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Rules Questions

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Correct me if I am wrong

What is immune to crits? Incorporeals?

Faith and Paladin's

Foresight School

trip weapons and attacks of opportunity & sweeper kobold tail attachment

Disruptive Spell Question

Monk questions

Reloading Hands and a Revolver

Mage Armor against Touch Attacks


Dimensional Hop and a five foot step

Summon Eidolon (Sp) + Spell Perfection

Question on characters information gathering in combat

Sunder vs. Golems / Gargoyles

Aerial Mounted Archery

Alignment restrictions for rangers

Concealment and Healing

Crafting and Professions Questions

Spellblade / Two athames?

Arcane Bond and Spell Slots

Summoner Synthesist and a Ring of Enlarge Person

Somewhat experienced DM with some questions

Noob GM with a few questions

Monk Weapon Group Question

Tieflings, Fiendish Heritage, and Oversized Limbs

Shirt of Immolation + Wild Shape / polymorph?

A curious pondering

Hellcat Pounce and Surprise Attack

Double / Two Handed Weapon clarification

Can Wands be recharged?

Hex Strike

Dagger of Doubling questions!

White Hair Witch, hair question, can they manipulate objects?

Faerie Dragon Familiar "base" stats

Doctrine worship and favored weapons.

Natural Weapons: Melee weapons or not?

Undead Anatomy, Mutagen, and Feral

How long does it take to craft a mithral chainmail +1 ?

Wizard Starting Skills

Alchemist Archetypes in PFS

Countering Withdraw Spam

Eidolon - stacking damage increases?

Vital Strike, Grapple and Constrict

Equipment Trick (Steer Opponent) & needed hands

gear (not armor or weapons) for incorporeal creatures

Non-magical cold iron weapons only cost twice as much, correct?

Do you need a free action to switch to or need to have applied two-weapon penalities to use Spiked Armor in an AoO?

Natural Attacks and Reach

Wall of Thorns and Woodland Stride

Two Weapon Fighting Action: Full / Standard?

The Shadowstaff

Flanking clarification

Pathfinder Chronicler - two versions?

Animal Companions: RAW?

Dimensional Monk Build

Shield as Weapons

Improving grapple CMB?

Burrowing Earth Elementals, Summoners, and Move Earth

Can Vicious Stomp be used to Disarm or Sunder?

Elemental Form X?

Eldritch Heritage and FAQ - Yes to Wildblooded?

Gunslinger Pistolero and Zen Archer questions

Does a character need to identify something as a favored enemy to get the bonus?

Silence and saves

Hag coven exactly 3 or at least 3 hags?

What other feats besides whats listed can be used with Spell Perfection?

Irresistible + Misfortune

Free Actions during Attacks of Opportunity

Noticing a failed save

hex crafter and a reach hair...

Shield Bash proficiency?

Shatter and breaking an item

Marid bloodline and Ice Magic

A little question about Sneak Attack and the Suprise Spells class feature

Full round actions?

Double header question challenge!! Chain of Perdition and Magus's Pool Strike

Inquisitor with 2 or 4 judgements active at a time?

Magus / Alchemist cross-class, Vestigial Arms, two-handed weapons, and shield madness

Defensive Parry (Aldori) discrepancy

Pale Stranger, Stranger's Shot

Racial Heritage questions

Alternate Tiefling Origins

Aqueous Orb Question?

Android RP not adding up?

Sneak Attack, touch spells, and metamagic.

Calculating Hardness and HP

Grappling with a whip?

Greatclub and shillelagh

Grapple and Sneak Attack (not what you think)

Beast-Bond Brand

1 Spell per round limit?

Resilient Sphere + Call Lightning & Others

Black Puddings and Item Damage

Curing Lycanthropy

Double crossbow and vital strike

Dispel Magic, "spell's caster level" question


Natural Attacks

Weapon abilities and enhancment bonuses

Double Slice and Power Attack

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