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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

what kind of weapon is flame blade?

Polymorph Any Object + Hat of Disguise question

mounted Q's :

"Slashing Grace" question

Disruptive Spell (Metamagic) question...

Impact weapon and warpriest?

Reduce / Enlarge person, and invisibility question! x3

Different types of Bleed

Is a sling considered a Thrown Weapon

Ghost Touch Armor and...ghosts.

Enlarge Person + Adjacent Units

Powerful Build + Titan Fighter

Items stacking with spells

Hold 2 Weapons with one hand / Draw & Throw with the other

Polymorph Effects and Certain Magical Items

Penalties when attacking with a Shield

Carrying Capacity - Am I doing it right?

Spell Unliving Rage

Attacks of Opportunity: When do they "recharge"

Obsidian Chakram???

Strangling hair

Ioun Wyrd's Stone For Starting Characters

If I were to stat out an Adult Silver Dragon into its human form

Two Weapon Fighting with Pistols

Extra Mythic Power

Mrymridarch wording confusion

Bloodline Arcana and Wizards.

Hunter Class (ACG) Teaching His Animal Companion Skirmisher Tricks???

Mind blank vs Words of power

Can a Titan Mauler wield a large long sword in one hand?

Stealth, Hide in plain sight, sneak attack and....

Does the Swashbuckler Rogue Archtype allow you

Can a Familiar Grant a PC Two Perception Checks?

Hunter Animal Companion and Skirmisher Tricks

Stacking Grit and Panache

how to get an Inquisitor with Channeling?

"ally decisions" and dominated allies....

Luck Domain and Bit of Luck Ability

Charm Person question.....

Kensai with a Katana or Bastard Sword

Can an unbreakable Black Blade be destroyed?

Launching Crossbow, the Bolt Ace's Crossbow Training, and an Alchemist's Throw Anything

Spell Warrior - Enhanced Weapons question

Grab and Rake

Gestalt starts with 4x his skill ranks?

Troublesome AC

Mythic Spell Lore and Domain Spells

Alter Self Clarification

Alter Self Clarification

Naga shape in Druid archtype Naga Aspirant

Brown fur question

Damaging Magic Items

Myrmidarch Clarifications... ?

Blood Conduit Spell Casting

Eldritch Heritage and familiars.

Touch spells and rules in combat

Juju Oracle - Is it overpowered?

Tumor familiar protector does it work like that?

Flamboyant Arcana and derring-do and opportune parry and riposte deeds

What is the point of Dizzying Defense?

Amulet of Mighty Fists + Helm of the Mammoth Lord and Wyvern Cloak

Monk's unarmed strike damage and Brass knuckles / Cestus?

Spectral Hand spell - does it "move" and thus provoke AoO or "appear"?

Intimidate. Fear, or Morale effect.

The Beast-Bonded Witch Archetype : clarifications / FAQ / errata

Animal Lord template wild shape

Warp Wood Question

Initiating a Surprise Round with a Full Round Action

Riding Gecko Stats?

Cleric Separatist Favored Weapon?

Fly spell / skill question

Does Wild Shape stack with level advancement?

Pistol-Whip ability: does it work with Weapon Finesse?

Off the Top of My Head: Improved Familiar Qualification

Do Alchemists Gain Bonus Damage with Stingchucks?

Mysterious Avenger Archetype Question

Alchemist Precise Bomb feat

Can You Use Limited Wish to Cast Plane Shift?

Chill touch questions

Action expenditures and Attacks of Opportunity / Readied Actions

Question about Animated Objects

Construct Healing?

Impossible Bloodline and Constructs

Reincarnate question

Three and four armed weapons

Can Investigator's Use Two-World Magic Trait?.

Unarmed strikes and modified damage

Animal Companions and unarmed strikes?

Lord's Banner (Leadership) -- Where is it?

Chest of Defending and Fortifying Stone

Cleric - Domains - Wands

Bardic Performance: Disappearing Act question...

This may seem like a stupid question at first . . .

Hold weapon --> wield weapon

Magus Aracana - Close range and wand wielder?

shambling mound and electric fortitude

Can you two hand a heavy shield for 1.5 STR dmg?

Robe of Needles + Str Modifier?

Can every class use a ring if spellstoring?

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