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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Quite a few questions about a Beastmorph Alchemist Tengu

Cheesy? it legal?

PC's striking specific areas on enemies?

Spell Combat + Fighting Defensively?

Skeletal Champion Party

shadow magic


Weaponwand and spell combat

Dual Wielding Two-handed Weapons and Two-weapon fighting

Sandman's Stealspell and Spellcasting from other Classes

Two Familiars?

Is the Shadowdancer's Hide in Plain Sight (Su) a standard action?

hellmouth lash question

Melee Firearms in regards to feats and abilities.


Coax Information Rogue Talent

Echo Spell & Spell Perfection - Again!

Free Hand Fighter and Natural Attacks

Monsters as PC's

Primary Bucklers

Enchantment cost of enchantments without a listed bonus

Mystic Theurge and other Prestige classes that add spellcasting

Critting with a spell storing weapon.

Do spikes inherit the non-magical special qualities of the parent?

Zombies animate dead lose base natural armor?

Brawler to Qualify for Improved Grapple

Spell Storing Items, Metamagic spells and Magical Lineage / Spell Perfection

Question on metamagic stacking

Class level versus character level?

Cayhound Mount?

Aid another + flanking, questions. Works together?

Selling Items in pathfinder society

FAQ candidate? UltCam, line in wealth by level change with magic crafting

Tower Shields and Cover.

How much direction or control is allowed with Animate Dead?

Question about Sylph Windy Escape spell

Yo Paizo I need a ruling please

Animal Companions, quick question

Confusion with Downtime Rules or "I Just Wanna Make Beer!"

Mystic Theurge is there anything else like it?

Questions about Animal Companions

What happens if you crit while using Furious Finish?

Oracles and Spiritual Weapon

Monstrous Physique I vs. Hit Points

Casting a spell from the back of an animal companion mount while the mount spring attacks

Does one have to speak a curse?

Rays and sneak attacks

Cavalier Challenge and Mount AC

Can someone explain line of effect and line of sight?

The damage of larger sized carnivorous crystals?

Handle Animal While Mounted?

Can a move be broken up?

monk: Marid style, lunge, enlarge person, and whirlwind attack

Marid Style + Enlarge Person

How does a Gun Tank reload?

Shield Question

PFS dimensional agility question

Question on Bead of Force...

Diabolist Imp Animal Companion and Creature Type

Clobbering Strike

Concealment Bonuses

Shields as Weapons (maybe FAQ-worthy?)

Buckler Gun outside of two weapon fighting

Splash damage on target that is hit

Black Fester

Multiclassing Clarification Sought

DC of 'casting' Laughing Touch defensively

Wood Katana

Deft Shootist Deed prerequisits

Crafting Staves: Error on my part or PRD?

Eidolon Claws Evolution

Shoulder Riding question

Dragon Rule Question

Replacing the same class feature in the same way

Stat bumps retroactive skill points?

Dwarven Dorn Dergar

Alchemist bombs damage type

Magic Knack and Pyromanic Clarification

Laughing Touch crit?

Multiple DR types

Wayfinder question

Is the "No Polearm + Armor Spikes" official?

Monk FAB while multiclassing

Maneuver master and overrun

Detect Spells (Alightment, Undead, Magic...) Question

Question on natural 1's and natural 20's

Elemental fist + Thorn Body, and other unarmed damage boosts

Feat Selection or Class Abilities (What Comes First)

Magus / Spell Dancer / Restarting Spell Dance

Lockpicking Failure Consequences

How to stop Confusion

FAQ request: buckler and 'off hand'

mixing half speed with normal speed

"Off-hand" Vs "Off-hand attack"

Is this legal? - PFS Wayfinder Enhancements

ninja assassinate ability Affected / negated by fortification special ability

Reach Weapons and Large Creatures

15 foot cone?

Two questions about sneak attack (rogue)

What spells end when the caster dies?

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