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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Where Does One Get Training For A Skill Requiring It?

Kineticist - Regarding blasts and Kinetic Blade / Whip

Race points for 1 / 2 giant's Powerful Build ability

Damage from illusionary creatures

What burning issues are left?

The Protection From Evil spell

Familiar in opened bag of holding

Readied actions: swift, move or free after standard

Domesticate a Plant

The Battle Ladder questions

Klar-i-FAQ-ations are needed on the Klar, Spiked Shield, and more.

Move action

Spell Knowledge, Brew Greater Potion, and other feats

Hand to hand.

Move action

Confused about Magus Spellstrike abilty

Magus Spellstrike

Errata request: It appears my psychic can no longer go to town.

Eldritch Poisoner PFS rules check

Spiked Bashing Shields deal 1d8 or 2d6?

Domain spells and alignment

Lucky you.

issues with favored terrain- underground

Pack Lord and Celestial Servant

Staggering Critical "Stacking"

Ever see someone use Silver Blunt Arrows?

Diehard feat and Nonlethal Damage

Advanced Armor Training

Ranged Attacks VS Ranged Weapons

Sickened Enviroment?

Diehard feat and Guarded Life rage power --- What is the point?

AoMF and melee special abilities that designate "weapon"

Unmanned Mancatcher?

A very basic question about surprise rounds

Polymorph spells on animal companions and natural armor

Is it PFS legal to purchase a Rapier of Venom or a ?

Arrow Eruption (clarification on killing arrow)

Adding new spells or abilities to a staff [Magic Item Creation]

Aberrant Bloodrager, Tumor familiar question

Arcane Archer Imbue Arrow - how do you rule it?

Heighten Spell

Kinetic Blast vs Swarm's weapon damage

unlimited limited wish?

Familiar and bonded object

Eldritch Scion / Magus Question...

Summoning Tiny Creatures in an Oppnent's Space

Using Two Weapon Fighting with Shuriken?

Shield Proficient and Weapon Finessing

Is it possible to have a Vigilante identity look like different race then what you are?

Another Versatile Performance Question, with Savant Trait

Deeper Darkness in a Scroll Case = "Flashdark"?

does favored enemy stack with favored terrain?

Is it possible to have a Vigilante identity look like different race then what you are?

Does Dream Feast Provide for a Full Day?

How long is a day of work?

eidolon questions

Snakes and wildshape

Cooperative Crafting accessibility

Can a Badger AC with 3 Int take Feats that require Rage?

Grappling + Blink

Channel Force question

Mythic Tier Ability "Divine Source"

Trap the Soul on an Astral Projection?

Taunt and Bluff typing

Break & Sundering

Invisibility, line of effect, concentration spells

Ultimate Intrigue - Wrist Launcher handedness

Quick Channel + Raven's Flight?

Cavaliers and horse charge

mancatcher, Lasso, or net?

Sundering Wayfinders?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Does Mithral Breastplate count as light or medium armor in reference to the fleet feat?

surprise melee attack ..... what does it mean?

Are Ninjas Rogues?

variant multiclassing

Improved Tumor Familiar?

Sanctuary and Disabled

Yay, another polymorph based question

Seize the Moment - Must the triggering ally threaten the target?

paladins detect evil, is it a standard action to active and once activated can be used as a move action?

Pregen Characters (PFS Legal)

Sap Adept / Master and Ranged Weapons

Animal Companions

Armor and Replacing Flurry of Blows

Animal Companion levels with no-Animal-Companion Druid?

Calculating Dwarf HP

Honey anyone?

Dhampir and Polymorph effects

Reposition Bonuses

Whirlwind attack multiple times in 1 round?

So what exactly happens with the Shaitan Genie's Stone Curse?

What book has the rules for the Dusty Rose Prism

Can a broken wayfinder be fixed?

improved eldritch heritage ?

Golems & Construction Points

Leaping Mounts: Jump check?

Bolas and ranged trip attacks

is Bless a valid spell for a potion?

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