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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Wounds & Vigor - Is there a creature with less than 1 full Hit Die?

Inquisitor truth feats from UM

Settlement rules base value question

Additional damage from INT and Saboteur Complex Bomb Discovery

Eldritch Heritage and Wild Blooded

Dual wielding earthbreakers

Selling an animal companion

FAQ This! Should Tieflings be Humanoid?; Another RAW vs. RAI dealbreaker

Favored class interpretation problem

Stacking with Versatile Performance / Dance

Color spray on unconscious creatures

Version of the Beguiler in PF?

Deadly Aim and Guided

Ninja Questions

Ninja and Quiggong?

Combat Maneuvers and Crane Wing?

Summoner Synthesist + Eidolon + Multiple Weapons question

Can Undead take the Bolstered Resistance feat?

Permanent Blindness

Permanency and Light (or other miscellaneous spells)

How to find the "activation word" for a magic item?

CLW wand and 1st level ranger / paladin

A Question On A Multiclassed Monk's Flurry.

Mirror Image (again...)

Two more quick questions.

Item of extra spells known

Spellstrike, Touch Spells, and Combat Maneuvers

Wondrus Item Creation help needed

Claws hex question

Does Rime-Blooded Arcana Actually Do Anything?

Indomitable Stance Clarification

Magic and Science

Gauntlets, only lethal damage or both?

Refresh Attacks of Opportunity rules?

Overrun and a Charge

Spells with spread effects, centered on caster

magic missile vs mirror image.

Weapons that do 2 types of damage vs DR

Summoner-Druid prestige class

What is the order in which Caster Level (CL) Bonuses are added.

Aroden's Spellbane choosing Aroden's Spellbane

Can 'tongues' allow a person to understand or speak druidic?

Oceans subdomain, Surge power

Pass for X-race Tieflings?

Just how limiting is an arcane bonded object?

Casters with low main stat

Ruling regarding the spell: Timely Inspiration.

Elemental Spells that are listed for "ALL" (and how that interacts with Void school)?

Weapon Blanch and Arrows

CR for NPC Classes

Burning gaze question

Temporary hit points from different sources

Titan mauler and a quick question about oversized weapons.

Flying and running

Another Synthesist question: Going negative!

Tiefling Variant stats

can a separatist cleric choose a druid domain?

Ranger gets all of his Combat Style feats...

Noob Thread for Noobish Questions(free-for-all)

Damage Reduction and Touch Attacks

Wild Stalker

Cleric of Sun Wukong (god of Drunkenness), can use Ale / Wine Variant Channeling?

Counterspell vs Staff

Weapon Finesse (touch) and Wands

Cloud Size Weapons

How much for adamantine nugget?

Magus and vampiric touch

a few rule questions

Aasimar Monks & Metallic Wings

Oracle of time, aging touch question.

demodand faith stealing strike?

Awesome Display confusion (pattern spells)

Can aid another crit and proc butterfly sting?

Gunslinger: Reloading needs an errata or a nerf

Animal companion masterwork armor price.

Rogue Crippling Strike

Drawing a weapon while standing up + making holy water vials

How long is a round? Or specifically if immediate actions / reactions start something?

Can a magus / monk with improved two weapon fighting take iterative attacks?

Two Supernatural abilities at once?

comp. long bow

Staff of the Heirophant wording question

SIZE Bonuses and stacking

Small characters using medium weapons

Skirmisher Ranger

Spell Storing Caster Level

Weird phrasing in barbarian rage powers

Two-handed weapons and claws


wand of shield on your buddies?

Elemental Form and Somatic Components

Bard that juggles! Any rules and is this possible?

what level spells are the Curse spells a Hexcrafter gets?

feather fall while jumping over a pit

Can I use Flurry of Blows without the extra attacks?

Falling to avoid AoO's?

Witch Abilities & Magic Jar

Swift and Immediate Actions

A bunch of rules questions from a new DM starting his first campaign

Vampiric gloves on a non-caster character?

19,801 to 19,900 of 46,839 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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