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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Best ways, scenarios, methods to get around drawing maps?

Winter Witch Familiar Question

Rogue Bombers

Brainstorming: Alternatives to Books

Inspiration and Criticals, Rules Question

[spoilers] Shadow Lodge subplot scenario plan

what do this mean

Urumi and bladed scarf no longer reach weapons?

So the new Vigilante class...

Maximum Possible Day Job

One Time Character Rebuild

Alternate Racial Traits: Dwarves

PFS; How do I go about bringing in extra coin?

Fun Summons

Applying Core GM credit to non-Core PC

Kelly Youngblood - Houston's Venture-Captain, and new 5-Star GM

Legal races?

Can I choose to take 10 on my reroll?

Wish for Retraining / Rebuilding in PFS

Playing a Wizard

Interesting in-game quote

A question about unchained summoners in PFS

Issues printing Season 6 scenarios

What are considered "priests" for customized summons lists?

Players leaving before the end of a Free RPG Day Module

Can you switch gods?

Oracles and Religion Traits

Why are ALL variant options illegal?

Class Total, Post Yours!

New to Society: Played 3 Games Now what?

PFS Online play?

Changing Summoner to different class after the Unchained errata.

Can you make "Additional Resources" more prominent on the PFS page?

Acquiring a race boon

Some PFS Pregen Vigilantes for the Playtest

[PFS] How much will it cost to retrain from core rogue to unchained rogue.

Quick Enora PFS Pregen Question

Legal Races in Organized Play

Paizo Blog: We Be Pathfinders!

Ironman Silverhex, the deadliest gaming challenge in the history of mankind

Oddball Build For PFS - Boomerang

Congrats to new 4-Star GM Peter S!

Dwarves of Golarion spells in PFS?

Just making sure this is right.....

Paladins and Evil outsiders

Dwarven Ranger with Boar Companion

Area efect inside vehicles

GMing replayable content

New Three Star GM In Spokane

Ultimate PFS unarmed combatant required

Want to Play by Post! BUT I DONT WANT TO BE A NOOB

So I am new to this, and just had a couple questions.

First scenario recommendations

Help making first character?

Faction Cards and We Be Goblins, Too, Free

racial rules

Looking for Module Similar to Emerald Spire

Bringing Sexy back....... Or just a character that hasn't been played in YEARS

Is the Vigilante Class Playtest Legal in PFS?

Effortless Lace legal in PFS?

Can a Vanity Follower be an animal?

GenCon 2015

Modules and slow track

Converting Beginner Box Bash Demos into Quests w / Chronicle

Kitsune, Fox Shape, Improved Familiar (Sprite)

Can the Racial Heritage Feat be used to gain access to racial only features in PFS?

Eidolon Frightful Presence a trap?

How does Free RPG day work in PbP format?

Do Pearls of Power count as "gems" for the Scarab Sages faction card?

New VL for southern Illinois!

Use of the "Carry Companion" spelll

Dragon's Demand Reporting

2 new VLs for the Rhein-Main area, Germany

Attack of opportunity on spells

What is the Decemvirate?

Do people track encumbrance in PFS?

Question about an item that appears on a chronicle sheet for a module but not in any other book.

Is there a PFS legal way to set up a permanent portal?

Question about Handy Haversack

module items

Grandmaster Torch's ethnicity?

PFS Core Loot

[PFS] Alchemist, Arcane Strike

Sneak attack with Firearms

Enora's Bonded Staff of Minor Arcana (level 4 pregen)

Is there a way to post an anonymous thread on the boards?

Spending PP to buy items and the availability rules

Paizo Blog: New Scenarios on the Horizon

I need ideas for PFS flyers...

Can I "retrain" my level 1 witch with a dead familiar?

Campaign mode and mash ups

GenCon Waitlist

Why Illegal?

Fighter - Weapon Training groups

Shortest Scenarios?

Not Receiving Credits for Previous Games

Its Official - newest 1-Star GM. (wOOT)

Test of Tar'Kuata Chronicle - SPOILER

Two new Campaign Service Awards recipients!

Faction Prestige Awards from the Field Guide

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