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Taldor Faction Status Report

Taldor Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon

The Lion's Den Theater Grand Opening!

The Winter Masquerade

Earning a noble title

Retirement Party at the Eben Glade.

Aroden, God of Mankind - Even Gods Cannot Cheat Death.

Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment

An Invitation to Celebrate Good Fortune

Season 5 Faction Goal Logistics

The Blackwood Swamp Irregulars

HiHi! In Search of Bellis Honey and Gebbite Cinnamon!!!

Taldor Faction Goals Status Report

The invitation to theater - (its jut a ruse to chat)

Character Obituary, Warick Samson, Freeman

"The Private Diary of Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher" - PaizoCon 2013 Edition

Cordelia's Guide to Influencing Varisia's Fledgling Aristocracy

A message to all true Pathfinders

Taldor Season 4 Faction Goals

Suggestions for Season 4 Taldoran goals?

Letter to Lady Gloriana Morilla

How to Build an Aristocracy, and Accomplish Our Season Four Goal

Hear me, fellows and ladies

Afternoon Tea in the Ascendant Court

Iconically Taldan

We Do This for Taldor!

"The Private Diary of Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher" - An In-Character PaizoCon 2012 Blog

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