Society events.

Sad about Teisatsu

So... my friend wanted to be a Gunner Bomber....

Double Checking: Upgrading special material into a named sword

GMing Iron Gods: Fires of Creation at Home. Credit?

Maps Featured in Gen Con Scenarios

Modifying mundane items and making new ones in PFS.

Entrepreneur Banned, Is This Why?

Can my two Seeker characters get to level 20?

Clarification Request: Kapenia Dancer armor proficiencies

Looking for PFS clarification: just got an Oread boon... Shaitan Binder?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—2 Desnus 4716

PFS Characters, Purchasing items, and Prestige Awards requirements

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