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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Debate on toughness with three different views.

How does Underhanded (rogue talent) work?

Dispute over a character with low int

Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Wall Of Fire

How do Negative Levels exactly work?

Can Sleeves of Many Garments Produce a Swarm Suit?

Downtime Earnings Restriction Confusion

Perception checks and the surprise round

questions about druid companion

Polymorph and EX and SU abilities

Share Spells and Reach Spell

Light question with deeper darkness and darkvision

Monstrous Mounted Fury

Inquisitions and domains

Rapid Boost vs Fast Fingers

upgrading a magical item

Initiative, real-time or fixed?

Wounds and Vigor: Constitution Modifier

Weedwhip Shape

Two words of power question

A Practical Guide to Light and Darkness

Favorite Class Bonus Timing

Catch off Guard

Spell-Like Abilities as prerequisites for Prestige Classes

Does the reduced size category from the young template reduce movement?

Switching bardic performance modes

Quiet Auditory Bardic Performance

Wild Shape ?

Ready to follow someone if they move (How do you do this)

Aid Another Thoughts and Questions

Obscuring Mist and Sneak Attack

Alchemist Crafting kit

Bonuses applied to rerolls + crit confirmation rolls

Life Link and Fey Foundling

Improved Fiendish Sorcery Feat.... Poorly Explained

5 Intelligence + Int boosting item?

Sidestep and Climb, a serious question that's almost a bad joke

Sneak Attack and Scorching Ray

Inhaled Poison Stacking

Alternate Classes

no ruling for this need help

Holy symbol tattoo

Hazard: cliff; Huge creature and Bullrush

Lethal, Non-Lethal dmg & Healing: help

Spell Storing Property and Ranged Touch Spells

Redeemed enchantment for unholy weapons

Creating Magical Item - Permanent Protection From Evil?

Metaphysical Claw point buy

Strength Bonus on Vicious Stomp

Hazard: cliff; Huge creature and Bullrush

Klars - complete lack of consistency

Undersized Crossbows?

touching a mummy vs a mummy touching me

Stacking effects that increase caster level?

drinking a potion of shocking grasp + flurry of blows? [PFS]

In Harm’s Way

Save DC for ability

Power Attack and Double Slice

coming back from disintigrate

Natural Attacks, BAB and Sneak Attack

Druid Wildshape Question

Improved Tumor Familiar?

Full attack and Confusion spell

Can you split favored class bonuses?

Corruption Resistance - how does it work exactly?

striking the vitals !

Can You Make a Full Attack if You Are Grappled?

Bards pt one - is a Bardic performance a performance?

Arch type Two handed weapone for fighter

Enhancement vs DR

Would DR stop SA damage?

Grappling Druid

Ranger archetype stacking help.

Magical + Non-magical size increases and stacking

How to Add New Weapon Proficiencies?

Mage Hand use to hold a ranged weapon

Fiend Flayer Archetype + Padzahr = Actually Potentially Useful?

new player, druid spell casting help?

Large Sized Bastard Swords

Pet ordered to attack something the druid can't see

Sacred Summons - Can it work with scrolls?

A couple of Monk Rule Questions

Life oracle, channel energy, and aasimar favored class bonus

Mounted Movement and not charging...

Two-Weapon Fighting with melee and thrown?

+$$$$GP Enchanments

Scrying: Do "Connections" stack?

"May only be applied to a ranged weapon" - how about thrown?

Burrowing Mount

Gendarme Bonus Feats and when you can't qualify for them

Buildings and Size Categories

Magic Item Creation Materials Acquisition?

Qinggong Questions

Flat footed on rules question

Inquisitor Judgements and the Anger Inquisition

Mage's Magnificent Mansion as a tactical combat spell?

Special weapon abilities with a set price

So the deaf oracle does nothing for Perception penalties?

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