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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Solo Tactics / Outflank + Circling Mongoose

Bloodrager and Spell Completion items

Fighter Archetype that only gets Armour Training 1 still move in Heavy Armour?

TWFing a two handed weapon and kicks?

Do "Form of the dragon" bonuses stack?

What sort of action does it take to begin or stop "two handing" a weapon?

What Kind of Action to Light A Smoke Stick?

greater cleave and Battle Fury stack?

Do you threaten at both 5' and 10' when using a reach weapon with a Brawler / Monk?

Fortuitous Weapon Enhancement

Metal Construct Druids

Slashing Grace FAQ please

Arcane strike and what gets added to bomb slash damage!

Fighter (Archer): Trick Shot (Sunder) and Manyshot

First Worlder Summoner Eidolon and Blighted Fey Template

Refine Improvised Weapon and Special Materials

Are Drugs Poison?

How similar to spells are scrolls?

Can the ninja take rouge archetypes?

Darkvision and ninjas

Far Strike Monk and the Throwing Enchantment

Is incorporeal status JUST a benefit?

Flanking bonus to non-flanking allies

Elemental Jaunt

Feats for Underwater Combat?

Using Magical Knack to qualify for Arcane Strike

sleep arrow hit dice cap

Acid Pit

Vampires and entering private home or dwelling?

Can you take Free / Swift Actions when Nauseated?

Anaconda's Coils, Final Embrace and Constrict

Rules For Creating Constructs

Timing of Multiple Immediate Actions

Is Frostbite a buff spell you can give to another to attack with, or is it a personal spell?

Magical + Non-magical size increases and stacking

Fun with grappling

Do these feats stack?

Shrinking from Melee Toolbox

Dawnflower Dervish (Bard Archetype) Question

Preparing Spells

Strange Fluids plus augury

Magnifying Chime and Silence.

Oracle revelations and multiclassing.

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips question

This may sound odd but does the lawful alignment inherently mean I respect authority?

Knowledge Checks and Common / Uncommon / Rare creatures

combat expertise and declaring actions

The Beast-Bonded Witch Archetype : clarifications / FAQ / errata

Readying an Action to Smash / Sunder Projectiles

Amulet of Natural armor and Ironskin?

Questions about playing a necromancer

Combat expertise and fighting defensively with no opponents

Riding a flying animal companion?

Attacks of Opportunity vs Concealment

Does point-blank shot apply to spell damage?

Iron Quarterstaff - How to build one?

Questing regarding Indomitable Mount

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips

Precise Strike + Spell Combat

Familiar folio mauler, and polygot familiar

Summon Monster / Natures Ally and Handle Animal

Question on the plant growth domain enlarge power...

Throwing Bastards Swords?

Scorpion Whip FAQ request #584

Does the Blinded Condition effect Reflex Saves?

Backpack Capacity?

Concen. check vs. grapple. CMB + d20?

Witchfire ranged attack vs ranged touch..errata needed

Paladins and the Distraction / Nauseated Conditions

More agile when pinned than grappled?

Celestial Eldrich Scion or Bloodrager gives Permanent Wings?

Two-handed spellstrike

Final Embrace Horror / Master and Grab critical inquiries.

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Staff using two hands 1 1 / 2 times strength question

Any defense against Intimidate?

Alchemist Wings Discovery

When can a multiclass Skald use rage powers?

Classes and SLA's

Reach Vs. Charge Attack Of Opportunity

Thassilonian Specialist - Archetype, or Specialized Schools?

ACG - Believer’s Boon feat

Quarterstaff Master clarification

let's get huge!

Sculpt Corpse and Cause of Death

Stunning Fist condition stack

Bull Rush + Grease???

natural attack provoking an AOO from grappling

Does an invisible creature provoke an AoO when trying to grapple?

Skyseeker prerequisites

sihedron medallion stack or doesnt stack with Cloak of resistance?

Surprise follow-through feat

Two weapon rend

Two Weapon Rend Question

Empower Spell and Contagion

Headband of Vast Intelligence and trained class skills

Negative Intelligence, skill points, and level-up attribute points

Ki Throw with Greater Trip

Primitive Materials weapons

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