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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Rules Question about Tanglefoot Bags and Pit Spells

Holy ice spell using Cha instead of Wis

Rogue sneak attack add-ons stacking?

Shang Gou Weapon Enchantments

[PFS] Multiclass familiar choice

Archetype Curiosities

Taking 10

Cross-list spells and abiiliy scores.

Inner Sea Gods - Sentinel of Irori errata?

Swift action between attacks of the full attack action possible?

Swarm Immunity to Weapon Damage and AoE Spells that deal B / P / S

Is it intended for monsters to grab -> constrict -> release -> grab -> constrict in one attack sequence?

I know this is asked a lot but.....

Do the penalties from successive Stumbling Bash hits stack?

Sin Magic Benefits?

Swashbuckler rule question

Elemental spell clarification

Sash of the war champion + advanced armor training?

Thundercaller's Thundercall and Bardic Performance

Node of Blasting on Bullets

Radius of a 20 foot spread?

Summoner Question

Unchained Monk + Natural Attacks with Flurry of Blows

Weapon Mastery and know weakness?

Weapon focus: Gauntlet - should it exist?

Why No Parry?

Using create undead and geas to create a obediant drake

Is there a check noticing someone is conscious?

..trip has to exceed the cmd of the target?

[Ultimate Magic] Blood Crow Strike

Two-handed swashbuckler

Ki Volley clarification

Swallowing your swallower whole

Shield Gauntlet Style and Shield Bashing

Training Enchantment (from Inner Sea Intrigue)

Stealth, a couple of questions

Abilities requiring patience or concentration

Glamered armor enhancement

Does Undines curse wake you up.

Spell Full Pouch

Is the Veil Spell the Most Overpowered Illusion in the Game?

False Priest Sorcerer Shenanigans

Fatigue condition from cold exposure

Greater thunder stomp and true strike

Does the bonus movement from Glider count against your movement per turn?

Construct healing

Combining Archetypes

Command Word - Standard action?

Summoner / Eidolon Life Link / Life Bond Questions

Horror Adventures Book: Living Grimoire class feature

Souleater Spell-like Ability Caster Level?

Bodyguard Feat (one FAQ to rule them all?)

Glyph of warding on small stones

Drawing Splash Weapons and Potions as a free action.

Belkzen War Drummer and Versatile Performance

Clarification on Cleric War Domain - Weapon Master ability

Advice / Bardic Knowledge

Channel Smite vs DR

Ki powers to qualify for Arcane Archer?

FAQ Errata Earth Kineticist Earth Glide

Collected burrow and earth glide questions (faq?)

Living Grimoire, improvised weapon?

Combat Maneuver Strike feats and Bless Weapon

UnRogue Finesse Training and Non-Standard Weapons

Piercing Grapple and Bonuses from Weapon

Can mauler archetype work well on improved familiar?

Falling and Damage Reduction?

Snapdragon Fireworks and Widen Metamagic?

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

Aid Another who is affected by a spell

World Walker Druid and Warden ranger favored terrain stacking

Smite Evil + Magic Missile

Mixing Domains and Inquisitions?

Ioun Wyrd - or - How 'constructy' is this 'familiary' construct

Magus and Dragon Disciple... Maybe?

[Horror Adventures] Maddening Style DCs if not using the Sanity System

Rules Clarification Request - Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork)

Spells with Swift or Immediate casting times?

Protector Familiar in a Familiar Satchel

Damage Shields vs Grapple

Grenadier Alchemical Weapon ability

Rogue bomber talent and Alchemist VMC

Can a witch take 10 to learn a spell?

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

Do Drow count as Elves or a Elf for archetype qualifications?

Elemental Sorcerer (Elemental Blast Sp)

Dispelling an Ioun Torch

Blade and Tankard Style

Getting an aquatic animal companion to be moderately useful on land -PFS

Skinwalkers, Shape Change, and Conflicts

Deadeye's Arrow and Composite Bows

Flamboyant weapon

Oread Fleshgem(spikes) as Arcane Bond?

Vanishing Trick / Invisible Blade vs Detect Magic

More stupid rule minutia!

Partial Charge, does it include an attack as written?

Pushing against a closing wall

Witch (Cartomancer) adding spells to spell deck


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