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Rules Questions

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Slippers of Spider Climbing onto a Gargantuan beast?

Disguise Self + Fox Shape. Can I be Any animal?

Magic items raising Ability Scores - how do they work?

Besmaran Familiars

Surprise round dirty tricks

Monsters with multiple attacks

Are knowledge checks automatic?

Evangelist Cleric Question

Races level adjustments?

Wand of Paragon Surge, and Use Magic Device.

Question about spirit fingers

I'd like to hear some DM ruling on the Sipping Jacket from the UE.

Samsaran Mystic Past Life with an Alchemist

Dervish Dance + Martial Versatility?

Courtier's outfit... Masterwork?

Touch Spells with Multiple Targets and a Move Action

How do PCs open a secret door

Multiple attacks with Grab

CR & XP calculation: gear on monsters--requesting assistance.

Immediate and swift action.

Coin Weight

Long jump apex height

Reach question

Quick Magus Question

Hellknight Signifer's is Arcane Armor Expertise as usless as it seems?

Does Improved Blindfighting allow you to Sneak Attack partially concealed foes?

Magic Items Damaged by Fire

The meaning of "must"

Firearm material

How many Opportunity Attacks are Proviked by Ranged Attacks

How does the serpent Domain work?

Enthrall, stirges, and illusion spells

What action is it to drink an Alchemist Mutegen?

Prehensile Hair improvised

Sneak attack + multiple attacks

Any Achemlical Glue out there? Sovereign glue is overkill

Multiple grappler and the 'damage' action

Weapon-Specific Feats, Size, and Silly Rules

Question about Wizard Specialization School Slots and Metamagic

Spyglass / Dark Vision

Natural Weapons & Standard Actions

Can you see a Shield Spell / Mage Armor with See Invis?

Hollow ballista bolts? Or glass ballista heads?

Does the Divination Wizard school create a surprise round if there wasn't already one?

Quick question before I head to work about perfect strike feat

Did I do this wrong

Detect Magic / Spellcraft for Identify magic items

Templates and racial hit dice

Do you no longer catch a disarmed weapon?

Penalties for multiple combat maneuvers

Does as Stonelord's Stone Servent function as a Druid Companion?

2 questions (Divine Hunter and Contingency Spell)

Ghost Question

Wild armor allows you to ignore armor penalties?

Critical Focus Feat Question

Does alertness from a Familiar qualify for Sleepless Detective prestige class?

Cleric Animal Domain

Two handed weapon plus two weapon fighting ... how does it work?

Limbless Unarmed Strikes

More Synthesist Questions

Vicious Claws Rogue Talent with other Claw Attacks

Rapid / Lightning Reload and a Double Barreled Shotgun

Requesting clarification regarding special materials and masterwork quality

Can Special Materials be appiled to Specific Magic Armors / Weapons?

True seeing / Gaseous Form

Alchemist bombs

Magic Items & Sundering

Acrobatics checks and total movement per round

Zen archer query

Do guns count as light weapons?

When do we roll initiative?

Tons of questions part 2

Druid Companion's Share Spells: Potions, Wands, Scrolls and absolute total confusion!!!

Prone Shooter Feat

Ranger share spells

Wild-shape Components

Wielder / Weapon Size Question

Multiclass spell exchange

Low-light vision and miss chance

Can a Magus use a Meta-rod with Spell Combat?

Hideous Laughter and Coup De Grace

Why is Tactical Acumen an Enchantment?


Fireball and Lightning Bolt

How do you heal an Elemental?

Heirloom Weapon question

Does Persistent Spell stack with Misfortune Hex?

Instrument of agony - a few questions about the spell

Multi-classing your own class?

Animate Dead, control HD, and temporary raises in Caster level

Wand of Resist Energy

Sacred Tattoo persist during polymorph?

Changing elemental - non damage based spells- to another element

Closing Portable Hole from the Inside

Defense against Forbiddance Damage?


Bandages of Recovery: A means to make it Permanent?

Activating magic weapon special abilities on CM attacks

Permanent Magic Aura on Items?

Weapon Finesse + Greater Whip Mastery = ?

19,801 to 19,900 of 42,171 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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