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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

FAQ Request: Feat and ability descriptions to be considered "rules" or "fluff"?

Water Sight Shaman Hex

Armor spikes and two-weapon fighting

Pearl of doesn't work like this does it?

Crafting Spell Lattice prequisites

Can a vampire hide deep in the soil in gaseous form?

The Dark Side of RAI

Possession and Psychic Duel

Negative levels and 'level-dependent variables'

Staves pricing and mechanics

Weapon Specialization and Grapple

How many magic weapons can one be affected by?

Question regarding monks and armor

Animal Companions and Potions

Item creation.

Can a human take "Racial Heritage(Kitsune)" and then benefit from "Fox Shape"?

Crafting rules

Cloning a unwilling target.

GMs, Another Mount Question

[RAW] Astral Projection from outside of Material Plane

[RAW] Simulacrum target

Kitsune and Decoy Familiar Archetype

If an ability affects ALL humanoids, does that include monstrous humanoids?

Quick question about juggler / busker archetypes

Using Quickdraw before / after two handed attacks

Pin Down; 5 foot step as a move action?

Defender of the Society - Legal for PFS?

Soul Warden Questions

decoy familiar with a shapeshifter master

caster DC's and the iconics

Grab and Fly By Attack

Can a Pyrokineticist use Point-Blank Shot and Precise shot?

Quick Block Buckler

how does dragon style feat with a bite attack work?

enlarge person / reduce person discrepency

Rend: Bonus Damage or Separate Damage?

Weapon blanch on non-metal weapons

Tatan Fighter maths confusion

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Rules: Taking Hexes From Others?

Muleback cords question

Black Blade as an Intelligent item

Selective Channeling Question **Minor RotR Spoilers**

Readied Action to Move and Force an AOO vs Enemy Caster

Stacking Energy Damage

Constructs and Negative Levels

Magus' Black Blade and Energy Attunement Stacking

Hamatula Archer

Darkwood Wooden Armor

Using the mount spell underground

Training a Wizard's apprentice

Retraining redundant feats

Can a Familiar end it's bond with the Wizard?

Hamatula strike with an anchoring weapon.

What will dectect magic detect?

Dragoon and Gladiator (Fighter Archetypes)

Shield-Spell: Does it grant its protective effects to attacks from all directions?


Wielding a whip two-handed for 1.5 Str damage?

Unstable Mutagen question

[Occult Adventures] False Medium Archetype Clarifications

Animal companion int 3

Kineticist and Underwater combat questions

Battle Oracles + Grapples

Pscyhosomatic Surge and more negitive hp than con

PoW - Primal Warrior Stance (increased reach?)

Do feats and abilities that apply to "Ranged Weapons" also apply to spells? (FAQ request)

Tier 6 Mythic Ability?

How does Agathion Eidolons, Lay on Hands Items, and this Bracelet interact?

Elemental Strike feat and critical hits

Minor Magical Special Effects

Demonic Obedience

Enchanting Cold Iron Cost

Craft vs Spellcraft

Ring of Ki Mastery and Smite Evil

Favored Class Bonus Question

Empower / Maximize Spell with Telekinesis

Overwhelming Soul and Fire's Fury

A big fat hairy wad of Arcanist questions

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Alchemists performing?

Magic Armor and Mage Armor

Immediate Actions question

Is a revolver a pistol?

XP awards for killing foes multiple times

Limits of Planar Adaptation

How do Unfettered Eidolon hit dice work?

Overrun and Charge

Bleed damage

ARG to wing or not to wing...

Rogues: Underhanded talent and full round attack

Agile Weapon vs Unchained Rogues Finesse

Nightmare spell... how to describe succeeding on a will save?

Rogue Talent Resiliency Vs Aegis of Recovery

Grapple and multi attacks?

Permanent Dispel Good

Unchained Monk and Flurry of Blows with a Double Chain Kama

Polymorph any object and others 7°\8° level polymorph spells

Free action and Grab and Constrict shinanigans

Equipment from summoned creatures

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