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Rules Questions

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Twin Soul: What if I don't want to leave?

Words of Power and Expanded Arcana

How Do Base Classes (specifically inquisitors) recover spells?

Targeting using Cone Templates

Dazing: What is immune to it?

Familiars and Aid Another?

What roll do I need?

Damage Reduction, difference between "or" & "and"?

Casting for MIC

Tetori Monks and Graceful Grappler

Multiple Challenges and Honor Guard

Lightning Bolt and Water

Bestow Curse

Can Arcane Caster Use Staff of Life?

Trip Question and Bane Question

Monk with a whip?

Separatist question

Nagaji Scale Polish - reusable or single-use?

Do flying creatures that get stunned fall?

Headband of Ninjitsu and Ki

List and Calculation of Break DCs

Obscuring Mist Stops Casting?

Draconic bloodline arcana w / multiple targets

Wizard's familiars and Magical Knack Trait

Bearded love, and haste.

[Character Creation] Magus: straight, Hexcrafter, or Kensai? Help, please.

Cleric domain spells - scrolls and wands

Master of Many Styles and Snake Fang

A Question on Outsiders

Gunslinger - Multiple Deeds

Black Blade Damage Boost Stacking

Can you interrupt a combat maneuver?

Did I break my druid?

Elven Immunities trait and ghoul's paralysis

Spellcraft ID'ing spellcasting without Somatic / Material / Vocal components

Training a familiar

Weight of Mithral and Crafting Armor / Weapons

Ability Focus and Versatile Channeler

Carry Capacity and Speed of Flying Creatures

UMD DC for activating staves

Beast Master Ranger and Natural Combat Style

What all gets doubled?

Is Resist the same as Spell Reistance?

Sorcerer teaching spells to a Wizard

Musket Master Bonus Feats

Treesinger Druid and base stats of the companions

Magus Arcana Rod Mastery - how does it work?

Approximate value

Snakes & Squeezing

Chuul grapple question

Concealment & Critical Hits

'Sprinter' vs 'Fast Sprinter' for 'Nimble Striker'

About a piecemeal armor

[Highly Subjective] Favorite new race?

If a creature with a gaze attack is blinded....

Adding Attack bonuses to CMB / CMD

Tower Shields + Shield Focus

Druid Animal Companion as Mount

Champion of Irori question

Is Witch Eternal Slumber classed as "mind-affecting"?

Lucky Halfling Paladin and Fear

What are the mechanics of switching spots with an Ally without the Teamwork feat?

Locating an invisible creature

Wolfsbane or Wolfsbane?

Yet another Gauntlet question

Rules question grab bag! Help!

Jumping for higher ground

Sensei Archetype Mystic Wisdom ability, what counts as a class ability?

Witch's Cackle and Fortune Hex (Broken Combo?)

Familiars and headbands of vast intelligence

Quick Ranger Question

Large, Huge Falchion damage question

Clarification on the Dhampir racial trait Fangs

Question about using magic (Flame Oracle Build)

Inquisitor's discern lies ability require a save?

Lethal and Nonlethal Poisons

Some one help me wrap my head around this.


Adv Race Guide vs Beastiary: Drow

Knockout artist + Sap Adept

Blood God Disciple And Rage Powers

+16 to any skill synthesist

Oversized Weapons

Creating Magic Items?

Glamered Armor

Anyone know the price of a cigar!?!

Augment Summing Question?

Mithral Breastplate

Can Spellslinger cast spell-like abilities through his gun?

Fear Effects and Vermin

Does Rogue talent Major magic allow you to qualify for Dragon disciple?

Swarms and Held Touch Spells

Lore Keeper Domain Power

Deadly stroke and crossbowman with a double crossbow and other questions.

Thrown weapons & strength

Mounted combat: Charging and Overrun

Fighter APG, Ifrit Elemental Fire Sorcerer, APG muindane items, race books available

Human cleric movement speed question

Disabling a Symbol trap

A Question About Tiefling, Types and Subtypes

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