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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Reincarnate and feats / favored class bonuses.

Shurikens as ranged weapons

brown mold

Monk of the Empty Hand Reach Weapons

Can you deal a nonlethal coup de grace?

Does PFS negate wands from being drawn while moving?

How much space does a large mount take up?

Breaking someone's neck with Magehand (From an actual game)

Black Tentacles vs. Invisible Creature

Can you retrain a feat used as a prerequisite that you later gain as a class feature?

Druid and Polymorph question

Chaotic Neutral....Lawful Good for Money

Deep Guardian Trait and Summoners

Shielded fighter

Does Brawler's Flurry Count as FoB for feat / PrC prerequisites?

Magical + Non-magical size increases and stacking

Problems on downtime

Worrying implications of size scaling and brawlers.

Wheeling Charge, Ride-by attack, and the charge action

Breaking out of a 'Brutal Grappler' Grapple

Sunder the Door Off

Question on Elemental Bloodrager and Elemental Movement

Favored Enemy and Wild Shape

Throw Anything and Alchemist Bombs

Planar Binding / Ally & Templates

Aid another on a trap or on caltrops?

Does an arcane lock keep the door shut both ways?

Rapier weapon mastery and swashbuckler weapon training in general

Underground Chemist Rogue with the Bomber Talent

Creating magic items with different slots?

Shielded Fighters Shield Fighter and TWF

Urban Druid and Heroism

Primal Companion Hunter: Primal Transformation Does It Work With Boon Companion Feat?

Question for the Occult Adventures Playtesters

Rhino charge and endlessly charging the same target.

Yet another Spell Combat question

Mettle Question

Question about the Swashbuckler's Perfect Thrust Deed

Incorporeal spell caster casting on self

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Does Charge Through allow a attack on a failed overrun

Paladin / Cavalier Mount

Provoking out of combat...

Elemental Fist - energy type during Flurry of Blows

Wall Of Fire

Sacred Fist Warpriests wearing Monk's Robes

Primal Crystal Dragon CR Problem?

Summon Monster and ongoing effects

What Happens When I Spell Sunder a Demiplane?

True Strike + critical miss

Desperate Swing

Cape of Feinting and daze-locking

Does Gravity Elemental Break The Game?

"X-based skills" when ability scores are swapped

Feral Combat Training and Brawler's Flurry do they work together.

Couple alchemist questions

What kind of Undead can you create with Animate Dead?


Do all languages have a written form?

Inevitable Arbiter Clarification

Can an elemental wield weapons?

hunter (divine hunter) domain

Succubus in a grapple.

Maul of the Titans Weapon Properties

ACG Shaman of Heavens spirits questions

Metamagic and Spell Storing Weapons

Evocation and the world around you.

Sanctified Slayer, Slayer Talents, and Ranger Combat Styles

Strange question- multiclassed Bloodrager.

Axiomatice weapons

Rage and Tactical thinking

Blade of the Sword-Saint Unarmed Damage Pricing

Questions about (replacing) spiked armor

Riding Gecko Stats?

just looking for official paizo ruling here- standard action as an attack of opportunity

Rapid Reload as a Prerequisite for Crossbow Mastery


Weird Knowledge Arcana question

Drawing a wand on the run

The winding path of the Fire Snake...Help me Jamesiwon Kenobi

Does Fury's fall stack with agile maneuvers?

Increased damage dice

Animal shaman and scrolls

Contradiction on spellcasting services between rulebooks?

How does Life Link interact with nonlethal damage?

Questions for Tiefling Brawler

Tips on Dragon Empire Game

Slayer Talent Ranger Combat Style

Climb a large creature.

A save against Grease spell -- once per round? What if you try again in same round?

Another Quick Combo Question

Clarification on 'Alter River'

Spell Kenning + Scribe Scroll?

Raging Song - Between Turns

Spellstrike and Ghost Touch

Perception vs Stealth Spell Casting & Attacks

Full buckler shield bonus while using a two handed weapon.

confirming understanding of Kitsune feats

Animate dead, do creatures raised have free will?

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