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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Crane Style / Wing / Riposte

Hell Knight Folding Plate?

Earthglide and Drag maneuver

Ghost Rider Cavalier & Small PC Mounts

Knowledge is Power through Major Creation

Champion's Finesse and Aldori Dueling Sword

New Trait Fate's Favored

Questions on Time Stop

Does the Kineticist's Supercharge have the same limitations as Gather Power?

Why do the following spells have the polymorph subtype?

Weapon Possessed Character, Precedent for it?

Two-Weapon Fighting Armor Spikes? [PFS]

Quick query regarding Bloodrager / DD breath weapon damage.

Recognize Eidolan & Eidolon's Summoner?

Concentration checks and call lightning

Command undead

What penalties for a paralyzed creature using a fly spell?

Pack Flanking (Teamwork)

Channel Energy questions

Teleport tactician + Mirror dodge (Mythic) + Phase locking

Bickerspam, and Why It's Bad

Rageshaper's Bestial aspect and spells

Spell DC Question

Reincarnate and / or changing species

Breath Weapon While Pinned?

Shaman's Evil Eye is NOT mind-affecting?

Errata request for Pack Flanking (faq request..'cause it's the same thing)

Blundering defense AND Covering Defense?

Feral Combat Training and Unarmed Strike Damage: Does this allow me to use my monk unarmed damage with the selected natural attack post errata?

Kineticist and conductive weapons

I evil eye a target, then move 40 feet away from target. What happens.

Does casting light on an enemy's objects require an attack roll?

Haunts and the Turn Undead feat

Question on the Fly skill

FAQ Request: When do triggered immediate actions occur in the combat order?

Drawbacks / Flaws

Grappling on the ceiling

Promethean Alchemist Homunculus and Alchemy Manual

Temporary HP stacking question

Hit Points after Coup de Grace

Occult Adventures: Skill Unlock questions

How exactly does the Samsaran "Mystic Past Life" alternate race trait work

Clarification on Dispel Magic

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Arcanist

Expanded Arcana for Arcanist

Any official stance on whether round 1 of detect evil is limited to auras or not?

FAQ Request:How does Telekinetic Finesse work?

Death Ward vs. Anti-Paladin smite

Half-Elves: Elven Spirit question

Can someone please explain mounted combat?

Can tentacles be grappled?

Concentration and Magic Items

Elemental Overflow + Size Bonus

Kineticist and Feats

Friendly Fire (Betrayal, Teamwork) How this work?

Curse of Magic Negation: any drawback?

Unchained Automatic Weapon Progression, how exactly do Magic Items work with Atunement?

Tusked trait, only 1 / 2 STR to damage in full attacks?

attractiveness and shapeshifters

Variant Channeling Problems


Stacking Metakinesis

Skalds & Barbarians

New Occult Adventures FAQ Page Is Live!

Undercasting + Pathfinder Savant

Underhanded and invisible unarmed attacks

Animal Fury

Warpriest and command undead feat

Techslinger's Covet Charge

Natural attacks, and bombs, and tentacle ... oh my

OA Kineticist: Basic Telekinesis > Burn

Song of Discord & Protection from Evil

Swashbuckler's Finesse w / Lance while mounted?

Occult Adventures Ghost Rider (Cavalier Archetype) Ghost Mount

Can you shape Wall of Ashes?

Can kineticists using magic item crafting feats?

Is Smite Evil detectable by Detect Magic

Polymorph Any Object: What kinds of target forms can the caster choose?

Trickster mythic surprise attack

What action is Deliver Touch Spell for a Familiar?

FAQ / Suggested Errata: Negative Levels and Energy Drain

Staggered condition and extra standard actions

Enchanting Timeworn Tech Weapons

Is confusion ever not mind-affecting?

Arcane Reservoirs?

Extra Reservoir Feat

acrobatics & Bladed Dash

Can We Use Wasters as Wooden Weapons?

Burning spell metamagic

Collected burrow and earth glide questions (faq?)

Elf Oracle Favored Class Bonus mistake?

Master of Many Styles third printing errata question

Simple class template spellcasting...

Freedom of Movement and Magic Circle against Evil

Familiar Folio: Eldritch Guardian (and others) + Figment

Ghoul Dietary Requirements

Promethean Alchemist Archetype and Visionary Researcher Archetype

Merciful amulet of mighty fists, activate / deactivate as a free action?

Investigator and Minor / Major Magic

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