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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Divine protection stack with prophetic armor?

Huge Character Pulling Down a Flyer

Does the School Understanding exploit give a choice of which 1st level power to take?

Can you Wildshape into a T-rex, or too big?

Armor Spike and Reach Weapon > Threaten 5 and 10 feet?

Dimensional anchor and Freedom of movement

Can evangelist advance prestige classes?

Fighting Defensively with Vital Strike?

Damage reduction from two sources.

[PFS] Finesse Training and Double Slice

Rapid Grappler to Start a Grapple?

Is there a spell that removes mundane pain?

Identify a spell as it's being cast

does Blazing Robe and Varisian tatto stack?

Globe of Tranquil Water

Prehensile Hair

Do feats and abilities that apply to "Ranged Weapons" also apply to spells? (FAQ request)

Hide in Plain Sight - the mega thread to figure out how it works

[Unchained] (Monk) Full-Attack clarification request, Full BAB, and examples

Elven Branched Spear and Half-Elves

Burned Up Gear

why is construct amour so expensive?

Unchained Rogue: Adaptations for Strong Rogues

Shadow Sorcerer -> Shadow Evocation -> Deeper Darkness?

Rock Throw

PFS mounts, full actions, charges and readied actions

Using Command-Word Items (and elemental weapon enchants)

Crafting items in unique ways and improving them later.

I've created a monster! Or a ghost. Well, just questions about ghosts..

Alchemist Tumor familiar, improved familiar

Eidolon infinite damage loop

Magus Spell Combat and Unchained Monk Flurry of Blows

Hide in Plain Sight and Cover - Concealment

1H Weapon with Reach? Or 2H that can be used as 1H?

Questions about the limits of prestidigitation

PFS: One Creature Grappling Multiple Targets

White Haired Witch and Agile

What shape is the inside of a Handy Haversack?

Personal spells on animal companion

Surprise brace! Using sneak attacks on a brace attack?

Multiple defensive effects

Ghast Paralysis Duration

Restoration Dust and Breath of Life

Rogue Bombers

Bandolier Action

Is it intended for monsters to grab -> constrict -> release -> grab -> constrict in one attack sequence?

Unconscious after being poisoned

5 foot step into an opponents space: AoO or no?

Downtime Question -- Organizational Earnings?

Magic Altars (from Inner Sea Gods): Can I mount it on the back of a wagon?

+5 Furious (Dragon) Bane Weapon? Is it +9?

Undead healed by positive energy?

Two castings of Mnemonic Enhancer

Tripping strike attack and attacs of Opportunity

Discrepancy in calculating crafted magic armour cost between PRD (core) and Hero Lab

Shadow Evocation'ed Continual Flame vs. Golems & High SR Creatures.

Iaijutsu Strike full round attack.

Dimensional Savant and Outflank

Hunter raise animal

Weird questions

Smoke elemental's engulf -- can save repeatedly, or once?

Stacking Wisdom Bonuses to AC

Raise dead question

Question about unchained variant multiclassing and gaining spells

Slashing grace with a great sword.

Spellstrike while grappled

Hexcrafter with a Witch dip: how to compute Hex levels

Faq Request: Undead Antipaladins

Banishment question

Light Shield+Mace > Divine casting with no problems?

Can an animal companion / eidolon take nature soul and animal ally?

Outlander: Loreseeker question

[APG] Savage Barbarian underpowered?

Hexes based on character level or Witch / shaman level?

Downtime questions: room & building hp?

Shapechanging Animal Forms

Animal companion trick

Fighter Archetypes and Splash Weapons

Blind reach cleric

Arcane bond and perquisites for feats and enchantments.

Kasatha monsters.

Interesting ways to use acrobatics

Greater Feint

Mediator trait, what spells does it cover?

Bonded Item for a Wizard dip


unchained barbarian and halfling FCB

Forcing Someone into Armored Coat

Adhesive-Covered Mimic

Can I Draw a Shield with Two-Weapon Fighting?

How many skill ranks / languages does a blackblade receive?

Canny Defense and Spell Shield

Craft Ooze Query

Stealth in combat

Swashbuckler and Gloves of Dueling

PCs as mounts for other PCs

meaning of "Ability to cast ..."

Spring attack and alternate movement types

Overrun as Part of a Charge

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