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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Noqual from Second Darkness

chill touch and strength damage duration

The classic domino bookcase... OF DOOM

Adding racial hit dice to monsters

Can I ready Fly-by Attack? / how to ambush my players with the following scenario?


Stacking Bodyguard and saving shield

Clarification question.

PDF Books

Can you spell research and craft magic items at the same time?

"Pack Attack" Teamwork Feat: Ambiguous, Unusable?

Does enlarge affect AoO?


Shuriken Ninja - 7 Attacks at Lvl. 8?

Boar style when two unarmed strike hit the same target

Undead Anatomy Inconsistencies

Damage Reduction and advancing a monster

Power Attack and Iteratives

Oracle Safe Curing + Fractions of Heal and Harm

Bonus languages from other regions?

Need help with boon

Any way for a Druid to learn Cleric spells?

Smite Evil....who can it be used against.

Pathfinder 25: The Bastards of Erebus

Klar, light shield, and casting question in one (oh dear)

Reflex and Dodge

Eidolon Subtypes

Another Alchemist question.

Reincarnate -- legalized cheese?

Shaping Focus

Wood Shape

Net question

spellslinger+wands / scrolls

How is a Dancing Weapon supposed to work?

Synthesist level dip

Bleeding Touch (death domain ability) and crits

Adhesion vs FoM

Outsider Attacks and DR / Alignment.


Loremaster clarification question.

Improved Overrun while mounted

Tieflings get the short end?

Wizard and Point Blank Shot question.

Removing and regaining a Nacreous Gray Sphere

Alchemist "Spell Casting"

Does Stalwart work with Stonelord?

Traits or race traits(blood of angles)

Question about Empathic Healing

Vital Strike attack roll bonus

Shields and Enhancements

Crafting Inferior Ioun Stones

True Seeing Limitations

monster standard attack

Antiplague during onset

Can non-evil undead exist?

Elemental Aura and Invisibility

Summoner troubles

Water Walk spell and being pulled into liquid...

Treasure values that go off the charts.

Can you use Archery while Raging?

Aura of Prescience question...

What possible use is "Deflect Arrows" to a Zen Archer?

Oracle Life link questions

how many feats would i have......

Overrun / Trample combat manuever when mounted

Brass Knuckles and Improved Unarmed Strike

Monk Archetypes and stunning fist.

Construct Armor questions

Wild Arcana, does applying metamagic feats increase casting time?

Furious Focus and Lance

Werebat-kin Skinwalker Bat Shape Feat Clarification

Question About The Witch's Spelllist

Why don't we see everyone with weapons enchanted with anti-magic Field?

KM: Rivers Run Red Broken Magic Weapon Question

Wooden swords

Gunslinger, reload, and 5 foot step

Elemental Ray

Can a druid take the Awesome Blow feat?

Punishing Kick Question


Newbie Question about Weapons, +1 and Damage

Judgement and Nauseated

Legendary Item

Deadly Range / Melee

Mounted character versus prone opponent

Gunslinger question...because I'm confused

Kensai - Iaijutsu

Graveknight's sacrilegious aura and the consecrate spell

Saving throws for multiple round attacks

How many ranks can you put into a single skill per level?

magical knack + monk???

Shaman Life Link Ability

Are there Any Cavalier or Samurai feats

Elemental Body Questions

Aid Another and Concealment

Earning capital with rooms / teams

Strangler, Rapid Grappler, and the Rogue / Grappler Build.

Named armors and barding

Disguise: Minor details only

Is vision of madness a mind effect?

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