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Rules Questions

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Mummer's Ruff, Bluff, and Disguise

Does Elf or Aasimar favored class Oracle bonus affect the Animal Companion revelations?

Tidepool Dragon Familiar

Racial SLA, are they always HD= Caster level?

DD progresses both bloodlines?

How does the Fly spell work in terms of the subject carrying other PCs?

Wand rules question..

Does the Courageous Property Enhance All Morale Bonuses?

If I used Polymorph any Object...

Magic Item Pricing: Muleback Chords v. Heavyload Belt

Monster Grab Ability - Multiple Active Grapples?

Swallow Whole, Cutting Free

Harrow Reading

Vestigial arms number of attacks

Magi, Spellstrikes, and Mounted Combat

Can a creature standing on the ground be tripped, even if it is capable of flying?

Adding multiple Abilities to Magic Arms and Armors

pcs upset....character died and feel that rules are wrong

Double move fly, run fly...

Flying and Running

Rules Clarification: Flexible Counterspell (Mythic)

Detonate Spell from the APG

Grand Beastform Mutagen / Beast Shape III special ability DCs?

Tekko-Kagi and Monks

Can PCs with special attacks take Ability Focus?

Equipment and the PRD

Cost of Large Mithril Chain Shirt Barding for Nonhumanoid? 1,400gp or 4,400gp?

Doea a nat 20 confirm a crit?

Question on Domain spell slots

falling damage + petrified

question about adaptive comp bow enchants

Archer (Fighter Archetype) Trick Shot and CMB

Question about Hero's Defiance

Pyrotechnics and Eye Aversion.

Playing an Abomination

Fire Trail + Fly interaction

"The Unicorn monk" or "Monstrous Mounts with Class"

duellist's vembraces and sword and board?

As a spellslinger, what is the point of having two arcane guns?

Casting Defensively with CL increasing Feats / Traits

Conditions with -2 ac and loss of dex

A question for James; Flurry of Blows with 4 arms?

Single Attack Ranged Feats

Diety favored weapon: unarmed strike

Mythic and Multi Weapon Fighting

Revisiting Two-Handed Weapons and Armor Spikes

Assume Control (Infernal Binder) - Standard action?

Question about Klar and Shield Mastery

Consecrated ranged weapons

Telekinesis: Hurling Creatures

Destructive Smite+Optimistic Gambler

Can large burrowing creatures be partially exposed?

Confused about half-elves

metamagic feats to spells

Newb Question(s) Regarding Mob Stat BLock

PFS and (character) use of controlled substances

Spike stones and spell resistance?

Multi-class cavalier and "catching up" the mount

Question about a dryad's oak tree

Multiple attacks, grab, and constrict- Wolves in sheeps clothing

No Arcane NPC classes?

Is there a way for Oracles to use Wisdom as their primary stat?

Stealth and Attacking

Feral Gnasher bite

Ring of Spell Knowledge- How would this work?

Scar Hex Line of Sight / Effect still required?

Wyvaran Dragon Disciple?

Attack of Opportunity on an ally, rules question

Swan Boat Feather Token

shield + shield spell

Whip Trip Dex

Casting on the Defensive

Demoralize and Fear Immunity / Bonuses

Can a good cleric summon a demon or devil?

Reroll knowledge checks after knowledge increase

FAQ request--legendary item's teleport ability

Touch and Ranged Touch Spells

Brewing any old potion with Brew Potion?

Question Regarding Jumping as part of a Move Action

Adding Enchantments to Specifics

Polymorph question

Special Material Weapon Hardness

Merciful Healing question

Question about multiple Acid Arrows and Resistance.

Using stingchucks

Suffications spell and healing

Bardic performance question

Crane Wing vs. Large and bigger attacks

Arcane Blast and Vital Strike

Gloves of Arcane Striking Question

Can witch's familiar use wands?

Maiden to swan

+4 temporary increases to Strength: How does it work? FAQ or Errata in the Core book or NPC Codex?

Can one wield spiritual weapon?

Cavalier Mount and Druid Animal Comp?

Quirky Dhampir Synthesist Questions

Witch veiled illusionist

Oil, Alchemist's Fire, and their interaction

+1 to existing spellcaster question

Help with training druid animal companion as mount

19,801 to 19,900 of 54,566 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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