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Rules Questions

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Adventure Path Magic Items

How does a Synthesist qualify for Multiweapon Fighting?

Alternate Favored Weapon

How does the Huntmaster Cavalier work with Mammoth Rider?

Fire Snake question

Haste Spell

Can you cure Feeblemind with Break Enchantment?

Another question about Protection from evil

What is my effective barbarian level with the viking Archetype? I am level 12

Ranger Combat Style Feats

Summoned creatures

Gravewalker Witch question

Stealth and Invisibility, version 2.0

Charge and Reach weapons

Rat familiar and master's linguistics skill

Bolts of Bedevilment and other Campaign Setting domain spells

animated shield question

Construct Armor question

Synthesist with no hands?

Mounts and Snakes

Witch Hexes; Scar + Blight ?

Green Slime

Acrobatics check to move through threatened square

Trumpet Archon free action trumpet and AoO

magic circle v. evil

Shadowdancer Shadow Companions, Grave Knight Undead Mastery

Where is "Elemental Strike" defined in Pathfinder?

Horrific Appearance Aura and multiple saves

Does the anger inquisition improved RAGE

Clarification on using a metamagic rod...

Enforcer, Thug and Unarmed Strike

Alchemist - Ability damage

Counter song questions

Fluff rules question on craft skill (for Society Play)

Ultimate Combat - monk styles bonus feat

Words of Power

When does Alchemist stack with Master Chymist?

Rekindling the invisibility debate

Belier's Bite and Natural Attacks

Negative affinity and negative energy attacks

Pathfinder Iron Weapon (Oracle) what action?

Draconic Bloodline, Claws and Magic Fang

summon monster 4 - fiendish grizzly bear?!

Eldritch Knight+Magus

Fast bombs- can you use bombs with other weapons as part of a full attack

Mechanics of the Magus' Spellstrike

Rage Prophet questions

Small two-handed weapons wielded by a medium size character

Does Magic Fang Stack?

Words Of Power: Selected Target Word--Ranged Touch or Save?

Weapon properties

Bladebound Magus + Wizard

Summoned monsters and shadow conjuration

Intelligent weapons and DR / Good?

Multiple Spell Focus & words of power

Alchemist: Is it possible to sunder carried bombs or extracts?

Overlapping Riders

Trap help

Magus Spell Combat, AoO?

When does your animal companion get bigger

Invisibility and Stealth

Sorcerer Casting Quickened Dimension Door

Coup de grace vs Temp HP / DR

Monster Attack Question

Racial Heritage vs Racial Archetypes

Underwater rocket bombs

Character generation question

Channel questions

Retrieving weapon while prone

Mutli-class Question: Ranger (Falconer) + Druid w / Eagle Domain

Dragon Disciple / Sorceror Bloodline question

Multiple suggestion spells

Two Weapon Defense

Granting free feats to allies?

Social Trait: "Adopted"

Metamagic & Words of Power

Can a druid take Improved Natural Weapon

Darkwood Buckler...

Evil cleric healing

Summoned Creatures and Special Attacks

Sorcerous Bloodstrike question

Paladin's Aura of Courage Justice + Smite from other source.

Trait - Bent body

Combat maneuvers with cleave?

PFS ruling on Horzon Walker Terrain Dominace Favored Enemy mechanics

Carpet / Broom of flying in combat

Radiant Charge and Damage Multipliers.

Eagle Shaman + Animal Domain + Bonded Companion = Roc AC?

Chakrams, two weapon fighting, and rapid shot

Annoyance with a Munckin

Ranger Witchguard skirmisher?

Bastard Sword, Two-Handed Fighter Archetype, and Overhand Chop

[Mechanics Question]: Explain Dervish Dancer please!

Undetectable Alignment spells and Cleric Auras

Wizard Familiars

Guarded Life and Invulnerable rager

Grapple, greater

What happens to skills and feats when you wild shape?

Question about an application of Wish

Stalwart / Improved Stalwart errata?

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