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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

If I drop a Splash weapon as a free action in an adjacent square, what happens?

TWF while grappled?

How many uses has a spell component pouch?

PFS, religion, and Paladin Codes

Weapon Blanch and Arrows

Two-handed heavy shield?

Can you use move actions while grappled?

Half-elves and Dual Talent

Fame for PF Adventure Path Adventure?

What happens if you fall prone while Air Walking?

[ACG][Archtype: Mutation Warrior][Mutagen Discovery class feature] Does this count as "Discovery" for Extra Discoveries Feat?

Help me with a cursed item

Bramble Armor (plant domain) and Thorn Body Druid Spell

Drill Instructor Clarification

Ultimate Campaign: shack uses

Druid's beast shape

Order of the hammer challenge

What does it mean to "use" a Cestus?

Unarmed disarm drops item even on success?

What part of the round do you start falling??

Succubus in a grapple.

Tumor Familiar Size

Animate Rope plus Improved Disarm?

Beast Shape polymorph questions

Understanding Tower Shields

A big fat hairy wad of Arcanist questions

Touch of Corruption through a conductive weapon during AOO, ToC during full round attack

Death's Kiss vs construct

Summon Nature's Ally II Racial SLA- does it count as arcane or divine for PrC entry?

Can I take Raging Vitality with only 12 Con?

Orc Bloodline - Touch of Rage

Summon Good Monster / Sacred Summons

Hurtful Feat Attack Bonus

Of Magic Fangs and cannibals.

Whip of Spiders, et al; how do they interact with whip feats?

How many attacks does Kasatha get

Spelleater with Undead bloodline

Item interaction with summons, allies and planar creatures

Sacred Armor and Named Armours

Three ranged weapons, multiweapon fighting, rapid shot

A question about the Bane enhancement on weapons in PFS

PFS Trait Legality Question: Shield-Trained?

Triggering a swift action out of turn

Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork) : Useless feat?

SLAs and Volatile Conduit

Delay Poison?

Air Step Question

Bastard Sword and heirloom weapon trait?

Command Undead vs Troops and Swarms

Looking for consensus regarding beguiling gift spell and saves.

Can i Glyph of Warding my backpack?

Do I still threaten with a worn Cestus outside my turn when I use an item in that hand on my turn?

Dodging Panache in difficult terrain

Champion's Finesse and Whirling Dervish

AOO Combat Reflexes

TWF with Pistols

Something other than dex to ranged attacks?

Ghostly Fisticuffs

Throwing and Pushing in Combat


Spellslinger / Myrmidarch Combination - Does it work?

Polymorph questions

+4 defending amulet of mighty fists?

Whirlwind Attack - Reach vs Threatened

remembering old fairy tales

How much water do you need in order to swim?

Canny Tumble and Spring Attack

Winding Path Renegade

Greater Status spell

Orange Prism Ioun Stone Resonant Power Question

Usefulness of Magical Knack Qinggong Monk?

Apparent Master (Spell)

Overrun rules

Poison DC and temp ability increases

Soul Bind + Lich = ???

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Faq Request: Undead Antipaladins

Eidolon Starting HPs

The Manuever Master, Grapples, and Full Round Actions.

Swashbuckler's Dodging Panache and Pounce

Wandering Hex, the Spirit Talker Feat, and Certain Choices

Cartomancer and Deliver Touch Spells

Does calm animals spell make a creature not hostile?

Alter Self Animal Companion

Using Scrolls

Runestone of Power

Trying to find a way to use Weapons with Style Feats, specifically Snake Style. Dreamscarred Press allowed.

Take 10 List

Any experts around when it comes to assigning gp value to custom magic items?

Stonesinger and Stone Spirit

Luck Domain and Bit of Luck Ability

Pummeling Style and its ilk

Actions! Escape Artist vs Entangle: Which one is correct?

Leadership Feat (PFS)

Growing Creature Occupying Other Creature's Space

Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

Is Savage Maw an alchemist formula, or not?

Bluffing - Duration and 'Unbluffing'

Can Spell Warrior Skald use Rage Powers?

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