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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Greater Invis, Full Attack, 5' Step - Perception DC?

so this is about alter self

What is the logic behind taking a 5-foot step?

reliquarian Ability score focus

Wrist sheaths and shurikens

Best way to lock an outsider access point up?

Ioun wyrd, can it die? How can I repair it?

full round attack, can you use any remaining attacks after your initiative to hit a monster if it comes within reach / range

True Spell-fighting

Hypothetical question

Deeper Darkness and Drow Noble

Damage Reduction

How should the feat shaping focus work in a lvl4 hunter / lvl 4 pack lord combination?

Can you cast `Surmount Affliction` whlie confused, dazed, or paralyzed?

Swarms (again)

Confusion over Improved Familiar

baleful polymorph on a familiar

Does Mocking Bird (Ex) from Decoy Archetype works with Ioun Wyrd or other Familiars??

Storm of Blades + Point Blank Master

Daring Champion (Cavalier Archetype) and Precise Strike wording

Psionics -- High Level -- I Don't Know the Answer to This....

Race points and CRs

Losing Spirit Surge on the Medium means you lose the lesser power and seance boon of Marshall entirely yes?

Shields and Spells: Handedness and Interaction with Quickdraw Shields

Improved Trip, Greater Trip, Tripping Strike questions.

Just how smart is a Paladin Mount?

Caster Level of Spell-like ability - Unclear

Multiclassing Curiosity Regarding Weapon Master and AWT: Weapon Specialist

[Advanced Race Guide] Scaled Skin and Armor of the Pit

Can a bard / barbarian maintain Inspire Courage while Raging?

Taking Levels in Multiple Archetypes for the Same Class / Using Multiple Shields / Armor Class Stacking

Shadow Conj / Evoke spell list

Gorums Swordsmanship + Horselord + Martial Versatility = Vital Strike + Spring Attack + Charge?

Trample (Ex) Clarifications

Telekinetic Kinect, flurry of questions

so i just had a thought. and want to check with you guys.

Sneak damage with spells question

Maximum Perception Distance Underground?

At what point on my turn must I use a Standard Action to maintain a Grapple?

Repairing a Construct Rider's Crafted Mount

Parrying a Brilliant Energy weapon - how does this work?

Intelligent Weapon Ego Question

Channel & Fervor

Identifying artifacts

Sorcerer Archetype interaction

+1 Net of Returning

Quick Question: Craft DC

Is it impossible to spear fish in Pathfinder?

can you use attack spells to intimidate?

When do you get an ability?

Tears to Wine spell duration?

Fencing Grace and a thrown rapier?

Familiar Stats

Shield-Trained trait and being non-proficient

Charm Person as a Spell-Like Ability

Dwarf Clerics and BAB

Injured while climbing on the ceiling

[Requesting Rules Clarification] Simulacrum HD, and special abilities

Question on Lunar Oracle's Primal Companion vs Druid's Animal Companion

Can someone explain me Silent Image?

Denied DEX bonus applies to CMD?

Medium and Legendary Influence feats

Kinetic Form not a polymorph effect?

Looking for poster "FallingIcicle"

Bloodrager with mithral full plate

Monster Height & Reach

Quickling+Reduce Person=?

choosing lower level spells for higher level slots

Can someone explain me Whirlwind (Ex)?

Elf Paladin of Torag?

Linnorm bloodline question

Ablative Barrier - Lethal Damage

Metamagic rod

Bloodrager Bloodline Abilities

Monster size and dimensions

Mounted Combat clarification needed..

Protector Familiar Archetype and replacement timing

Anathema Archive

Kitsune's Fast Shifter Alternate Trait and Fox Shape Feat

Scorpion Whip and Sneak Attack

Reach-Rogue - Would that work ?

2 hour / level summoned monsters

summon monster duration

Armor for Centaurs

Aasimar stacking CON bonuses legal?

Melee vs. Ranged Combat Maneuvers, and Swordmaster Tiger Trance?

Archer Fighter's Trick Shot and Ranged Tactic Toolbox's Trick Shooter feat

White Haired Witch & Grapple for PFS Rules Clarification

Animated Objects, Hardness & Energy Attacks

Owl Style usage

Spell eater Fast healing Stacking

Entangling Infusion and flying creatures

Hidden Blade at level 1

Kitsune: Change Shape + Agile question

[FAQ] Razmiran Channel and the Razmiran Priest archetype

Occultist Implements & Resonant powers

Metal Oracle with Instant Armor

What commands are available to undead raised from Animate Dead

Ultimate Intrigue - Wrist Launcher handedness

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