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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Resilient Sphere + Call Lightning & Others

Black Puddings and Item Damage

Curing Lycanthropy

Double crossbow and vital strike

Dispel Magic, "spell's caster level" question


Natural Attacks

Weapon abilities and enhancment bonuses

Double Slice and Power Attack

Pixie Invisibility

Rage and Wild Shape

The Magus

Argument about a magic weapon cost

If closing your eyes reduces miss chance vs. mirror image

Combining Heighten Spell feat and MM rods

Monks that use Flurry of Blows with a Quarterstaff

Greater Feint and Ranged Attacks

Dismounting for dummies

The Perfect Fighting Style?

Weird Words Timing Questions

Chain of Perdition clarification

Druids and Animal / Elemental shape

Starting a new thread; need help

Do Janni bleed?

Fun with a + flight + arcane level 6...

Can horses grapple?

Checks to impersonate someone you already look like

Gravewalker / Spell poppet questions....

Charge and the Defensive Stance ability

Vital strike and NPC codex

Words of Power Spell Level Question

Shatter and spell resistance

Question about cover

Swift / Instant Alchemy Archetypes

How does obtaining a Ranger animal companion function?

bioconstruct brain and construct armor

Perception check for Delayed Blast Fireball?

Lockdown monk?

Casting Cloudkill above ground level

Elemental Body spell and a manufactured weapon

Dismissing an Eidolon

The Adopted social trait how far does it go.

Variant Zombies and Animate Dead; has there been a Dev ruling on this?

Fly speed, Vision and visibility

Large Bastard Sword Question

Bastard Sword

Forewarned and other surprise round tricks

Why the Monk hate? (movement)

Magus Spell Dancer 9th - Dimension Door question

Culverin Confusion

Spellstrike with a Staff of Power

Gnome Flickmace

Large Bastard Sword Question

Oracle of Nature and Sylvan Sorcerer

small paladin mount and templates

Saddle sizing issue

Mounts with attacks, and the Ride-By-Attack Feat

Bard lame questions

Norn Sheers in player hands

Speed Bow + Many Shot + Vital Strike

2 familiars in one sorcerer?

Large Scizore

Enforcer, Nonlethal Damage, and Undead

Spellblade Magus and TWF

Medium armor + Mithral Proficiency

attack of opportunity question about reach and attacks

Can you Spellstrike on a coup de grace?

Combat Styles - Persistent Effects?

Intelligent Items and Caster Levels

Flurry of Blows Questions and Hungry Ghost

Travel Domain Bonus to Base Movement

Does the spell "Awaken" affect the creature's CR?

Cloudy Gaze + Obscuring Mist +Darkvision

Nedd help on which rules takes priority.

White haired witch + hexcrafter

It's Not a Tumor! It's a Mount!

"Reloading Hands" Spell & Crossbows

Reach weapons and threatening adjacent squares

Favored Class vs Half-Elf Multitalented Bonuses

Barb's Fast Movement + Fighter's Armor Training II

Spell Duration Question

Some quick questions about familiars (not improved familiars)

Range-touch Spells: Do they suffer from the –4 penalty on attack rolls into melee?

fighter feats

Kitsune Oracle with the Wolfscarred Face Curse

[Paths of Prestige] Aldori Swordlord Questions

Missing arm

How does Silent Image and its higher level siblings work? (long but I think interesting)

Reach Eidolon Evolution

Druid as Elder Earth Elemental, running jumping landing on enemies: damage?

Range penalties and the Core Rule Book

Ill Omen Loop hole making it useless ?

Mount move >- rider attack -> Mount move?

Increased Caster Level and Spell Like Abilities

Ghost Touch but not, same benefits?

Spell resistance clarification

Height advantage

Weapon Focus

Living Steel and the Metal Weapon: Does it apply to a Natural Metal Weapon?

What kind of action is "drawing a scroll" (in order to read it afterward)

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