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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
1 Handed Reach weapon - possible?

Hung up on a Summon Monster rule

PFS Ruling Required: Two-Weapon Fighting & Multiweapon Fighting

Adjudication Query - Cloudkill

Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath

recharging wands

attacks of opportunity and ranged weapons and a monk

PFS, Aasimar and the Animal Companion revelation.

Arcanist (Advanced Class) and - mnemonic enhancer (spell)

Bioconstruct brain and gaining feats

Switching targets with ride by attack

What does a Phylactery of Negative Channeling do

Hexing runes question

Hexes and "caster level"

bigger weapons

Deadly Dealer and Enhancements

Can you animate dead on a defeated undead creature?

Eldritch Knight's Diverse Training and Arcane Discoveries

Would a plant creature wildshaped into an animal lose its plant traits?

Question About Table 8-1 Size Modifiers - usually already built into stat block?

Shrink item question corpse and animated zombie?

Does a Lore Warden with Pragmatic Activator get UMD as a class skill? Can he spend his bonus skill points on UMD?

Totem Guide Companion Archetype: Spiritual Guidance and Spontaneous Casters

Summoner: Eidolon Evolutions

Rest and light activity.

Martial Artist + Qinggong Monk

Careful Combatant trait

Arcane Bond question

Colossal cannons and pocket catapults

Inquisitor multiclass archetypes?

Can i choose not to take a feat at level 9?

Grapple - Tie Up

Animal companion

FAQ: Clerics, Druids, and Spontaneous Casting

Flurry of Blows with a two-handed weapon is still +3 from power attack, right?

Charging Hurler Question

Ultimate Campaign cost to retrain archetypes

No enhancement bonus just gold?

Reversing Kingdom rules for an insurrection campaign?

I have a question about the 5 ft. step HELP

Tactician Collective and Undead

Kitsune Bard question

Power Attack Question

Psionics question(unsure if it belongs here)

Alchemist rule contradiction in RAW

Disarming with a tailed tiefling

Megalania companions

Being a Werewolf and Undead (probably vampire) in Pathfinder?


Bard + Improved Eldritch Heritage (New Arcana)

Words of power barrier target word question

Light Ray - standard or full attack?

How does DR work? Layman terms please...

Magic Arrows as melee weapons

Can you hold a weapon in your mouth instead of putting it away?

Can Stone Call detect invisibility?

Wreath of Blades clarifications / omissions / etc.

Attack Bonuses with Dimentional Combat

Complicated Animal Companion question

Can a 1st Level Inquisitor use a Bane Baldric?

Spellstrike with a Foe-Biting Legendary Item

Movement reduction due to armor type and weight

Draconic Paragon. How many times a day after Paragon for Kobold bloodline?

Advanced Race Guide: Draconic Breath (Kobold racial feat)

Dragon Style question

Is the Gang Up feat combinable with the Ranged Flank feat?

Lvl 14 Sorcerer with 33 fireballs / day

Plague Zombies and Death Burst

Animal Companion Feat

Sever body parts

Manyshot with Impr. Precise Shot?

Can one use "bit of luck" on knowledge skill checks?

New crane riposte and snake fang.

Do Farms Require Roads?

Endure Elements inconsistency?

Magus Spellstrike: Holding the weapon with both hands, and Critical hit Deck interaction

Aquatic Creatures, Natural Attacks, Combat Maneuvers, and their interaction with Underwater Combat

Launching Crossbow and Reloading

Multiclass spell question??

Potions and alcohol

Rule on Redirection (EX)

Magus / Phalanx Soldier combo

Can you cast a spell on a target if you're blinded by a readied action?

sensei rulebending

Possess Object and Animate Objects

Spell Touch Attacks + Grapple

Furious Finish + Flash of Rage (mythic path ability), also FF + Vital Strike

Would the Powerful Blaster Builds Out There Effectively Ruin Lootable Equipment?

Wildshape Question

Alchemist Added bombs via int boosting?

Can someone explain the great Crane Wing debacle to me?

Ronin Samurai using Resolute, Way of the Samurai, and Cap of the Free Thinker

Ambush (Bandit archetype ability) + Snap Shot rogue talent

Timeless Planes and Preparing Spells

Corset of Dire Witchcraft bonus to hex DCs

Rules Question: Understanding Ability-Based Save DC?

AO's and the Kyoketsu Shoge

Deity Favoured Weapon: Unarmed Strike

Does Phase Locking include Limning?

Dragon disciple

19,801 to 19,900 of 57,085 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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