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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Wand question

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society at PaizoCon

PFS for high level play

Chained Rogue rebuild SLA grandfather error?

Animal Companion Barding slot - Does this means Armor or Belts?

Acrobatics for a Druid.

Request for Trait Retraining

New FAQ, Improved Familiars and wands

What color is a Tengu in the Dark?

Please join me in welcoming two new VLs for SE Wisconsin!

Welcome to the PFS VOs to Pathfinder Online

Animal Companion NPC

PFS Unchained Barbarian-Retrain Rules

Which faction are the Rovagug followers supposed to join?

An unique situation applying credit

Applying a GM's chronicle

Iconic Set #3

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant for Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Obediences in PFS

Does Taking Prisoners Mean Less Loot?

6-20 Returned to Sky and 6-21 Tapestry's Toil

List of Season 6 scenario names? (Updating checklist for Con)

GenCon Specials - Ticket Price & Miniatures

Multiple Identical Pregens

Another reward for all VOs and 4 & 5 star GMs

Arcane Scrolls of Divine Spells

Gencon Advice

Using a deity when choosing the "Absolute Loyalty" trait.

Buying a composite longbow with strength rating, legal?

Failing a spot check here, where is this rule?

Put your hands together for Minnesota's newest VLs!

Taunt + Intimidating Prowess??

Deity lip-service and reskinning

The body or the soul; where does the magic reside?

List of Maps Used in PFS?

Where it all began

handling an animal?

I like / don't like character fluff that's like X, because Y...

A new VL in Stuart / Jensen Beach, Fl

Looking for an Inquisitor build and some guidance?

Whoops! Did I really do that?!?

PFS - Tiefling

My friend, the weasel.

Clockwork Spy?

Advanced Race Guide - Half-elf / Half-orc question

Save or Die: Helpful or Harmful to PFS?

A Thank You to the PFS Community

Collective account

Proposed edits to the Guide to Society Organized Play

Your / My Email Address

scenarios database / API

Why no Virtuous Creed feats?

GenCon Quests?

PFS games...

Does The New Unchined Ruling Affect Homunculist?

Welcome to the new ACG Venture-Lieutenant for Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Missing Tier in GenCon Specials

Season 7-1,2,&3 Faction missions?

Tier 1-7 Scenarios omitted from the 'Guide to PFS Organised Play'?

Season 6 Languages

A new Venture Lieutenant for Bloomington Indiana!

Unchained Summoner

a blind pfs character

Book specific versions of weapons.

Special Bullet crafting

Hunter's Animal Companion tricks

Ninja and the Unchained Rogue. rebuild

test of tar kuata scarab sage faction ""spoiler""

Paying for spellcasting services

What books do I need?

Giving out a boon to another player

Signature Skill

A note about noise

Welcome the new VC in Baton Rouge, LA.

Skill Imbalances in PFS Scenarios

Please Help! - Need Advice Turning PFS Seasons 0, 1, & 2 into a Solid Home Game!

Equal oppertunity for all illiterates

Triceratops animal companion powerful charge and Strong Jaw spell

Ioun Stones

PFS Additional Resources - Public Libraries?

How often do you see mounted characters in PFS?

Using the faction card boon

Spellbooks for non-spellbook characters (some PFS clarification?)

Society Unchained Question

reskinning a dhampir

Big Thank You to PFS Production Team

Can GMs for PFS turn players away just because they feel like it?

New VL for Mainz, Germany

Paizo Blog: Sand and Snow

How long it takes to be accepted as Venture-Captain?

PFS-specific miniatures

Are all weapons part of a weapon group in PFS?

Unchained Rogue in PFS: No ki pool talents

Rules on players damaging other players changed ?

Issues with someone else using my Society number

Proposal: Determining Subtiers.

New Scorpion Whip FAQ, please update Additional Resources accordingly

8th Level Elven Ranger Wisdom 16 spells per day

Exotic Lance builds

Character pages listing of scenarios played

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