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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Personal Range Alchemist Infusions

Can Ghost Sound create Intelligible Speech?

Question about extracts and who make their choosing?

Scoring a critical vs confirming a critical

Multiweapon Fighting question

furious focus and natural attacks

does using dragon breath alchemical cartridge provoke ....

Quick question brought up by Pathfinder Society Primer

Weapon Focus and Ranged Touch Attacks

Sunder damage with Merciful?

Acrobatics Question

Polymorph ability DCs and Wild Shape

Jaw about Phalanx fighter, lances and +50%

Shadow Conjuration question

Fairness of Craft Alchemy

Weapon proficiencies, and time travel.

Eidolon base form question

Preferred Spell and Spell Recall

Multi-class can you have multiple archetypes from different classes?

Arcane access to spells

Weapon Focus and Weird Words

Dog sled carrying capacity

Mystic Theurge, Domain Spells, and Preferred Spell

Wild Magic

Tattoed sorcerer archetype and serpentine bloodline - 2 familiars or overwrite?

Mounted Combat vs Spells

Range on Bardic Performances

Casting and shields

Light spell on whip

AoO again

New SLA rules question

Overrun basics

Shield Focus Feat

Supressing gaze attacks

Forceful Strike CMB

Question about magic items

Fate's Favored Question

Ketephys Weapon

Parry and Percise Strike

Leveling inbetween multi-part scenario in PFS?

Line of effect spell Through an invisible door : what happens?

A few questions about poisons

Anti-Paladin Aura of Cowardice

"You can only apply sneak attack damage to ray spells that do hp dammage". Is this statement true?

Paragon Surge and Expanded Spell Knowledge: How does your PC know what spells exist?

Questions About Bows

Disguise skill used on others?

How much does 5000 gold weigh?

A question about Nessian Hell Hounds

Simulacrum and Spell Like Abilities

Clone Prevention

Bluff vs. Perform(Acting)

Can [cold] burning hands extinguish little fires?

How would a dwarf character be made (not the race)

Armor Check Penalty while sleeping when already fatigued (agile breastplate)

Changing an action that has already started.

Stacking DR / Resistances

Do Adamantine Weapons Overcome DR / Cold Iron?

Improvised Weapon Mastery & Grappling Hook

Protection from Evil (et al) - does this make one immune to ALL enchantment (charm) and enchantment (compulsion)???

Silence on force effect?

20 foot "radius" vs 20 foot "burst" vs 20 foot "radius burst"

Do Flowing Monk and Tetori Archetypes stack?

Burning Disarm & Metamagic

Help Me With Necromancy

Arcane Strike

Kitsune Change Shape ability

Question about how stat blocks are shown in modules

Sneak attack and spells.

Admixture school and Burning Hands

Bestiary 2: Lyrakien Azata & Arbiter Inevitable commune SLA

Why are claws now slashing and bludgeoning weapons?

Can prepared divine casters leave spell slots open too?

FAQ: Can you make resetting magic traps?

Mule / Donkey Stats?

Beast-Bonded w / Improved Familiar?

Penalties for a Lost Hand

What happens if YOU are knocked prone while ridding an animal.

Aasimar Nature Oracle Bonded Mount

Splintering Weapon Feat + Viridium Weapon = Auto Greenblood effect?

Rules getting caught off-guard

Missile Shield vs. Pinpoint Targeting

A 'medium' sized weapon

Undead Anatomy and Sorcerer's claws.

AoO priority

Regarding the Create cost of buildings on Ultimate Campaign

Two Weapon Warrior Questions

Do awakened trees have Constitution scores?

Variant Dhampirs, and Weaknesses

Panther Style, Snake Style, CMB + Misses

can you always target an intersection

Class features of Kensai replace or add to Magus?

bestiary 2: wereboar

Half in and half out of an Antimagic Field

Portal and moving structures.

Is there anything (besides cheese) preventing me from doing this?

Guardian Weapons outside of combat?

An Eidolon with Eldritch Heritage

WBL - adding spells or spell-like abilities to weapons.

Bane AoMF, GMF, and damage reduction

19,801 to 19,900 of 50,997 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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