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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Cosmetic Weapons: does this fall afoul of reskinning rules

Monk Vows

Lost confirmation number

Show me the birth certificate!

Hex Channeler

GenCon 2014 PFS Boons

Is it evil to do things to dead bodies?

PFS Huntmaster

For PFS what counts as Ulfen descent?

Banned Archetypes.

First PFS game! But also help!

Nice job with the Gen Con special

PFS Builds for the new Classes

Seeker of Secrets or Society Field Guide ?

Announcing the first 5 star GM in Southeast Asia - Terence Lin!

Pathfinder Society West Denmark

6-02 Silver Mountain Collection

Fabulous Feats with Martial Flexibility

ACG Hunter - How to transition from Playtest

Blood Money

Season 6 - Year of the Robot???

Dual wielding shilelds question

Did first steps part 1 end up getting retired?

Recommended PFS Change to Dhampir Vampire Feats.

Pageant of the Peacock illegal

Harrow Deck Questions, redux

GM Replay Boons - Fantastic job!

What free downloads have PFS content?

Retiring from PbP Games

So, in season 6, if you had a faction-based trait, and that faction no longer exists . . .

New player - Retraining at lvl1

Technology Guide PFS Legal stuff

People of the Stars...are races legal for PFS?

Tiefling and Aasimar in PFS?

Help figuring out if Slashing Grace still applies.

Inquisitors not legal?

people of the stars

Pathfinder Society Organized Play - Additional Resources - 20140811

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Question about aasimars and tieflings

ACG Playtest characters affected by official release

[PFS] Can I assist other Pathfinders during downtime?

Replaying a PFS scenario for no credit... Negative consequences?

Reason for the Season 6 race changes in PFS?

[PFS] Arcane Bond Crafting Clarification

Unlisted warpriest deities?

Don't understand this too well.

Cross-Book Additional Resources: How Much Do I Have to Have?

Gencon question - legacy of the Stonelords / paths we choose

How can I get the old organized play doc - with shadowLodge

Missing boon from pbp gameday 2

Faction Change Question

Getting the most out of Society play.

Archetype retraining - how to count features?

PFS Legal Lead-Lined Scabbard for Viridium Weapon

Pucker up and kiss your aasimars goodbye!

Advanced Class Guide Iconics?

GenCon ACG hardcover!

Need 6th player for Gencon special.

defender of the faith trait

When do you apply pregen credit?

So, I'm taking a slayer out for a spin tonight...

Improvised Shields

Husband needs tickets for specials

Have extra ticket for Friday Gencon Special

Question about prestige class qualification

Replaying scenarios with the same character?

Welcome to a new 5 Star GM

Sovereign Court Emblem

Raleigh loans 4-star GM to Asheville

Welcome GenCon PFS Players (and GMs)

Fuffy's OMGGGGGGGG It's almost Gencon!!!!

It's Been a Bard Day's Night

Andoran Player Companion

GenCon advice thread

Advanced Class Guide Misprint - did you get one

Welcome to the new Venture-Captain of Ontario, Canada!

Got a Sin Wizard? Playing Thursday Gencon Special Paths We Choose?

I'm still not sure what to do on Thursday with my Swashbuckler

"No, you don't understand. We're Pathfinders!"

GenCon 2014 Paizo Hotel

Are Robots Knowledge Arcana?

New Releases - The Highlights

Paizo Blog: News about Gen Con 2014 and Official Call for Gen Con 2014 Volunteers

A question on Profession skill

Advanced Class Guide in Additional Resources! Huzzah!

Do you have to take the feat Acadamae Graduate at level 1?

PFS Ranger and Roc companion

Vow of Poverty

Dead character and scenario replays

Ways to gain 1 xp above level 11?

ACG is coming!!! What will you do?

Player with 2 different society ID numbers

[guide 5.0] Out of subtier gold

Advanced Class Guide and potentially impending (limited) rebuilds?

Occult Mysteries - no feats legal to play

Grandfathering clarification

Question on aesthetics

Im a n00b help!!!!

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