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Rules Questions

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New Player: Cost of magical enhancements.

Rogue / thug with enforcer and Boar Ferocity

Errata or houserule Dragon Ferocity for a Monk of the Four Winds

Emergency Force Sphere while Grappled

Summoner Eidolon : Charge + Reach evolution + Pounce evolution

Reduce person and halved armor bonuses

a falcon on a cloudy day

Can samurai / fighter Monk THF and TWF if I do this? It's for PFS

Goblin Foolhardiness & unarmed monk

Evasion, Improved Evasion, and Nowhere to Run

Scatter Weapon Quality and Weapon Abilities

Question about bloodline and the Eldritch Heritage feat

Use Magic Device, nat 1 and a failure

Rod of empower spell and Simulacrum

Aasimar Wings vs. Recorporeal Incarnation

Pharasma' domains

Variant Channeling: when does it harm, when does it heal?

succubus damage question

Retraining Sorcerer into a Summoner

Multitalented Mastery

Readying action question

Improved Familiar - Reskinning with mechanics allowed?

Would this magic item allow early feat access?

Can you make an AoO / Combat Manuever with a Shield?

How do you work out a multiclassed character's BAB?

Equipping the constructs...

Large template on summoned creature?

Mythic Arcane template

What's the difference between Race Traits and Racial Traits.

Multiple effects simultaneous

Tiefling Lore Warden character concept

Mithril Armors and Armor Check Penalties.

[Ultimate Camp] Retraining and Witches

How do you learn a spell so you can always subsitute if for another spell?

Speed Weapon and extra attack from KI pool

Sash of the War Champion vs Weapon Master archetype

Invisible lead box

Coaxing hideous laughter?

Powerful Build Question:

Change size by 2 catergories?

Monk Question

Conjuration paradox: aquatic and flying summons and suggested fix

A question concerning Rebuke Death

Taking 10 on Spellcraft rolls

Splash weapons - Full-Round Action?

Monk of four winds question

PFS: Multiattack & PC's

Amulet of Mighty Fists and Wild Shaping Druid

Ring of magic fang?

Kitsune Barbarian

Forbidden schools question

Improved familiar for a neutral wizard

Enlarge / Reduce Person Question

Combining touch attacks.

Aqueous orb + Geyser

Elf blood, orc blood, racial heritage

Magic Fang on temporary natural attacks that are lost then renewed?

Dhampir Cleric and Channel Smite

Combination Armor

Several plant based spell questions.

Human Fighters and their Favored Class Bonus

Iron Body

Gaining Hero Points

Aasimar / Tieflings jumping into ELdritch Knigh @ 6th?

Wild Shaping Multiple Times

Monk ki leech

Before roll is revealed abilities

What does Freedom of movement do?

Combining Detect Undead and Knowledge Religion

Question on combat manuevers...

Dazing spell and buffs

While we're debating black blades...

Any rules for Mass / Mounted combat for huge creatures?

Replacing the bonded item of a Bonded Witch (ARG)

Scabbard of Vigor - query

Take 10?

Can someone voluntarily fail a Ref, Fort, or Will save?

Wounds and Vigor and Oozes.

Question about the wording of "Allies"

Is this legal? (summoner build)

The Sea Singer's Familiar

Save DC for ability drain

Wild-Shaping Eidolon

Eleven Lore Keeper and Arcane Failure chance.

Will a Champion of Irori join a party with Chaotic members

Bonus Spells with both Arcane / Divine

White hair and prehensile hair, both at once.

Dimensional Savant+Precise strike

Merciless Rush feat

Can I put a permanent gust of wind in a box?

Silvanshee Fly Skill

Do Metamagic rods work on wands?

Oracles and learning spells

Thrown rodent plus sneak attack?!

Fighting defensively + combat expertise?

Plant shape and vital strike

UCamp - Kingdom Building Spreadsheets

Question About Critical Focus Feat

Sorcererer arquetype crossblooded.

Everflowing Aspergillum, for rogue or alchemist?

19,801 to 19,900 of 52,304 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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