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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Wizard Bonded Object Question

Resist Energy, Ranger, & Wand

Need Help With Character Creation Idea

PFS legal rule question.

Question about reporting...

Hummunulist, Evolved Familiar, and Other Apparent Paradoxes

Do people think that I will get table variation?

Funniest PFS moments?

What will you be most glad to see in PFS games?

Occult Playtest Classes update after a couple of Months

Binding / tie up / shackles / manacles / rope rules

Infernal healing a paladin

Two new Campaign Service Awards presented!

Ruins of Bonekeep

Need help with Fighter Idea

Reporting scenario Problem

Best PFS-legal items / spells / feats / tidbits that no one else seems to know about

Pathfinder Society Reporting

deceptive characters

Pathfinder Society Pregens

Scenario Web Diagram

Organized Play is moribund in my area - any recourse?

I am now a 3-Star GM

Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

Emerald Spire not reporting

Druid / Sylvan Sorcerer and Enlarge Person-2 Questions

Reactions to the ACG classes after more than 6 months

any PFS activity for Cincycon this year?

Bonded wand of Heroism for a PFS bard

Multiclassing with the Occult Adventures classes

Characters with criminal records outside Absalom?

PFS "Children".

PFS Escorts and pregnancy

Character current events after retirement arc

Trouble reporting

Core Taking Over

Is a saving throw bonus a better build option?

Legalized Time Differences

The reasoning behind allowing CN but not LE

Question on Skill Ranks

Where's the trait Web Enhancement?

Running Adventure path and GM prestige points

I need help understanding the general society view on "what is evil?"

Please join me in welcoming Northern California's newest 5 Star GM.

[PFS] Sable Company / Sky Stalker

items and gold found in game

Holy symbol shields

How long does sanctioning a book for PFS usually take?

How long should we wait for chronicle sheets?

Legal religions

PFS - Emerald Spire - Opinions Please

Recent trouble reporting sessions

The Aspis Consortium - an alternate to PFS

Promotion of a VL - Pirate Coast

tiefling options

Applying Chronicle Sheets to Other PCs

Why Kingmaker can't be played as Society?

Welcome to the new Venture Lieutenant of Hoover, Alabama!

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of the Canary Islands

Dragons Demand and changes to PFS

Winter Fantasy 2014 Fort Wayne

PFS alignment question - CN character, is this an evil act?

touch spells through a weapon

Spell Focus for Elemental Wizards in PFS?

Need some thoughts on a semi magic ninja.

remaking character question

Paizo Blog: Quests for All!

Item look

Reporting Issue

Build for a Teamster's Transformative Troop Transport


Running PORT GODLESS Scenario #5-07 & Need Visual Aides!

Is Sky Metal (Technology Guide page 56-57) legal in PFS?

summon minor monster - varisian hagfish

Paizo Blog: Incremental Changes

How does Pathfinder Society help the Pathfinder RPG? How does it harm the game?

There's something I need to get straight about the eldritch scion.

Resolving Natural Attacks and a sidenote question!

What's the interview process look like for the factions?

Chest of Defending and Consideration of "Animal Companion"

Skill Imbalances in PFS Scenarios

Printing issue with the player handouts in the Confirmation.

Welcome to New PFACG Venture Lieutenant of Topeka, KS!

Welcome to New Venture Lieutenant of Salina, KS!

Reporting Issue

Is a Whetstone legal to use on arrows?

Allowing mature players to play evil characters?

Summon Minor Monster

No PFS at Winter Fantasy?

Plunder and Perils in reporting tool

How to get a Dwarven Speaker of the Past Shaman to cast Summon Ancestral Guardian

So, how to solve this problem in PFS

Selling back before 2

Oils and caster level

Proofreading scenario's

Store Blog: On the Road Again!

Getting a Scroll of Antimagic Field to work on a non-caster

Aid Allies PFS Ruling

why is this

How many players is good for a tier one run of The Stolen Heir

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