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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Determining CR / XP when NPCs joined the fight?

Question on Item creation.

Using corpses as shield

Gun with No Name (Mythic Adventures )

Hover feat

An utterly silly question: How much damage does 200gp in a sock do?

Questions regarding Mutagens and Beastmorph Alchemist

Mithral armour size categories

Poison and Lesser Restoration

Vermin and Magic

Ranger abilities

Master Summoner and Summoner eidolon spell

Quick Polymorph Question

Help Designing a (Naunet) Protean Ediolon

Arcane / divine caster using the same spell

Mass Daze Clarification

Inert Mutagen, a matter of RAW vs RAI

Instant Enemy and Hunter's Bond

Miracle spell-like ability

CoI+Monastic Legacy

Ghost Touch and Brilliant Energy on the same weapon

Infinite natural 20s on skill checks?

Shield spike question.

Dragon tactics question

Fly skill and Turning without checks

Magus / Spell Combat / Full Round Action / Swift Action

The DR X / epic stealth errata and you

Cheliax empire of Devils Magic? traits

Can you Weapon Finesse a Grapple Attack?

Question about cranewing

First world summoner question

shield bash question

Bastion Stance with Step Up, Combat Patrol and other out of turn movement.

Darkness / Light sources

Animal gear weight adjustment for medium mounts

Medium, Heavy Armor and Lame curse

Does Suli favored class bonus damage for monk get multiplied by criticals

The Question of Multiple Familiars (Not Pathfinder Society)

Diabolist Imp Companion Alternate Form

Familiar vs Familiar

PC Wealth on the character advancement table?

How many attacks does a Magus have in Spellcombat?

So I am an Ooze riding a Roc, can I ...

How to deal with malevolence?

Mass Commbat Advisors

Quicken a Cantrip as a level 1 cleric

Magus question

Temporary enhancement bonuses to items and the hit points they grant

I have several natural weapons how many attacks can i make in one round with a full attack?

Minor Spell Expertise Question

Can Shinning Knight and Oath Against Fiends be combined?

Using Spellstrike + Spell Combat to discharge multiple touch spells in one round

Dervish Dance Feat + Martial Versatility

Brownie items with dimension door

BAB & Two-Weapon Fighting

does a monk with activated mistmail get ac bonus?

Do the polearm master archetype's attack bonuses to readied attacks and AoO's stack?

Can the Air Elementalist's Cyclone power move with him?

Focused Spell[APG]

Some (er) size issues

Creating a Skeleton (Bestiary 1)

Adding Sorcerer levels to a dragon.

Teamwork feats and companions

Aasimar Alternate Racial Trait Question on Incorruptible

Catapult to hit and damage

Orc Ferocity and attacks of opportunity

Can a summoner use spell completion items and spell trigger items?

Wolf bites skeleton (DR blugeoning) and...

Building a Holy Avenger Incrementally

Swift aid clarification

Dazing assault and weapon combat maneuvers?

Caravan Bond and the Curse Subdomain

Tower Shield Defense and a Ghost Touch Tower Shield

Attunement for Symbol of Mirroring

Multiple Despair Checks?

Multiattack & Tengu

Alchemist bomb + Rogue Scout question

Larger than Life Trait

are all of a Summoner's summon monster spells 1min / level? or just his spell-like summons?

Adding non-weapon abilities to a black blade

Is negative energy inherently evil? Can undead atone?

Enlarge Person - Am I overthinking this?

Ultimate Campaign: Mass Combat Units

This is a bit of a Munchkin question. Weapon Cord +Left handed weapon trade.

Adjudicating the halving of damage, then halving it again

X / day SL abilities

Changing Spell Type Vs Changing Spell Descriptor

Charge distance question

Curing Acid Damage

True Resurrection

Paladin Question

Healing from negative hp.

Sorceror Race Bonus and Sage Bloodline

How Many Evolution Points Do You Gain From Aspect / Greater Aspect

CR Allowance for encounters

Spider Climb + Grease

Weapon Cord question

Arcane Trickster & Rogue trick Minor Magic: Mage Hand

"Cloud of Smoke" subdomain power

Spellcraft to Identify a Spell-Like Ability?

19,801 to 19,900 of 53,177 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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