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Rules Questions

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Switch Traits

Spell-like Ability Uses per Day

scrolls and wands

Ride-by attack and pounce

Ultimate Campaign (Downtime) - Orphanage?

Variant Spellcasting and Oracles

Oracle: Change deities for their Mysteries? / benefits of deities for Oracle?

PFS, Animal Companions, and Animate Dead

Headbands, anti-magic fields, and prepared casters

Potion Bandolier?

Quick Wild Shape

Arsinoitherium damage dice mistake?

Dhampir Blood Drinker Feat(Non-ethical)

[Ultimate Campaign] More than one drawback

varisian tattoo SLA caster level

Enhancement bosus

Stumble Gap chain

Cavalier Mount and caves

construct questions and concerns

Ioun Stones - Multiple? Slot? Handling?

Hedge Witch and Spontaneous Healing and PFS

Slippers of Spider Climbing, and falling unconcious

Staves are double weapons so...

Magus, mounted with a lance

Does the Brawler rage power increase a Monk's unarmed damage

Extra Extracts Per Day Through Buffing

Where does the extra Trample damage come from?

Fine, Dimunitve, Tiny creatures use Dex?

How much should an item that allows you to cast cure light wounds with a command word cost?

Do Skill Focus, Skill Feats, Racial Bonuses, or Trait Bonuses ever count as trained skills?

Diplomacy and Attitude Shifts

Animate Dead and Variant Zombies and Skeletons

order of resolution of readied actions

A Question About Raise Dead...Ulp...

Shatter Defenses wording is unclear

What Defines a 'Death Attack?'

Crafting items and discounts

Calikang form and 6 weapons, can someone please explain

Will touch-range spells kill my horse?

Archers with Imp. Snap Shot

Shadow Lord Template and Shadow Caller Archetype

Vehicle combat between occupants

Nosferatu Blood Drain

How do I add racial hit dice to monsters?

How can I see which part of the FAQ is updated

Wish, Miracle, and spell schools

scarred witch docter spells

What is the DC for Aura of Forgetfulness

Aqueas Orb + (Admixture) Fireball with cold damage

Question on using a Staff

Can a Life Oracle with Channeling take channel energy feats?

I'm confused, no save (Alchemist discovery)

Beast Bonded Witch and Free Bonus Feats

Cleric's Channel Energy

Command Undead feat and intelligent undead

Multi Class Paladin / Cavalier's Mount?

Sneak Attack Variant Vs. Fortification

Mounted archer, attacks of opportunity.

Holly Berry Bombs

Mummification and Suffocation

Demonic Apostle and other Questions

Feats at level 6 and 8?

Blade Dash and the Magus

Displacements prevent sneak attacks?

Question regarding the SLA = Caster level equivalency.

Story Feat clarification

Druid spells per day / meditation clarification

Over coming damage reduction

Raging Vitality + Urban Barbarian

Will Mirror Image make it difficult for allies to help you?

Eldritch Heritage Feat Question

One Hand, Two Hand, Red Hand, Blue Hand

Drunkeness from Alcohol Fuel

Does Banishing / Dismissing an Outsider also Banish any creature it's summoned?

Putting tiny hats on T-Rexes

Eidolon push pull question

Spontaneous alchemy question

Robe of Runes bonus to intelligence...

Do undead radiate magic?

Arcanist questions

Does the Lay to Rest Hex have an HD limit?

Awakening my Animal Companion. What happens rules wise.

Roge and Ninja Requirements

What is the DC to notice the portal for a mirror of mental prowess?

Glove of storing and shield

Improved Phylactery of Positive Channeling

Does it Threaten?

Attacking diagonally

Retrieve item from another players pack

what happens here?

Recharge durations

AA Enhance Arrows (Lvl1) worthless?

Double the Poison, Double the Trouble!

Concentrating for an extended period of time

Cold iron fangs

Dragon Style and Strength Bonus

Darkwood, greenwood, ironwood, etc.and swimming.

A few questions about Baleful Polymorph

Race Builder & Subtypes

weapon training

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