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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Animal Companions - How do they work? (Magic!)

possible knighthood in pfs

Samurai questions

Pretoria, South Africa, welcomes a new VC

Home Play and Home Brew Scenarios

A few questions about PFS play - am I getting them right?

Class Total, Post Yours!

Druid Wildshape List (Beast Shape I) - Excel Format w / STR & BAB formulas

Player versus player combat

Domain Scroll sanity check

Time for new blood in Idaho

Day Job Roll Question


Flurry of Maneuvers issues

Can we have a dragon Venture Captain?

pfs specific modules for post eyes of the ten

Welcome to the new VC of Chattanooga, TN

Question on trading boons - may need VO adjudication on this one

Wizard's Bonded Object question

Changing of VLs in Cincinnati Ohio

Bladebound Hexcrafter Magus Build for PFS

How Many Play the Same (Similar) Build Each PC?

What does it take to change your alignment in pfs?

Eyes of the Ten Party Make up

Scenarios woven together as a campaign narrative

New FAQ issued: Clarification of Mounted Charges

Pathfinder Society Online Characters

Gold Income from society.

oread monk build

Training an Animal Companion for Combat Riding in PFS

Indiana - Promotion of Mark Stratton to VL

Ancestral Spirits?

Free Hand Fighter Archetype ?

Destiny of the Sands Part 2 Boon (Spoilers Within)


So about tiefling and aasimar PCs being required to use the incorrect age numbers....

Dealing with personality conflicts, out-of-game

PFS question

Stealing from PC's?

Pooka Familiar and UMD

Animal Companions and Gear

Adventure Paths

Any way to use Appraise as a day job check?

Rules Suggestion: Prestige Awards and ½ XP Advancement

[PFS] Bladebound legal?

New Venture-Lieutenant for Frankfurt, Germany

Promotion of a 2nd VL for Columbus Ohio!

You know you're in for a treat when you get to the table and...

[clarification needed] Thornkeep - Dark Menagerie Boon *SPOILERS*

Sharing Copies of Books??

PFS Rule Question + Advice for Online Play

Introducing our area's two new Venture Lieutenants

Not So Same Old Song and Dance

{PFS} Level 11 grapple build for critique


Any chance Paizo might add some other possibilities for Rerolls?

Ranged touch attacks?

Replacing Wizard's Arcane Bond

How do you change the faction listed on Pathfider Society Profile?

Season 6 - Year of the Robot???

Players sharing legal sources in PFS

How Hard is It? (To Sunder or Not to Sunder)

PFS Games for Seekers

Uses of Aid Another in Combat

Joining an organization in PFS?

retraining: choose an archetype, or choose a new class altogether?

Isaaxc Robots Three Rules of Aasimars

Spending PP - what can you buy?

First Level Retraining and Gear

New Venture Lieutenant

Retraining Infuse Mutagen

Fortress of the Fallen Question

Mount question for PFS character

Slalds, PFS Play and Scribe Scroll Feat

Rules Question About becoming a Lich

Fast-Fingered Thief

So...what did you make your Ifrit?

Things Worth Getting Offended Over - an Opinion

Stuff you never hear power gamers say...

What do you tell the new player?

Sick GM

New Venture-Lieutenant (West Michigan - Grand Rapids)

Playtest Characters

Rogue Combat Style Preference?

Paizo Blog: GM Rewards

Going Hunting for Boons.

Getting the most out of my sessions

New PFS number

character ties

PFS Arcanist

Gnome Rogue Names?

Funniest PFS moments?

Spell Retraining

PFS Newbie

On PFS rerolls and aliases

Playtest Charcaters

Faction Change

Evil Overlord List: Best management Practices for PFS BBGEDs

PDF Books

Warpriest and Fighter Traits

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