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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Grease spell and Winter's grasp

Dragon ghosts and breath weapons

Swashbuckler and Gloves of Dueling

Readying Touchs against Attacks

APG: What does "human gains +1 / 6 of a new rogue talent." mean!?

Crafting magic items a above your caster level

Easy Magic Jar Questions I Couldn't Find Answers To

Question about Create Demi-Plane Greater

Slashing Grace, Swashbuckler, Weapon Finesse

Escape Detection vs See Invisibility

Is half your level 2 or 2.5?

Helm of the Mammoth Lords Gore attack question

Alchemical Affinity- Does it enable a wizard to cast healing spells?

Skald [Spell Warrior] & Rage powers

Can Spell Warrior Skald use Rage Powers?

Item Stone Familiar =what is it used for

Water and Line of Effect

Question about Hellfire.

Can you cast Remove Fear while Panicking?

Stop bleed without heal magic?

Enhance Deadly Dealer Cards.

Hateful Rager and Horizon Walker

The Master Craftsman feat

Primal Animal Companion Pre-reqs?

Sneak Attack and Nonlethal Damage (from low STR)

Quick question about Sidestep Secret

Acrobatics and Barbarians

Weapon Size Ruling

Can You Use Stunning Fist with Mighty Fist of the Earth?

Glove of Storing and Accelerated Drinker trait

Its hot out there today, Hop in the lava to cool off.

Whirlwind dustcloud

Void Bomb questions

Paladin mount advanced simple template and stats

How does Outflank & Paired Opportunists work with a ranged attacker

Ring of Improved Invisibility

Hosteling Armor Enchantment Question (cost)

Improved Familiar-Fire Mephit

Planar Wild Shape feat


Feat: Sneaky Precision & multiple attacks

Do Wordcaster Oracles keep their "Cure / Inflict Spells?"

Cost of Spiked Shield of Bashing

Large snake and squeezing?

Brawler (ACG class) and Monk Weapons...

Ninja "Forgotten Trick" / "Channel The Gift" Spell

Scout's Charge, Sap Master, and Knockout Artist

Bless Weapon: Rule for why it doesn't have the [Good] descriptor?

Alchemist using Wonds

Far Strike monk bonus feats

Sundering the rope on a Rope Dart! Does it break the weapon entirely?

Online Character Sheet?

Does Unarmed Strikes count as two weapons for two weapon fighting feat chain?

Greater Sunder after the armor is destroyed

Vampires, Diamond dust and negative levels.

Armor of Spell Storing Questions -

Slayer in heavy armor?

Bones Oracle: Raise the Dead Rules Question

Yet another Animate Dead question.

Construct made of Armor, Hardness as DR?

Gun Training + Dead Shot

Question about Slumber Hex / Sleep Spell

Cape of Feinting broken?

Concentrated Splash and Sneak Attack

Identifying Alchemical Weapons

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

group leader

group leader

Delayed Bomb, Sleight of Hand, and Invisibility

Does An Inquisitor Get DR With Righteous Might?

Sohei Monk Mounted Combat bonus feats

Two-handed weapons, Two-weapon fighting, and offhand attacks.

Damage from Alchemist's Fire and Oil...

What is a "mounted combat feat"?

Followers in Society

Monk Vows, Magic Items, and Spellcasting. Oh my!

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

Skull and Shackles Ship Actions

Can You Use Limited Wish to Cast Plane Shift?

the great cylinder of sticky doom (the web spell)

Access to level Abilities for Mutagens for Multi-class

Combining Hospitaler & Sacred Servant archetypes legal?

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Quick Haste Question

Burst of Glory spell clarification


Pistol-Whip ability: does it work with Weapon Finesse?

PCs with burrow speed?

Can I throw PCs / Animal Companions?

Polymorph Any Object Duration

Two Handed Weapons, Hold but Not Wield?

Trying to understand kingdom rules in Ultimate Campaign


Damaging persistent haunts beyond the surprise round

Another cestus question

Creatures with the grappling ability included in the attack and opportunity attacks

Dragon Disciple Questions

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