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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Character pages listing of scenarios played

Elven Magus, weapon finesse, and....

Help making a "battle dancer" a high mobility accrobatic melee class...

New Class building help request - the shield bearer (Shield maiden)

Dhampir "Frenzied Fang" build optimization...

Possible Disturbing Trend

FAQ updated for Animals Companions and magic items

PFS Critical Hit Damage Bonuses

Scenarios to fit the character?

Bad Manner questions.

Rogue Talent mix and match

Proposal: Please fix the "XP / PP / GM star credit" disparity between scenarios and Thornkeep / Emerald Spire

Unchained rage

Rage Power mix and match

The Stars are Unaligned (again)?

Interpreting a Chronicle

When Does Settlement Size Affect What You Can Buy?

Help me out. Throw your best Unchained Rogues at me. I don't understand the class, need to see builds.

Whither Balazar or wither Balazar? Pathfinder Unchained and the Iconics

Unchained Rogue's Edge - Profession in PFS?

Of Journals and Journeys

Pathfinder Unchained: Stamina and Combat Tricks

Using pre-gens as "ghost players" to get to table minimum?

You are your Race and Class, and nothing more

Unchained Rogue Finesse Training with two-handed weapons

Fun For All

Rebuilding and tracking sheets

Bane Arrows in PFS

Must have high tier fighter items!

Grandmaster Torch and Blakros Family Scenarios

Rogue Skill Unlocks

Heroes of the Wild, No Witch Patrons Or Spirit?

Question on always available.

magic item permanency

Can you own two Wayfinders?

Event Description

[PFS] Who benefits most from Expedition Manager?

Retraining question

#6-18 From Under Ice

Help me build a character

Pathfinder Society Character Sheet Fillable Version?

Do any scenarios or modules visit the City of Brass?

PFS Core starting languages?

Question about playtest class

Magical Tattoos in PFS

Prestige Awards

Giving back to the FLGS

Race Selection

Noble Titles and PFS PCs

I don't want to be Ninja anymore. Why can't I rebuild my PFS Ninja for free.

Proposal regarding languages for half-human characters.

Pathfinder Unchained PFS Speculation

A Familiar Language

Question About a Boon

Congratulations Bill, Missouri's New Venture-Lieutenant!

Thinking of going to Paizocon UK

Winter Witch Familiar Question

Winter Witch & Improved Familiar?

GenCon Season 7 Scenario Descriptions

Prelevel 2 Character rebuilding

Faction Journal Cards - Grand Lodge "Nation other than Absalom" and the Hao Jin Tapestry

Got bank?

Another alignment shift threat, seriously why is this so black and white? It's getting tiresome. : /

Risen Guard miniature?

the Dutch have their first native 5 star GM!

Healing in PFS play

How to prepare to play PFS at a convention?

Silver Crusade Flavor for Mammoth Lords Barbarian

How does control water work in an underwater cave or underwater in general?

Cleric domain's powers and duration question.

OFFICIAL - Grenadier: how much damage?

Grand Lodge Faction Journal Card

Anything going on in Springfield / Western Ma?

Iterative attack question

Paizo Blog: Represent Your Cause!

Monkey familiar and Action economy

Is anything from the Kitsune Compendium legal for pfs?

Question on Monk Weapons and Flurry of Blows

Site Changes Coming Today!

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Durban, South Africa!

New Venture Lieutenants in Southeastern Virginia (Hampton Roads)

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Ukraine!

PFS Primer Factions

Can I buy this for 2 prestige?

Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone

Is improved natural attack legal for pfs and eidlons?

Question on Witchguard Archetype from People of the North

A little atmospheric question

Least Played but most helpful class / role

about playing out of subtier...

Order of the First Law [PFS]

Writing About PFS-New to the Society

Tell us why a high Initiative is unnecessary in PFS

Tarragona (Spain) has their first two VLs

Can you benefit from Investigator's Inspiration on Day Job rolls?

3.5 items on Chronicles that don't exist in Pathfinder

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant of Long Island, NY

Public Announcement of the transfer of my VC of Barcelona to a new VC.

Welcome to new co-VCs of West Central Illinois

Discussion: Can we wave the additional sources requirement for new players until level 2 ?

201 to 300 of 10,013 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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