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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Kraken Caller Druid's Wild Shape + Tentacles?

Question About Telekinetic Blast

Dervish Dance + Buckler

Shielded gauntlet master and two handed weapon

FAQ Request: Kensai "Chosen Weapon"

Knowing the charges of an item

Possible way to have Spontaneous Cure Spells?

Balancing Animate Dead

Brawlers and Monk Prestige classes

Oracle Misfortune on Nat 1 or 20

Android Anomaly Trait Interpretation

Alchemist breath weapon and sticky bomb

Dual Wielding Armor Spikes?

Timed Durations vs. Permanent / Instantaneous

Eldritch Knight and Arcane Discoveries

Green Slime: Does falling in destroy most of your stuff?

Shield Spells, how many can one stack?

Accomplished Sneak attacker stacking

Boon Companion Question

Shock glove

Using flying kick as an intitator

Startoss style and... melee damage?

charging spell storing

Does the Robe of Arcane Heritage advance Bloodrager Bloodlines?

Arcane Strike Multiclass

Investigator With sneak attack question

Horse on a rigged rope bridge

Burrow Speed and Spring attack

Identifying the properties of a magic weapon with enhancement bonus and special abilities

Granting a feat for free if roleplayed for a duration.

Kineticist Questions

Question about Memorize Page Spell

reach question

Do enhancements from spell and items stack?

Help me understand what I can do with the Animate Rope spell...

Do temporary hit points count as hit points?

Magic Warrior Magus Archetype (Inner Sea Intrigue)

Eternal Infernal / Celestial Potion

Handle Animal while raging?

Monk's Unarmed Damage Scaling

Rocket Launcher + Deadshot

Winged Marauder + Roc = Doable?

Nondetection questions

Kapenia Dancer + Slashing Grace

Dust Form spell, any consensus how it works?

On the Subject of Shields

True Name Creature Death

Is the errata'd Prone Shooter worth anything?

Damaging Swarms

Estoc: Can you get Dex to Damage with it?

Packmaster Hunter with VMC Druid -- Teamwork Feat Sharing

Is inspiring commander PFS legal?

Drain Spider

Shadow Piercings

wildshape while grappled

Magical Knack

How to become a Lich??

Android Barbarian -- Illegal Combination or Legal and Terrifying?

GM question. Kill PC animal companion and bring back as spirit.

Sylphs and CMB for Breeze-Kissed ability

Fey Thoughts: PFS legal?

Promethean Alchemist & Pints of Blood

Initiating Combat with a Full Round Action and other miscellaneous things

Flying mounts, Monstrous Mount, and Leadership

Mythic Spell Lore vs Mythic Spellcasting

yet more rules questions

How does Caustic Blood interacts with a swarm

How does Multiclassing Fighter (Drill Sergeant) and Cavalier effect the "Tactician" Class Feature

Why No Custom Generation System For Specific Things?

Amulet of mighty fist and shielded gauntlet master interaction

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Swashbuckler's Dodging Panache Deed.

Alchemist fire + throw anything

Sniping and Deadly Sniper

Elemental Races and Kineticist

i have 18 int how many bonus languages do i get...

Mythic adventure: legendary spellcasting

Are Fleshgrafts considered magic items?

Weapon Master: Holy Water?

Is a friend's build legal?

unchained barbarian rage powers

Kyton - A creature I'm very confused about

Combat style master question

Confused by scroll usage

2 Minor Warpriest Blessings on a single weapon ?

Divine Grace

+1 weapon crafting requierment

Dice progression for damage

Consolidated Stealth Threads (for easy FAQ clicking)

Charm Person but with new situation

siegebreaker archetype / feats usage

Magic Circle Clarification


Skeleton HD and HP

Charm Person issue again...

White Haired Witch: Grapple Dilemma

Can you use Share Memory on yourself only?

combining meta magic from magus arcana

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