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PaizoCon 2016

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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The Edge of Concealment Rules

Noob needs advice

[PFS] Input on my new slayer please!

[PFS-Character Crafting] Bard needs Martial Class, badly!

Chained vs Unchained Barbarian

Making a PFS Player Survey

This needs to go into the FAQ.

Apsu And Bite Attacks?

Improved Familiar magic item slots

Adding a physical sheet online?

Help With Gunslinger for PFS

Mike Welham's 4th Star!

Core scythe fighter, advice please?

Unskilled players affecting attendance, what to do?

Pregens for quest scenarios?

Pathfinder Character Creation Rules!

A humble (bundle) request for future scenarios

re: Pregens for Magus and APG Iconics?

Problem with Character Sheet in Guide

Bards and flutes

Please consider making poisons more widely available for purchase.

Can a Paladin have a cambat animal and his animal companion out one at a time and can I re-issue feats for the animal non-companion?

Petition to legalize the Deep Marshal magus archetype

RE: How does a Wizard gain spells from a PFS Etc ?

Minotaur's Charge's Prerequisites and PFS legality

Are all wayfinders half price in PFS?

Dead Characters And Their Chronicle Sheet

Can someone explain "limited" items on the Chronicle Sheet?

Is PFS roll-play, or role-play?

Reporting an Adventure Path correctly (when not everyone in my group does PFS)

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society in the Netherlands (or Join the Crew of the Flying Dutchman)

Gen Con AV

Revisiting the Scorpion Whip

What were your Impossible Actions? (Blakros Connection spoilers!)

Overheard in Bonekeep...

Alchemy Manual Legality Question.

Gladhandling (street performer bard ability)

How many GM stars for a Module or Adventure Path?

Charging While Squeezing

Is there a list anywhere of NPC Venture Captains by region?

Running We Be Goblins! as Core Mode

Summon Monster & Elementals

Warpriest question

Is it possible to take the test of the Starstone in a PFS event to become a deity in canon?

Was the Shaman Wood Spirit overlooked in Heroes of the Wild?


Year of the Sky Key - Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide version 6

Sailing for fresh seas - Stepping down as Bay Area VC

Pathfinder Society - what Classes / Races are allowed?

Ritual Mask Feat in PFS?

Paizo Blog: Vote for Your Favorite Pathfinder Society Mini!

The list of available familiars just got a lot longer!

Watch Pathfinder (and PFS) get played by Paizo Staff tomorrow (Feb 24) on Twitch.TV!

Alchemist's fire and web and swarms?

Might jump back in

Arcane Anthology Spellboks Question

Incensed about Incense

Starting HP for phantoms

PFS Items that can save you in 2015

Paizo Blog: Revisiting Themes, Characters, and Chronicles

Race Boons

Post something cool that you know!

Nagaji starting languages?

Sorcerer of Sleep and Drugs?

Running in combat

PFS PbP web site

Planar Inquiry spell

Thank you for sanctioning Blood of Shadows so early!

Thoughts on Laxing the Replaying Policies

Vial of Efficacious Medicine's Price Tag's Shiny New Zero

Understanding the Sword Saint (PFS)

Page of Spell Knowledge and Psychic Casters

Green Faith?

[PFS] Multiple sessions questions.

Leshy Warden and Improved Familiar

Another 4-Star GM in Metro Boston

Fame and Purchases

aasimar boon

Legality of Mixing Chained and Unchained Rogue Talents

Trading Boons for Non-Boons Thread

pathfinder chronicle sheets help

Best PFS faction for nature themed PC

Proposal regarding languages for half-human characters.

How many charges does a Flint and Steel / Pack of Tindertwigs have?

Recording Purchases on Chronicle Sheets

Is Paladin of Cayden Cailean PFS legal?

[Rules Question / Propositon] Cooked Food Healing HP

Constable archetype and its ban: a polite inquiry

Do ethnic half orc / half elves gain the extra language?

Arcane Bond

Spellcasting Services

Missed upgrades on charters in pfs

Downloading Session Sheets

Casual Viking's 2015 guide to using poisons (society legal)

Nobody expects the, uh...who do we worship, again?

Racial bonuses to a companion's / familiar's fixed stats?

Industrious Urbanite

Leveling Familiars

New guy curious about PFS

Worst PC Death Reaction?

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