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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Mediums in PFS

I love the new faction journal cards

Horror Adventures, [Evil] Spells, and Alignment Infractions

Proposal: Optional exchange of Day Job Checks for limited consumable crafting

Finding a list of Tier 1 Scenarios

APL Question:

Which races are legal for PFS?

Medium questions

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide (PFRPG) PDF Season 8?

Louisiana Gamer Dealing With Flood Induced Depression

Flooded gamers

How do we Handle Changing Area of Renown in PFS (Vigilante Class)

**IMPORTANT** A clarification on Pregenerated characters

Official(?) Gen Con 2016 Feedback

PFS Question: level 1 equipment rules

Paizo Blog: Let's Be Clear

Phantoms need an FAQ, especially if used in PFS

[PFS] Wild armor doesn't even seem as good as Mage Armor, now. Thoughts?

What's your day job?

Master of the Fallen Fortress, Tier 1 or Tier 1-2?

Baleful polymorph

Advice: Tiefling Paladin about to hit 8th, after that..?

Understanding Tiers

Brownie Familiar - Equipment?

Redo equipment with redo level 1 character?

Proposal: let pregens have your faction

Will PFS be respresented at PAX Prime (West) 2016?

Specials 7-98 and 7-99 Boons

limited items listed twice on chronicle sheets

Campaign Mode Question?

Mesmerist Pregen?

Is the guide still a legal source to use to purchase a wayfinder?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—15 Arodus 4716

AP Chronicle Sheets

5th GM Star Questions

Slowest Character possible

Advice: PFS Lycanthrope build

Character Creation and Progression

The Chronicles of Ember

Buying tiny gear for familiar

Suggestions on scenarios

Book boon to sell an item at markup

Pregens and Boons

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—11 Erastus 4716

Looking for Serpentfolk scenarios [PFS]

Season 8 Change to Applying Chronicles

Guide 8 Question: pooling gold to purchase items (p. 19)

Current Level Cap

Swarms really can take out anything...

[Spoilers] The Sanos Abduction: Character Rebuild?

Can pregen deaths still be reassigned?

Selling and Purchasing items before leveling up (inorder to qualify for a Prestige Class)

Items that Grant abilities past level 20

Huge Thank you to Andrew Christian

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society Discord.

Domain granted racial spells and PFS

Petition: Change to Guide

Question on Serpent's Rise and Ire (No Spoilers, Please)

Question about the feat "Racial Heritage" in PFS

Current pecking order for race boons?

PFS immunity question

Necromancer Classes (archetypes) Should Be Legalized

Arcane Bond in PFS

Petition: Ban "Channel the Gift"

Half-elf Arcane Training in PFS

Favourite Players

Purchasing a Scroll Ruleswise

Advice on Gear for a 10th level Oracle

What do I do with a Dhampir Boon?

Artificer legal?

Gen Con Bloggery 2016: Gug Edition!

Noob Questions on creating a new character (Fighter).

Laying a Death Druid's Phantom to rest?

Roc animal companion and space for movement

Religion-based spells

Can Specific Armor and Weapons Be Made of Special Materials in PFS?

Permanent Spells that carry over: Carry Companion

GenCon 2016...Best Ever

Pathfinder Society ID number change

PFS Hallowed Necromancer

Did I calculate this magical ammunition cost correctly?

Dragons demand part 2 gear question

Wolf Style and PFS

Oracle Curses from Blood of fiends?

Gen Con session reporting problems

Weapon blanches in play.

Full Metal Blood Alchemist from Horror Adventure?

Corruption and Boons

using "salvaged" coinage

Thank You guys for a wonderful Gencon

Emerald Spire chronicle item question

Request to change years 6 & 7 Faction Reward Cards

Re: Are there plans to make Stats for the Iconics for Magus, Cavalier, Oracle, Inquisitor, Summoner, Witch, and Alchemist?

new sovereign court faction card.

How often are Scenarios released? Sheduling question.

Can Dreadnaught and Mooncursed Barabrians use the Unchained version?


Should I Retrain My Sorcerer Class out to become Pure Oracle?

Emerald spire and PFS

Favored Enemy (Native Outsiders)?

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