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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules Questions

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Share Spell, Form of the Dragon III on a tiny Familiar.

Tower shield cleric

Barbarian and Dex abilities

What kind of action is the Parry and Riposte for the Swashbuckler deed?

Line in the Sand, burst and duration


Valet Familiar, Teamwork Feats and RAGE

Unforeseen Consequences of Vital Strike and Weaponized Spells

Bloodrager Barbarian multiclass. How does my Rage work now?

Skald Raging Song Confusion

Savage Inuition question

half giants and over sized weapons

Leathery Dragon Wings

Is the Cave Domain Darkvision power a 2nd level SLA?

Can a Druid Bat-Shaman take the trickery domain?

5-foot steps and firearm reloading

Tengu white-haired witch (PFS)

Life Oracle channeling energy and divine focus

Skinsend, Animal companion and armor (barding)

Shield, Throwing: Does this equipment property really work this way?

Origami Swarm - Full round or standard action?

Masterwork Arrow Price?

Resist Energy / Protection From Energy interaction

Multiclassed Inquisitor / Warpriest and Inquisitions

Wild Shape and Divine Casting

Harrow Warden using a Klar

Critical hits with penatilties for damage.

Targeting shot and grapples

Signature dead and Sharp Shoot ?

Extra Rage Rounds

Question on Armies and Settlements in Ultimate Campaign


Elixer of Sex Shift / Girdle of Opposite Gender +Lashunta?

Question about Hold Person spell

Custom Monstrous Humanoid Race as a PC question

Orc Trail Rations

question about arcane concordance and scrolls

Casting one round spell from a wand.

Infernal Bloodrager

ACG: Strength Blessing for Warpriest

rules clarification on named bullet

White-haired Witch, Multiple Grapples and Final Embrace

Animals in the Wild (rules supplement)

ACG / Core: AC Bonus Debacle - 2 interesting responses.

Wish and time travel

Ability Modifiers - typed bonuses?

Power attack, Furious focus, and cleave question

Sending (spell) vs Disguise

Is the shaman supposed to have spiritual ally?

How much does a mithril / darkwood longspear cost?

Spell Turning vs Dispel Magic-Fight!!!

Regaining Inspiration

detective bard performance question

Bag of corpse ferrying for keeping meat fresh?

Mystic Theurge Early Entry, non-cleric

Fly Speed Stacking question

Divine Source, Deific Obedience, and the Evangelist / Exalted / Sentinel prestige classes

Improved Familiar question, possibly stupid

Community Skalds or Rage Without Drawbacks?

Animal Ally and multi-classing to get an Animal Companion

Using a trip weapon?

Exhaustion and speed bonus

Base Attach Bonus Question

Touch AC bonuses and Standard AC

ACG Blessing: Air

gun slinger / swashbuckler and signature deed

Flying overrun?

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Ring of Spell Storing, does it offer only one casting of a spell?

Healing Bomb questions

Daze confusion

Question about attack of opportunity

Mithral Bard in agile breast plate how bad the spell failure?

Deathless Zealot and the Destined Bloodline

Seriously Though,...

Beginner Magic Weapon Question

Swashbuckler AoO Question

Cure Being a Wight

Pummeling Style+Feral Combat Training+Martial Versatility=?

next new thought

Regarding interrupted rest

Adopted Racial Traits questions

Mysterious Stranger - Maximum Grit


Subdomains and prerequisites

Chakram Modification Question

Clarification of Net Properties for PFS

walls and critical hits

Blessed Human / Halfling Relationship?

Should This magic weapon ability apply to more?

Questions about a couple of Swashbuckler magic items

Template Questions

Oread Fleshgem Spikes and Wearing a Cloak of Resistance

Bard Archivist Lore Master question

Kyoketsu shoge - what the what?

Cyclops Flash of Insight vs Swashbuckler's parry

scrolls & caster level checks

Does Luring Cavalier's Far Challenge benefit from Order bonus to challenge?

White Haired Witch Hair

Using a bow while flying

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