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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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New Venture Lieutenant

Retraining Infuse Mutagen

Fortress of the Fallen Question

Mount question for PFS character

Slalds, PFS Play and Scribe Scroll Feat

Rules Question About becoming a Lich

Fast-Fingered Thief

So...what did you make your Ifrit?

Things Worth Getting Offended Over - an Opinion

Stuff you never hear power gamers say...

What do you tell the new player?

Sick GM

New Venture-Lieutenant (West Michigan - Grand Rapids)

Playtest Characters

Rogue Combat Style Preference?

Paizo Blog: GM Rewards

Going Hunting for Boons.

Getting the most out of my sessions

New PFS number

character ties

PFS Arcanist

Gnome Rogue Names?

Spell Retraining

PFS Newbie

On PFS rerolls and aliases

Playtest Charcaters

Faction Change

Evil Overlord List: Best management Practices for PFS BBGEDs

PDF Books

Warpriest and Fighter Traits

Starting small characters and encumbrance

Wrath of the Righteous for PFS?

Paladin / Sorcerer / Eldrich Knight

Can I Purchase an Ioun Torch with a Fame score of 1?

Magic Jar Question

Quick question regarding source books

zero footprint table tent...

About to play my 2nd game ever

5-star Joe Jungers

Society Retraining

New Venture-Captain of Online Play!

What all these missions mean to you: Upgrades! (a.k.a. Late Game Gear)

Dhampir Necromancer in society?

Paizo Blog: New Pathfinder Society Rewards for Reading Pathfinder Tales!

Are Clerics of Apsu PFS legal?

PFS New Player Builds

Rules Questions - Animal Companions

is this legal, or just cheesy?

Wayfinder Enhancements

Alchemist "Spell Casting"

Elven Fighter Using Dex for Main Stat.

Can I cast Continual Flame for other PCs? Must they pay me?

Is dipping one level into magus for spell combat legal?

Advanced Class Guide playtest conclusion and PFS

What Mwangi Origin Compliments PFS Best?

Loot and shopping in PFS

Got any good PFS game stories?

Class roles in the Society

Paizo Blog: Digging Deep, Branching Out

I'm going into my first PFS session next week. Any advice?

Herolab Issues and PFS: AS at now 18 / 03 / 2014

Doug Miles hits 500!

How does Boon Trading Work?

Dragon's Demand Reporting - Bonus Sheet?

Starting resources

redirected here from pathfinder rpg general section

What to do when PFS is too popular.

Dual wielding hand-crossbows in society

Archetype prerequisites problem

Monk Style Feat question.

Siege of the Diamond City PBP - Overwhelming Victory

Rebuilds Under Select Circumstances?

Animal and Terrain Domains

Season 5 Faction Mission Updates

Arcane Bonded Item FAQ

Paizo Blog: News about Gen Con 2014 and Official Call for Gen Con 2014 Volunteers

Easy DM / Player Question

Variant channeling in PFS

Question about chronicle items

Spellbooks for non-spellbook characters (some PFS clarification?)

Hard Mode=Hell Yeah!

Robe of Arcane Heritage and Sylvan Bloodline's Animal Companion

Modifying for flavor

Creating Interesting PFS Characters

Bonekeep Pt 1 Chronicle Question

Printing the pre-gens PDFs

barbarian monk build

How does PFS handle Channel Smite and Alternate Channeling feats?

Special Thanks to Columbus Pathfinders

How do carts work?

Encumbrance and Hirelings in Organized Play

Can't find traits web supplement

Mixed Table for a Sanctioned Module

Couple of Questions from New Player

Firearm Ammunition

Chronicle Sheets and death

New player's Faction questions

cleric holy symbol and channel smite

Table tents. Do you use them?

Shoanti Totemism

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