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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Eldritch Heritage and gaining a bloodline

Casting incognito

Changeling Sythesist Summoner

Combat Maneuvers with Natural Weapons

Advancing Bloodlines as Dragon Disciple

Saurian druid wild shape question

touch spell rules help

Monkey Shine + Step Up

Vampire Spawn and Free Will

Extra Gnome Magic, Contradictory description?

Mythic Vital Strike question

Putting a npc's mind into a magic item

Delivering touch attacks from multi charge spells

Know Your Summons (Knowledge Checks on Your Monsters)

Spell: Message (comments and question)

Fiendish Creatures and Smite Evil

Gaging an enemy

All the stackable ways to increase weapon damage size

Staves from another class and casting stat...

Elemental Fist & Amulet of Mighty Fist Flaming

5ft. step

bard archtype dervish dance question

The Lost Card in the Harrow Deck of many things question

Weapon Finesse and the Elven Curve Blade

Does designating your familiar as the toucher prevent you from touching?

Incorporeal touch attacks using solid object cover / concealment

How does the Monk's Robe affect Elemental fist and Redirection?

How are Spider Step and Slow Fall connected?

How to read table 1-3

Agile Tongue clarification

Alchemist Swift Poisoning and AoO

Limp lash spell from goblin book

Eidolon vs. Control summoned Creature

Toppling Spell (meta magic) Feat

Five Foot Dimensional Charge?

Supernatural abilities effecting creatures of the same kind

3.5 feats into pathfinder

Zen Archer Synergy

Lay on Hands...

Magus - Arcane Pool: Clarification?

Color Spray

Scaled Disciple Cleric / Druid

Arcane Trickster and Spells Per Day increase

Half-elf Sorcerer / Fighter Favored Class Bonus Questions

How do you sever limbs?

Atlatl darts and Atlatls, best of both worlds?

Yet another two-weapon fighting question

Frozen Caress

Rogue "Stand Up" and AoO

Charging Lanes, Movement, and going in a straight line.

Mythic Weapons Questions

spell questions

Attack Order Question

Is the secondary effect of Consecrate permanent?

Sickened condition penalties

Enlarge creature ruling in difficult quarters / Falling interrupt coup de grace?

How do you interpret Devastating Strike to work?

Lycanthrope Template size modifiers?

Incorporeal vs. Walls

Pachycephalosaurus as Animal Companion

Does the Tusked half orc racial trait stacks with another bite attack?

Undead Servitude (Su)

Are you allowed to take a standard or full action and then a Swift Action?

Witches and Retraining

Witch Retraining

Improved Crit question

Combat Maneuvers and held charges of touch spells

antipaladin alignment

How many players can ride a floating disk?

No Synthesists larger than medium?

Creatures' knowledge of their powers

mirror image+hold person+coup de grace

Darkness and non magical lights

Protection from the Slumber Hex?

does kirin style give passive bonuses?

Which weapons are considered as "polearms"?

Grease spell on shield

Tricking Mirror Image by turning one's back

Blindness, Invisibility & Total concealement

Control Construct and free-willed constructs

Tekko-kagi (iron claw)

Light and Heavy Repeating Crossbows

Gendarme Cavalier Archetype questions

DM disallows cool build

Multiclassing and scaling class Abilities

Mythic adventures : Question about the titan's bane path ability

Concerning the summoner

Clarification of multiple "Aid Another" actions

Calculating Skill Points for Humans with Low Intelligence

DR and self damage from a Vicious weapon

How does Channeled energy 'flow'?

Ranger Archetypes: Missing Class Feature Replacements

Cavalier, ride-by attack - Mount, spring attack!

Bloodrager - zero level spells??

Channel Energy: Is Alignment / Elemental Channel illogical?

Fireball and Fog Cloud - 20ft. spread radius = 44ft area?

Rhino Hide, Powerful Charge, and Pounce

Musetouched Glitterdust DC

Animal Companion Question

Eidolon's Improved Damage Evolution

19,801 to 19,900 of 56,205 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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