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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Scrolls and Arcane Spell Failure in PFS

Pathfinder Tales boons?

Unchained and archetypes

Price Range for Channels.

Expanded Narrative questions and thoughts

Campaign Mode?

Order of playing scenaios - themes?

Tien Xia characters and native languages

Disappointment at PAX West

Please improve UX for pregen PFS ID card recipients

Monstrous Graft

Petition: Raise Animal Companion as Prestige Award

Chaokineticist and Greater Elemental Whispers

Druids Log: Animal companions

Building a better multi-table special

Tabletop Giant is Open

Question on the Axe Beak mount

Vudrani Ethnicity / Language Allowed in PFS?

Can Vishkanya buy poisons in PFS?

Pathfinder Cosplay Ideas

Summon Monsters and Bestiary

Is it legal to DM sessions with PFS and non-PFS in same game?

Confused by scroll usage

When did we become hired mercenaries?

Looking for Suggestions

Seeking advice on (CORE) buff / debuff bard build

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Lego my Gobbo?

Tabletop Giant - New PFS Character Creator

What Name for Your Cave? (5-08: "The Confirmation")

Help me make a second Bard more different from my first

Help with a build?

Are we ever going to get an FAQ on Eidolons being dismissed with gear?

Play experience with the new pregen rules

Can every scenario be played at slow progress in PFS?

What information can be gleaned by tracking the Prestige points and faction has

Adding spells to you spell list?

Paladins, and the Order of the Godclaw: [PFS]

What Happened to Torch?

A question about scenario etiquette

Are we dismissing the problems of small lodges?

How many gold pieces does it take to fund an expedition?

New to Pathfinder Society

Wyvaran Feats?

Haunted Heroes Handbook - Going to be added to additional resources?

Player Continuity in Campaign Mode of Sanctioned Modules and APs

Post your crazy elemental kin concepts here

Retraining limits

PFS Deific Worship and Deity information you don't own / can't use?

Undine Summoners

Introducing Ireland's First Venture Lieutenant ( Pronunciation: / lɛfˈtɛnənt / )

What characters do you want to build?

Thank you for no race retirements!

Need permission to use a masterwork tool

Transitioning a Core GM Blob into a Standard PFS Character

Core Pharasma?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—13 Sarenith 4716

Day Job: Synthesist Summoner & Caravan vanity

Day Job Rolls in PFS

Can I get a reroll for my Pathfinder-branded mini bag?

Welcome to the Talky Goblin! (In Character)

Scurrying Swarmer Ratfolk racial feat

History of the Society

A proposal for limiting excessive builds.

*Spoilers* Nira's Gratitude Question

What were your Impossible Actions? (Blakros Connection spoilers!)

Can archetypes for Paladins be chosen later if they affect spells?

Map of Flat rolling surfaces where PFS is played

GM With Limited Resources

Race Boons & GM Blobs

Magrim's favored weapon

Equiping as a Pathfinder

Playable Races

Throw a Powder Keg as an Improvised Weapon.

Request to add spell to the Purchasable with Prestige list

Scarab Sages Faction Journal Card question

Season 8 Pathfinder Society Character Journals Now in A4

Iron Gods Chronicle Sheet, Skillslot but no Skillchips?

Another Grand Lodge Faction Journal Quesion

Should a Wyrmwitch's hoard and maintenance be logged?

Half-Elf Class

Ring of Ki Mastery in PFS

Suggestion for Adoption of Rule Changes

Guide to Absalom - Pleasure Salon of Calistria

Monk issues

Previously played a pregen before I had an account, need help getting access to that character

Season 7 Sovereign Court Faction card question

Faction Pins and Pregen Scenarios

Sky Key scenarios

Arcane resovoir in society

Question about Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Backer Boon

Mooncaller Barbarian (Horror Adventures)

Abacus fighter

Race Boons?

Questions on chronicle sheets.

Core Character Mishap

Event support

Retraining a Sorcerer Bloodline to get Arcane Familiar and Bloodline Mutations

Legal Table Size in Campaign Mode of Sanctioned Modules and APs

Reporting Quests??

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