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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Least popular and most popular races?

Paizo Blog: Writing a New Entry for Factions

FAQs about SLAs, and the impact on Prestige Classes

Which are the duties and vantages of being Venture Lieutenant?


How do I join the Pathfinder Society?

Phoenix Comicon coming soon (May 28 - 31)

Battle Cattle?

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2015 News and Official Call for Volunteers!

New Venture-Lieutenants in Orange County!

Store Blog: Books! The Best Weapons in the World!

Where to get AP chronicle sheets?

Prestige and Factions

Tri Con Spring 2015 in South Sioux City, NE, May 1st-3rd

New Venture-Lieutenants in the Inland Empire!

Essential scenarios?

Aasimar / Tiefling: The Return

Chronicle sheet item and animal companion

Why Is Mutagenic Mauler Allowed, But Not Mutation Warrior?

New Venture-Lieutenant in Raleigh, North Carolina!

The Ocala, FL Lodge is good people!

Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters Updated

Most and Least Popular Character Race -Poll-

So where are the 7-11 new scenarios

The Mephit can use wands, how about the Homunculus! [with Alchemy Manual, and Voice]

Please welcome the new Venture-Lieutenant of Vladimir, Russia!

Viking-like Scenarios?

Changing Gods for Divine Casters

New VL in Canary Islands

Season 5 Player Boon #8

The lasso of Wonder Woman

Shovel Knight

How crucial is Power Attack to a Blood Rager?

The ARG "race restriction" and favored class bonuses

Please welcome the new Venture-Lieutenant of Riga, Latvia!

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of South Dakota!

Stepping down as VC - LA Grand Lodge - Robyn Nixon

Playing the PreGen as the PC for PFS

Transitioning to High Tier Play (7-11)

Dragon's Demand Reporting

Evolved Pathfinder Factions...source ?

Another VL in Canary Islands

PFS Chronicle sheet price VS. Book prices

Exchange Faction Trait: Tireless

Pathfinder Society Character

re:early release scenario

New Venture-Lieutenants in Central Illinois

Is anything mythic pfs legal?

Follower as carriage driver in PFS?

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of Novosibirsk, Russia!

New Venture Lieutenant of Winnipeg, Manitoba

New Venture Lieutenant in the Philadelphia region!

Show all scenarios button is broken for reporting

Promotion of Madison ACG VL to RPG VL

First Star

Can Inner Beauty be used for day jobs?

The Most IN-sane Character Concept You Never Got To Play (and Shouldn't)

Promotion of a Wisconsin VL!

Your best one liner from a player at a PFS table (use spoilers when appropriate)

Dermal Plating

Upgrading Gamin?

New Venture Lieutenants for Houston

Pathfinder at Gamicon a HUGE success

pathfinder society in Hawaii

Magical Items requiring a spell with the "good" descriptor

Proposed Change to Grandfathering SLAs for PrC Early Entry

Amulet of Health on Season 0 chronicle sheet

Rethinking Evangelist PRC Early Entry

incentivizing GMing

Pathfinder Society Campaign Paths

Pathfinder Character

Animal Companion INT 3 + Linguistics?

pregen question

New to Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society

Add Spell in the Wizard's Spellbook

When building your future PFS characters, what initial character level is YOUR starting point?

How does online play interact with the requirement that you provide printed proof for feats, items, and other character choices?

Okay PFS, sell me on Wizards

Familiar archetypes.

Trouble downloading session sheets


I want to remake a weird Character idea that was pretty fun but everyone called evil but I disagree.

Animal Companion and the Seek Command...

Mascot familiar in the new additional resources

Wizard Bonded Object Question

Resist Energy, Ranger, & Wand

Need Help With Character Creation Idea

PFS legal rule question.

Question about reporting...

Hummunulist, Evolved Familiar, and Other Apparent Paradoxes

Do people think that I will get table variation?

Funniest PFS moments?

What will you be most glad to see in PFS games?

Occult Playtest Classes update after a couple of Months

Binding / tie up / shackles / manacles / rope rules

Infernal healing a paladin

Two new Campaign Service Awards presented!

Ruins of Bonekeep

Need help with Fighter Idea

Reporting scenario Problem

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