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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Two light weapons in a grapple?

Can a Nirmathi irregular (Ranger) use Druid Spell Completion items

drinking a potion of shocking grasp + flurry of blows? [PFS]

"May only be applied to a ranged weapon" - how about thrown?

Bards pt one - is a Bardic performance a performance?

Dungeon Ring for the prisoner and scrying questions, please help

Initiative, real-time or fixed?

Unbalanced druid power

Can you split favored class bonuses?

no ruling for this need help

Can Sleeves of Many Garments Produce a Swarm Suit?

Ultimate Campaign, Mass combat and Prof(Soldier) skill

Does a benevolent weapon stack with a benevolent armor?

Tetori Monk and Grappling Bonus Questions

Catch off Guard

Natural Weapon Warpriest?

Using skills to control a crowd

Mythic Paragon and Legendary Items

Downtime Earnings Restriction Confusion

Ranged Attacks vs Creatures with Hardness that are not Animated Objects

Drinking Dragon Blood... is it evil?

demiplane eviction notice

Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Lore Master Combat Expertise and PFS

Retrying knowledge check with additional resources

Incendiary Cloud vs Improved Evasion

Gendarmes & bonus feats

Double Trapfinding in the same class?

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

Inquisitor Judgements and the Anger Inquisition

Cartomancer Witch, Deliver Touch Spells, and missed attacks

Dragon Roar clarification

Retrying skill checks.

Would DR stop SA damage?

What is all this insane parsing about "attack action"?

upgrading a magical item

Force Uppercut?

5 Intelligence + Int boosting item?

The Strangling Hair Monster Dribble

Obscuring Mist and Sneak Attack

do you have to count your DEX to AC?

Overrun and Charge

Tiefling Claws ‎Magic Weapon Special Abilities Agile

Mage Hand use to hold a ranged weapon

Magus questions: shocking grasp and natural claw weapon

Swarms and space occupied

Swarms (again)

Created Undead and Experience.

Flame Strike clarification

Duelist question

Monk of the Empty Hand and Arrows.

Pageant of the Peacock

Aasimar Puifier Oracle Sacred Scourge

Rope of Knots - Net form, strength DC to burst

Toppling spell clarification

Synthesist Question

Control a golem

Ability score increases

Wind Stance and flying, can you 5 foot step up?

A paladin Smite evil is applicable to spell damage?

Fixing Martials FOREVER (not really, though)

Mythic Amazing Initiative and Alchemists

Freedom of Movement the Final Thread

Sacred Summons - Can it work with scrolls?

Constructs and hardness

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

Inscribe Magical Tattoo questions

A Beast Riders Best Buddy

Wizard Air School - Cyclone (Su)

Half movement round down?

Familiar: Speak with Deaf Master?

Unstoppable Shot (mytic) and vital strike

Total Defense and flanking

Question on the slayer and poison use

druid wild shape feat to double time?

Does Silken Ceremonial Armor count as clothing?

Ninja Trick Ki Charge + Sneak Attack

Stone shape and cobble stone wall / road

Minor / Major Artifacts...Broken Condition?

Horse companion and some riding rules

Corruption Resistance - how does it work exactly?

Improving a homunculus familiar with craft construct?

Magic is Life (Nethys) and Shield Other interaction

Dan bong grappling (useful?)

Inspire Greatness+Magical Knack

Dual wielding pistols?

Brawlers fury, Hamatula grasp & strike, & Emei Piercer how it all works?

Full nights rest without studying for Arcane spells not to be fatigued?

How immortal is immortal?

Conditions that allow Sneak Attacks

Solid snake box sneaking

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Item Creation: Master Craftsman, Slotless Items and Travelers Any-Tool Enchantment

How does empower spell work on Magic Missile

Rogue Talent: Surprise Attack Question - Can I provoke AoO's?

Boar style

Sudden Attack: Is it an attack, or an attack?

Eidolon RAW vs RAI

Inspire courage and animals

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