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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Fun Question - Can an Ogre Pass Thru The Eye Of A Needle?

Lenses of Detection and hearing based perception checks.

Effects that last untill the end of combat.

Scribing scrolls while doing other things

[ACG] Brawler Questions (close weapon mastery and bashing shield enhancement)

Undersized Mount and Cavalier / Paladin AC?

Slashing grace and sawtooth sabres

increased arcane reservoir size

Cyber-Soldier being vague and unclear

Can you break stealth, attack, move and re-enter stealth in the same turn?

Stealth without bluff check in concealment even if observed?

Tiefling Arcanist: bloodline and fiendish sorcerey

Cave domain, and reflex saves

Hex Glyph (and Greater, obviously)

SM7: Giant Squid and Constrict Damage

Fighting a burrowing creature.

Vital Strike plus Arcanist Acid Jet (Su)

Brawler and Braid of a Hundred Masters

Some Questions about the blink spell

Life Link (Hex, from Shaman) vs Life Link (Revelation from oracle)

Rake when grappling

Merciless Rush Damage Type

Panicked Ruling

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Keen and Rapier Weapon Mastery...

Adopted + Racial Feats

Abyssal Blood,,lesser (New "Blood" rage power) and beast totem, lesser= 4 claw attacks?

[ACG] Brawler - Shield Champion Flurry Question

Axe Musket Blackblade?

Polymorph Any Object for turning into fey, outsiders, aberations, etc

Aid Allies Ability- A new discussion

Sky Druid Armor

herald of the horn rules question

Vermious Hunter focus confusion...

Question about PFS player age rules at Conventions...

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

Shield Champion and Shield Slam

Dirty trick and class feature

Can you use stealth with 20% concealment while observed?

Retraining to feats you didn't qualify for

Signature Deed and non-swashbuckler non-gunslinger archetypes

Mutation Warrior archetype´s "Wings" Not working

Deity's Variant Channeling?

Question Horn of Battle Clarity

Feat After Improved Familiar???

A few feat combo questions

Odd Situation Questions

A curiosity about attacks...

How does one go about suggesting feedback to improve a module?

Large groups of followers / animated dead / summoned creatures ranged attacks questions.

Can paladins worship an evil deity?

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?

Adhesive blood

+1 level of spellcasting class and DC's

Velociraptor Animal Companion starting Ability Scores

Slashing grace and Throwing weapons / swashbukler precise strike and two weapon fighting

Shooting to Find an Invisible Opponent?

Collapsible Trampoline

Studied Combat

Can Inspired Weapon be added to an AoMF?

Ninja trick loop hole (kinda) is this legal

Parrying - does a natural 20 always succeed?

Coming to grips with the grappling rules.

a question about a skill crit

Does "Haunted Fey Aspect" mask / obscure one's own features?

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Beast Shape IV - Coral Capuchin

Savage Skald Song of the Fallen, How does it work?

Unconventional Inspiration

Animal Companion Attacks

Lot going on, need some help...

Adhesive blood

Plume of Penache

Animal Companion Advancement Walkthrough

FAQ Request: Inquisitor Rules

Hunter's Animal Companion and Hunter's Tricks from Skirmisher Ranger Archetype

do these two different dex to damage abilities stack?

Can Arcanist use scrolls to add to their spell book?

Multiple AoO's

Familiars and Touch Spells

White haired witch constrict / grapple size limit?

Hunter Animal Companions and Hunter's Tricks

Sacred Weapon and Whip

Void Wizard School Questions

Can a Magus dipping in Inspired Blade Swashbuckler take Arcane Deed (Inspired Strike)? Would it work with wyroot?

Ranger archetype: Witchguard Defense Charge, how does it exactly work?

Bloodrager Caster Level

Celestial Servant and Vermin Companions[PFS]

ACG: Arcanist School Understanding, continuous school abilities

How does the See Magic exploit work?

Parry & Riposte, AoOs, Flat-footed, & Combat Reflexes

How to resolve automatic fire vs single target?

Does the Rending Claws feat qualify you for Rending Fury line?

Pre-existing Conditions?

2 Arcanist questions:

Can a magus gain the passive benefits of a Swashbucker Deed from Arcane Deed?

Paladin Channel Energy Damage - Pal Lvl -3?

Do splash weapons always hit?

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