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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Rules Questions

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Blind monk

Feat: Orc Weapon Expertise

Class features and feat prereqs.

Waking up from Slumber / Sleep spell

Pummeling Style; One hit or Many

Adjacent for Tiny and smaller

Monk of the Four Winds: Slow Time + Unfolding Wind Rush

familiar touch Q

Can technological arms and armor be enchanted?

"Soothsayer’s Raiment" & extra armor

Spell Like Ability Level

Steel Hound and Studied Combat / Strike

Aid Allies (Order of the Dragon) question

Clarification for Wizard Teleportation School

Ring of Regeneration Clarification

Empower Metamagic feat with Gravity Bow

Arcane Trickster questions

Is this infinite Ki?

"Second wind stacking"

Some confusion on treasure values

Bow, Guns and Bucklers

Detect Magic Vs. Invisibility

Divine Source

Feral Combat Training: Weapon Adapt Monk

Kip Up, Being Tripped From An AoO, Can You Continue Your Move?

Divine Transfer

Opportune Parry and Riposte against a full round attack

Mythic Bleeding Critical

Constructs and Disbelief

Bloodrager Spell list expanded by Advanced Class Origins?

Will these work together?

Gloves and Hands. Oh, and gloves again. Did I mention hands?

Move, Action, Move.

Custom magic items - Mechanic tools +10

Is Grease flamable?

writing scrolls with higher level spells than your own

2 AOO's for acquire / drinking potion?

Sunder potion for attack of opportunity?

scrolls and spell books

Bit of Luck

Spells with different descriptors then the normal spell.

Rapid Preparation Clarification

Entering Somebody's Dream

Question: Conjuration Teleport School + Magical Knack

Can a wizard make arcane scrolls of divine spells?

Is Intimidate a "fear effect"

Magic Missile vs. Animated Object

Gravity Sphere Combo

Spell-Like Abilities times per day

paladin divine bond question

Feinting vs. Rouge

How do Jaunt Boots work?

Heighten spell with metamagic level reduction

Vorpal Weapons and Automatically Confirmed Critical Hits

Adaptive Bow Clarification

Energy Resistance and Immunity

Theologian Cleric with the Animal domain and Boon Companion feat

Two weapon fighting

Using Planar Binding to summon petioners

Powerful Pummeling Charge

Shield Companion... two differet spells, same name

Using Planar Binding to kill summoned creatures

Swashbucker parry and touch attacks

Mutagen archetypes, Mutagenic Touch, and the Master Chymist

Random Encounters Clarification [Rise of the Runelords Spoilers]

Eye for Talent and Bladebound

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?

Tiny Creatures, Flanking and Occupying the same square

Paladin of one God, cleric of another?

Kitsune Magic and spell like abilites

How does Pummeling Style interact with Sneak Attack?

Targeting the hinges on a door using Magic Missile

Wish-Fabricate Magic Item

Smite Evil and Low Charisma

Spirit Guide Oracle and Spirit Whisperer Wizard: Two Seperate Spirits or one?

parry and dodging panache same round

Arcane Duelist (wizard one) + Arcane Reservoir DC bonuses

Using multiple meta magic.

Power Attack and Double Slice

Armor and Robe

Resizing magic weapons and armor

Jabbing Style + Feral Combat Training

Wind Strike

Pack Flanking Feat and Animal Companions

Deliquescent Gloves

Ranger Archetype Question

WHW's Prehensile hair and Final Embrace

Do you have an AoO against a trip attempt if you already used your AoO this round?

Improved Trip with a Whip- do I draw an AO?

animal companions in PFS

Potion and Scrolls, rules and Antimagic Field

Magus: Spellstrike with Wand of Enervation

Magic item creation and CL associated for the CD calculation

Blade Adept Arcanist

Does a caster know a charm person failed?

Non-ogl monsters?

Monkey Lunge

Change Shape (Su) and gaining abilities

Early Entry Mystic Theurge and Lore Oracle

Tripping barbarian cheese

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