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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Spell combat + Whirlwind Attack

Transformative enchant question

alternate classes and class specific items for FAQ

A question on intelligent items.

Are witch hexes obvious?

Qualifying for monster feats

Rogue - Stalker Talent / Up Close and Personal

Living Rune touch attacks

Is Feronia a PFS legal god?

Cyphermage Prestige Class and Per Day Uses

Wild Hunter Animal Focus

Spellcraft vs. Invisible caster

Is damage associated with Powerful Charge instead of or in addition to standard attack?

Does the mace of smiting destroy the adamantine golem?

Spell Manifestations: What are they?

Aid Another: Knowledge?

Cyclic Reincarnation, the best overall resurrection?

Disarming a Friendly Touch Attack

Spectral Shroud vs Invisible Mind Blank

Spellcraft identification vs. Illusion spells as "proof"

Combining Compatible Components - Magic Sub-School Specialization

Hat of Disguise Question

Hand of the Apprentice

Slippers of the Triton overpriced?

Automatic Bonus Progression - How does it -really- work?

Can you counter spell a mage who is already invisible?

Can you use spring attack in the middle of a jump?

HP and Hardness of firearms

Claws and Natural Weapons

Offensive defence rogue talent

Imbue arrow and riving strike

Surprise round question

Druid Domain and Archetype

Selective Spell, Scribe Scroll and Lightning Bolt

When can I do a swift action?

How many times can I move?

Can you continue your full attack action after successfully initiating a grab attempt?

Spring Attack, and the Attack Action

Tigers and Grab

Flying kicks

Whirling Dervish AT question

Dex to Damage + Double Chain Kama

Corrosive Consumption and Critical Hits

PFS. Gunsmithing. Lore: Do you buy, or do you build your weapons?

Natural attack and flurry of blows

Inquisitor: Exploit Weakness - Does all of it require crits?

Metamagic Rager and Magical Lineage

Does Glamered mean ONE illusion?

Undercasting psychic spells, metamagic, undercasting surge, and spell specific feats

Spring Attack Movement

bracers of the merciful knight and anti paladin

A question about multiple collectives

Whirling Dervish AT question

Does giving a monster class levels increase the DC of it's special abilities?

+1 Bane Battle Poi, all fire?

Channel Spirit feat and the Medium class

Agent of the Grave / Mystic Theurge interaction

Burst of Insight as a Scroll

Actions During a Spring Attack

Eldritch Heritage and Wild Blooded

What damage type does an Improvised Weapon use?

Monk Gloves

by RAW question about Arcanist School Savant

Enchanted Gauntlets on Monks?

Is Slayer's Brand an iterative attack?

Variant Multiclass levels - Class levels?

Attack of opportunity

Question about the Mesmerist: Can you trigger Painful Stare multiple times on the same attack? (Manifold Stare Feat)

Speed Javelins and other thrown weapons

Expanded Draconic Bloodline Question

Enchanted Gauntlets on Monks?

Bloodling arcana stacking when crossblooded

Making Sure My Gunslinger Cheese Is Legal

The "Adopted" Trait - Quick Question

Falconer Ranger and Boon Companion

Harmless spells and trait question

Single Attack Action clarification

Intelligence of improved mauler familiar

Charging on a flying mount.

Double-Barrelled Pistol and Two-weapon fighting.

fighter bonus feats

The mindtouch phrenic amplification: detection and duration

Investigator Half Elf favored class bonus interacting with True Inspiration

Empower Fireball + Metamagic Rod of Maximize, Lesser, does it work?

FCB question

Changelings and breeding.

Twin Fang Strike questions

Shocking grasp max dices

Starry Grace

Vital Strike

Barbarian Attack Clairification


Aasimar Divine Hunter fiendish and celestial pet?

Can people be infected with Lycanthropy by a bite from a Lycanthrope in Humanoid form?

lycanthrope stat bonuses

Rules Debate: Resolution Question

Can the Fortuitous Enhancement be placed on Body Wraps of Mighty Strikes?

question about the leadership feat

Sacred Geometry

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