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Rules Questions

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Need translation

Crane Style question.

Ring of spell storing: Save DCs?

Damage Reduction and Increased Damage Reduction

"Scry & Fry."

"Summon" universal monster rule – how long will they stay

(Sp) touch attack at reach / range... how?

A Question on Outsiders

Arcanist and Magical Knack

Bomb based Alchemist help

Burning infusion?????

Bushwackers and Regaining Grit

calcific touch and Spell strike

can someone explain one of the eldrich archers abilities?

Celestial Bloodrager question.

Clay golem Cursed wound question

Cleric using both Destructive Smite and Ferocious Strike on 1 attack?

Collar of the True Companion (UE)?

could a fighter with the mutation warrior template and a Vestigial arm wield a great sword use a shield?

Dark Tapestry Oracle's Many Forms revelation questions

Dazed Time Thief

Disjunction, and ending it

do items and potions stat enhancement bonus stack?

Do Synthesist summoners get their eidolon's ability increases?

does anyone know what the changed in the ultimate combat update on 8 / 20 / 15 ?

Does Rogue talent Major magic allow you to qualify for Dragon disciple?

does the new pummeling charge work with multiple sneak attacks now?

Dusty Rose Prism and touch ac

Eldritch Scrapper and the Blood of Dragons

extra arcana rules question

FAQ Question - Invisibility spell, attack and spell attack.

Four-mirror armor underpriced?

Gentle Repose and zombies

Gloves of Shaping questions

how much non lethal damage does the exhausted condition deal?

Inner Sea Gods and pantheons

Is a oracle rock a light weapon?

Klar-i-FAQ-ations are needed on the Klar, Spiked Shield, and more.

Legendary Item - Intelligent Weapon w / Shape Change Question

Maintaining a Grapple and Spellcasting

Mauler Archetype Familiars size weapon dmg

Mounted Characters and Higher Ground vs. Larger Creatures

Murderous command spell (UM)

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

pack lord

PFS reroll

Phalanx Formation and Whips? [PFS]

Positioning Attack rogue talent and moving thorugh enemies

Precision Damage

Protection From Good / Evil / Law / Chaos - Confusion, multiple spells?

Quick Question - Radiation Poisoning?

Ragebred Natural Attacks

Range spells and range combat feats.

ranged legerdemain without line of sight

Resilient Sphere , dimensional slide , and shift.

Retraining Summoner Archetype, What happens to eidolon?

Ring of Spell Storing

Sea hag evil eye question, the remix

Skalds and the Talented trait

Slipslinger Style and proficiencies in Slings

Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

Synthesist Summoner odd questions both legit and absurd

Tactician Collective and Undead

U.Rogue's Terrain Mastery and Horizon Walker (repost)

Unholy weapon = cheap Ju-Ju zombies?

Using Hero's Defiance outside the box

Wayfinder + Clear Spindle Ioun Stone

Weapon Master for Natural Attacks?

weapon proficiency updates

Witch Doubts - Hex, familiar and Blood Money spell

"(Melee / Ranged) Weapon Attack" vs. "(Melee / Ranged) Attack": Non-Weapon Attacks and Game Terminology

"... with high Intelligence scores ..."

"1" on Confirmation Roll

"2 Questions for the price of one" (+3 Robe?) and (Ability Focus?)

"2-weapon fighting"

"A kitsune may select from the following feats any time she would gain a feat."

"Ablative Sphere" spell (Humans of Golarion) clarifications

"Adding" special materials?

"Additional Material Components" ?


"Advancing" extra 5-foot step combined with the Quarterstaff of Vaulting

"Aid another" on a skill roll...

"All targets must be with in 30' of eachother" Is there...

"ally decisions" and dominated allies....

"Amazing Initiative" mythic power - does spell trigger / completion count as a spell?

"Amulet of Mighty Fists" + "Greater Magic Fang" = totally legit? +"Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes"=?

"and" and "comma"

"Antilife Shell" being hemispherical

"As a bonus feat" wording query

"as a full-attack action" v. "when taking a full-attack action"

"As if one size category larger"

"Aspect of the Ki-Rin" + fly spell

"At Will" Abilities

"at will" abilities, what does it take to activate?

"At will" actions

"At Will" vs "On Command" magic items

"Attack action"

"Attack action", and where's the FAQ?

"Backleveling" / Retraining Prequisites

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