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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Touch spell on a grappled target

Alchemist Immolation bomb discovery

Chain Lightning and Evasion / Spell Resistance

UMD question

Domain Abilities & Unarmed Strike

Do an "official half-fey" exist?

Spell Targets and Invisible Creatures

Diagonal reach, skipping through diagonal threatened areas, and other antics

Sorcerer with a Spellbook: Spells Known?

Awaken Animal Companion Question

question about centaur

special material to make one-handed weapon light?

Bastard swords, one handed get 1.5 x Str?

Question about Dominate Person

Two-Weapon Feint and Improved Two-Weapon Feint, what's the difference?

Multiple energy types and energy resistance

MW boni for Dan Bong - does it apply to grappling

Kingdom Rules in Ultimate Campaign

Rapid Shot vs. Manyshot

Ranged weapon enchantments

Saving Feat Slots?

Dragon style for my mount


Question on a Chakram Wielding Pain Taster

spell creation.....magical transference.

Extra-planar refrigeration

Footprint of a horse on the map?

Monk of Four Winds and Vital Strike?

Magic Jar and taking over a fighter in the party

DR / -

Quick one on Climb Speeds

Player trying to break Holy Vindicator

Monsters with class levels

Can an Eidolon learn awesome blow in pfs

Change Shape for Thanatotic Titan

Questions about Slayers Brand

Trample (Combat) feat needs errata

Simulacrum Questions

Alter self Paragon Surge

Stone to Flesh - what kind of flesh?

Ride By Attack + Spring Attack

Saurian Druid Options

Vestigial arms question. Would this allow you to make attacks with your Vestigial Arms

Squeezing and 5 ft steps


Chevalier & Smite Evil

Chevalier PrC Clarification

drugs vs. immunities

Any difference between "denied Dexterity" and attacker "ignoring Dexterity"?

Race Builder & Medium Sized Quadrupeds

A wizard's "known spells" versus "the spells in his spellbook"

Druid animal companion Camel's spit

Burning Sphere vs Earth Elemental

Swift actions during other actions

Can an NPC dismiss a PC Aasimar / Tiefling?

mystical healer

Feral combat training question

Ninja - Advanced Talents

Controlled Rage and Spellcasting

Does a Witch Hex require verbal and / or somatic components?

Question regarding familiars...

Arcane Bond, NPCs, and Wealth By Level

Blink and grapple

Magic Item Creation and CL

Quick Q: Can a wraith see a priest using etherealness?

Vestigial arms and wielding weapons

Questions (Flaming Sphere, Suli's Shockshield, Energy Body, Spellbinder wizard)

Animal Companion Archetypes and Plant Companions(Treesinger)

Ripsaw Glaive Question

Spring Attack while mounted

Transformative Shield

Animal Companions Additional list access.

Stupid Question about the Sleep spell

Ultimate Campaign and teams

That horse won't charge Monsignor...

Feral Combat Training, Dragon Style and Secondary natural attacks.

Multiple Intimidate Rounds. Do They Stack?

Cestus, Hanbo and Temple Sword

Variant Channelling & Positive / Harm or Negative / Heal

Vampires and the ethereal plane

level 7 character eguals CR?

Treesinger Druid

Leveling Up: Skill ranks as Feat Prerequisites

Barbarian rage power question

A few questions regarding illusion magic (let's set the record straight)

Archon Style, Cad, and Hold the Blade.

Magus Quick-Draws a 2H Weapon?

Is there any way to increase the uses / day of a SLA?

Can swarms move through a Wall of Thorns? Specifically creeping doom.

Improved critical Bastard sword

Titan Mauler & Massive Grip

Multiple channel sources

Narrow Frame + Mammoth Rider

create pit and environmental hazards....

How many rounds does it take a character to put up a tent?

Creating an Obscure Magic Item

How to determine how much a person can mine? Profession (miner) ?

Reducing crafting time

Holy tactician + battlefield presence + stealth synergy + lookout feat

Shadow Mastiffs and Panicked

19,801 to 19,900 of 49,940 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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