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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules Questions

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Precise splash weapons...

How do Inherent Bonuses Work?

ACG Ki Pool question

Can a Spirit Guide Oracle (ACG) select the Extra Hex Feat?

Mounted Earth Elemental?

ACG Feat

Reach and Range Increments

Warpriest vs Brawler

Does Poison Use let you poison Natural Weapons

More Than Two Arms and the "Must Have Free Hand" Restriction

Moving and Fighting

Can antipaladins cast plague bearer?

Monk with ring of force field

What races (or traits) now qualify you for Arcane Strike?

Any way for Investigator to qualify for Master Chymist?


Sneak attack spell use

Is this right?

Need help understanding mythic combat reflexes

Advanced Class Guide

Savage Barbarian Rage

[ACG] - Twist Away feat question

If Believer's Boon is used to obtain the Trickery Domain, is it a Divine or Arcane SLA?

Arcanist and Magambyan Arcanist

Brawler and Monk Robe

Questions on the Grease spell

Kata master multiclass with swashbuckler

Are alignments actually pre-requisites of taking levels in a class?

Using claw attacks with Barbarian Lesser Beast Totem

thasslionian wizard extra spell slot and prestige classes

ecclesitheurge question

slayer getting minor magic rogue talent

Mundane crafting takes 24 hours per day?

tarrasque question

Unarmed strike AoO

Witches Hex and Ethereal

Fraction Challenge Ratings

Shrink item and the whole swallow / explode option

Stab and Grab / Ranged Legerdemain

Power Attack and Critcals

Elemental Spell and Cure Spells

Huge Great Axe?

Opportune Parry & Riposte + Snap Shot

Armor Training and Fly

Eldritch Knight and abilities that aren't spells

school understanding

Charisma x4 to Will saves?

Does the Lead Blades spell and the Impact magic weapon special ability stack?

Primitive Barbarians

Countering Fireball without Counterspell?

Ending the effects of a mutagen?

inspired rage + rage = 2 totems?

Swashbucklers and Precise Strike - With a bite!

Mad Dog(Barb) Pack Lord(Druid) question

Can the same ability modifier apply twice to the same roll?

Sunder questions

Shrink Item spell questio

vulpine pounce + spell combat?

Multiple Ability modifiers applying to a single roll

How does Underhanded (rogue talent) work?

Sex changes

Irregular Use of Cantrips

Claim: When you get a class ability, you qualify for feats.

Can Keen Edge affect siege weapons?

Can Contingent Action be used to trigger a Wand, Potion, Staff, or Scroll?

Can an Air Elemental use or carry weapons?

Forge Ring - Crafting a Ring of Revelations

Does creating wondrous items first require a masterwork item?

Shaman Advanced class guide

Manacle a demon

Spell to know if someone is alive or dead

Does the spell Shatter destroy a weapon or Sunder (i.e., break) a weapon?

brawler archtype

Confused on the Requirements for Divine Protection

Does the Dire Collar work on any creature?

Dragon Diciple gaining half-dragon template

Halfing Mounted Fury Barbarian + Spirited Charge + G. Ferocious Mount + G. Beast Totem

Clarification needed for Misfortune ability.

How do the Bracers of the Merciful Knight act with Antipaladin's Touch of Corruption Supernatural Ability?

csrrying capacity

Fateful Channel - what counts as a "creature you heal" + related question

Elemental Command feat?

shadow projection on an imp familiar

What is the Spellcraft DC for making scrolls?

shadow projection on an imp familiar

Cavalier and Supreme Charge - Am I reading this right?

CR and Template Questions

some beginner questions about armor details and penalties

Precise Strike with a 1 handed weapon in 2 hands

Slashing Grace 1.5 x Dex?

Counterpunch unavailable for monks

Ring of Friend Shield

Help! I can't stop backflipping!

Creating Troops

Does a Lord's Banner have to be held in hand?

Skald raging powers

Trapper Ranger UMD?

Slashing Grace + Martial Versatility

question about detect magic and scrying

ACG Seething Hatred feat

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