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Rules Questions

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Poisoned Sand Tube

Likely a somewhat silly question about a trait

Questions on the "Web" monster ability

Cloning in advance pointless?

Making double fire are attack.

Grab attack

Is maintaining a grapple considered a grapple combat maneuver?

1 Klar Two Handed Sheild Bash

Deities, Alignments, and Feats

Scrolls of Animate Dead and conflicting caster levels

Mounted Combat, Charging w / Lance, and Ride-by-Attack

AOE Abilities and Concealment

Magic Item Caster Level in RotR

Crafting Arrows

Are Undead Valid Targets for Magic Jar?

Can you crit again when confirming a critical hit?

Crafting Speed

2Q's - tower shield & line of effect / flanking & higher ground

Retraining class levels: One at a time or all at once?

Bards, spellcasting and using a two-handed instrument

Magus and Arcane Duelist question

Superstitious Barbarian vs Spells with No Save

Different Evasions and Armor

How do aid another mods interact with one another.

flying in air elemental form, how many miles in a day?

Antipaladin's Aura of Cowardice and the Dread's Aura of Fear Stacking?

Rogue Talent

spherewalker vs. shadow's strength damage

Claw blades and Lead blades

Tiny headaches

Scarred Witch Doctor + Lichdom

Aiding Another - And An Alliterative Assortment of Asks About Applications

Vital Strike clarification

Two quick questions (Half-fiend / Increasement of INT)

AoO Pushing Assault and movement through threatened squares

Invulnerable Rager Archetype and Increasing DR

Primary Attacks and Primary Hand Question

Spear and shield

Synthesist Summoner Targeting issues

Walls and areas of effect

Multiweapon Fighting

Healers hand

How does 1 / 2 level work? Round up or Down?

Non-spellcasters and spell research / creation

Pounce and Spell Combat?

Shield>2 handed>Full

Gravewalker -- ambiguity on her "minions"

Super confused about Skill Points per level

Frostbite and elemental spell

False Opening clarification

[Mass Combat] Are there rules for the construction of armies?

Numbing Cold vs Desert Runner

Travel Domain Dimensional Hop: chances of error like teleport?

Acrobatics to Jump and the actual distance traveled

first level ranger and boon companion? Archetypes?

Offensive (?) Spells while Invisible

how does the dispel magic, lingering work with the lingering metamagic feat?

Grappling and "Unarmed Bonuses"

Can you make a metamagic rod with multiple abilities

Ghoul Template?

TWF and Rapid shot stacking?

Weasel Animal Companion questions

Cloth armor

Animal companion level 2 feat weapon profencicy

Weapon focus question

Healing constructs with cure spells

Preloaded Firearms, possible?

Does merciful give you a -4 to hit?

Racial Heritage

Enlarge person and whips

Okay, what the heck happens when an Antipaladin takes Ultimate Mercy?

denied dex to AC and AoOs

Power attacking with an agile weapon

Keep watch spell and its implications

Bayonet as a stand alone weapon

Can a watersinger (undine bard archetype) also be a detective or songhealer?

Exclusive Ranger Spells

Synthesist with the Large evolution + Reduce Person spell

Prestige Classes and CL modification

hydralic push

Need a ruling for an amphibious charge...

Bludgeoner + non-Rogue sneak attacks = ?

Titan Mauler Massive Weapons ability

Has my group been handling darkness wrong?

Becoming staggered during your standard action.

Mythic Fireball is more powerful because?

Rules Question: Stealth

Disease Use Rogue Talent

House rules.

Fighting Defensively is a Standard Action = No Full Attack or Flurry of Blows?

Spellstrike and Mirror Strike

Sorcerer Undead Bloodline Arcana

Wild Armor Property

"Containers" and abundant ammunition

Caveat Pugnator?

Falconer Ranger - Distract Trick

Wildblooded Sorcerers and Ampoule of False Blood

Invisibility ring

Add new ability to Handy Havresack

Damage Reduction, have I been doing it wrong?

19,801 to 19,900 of 55,365 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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