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Grand Lodge

Topic Posts Last Post
A Dwarf walks into a bar…

Talia Smyth . . . An Announcement

A call to attention from the Deep Lodge

There's a commotion in the front hall...

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report

Singles Bar for Pathfinders

Look beneath the veneer of the lamplighter message

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

A Pathinder seeks a faction worthy of him, can u find it for him? (in character)

Season 5 Countering Demons. Tactics, gear, suggestions?

In-character: PC looking for martial mentors

Grand Lodge Season 4 Faction Goals

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon

A message to all true Pathfinders

Loyal servant of the Pathefinder society available for any small missions

Grand Lodge Faction Goals Status Report

Tips on how to catch your enemies by surprise. In character

A place for unorthodox ideas?

New Rumors

How can we be so stupid? (some spoilers)

New to the Grand Lodge

The Eben Glade

Lyrune-Quah Skirmish Ranger Day Job

Absorb all Factions into the Grand Lodge

Congratulations for winning the faction war, Grand Lodge

I wouldn't waste my life for a nation!

Daughters and Sons of Hermea

Have you seen a 7' tall, 300lbs, scantily clad Ulfen barbarian lately? Carrying a... homely Blakros woman?

Zaheeda's Journal - Atonement


Pathfinder Chronicle - The Kalkamedes Incident [Spoilers]

In-character: PC looking for martial mentors

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