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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Blue Dragon: Desert Thirst Damage?

monk weapon adept and perfect strike

How does the Pit Figher Feat work for Brutal Pugilist Archetype?

Shadow Dragon Aspect questions.

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Exploiter Wizard and Arcana Bloodline

Mithral Celestial Plate Armor

Glue Seal - slowed down or stuck?

Gaining literacy in a language through magic

Parent Classes and ACG

Feral Hunter: Feral Focus / Second focus, stacking question

Two Weapon Fighting with a Bow and Unarmed Strike

Dex Build - What can I do here? :(

Looking for a FAQ: Negative Energy and Undead

Does Bladed Dash allow me to go through enemy squares?

Is Reincarnate just a bit too powerful?

Cackle vs. Countersong

Is Point-Blank Shot useless for a Gunslinger against an armored opponent?

Firearms and Armor as Damage Resistance.

Fighter Weapon Training, Take Same Group Twice?

a few odd questions

Positive Energy Affinity for Undead?

Compression Rule queston

Oracle revelation - Whirlwind lesson

Does adding non-plus enchantment increase weapon hardness?

Focused Trance's duration after the rounds?

Point Blank Master and "In Melee"

Throwing Shield Range Increment?

Signature deed feat and swashbuckler

Gun damage types

Craft Construct Question

can you make a bamboo shaft arrow out of darkwood?

Overlapping Cloud Spells

three archtypes on a fighter stacking?

Placement of spells - centered on you (clarification needed)

Demoralize increases Shaken duration?

Scorpion Whip interworkings

Druid Treesinger and Hunter Multiclass debacle

Believer's boon and divine protection

[Technomancer] Technic Spell Mastery: Remove Radiation?

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Witch or Shaman hex actions?

Undead anatomy and Monstrous Physique.

can you sneak attack a sword?

Wild armor and Max Dex Penalty

Monk / Sacred Fist Warpriest AC stacking?

Flyby Attack and Full Attack

Shaman and Extra Hex Rules Question from ACG

How does Disintegrate affect a character with Deathless on them?

How in the world does the ACG nature shaman's animal companion work?

change to point build

meta-magic stacking question

Improved Precise Shot vs Displacement

Construct Armor

Impossible Bloodline and feeblemind on a construct

Is there any way to acquire Oracle Revelations outside her own Mystery?

Falling onto a swarm

Knockout Artist - Feral Combat Training

Inspired Blade still charisma based?

Snake Feint

Collapsible Trampoline

FAQ and Errata Request: Bargaining Rules

Elemental Bloodline Arcana

Warpriest Sacred Weapon

Eldritch Scion Question

Blood Armor spell from Class Guide

[FAQ Request] Pummeling style requirements +6 BaB and Flurry of Blows / Brawler's Flurry.

can you fire a concealed tube arrow shooter?

Presenting your Holy Symbol?

Volley Spells

Exotic Saddle

How does Precise Strike interact with Spell Combat?

Slashing Grace: DEX to Damage, but not Attack Roll?

Does the Warpriest (Sacred Fist) AC bonus stack with the Monk AC bonus?

Does Death's Embrace work with channeling scourge

Do the bracelets enchanted for Sacred Bond spell use up the wrist slot?

Vital Strike Tree



Blodline spells that are too high level for me?

Beginner Questions about Alchemist - Mr Hyde build

[ACG] Nature Shaman Animal Companion and Improved Familiar?

Hold me closer, Tiny Mouser

[ACG] Raging Blood feat equivalent bloodrager level

Believer's Boon Use (Luck Domain, Travel Domain)

Is there such a thing as a StoneSkin potion?

Advanced Class Guide - Bolt Ace

What actually happens to the wielder of a Staff of the Magi when he triggers a Retributive Strike?

Sash of the War Champion + Fighter only?

[ACG] Eldritch Scion Eldritch Pool wording

AOO with Reach Weapon and Natural Weapon

How it works: Absorb Blow

Martial Versatility, Weapon Focus, and Slashing Grace! Oh my!

Amazing Initiative and Call Lightning

Dervish Dancer's Battle Dance

Improved spell sharing (teamwork) (advanced class guide) question

Levels vs. Class Levels

Arcanist and Charisma-based checks

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