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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Incredibly unclear on frostbite touch attacks

Wayfinder + Clear Spindle Ioun Stone

Eldritch Scrapper + Robe of Arcane Heritage

Please Support: Pummeling Style Questions and Complaints

Armor spikes grapple damage automatic?

Elixir of Sex Shift

Humanoid Type proficient with weapons in stat block?

Animal Ally feat, and the ultimate animal companion

Save the Kobolds!

Divine Focuses

can you add the fiendish template to an NPC half elf?

Pummeling Style & Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes

Magic Missile Sneak Attack

some stealth caster Q;s

another new grapple question.

Holding the Charge from a Touch spell and...

Bow Spirit and different ammunition

Divine caster carrying other holy symbols

Is 'designating' an action?

Hex Vulnerability spell and Beneficial Hexes

Pallid Crystal and Bleeding Wounds Oracle revelation?

spells to detect pregnancy / sex of child / father of child

Racial Archtypes taken when not of that race.....

Some Questions About Armor Spikes

Diehard and Nonlethal Damage

Evangelist aligned class with prestige classes

Break spell and constructs / robots?

Evangelist Aligned Class; not actually that good?

Kasathas and Shields

The conditions for Superstition

The CL of newly designed Magic Items

Security Belt - Answered

A couple of rules questions

Mythic Dual Path at 10th Tier

Unsworn Shaman Archetype & Hex - From Advanced Class Guide

Question about Hold Person spell

Hiding a vestigial arm

Rules for Pathfinder Chronicler (Epic tale and more) help

Resilient Brute and Invulnerable Rager

Coordinated Charge + Party of Punishing Kickers

Mythic Racial Heritage (Samsaran) and Mystic Past Life Spells Known

Another Stealth Rules Question

Ninja / Rogue Sneak Attack stacking?

Testing the rules: Primal Companion Hunter

Can you cast Scrye from inside Mage's Private Sanctum?

Shadow Blend (fetchling, shadow mastiff, and summoner archetype)

Fire Breath Rounds Active

Animal companions and mount class features

Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer, Metamagic and Staff of the Master?

Dexterity Damage and Weapon Finesse

Paladins and vermin companions

Archaeologist’s Luck (Ex)

Magical Arrows

Need help finding any text on "Re-flavoring animal companions"

Turning a curse into a "blessing" - Can it be done?

Serpentine Eidolon and belt slot

Secret Signs and does not compute....

Life Shaman, Witch Doctor Archetype : resulting channel energy ?

Haunts and Deathwath

Master Craftsman

Multiple touch spells and spell resistance

Does Evolution Surge stack ?

Craft construct feat useless for 2 levels

Firearms + Silent Kill

Repeating Heavy Crossbow and Endless Ammunition?

How does the Swashbuckler's Dizzying Defense work?

trip options

AOO provoking AOO

Skills as a class feature

Bloodrager and Thunderstomp

Different movement speeds

Elemental / Energy Savant-type prestige class?

Pre-requisite for Undead Master Feat

Skald and "Rage Class Feature"?

What beats mind blank?

Share Spell, Form of the Dragon III on a tiny Familiar.

Tower shield cleric

Barbarian and Dex abilities

What kind of action is the Parry and Riposte for the Swashbuckler deed?

Line in the Sand, burst and duration


Technological Slow-firing Firearms and Dead shot deed

Valet Familiar, Teamwork Feats and RAGE

Multiple Resist Energy Spells. Legal Stacking?

Unforeseen Consequences of Vital Strike and Weaponized Spells

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Bloodrager Barbarian multiclass. How does my Rage work now?

Skald Raging Song Confusion

Savage Inuition question

half giants and over sized weapons

Leathery Dragon Wings

Stacking Martial Flexibility

Is the Cave Domain Darkvision power a 2nd level SLA?

Vanishing trick and level

Can a Druid Bat-Shaman take the trickery domain?

5-foot steps and firearm reloading

Tengu white-haired witch (PFS)

Life Oracle channeling energy and divine focus

Skinsend, Animal companion and armor (barding)

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