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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Is Sense Motive necessary to believe, or at least suspect, that someone is misleading you?

On the duration of hats of disguise and rings of invisibility

Dweomer Leap / Cat - questions

Monk AC Bonus and Sacred Fist AC Bonus

Fist Discrepancy?

A pair of questions of rules

Does cold / fire resist negate hot / cold extreme weather?

Studied Combat (Investigator) wording

IMPORTANT: Master of Many Styles question

Does Spring Attack protect from all attacks of opportunity?

2 ultimate campaign downtime questions

Does Create Pit cause structural damage?

Mounts and Purchased Animals

Arcane Pool vs. Arcane reservior

Succubus in a grapple.

How does Flurry from multiple classes interact?

FAQ still pending for this after years?

Eldritch claw explanation

Roll20 Game: Do these feats work?

How many shots, dual-wielding pepperboxes?

Handling Wild Animals

Hunter Class (ACG) Teaching His Animal Companion Skirmisher Tricks???

Arcanist metamixing and magical lineage

Retraining question

Yeth Hound - Flight (Su)

Mythic Paragon feat. What exactly does it affect?

Does Pummeling Style combine with anything?

Clarifications wanted: "Awareness", surprise rounds, flat-footedness, and concealed weapons

Are undead healed by all Negative Energy effects?

Energy Body, Abundant Revelations

Generating Capital During Downtime

Bloodrager and Barbarian Fast Movement

Silly question about polymorph

Small character in medium armor with boots of striding and springing.

twentieth level character with BaB 27 (For CMB)

Swashbuckler Deedsand Litany of Sloth

Pummeling Dragon - Master of Many Styles

Must vampires return to their OWN coffin once reduced to zero HP?

Duelist's Vambraces

GM Question: Player death because of mistake

Shaman: Extra Hex and non-spirit-specific hexes?

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat Feat)

Bladebound Magus - Can the blade speak out loud?

bloodrager archtype metamagic rager and metamagic feat interaction question

Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

Arcane Dealer + Spell Dancer?

Household Chemicals in the Modern Age

Magus delivering helping spells with a weapon

Investigator question

Questions / Clarifications about the White Haired Witch?

Master of Many Styles question

Thunderstomp (Do you have options?)

Trick Shot (Ex) and Hail of Arrows (SU) combo?

Cleric and inquisitor domain question. Yes, another. Sorry.

Tumor Familiar Scorpion?

Grappling and Damaging with Weapon

Slashing Grace FAQ please

Wizard Sub School questoin

Tongue's (EX) reach?

Full Attacks and the Paladin Capstone 'Holy Champion'

The Big Unanswered Question: Free Actions Outside Of Your Turn

hilarity with arcane mark. will this work?

Eldritch Heritage when you've already got a Bloodline

Skeletal Champion and Paladin questions

Actions to control, command Undeads.

Mystic Theurge level 3 shenanigans, do they work?

Dex? Dodge? Nah, I'm good.

The CL of newly designed Magic Items

Item that adds 2 weapon fighting feat

Can Swashbucklers Dual-Wield?

Ultimate Magic: Lullaby of Ember the Ancient HD Limit

Can a Shaman take Improved Familiar?

Sacred weapon attack bonus?

Holy Avenger

Weapon Versatility Swashbuckler Question

Couple questions on Meta Magic Rods.....

Can a wand be used on a Spell Storing item? (PFS)

Shamans and divine foci

Chaos Hammer, Slow, and Haste

Magic Composite Longbow Strength

Phalanx Soldier 3+ swashbuckler 1 + slashing grace work ?

ELI5 Hunter Animal Companion Skirmisher Tricks

Does Rage prevent Sneak Attacking?

Signature deed feat and swashbuckler

Burning Disarm + Under water = ???

Shaman Evil Eye better than Witch's?

would a bloodrager qualify for the extra rage feat?

Grappling two (or more) creatures

Magus: Spellstrike with Wand of Enervation

Ally or not?

Bonuses applied to rerolls + crit confirmation rolls

Flamboyant Arcana and Panache

How do you view Kitsune alternate forms?

Wind Strike

Time Mystery Revelation - Time Sight

Does a level 4 blood rager qualify for Dragon Disciple?

Slayer and extra rogue talent feat

Building a vegepygmy questions

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