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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules Questions

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Bard and Lullaby?

Rake and Natural Attack Limit

Antagonize: Can it really do that?

Grab + Maneuver Master = One Round Pin?

Mass combat and solo units

Crossbows & Spiked Gauntlets

Martial Versatility, Feral Combat Training and the Close Weapon Group

How do you get the heirloom weapon trait?

Can a Tiefling Magus use his racial Darkness spell like ability with Spell Combat?

Can a cavalier have a roc as a mount using the Mount class feature?

Summoner Evolution Surge Linguistics

Question's about the staff magus and wand wielder

Cleaving finish

Point Blank Shot and Elemental Bloodline. PFS.

Does alter self retain normal bonuses?

Bonuses to Caster Levels

PFS Potion question

healing domain cleric

Fame & Reputation VS Prestige

5' step and combat manoeuvre

'Unearthly cold' and 'Cold Immunity' questions / problems

Freedom of Movement material component question

Dragon Breath Weapons

Grappling Maneuver Master Monk

Hamatulatsu Master - Spell Immunity Question

Iterative attacks alongside natural attacks.

Free hand fighter question.

What to Do about Archery?

combat maneuver and 5' step

Skeleton Template and keeping certain Special Abilities

Ki Arrow + Graceful Grappler

Magic Item Creation and availability

Treesinger Plant Companions

If you are grappling, but not grappled yourself

When can you use a free action or a five foot step?

CR adjustment for quantity?

Armor for Unusual Creatures and Special Materials interactions

Feather Fall and Spiked Pit Traps

Deflect Arrows Question

Understanding Reposition

Musket Master, double-barrel muskets, & Rapid Reloading

"Deathless Spirit" v. Shadow's Strength Damage.

Rough and Ready Trait Lion Tamer

Sunburst and spell resistance

Pits in Pits

Rough and Ready Trait to Gain Weapon Proficency

What constitutes a "willing" creature?

Stacking DR

Effects of dropping Brew Potion for Alchemist Grenadier

add bypass (password) Teleportation Circle

Hexcrafter Magus and the 3rd Level Arcana?

Exotic Weapon Special Abilities

Witch's familiar delivering touch spells

Throwing Shields / Shield Bash with Weapon Focus and Other Abilities

Bolas and Reposition / Drag Maneuvers

Meteor Hammer Questions

Feat for Cavalier challenge

Alignment Channel

Acrobatic ranks & Rod of Balance - stack or not?

Amulet of Mighty Fist price

Litany of Weakness cast on fatigued characters

Disguise self and ioun stones

Dragon disciple and spell mastery

Wild Shape bodily functions as weapon?

Vital Strike and Explosive Missiles

Aid Another on self?

Mystic Theurge Advancement Question

Two-Weapon fighting Duelist parry

MW Saddle question

Vampires, polymorph, and swim speeds

Daylight vs Deeper Darkness

Bola and Multiple Attacks

Is Point Blank Master not necessary?

Breath of life on a low level character

Fervor daily alottment

5' step while flying?

Imperious Bloodline - Heroic Echo. Would these stack if multiple Sorcerer's used it?

Flying 5 foot step with item

Standstill feat and a reach weapon

Tripping without Improved as an AoO

Will an invisible character provoke an AoO?

Levitate spell

Is a creature also an object for spell targetting purposes?

Undetectable - The Legendary Weapon ability (Mythic)

Damage Dice Increases with Natural Attacks

Grapple Roll Question

Thrown Weapon Point Blank

Selling crafted magic items

Being put to sleep when under Acid Splash

Evokers and scrolls: No love?

Eidolon - Skills

Improving Initiative

need help with runes

Rules for playing a dumb character?

Wrathful Mantle and toppling spell feat

stinking cloud vs fireball

Wizard bonded object

Thassilonian Specialist and Focused Arcane Schools

What happens on a food shortage when there's no consumption to raise? (Kingdom Building Rules, Ultimate Campaign)

Does the Evangelist PrC Give Favored Class Bonuses for Aligned Class?

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