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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Do Death effects overrule regeneration?

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

Shield Master Shennanigans

Variant Channeling: Undeath + Undead Lord. Does it stack?

Wild Stalker Strong Senses and Darkvision

Reflex save while paralyzed

Is Slayer's Brand an iterative attack?

Efficient Quiver and Melee Weapons

Variant Channeling: Undeath + Undead Lord. Does it stack?

Fallen Paladin: Does attacking a possessed party member qualify as an Evil Act and Violation of the Paladin Code?

Using Stealth to get Sneak Attack - how does it work?

Two weapon rend and DR

Warpriest with battle poi - what damage?

Hezrou Nausea Ability-when does a new save happen?

Barbarian and Bloodrager fast movement stacking

Stunning Fist weapon drop

What are the things that fall under the category of "Ability Checks" and "Skill Checks"?

Vigilante Archetype:Warlock 「Can add like "Rapid Shot" or "Deadly Aim" on "Mystic Bolts"?」

Armor Kilt plus Mage Armor?

Buckler Bash, and Precise Strike.

Deflecting arrows?

2d20 drop lowest and reroll natural 1?

Shooting a fireball through a murder hole

Nexian Channeler and Legendary Spirits

Ring of Tactical Precision, Warleader's Rage, Amplified Rage, Skald's vigor

Holy Book and Weapon Type

Firedrake pistol and Siege gunner

[unchained] background skills + consolidated skills

Create Pit to crawl under door or wall

Is there an errata on the AoE of a 15-foot cone?

Psychic Duelist's Thought Made Real ability with Thoughtform creature?

Esoteric Magus and Ki Pool Abilities

Raise Dead question

Blinkback Belt and SoH

Grenadier Alchemist Question

Empty Leaping Whirlwind

Can you do do a swift action as a move action (or standard) instead?

Wraiths & Anti magic shell

Silence Spell

Disguise to another creature type?

Allip Wisdom Damage and Desecrate Spell

'Smite Evil' on < level 5 aligned characters

Question on stats of a level 6 paladin mount

Considering letting player take Craft Wondrous Item at CL1

I have three cohorts!

Can I make an Elixir of True Strike?

Quick question about Medium's Spirit Bonus ability

Slashing / fencing grace+swordsman flair. don't work together?

How do you pull someone out of an Entangle spell?

Soulblade feat from Haunted Heroes

Trait Bonuses

Tricked into expecting a beneficial spell

Rage powers active while bloodraging?

Dragons and Material Components

Scarlet and Green Cabochon sickened duration

Metal Kineticists and Special Materials

Meridian Belt and Ring of Regeneration

Shooting at targets behind weak materials?

Channeling questions

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Offensive Invisibility uses

Two Weapon Fighting and Thrown Weapons?

Armor with multiple determination enchantments

Dominate Person, Sleeper Agents, and Saving Throws

Fencing grace magus help

If your dex bonus to AC is denied, does this affect your CMD?

Time to study a new spell

Familiars And Their Masters Skill Ranks


Scrying Options?

Adopted by Kitsune

Lion Blade Prestige Class 2016 - please explain prereqs

Can you make a combat maneuver instead of an AoO?

How does Magical healing work?

Mindblade Magus Dual Weapons question

Devil's Summon SLA

Arcanist and Wizard-Only Spells

Multiple Smite Evil at the same time

Overwatch Vortex + Hindering Shot - do penalties from the same effect stack?

Ghoul touch allows a saving throw right?

Targeting or Targeted strike vs Subtle Blade

Public speeches rules?

Flanking with a different weapon

Subdomains and Prerequisites

AoO, Trip, and movement

Magus chill touch and two weapon fighting

Are there any official rulings on Sash of the War Champion?

can you move through incorporeal hostiles?

How does weapon enhancement and the Magus function?

Fleeing in Fear - When Do You Stop?

Question about casting combo Create Pit / Acid Pit and Stone Shape / Any Wall

FAQ REQUEST: Warpriest sacred weapon and effective size category modifiers to the weapon.

Erosion Touch and damage type.

Basic multiclass question (npc class + pc class)

The bottom of a Bag of Holding...

Mesmerist Question

Boar Style damage clarification

Monstrous Extremities--Cripple Movement?

literate animal companions

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