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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

How are bonus spells handled when that spell does not exist on your character's class spell list?

Can a magus be an eldritch scion AND a spelldancer?

Does a natural 20 automatically succeed on a concentration check?

Kasatha, TWF, and 2 handers

Would a feat acquired via Quinggong Monk be legal as a pre-req?

Do Items In Extradimensional Spaces Encumber You?

2x Penache Pools?

Taking 10: Immediate dangers and distractions

Would this work to stop Resurrection?

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

Question About the Wish Spell

Int-score-increase and skill ranks

Mage Armor and Monk AC Bonus (Ex) stack or clash?

Discordant Voice and virtuoso performance

What is a Pony's carrying capacity?

Using Handle Animal on someone elses summoned creature

What is the maximum a character or creature can Fly each round; 2x their Move or 4x their Move?

Shield Weirdness?

Hurtful + Grab

Advanced creature template and Intelligence

Can you summon a banished eidolon using the spell, not ritual?

Stupid question Re: Rage Powers

Dismissing Wind Walk: what happens?

Working on a Pact Wizard....want to make sure I'm getting this right ?

Protean subschool - Aura of Chaos

Mauler Familiar Strength

How big is a 25,000 gold Diamond?

Use Dex mod for damage for Ranged weapons

Coup De Grace

Iconic Magic Items...

Slow spell and Things that give you additional Std or move actions actions...

Two-handed weapons and attached shields.

Opportune Parry and Riposte vs a monsters full attack that parries and disables monster.

2 Magic Shields, can it be done?

Fun with flags

Tower Shield Specialist question

Unarmed Natural Attacks

stamina and the PFSRD

stamina and the PFSRD

Is Antitoxin Aplicable Ony to Specific Poisons or General?

stamina and the PFSRD

stamina and the PFSRD

Swashbuckler (ACG) Bonus Feats

Giant Potions

Do natural attacks with reach count as reach weapons?

Knockback while Mounted

Spell Combat + Fervor?

Gunslinger: Failing "Blast Lock" to jam it?

Does enlarge person increase the die size of an Alchemists bomb?

Modifing constructs

Weapon Focus double-dipping (Feral Combat Training)

Soul Warden combining

Can a construct type Character drink a potion?

natural attacks

Clear Mind

Oracle Questions

Cavalier teamwork feat questions (and Tengu)

Do claws count as a single weapon, or as two different weapons?

Enveloping swarms?

When do you get the AoO for Broken Wing Gambit?

Delay Poison Unchained

Toppling Spell + multiple Magic Missiles on the same target

Unchained Crafting

Do wands count as weapons?

Magus and Arcane pool

Mixing Brawler & Monk: AC Bonus and Unarmed Damage

wind wall vs worm that walks

Storm Kindler 101: Whirlwind vs Swarms

Continuous Su Effects and Controlling them

Summoner Synthesist, natural atk, manufactured atk, and iterative atk, random stuff

Inquisitor Healing Judgement + Fast Healer?

Hybrid classes and multi-classing in parent class?

Confused about Beast Form progressions and limitations...

Greater Feint Clarification

Do feats gained from Qinggong Powers count for feat pre-reqs?

How many tricks can an animal Companion learn based on it's Int?

lycantropes stat blocks and template

Unchained Barbarian: Auspicious Mark

Varies Craft checks

Action to revert back from gaseous form?

Eternal hope and d20 reroll question.

Can an Amulet of Mighty Fists without either a +1 bonus or Ghost Touch damage incorporeal creatures?

Swashbucklers and deed selection.

Question on Grapple Bonuses to CMB

Mechanical Trap Cost

What does Harrying partners do?

Saurian Shaman Druid and Shaping Focus

Craft versus Profession

hi one more question on blood ragers and dragon diciples

Tengu ~ Swordtrained Racial Question

Goliath Druid, Giant-Blooded, Shillelagh math check questions...

How exactly does Barbarian Chew work?

How to integrate "Stone Wall" and "Stone Shape" spells into Downtime

Disable own trap

Feat prerequisites

Dominate spells and Animal Companions.

Bards Casting with Shields

PFS Buying Wands With Less Than 50 Charges

Hide in Plain sight

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