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Rules Questions

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Favored Terrain and Multi Class

Underwater spell casting

Army question

Dazing Assault and Headband of Havoc

Cleric domain and prestige classes

Kitsune Fox Shape duration (and similar feats)

"Falling" in water, aka sinking. What is the speed?

falling speed?

Dwarf saves?

Line of Sight / Effect question

Wisdom of the Spirits

Lure of the Heavens - What Does it Do?

Rules around dropping / / falling through a hole into

Can an animal take a five-foot step?

Rules on Spell Stacking

rebuilds? with new cord thread

Sepllslinger build, is it legit?

Superstition Rage Power Qu.

How does one roleplay a True Neutral character?

Centaur eidolon natural weapons size.

Snake Style

A Wild Shape question

Master Summoner

Do "Spells per Day" of Multiple Classes Stack?

Mantle of Faith

Dual Shield use and Shield Master

Deinonychus animal companions and jump

Can a shield qualify for weapon focus?

Superstition, Urban Barbarian, and casting during a rage

Command spell clarification

feeblemind and items...

NON-PFS rules question:

Can an aquatic animal exist inside of a friendly water elemental?

Anti-Magic Field vs Eidolon

Monks robe

When do you award XP for bloody skeletons?

Ki Mystic Ki Pool Stacking Question

Pearl of Power and Metamagic Faq request

Staff of Earth

Penumbra activates Shadow Blend?

Arcane Duelist and his Arcane Bond

Eternal slumber

Mystic Theurge and caster level

Does a Theologian get +2 caster levels to domain spells?

Can I fire my longbow six times in a round, ever?

Mephit Magma Breath Weapon does how much damage?

2handed fighter, overhand chop and backswing

Likelihood of an alchemist getting a hold of a wizard's spellbook

What use is a tower-sheild?

Questions about this magic item

Ability DCs

druid elemental form

Demonspawn Barbarian with Arcane Strike

Black Sheep Trait / Knowledge Local

Getaway + Magic Jar

Fleshwarping - rules for building a fleshwarping alchemist / sorcerer?

Utilizing Attacks of Opportunity while casting a spell with 1 round action

Armour and clothing

Coup de Grace and Full Round Action Timing

Synthesist Summoner and Shadow Form

Cannon Golems? Are their cannons attacking touch AC?

Monk question CMD and CMB

Minimum Channels

Horse animal companion

gang up feat and 0 reach creatures.

Dancing weapon + Smite

Custom Item Calculation ?

Lunge + Great Cleave?

Grease spell and combat maneuver / aid other

How long does it take a sorcerer to cast a metamagic spell?

Threnodic Spell (and Coaxing Spell) question...

Qualifying for PrCs question

Heavens Oracle guiding star question

Buckler Duelist Archetype and Two Weapon Fighting.

Impossible to detect invisible incorporeal creature?

Be a lvl 6 Hellknight as lvl 6

8 millionth I'm confused about Grapple thread

Greater Doppelganger's Cr?

7 branched sword and greater trip

how much noise does a spell produce?

Weapon size, weapon damage

Beastmorph plus Enlarge Person

Can you ready an action to attack a creature leaving a threatened square and THEN get an opportunity attack for them leaving a threatened square?

High-Level Two-Weapon Fighter - help with Iterative Attacks

Share Spells: Form of the Dragon, et al.?

Question regarding Feral Combat Training

Grapple and Pin stack?

Suggestion for a new FAQ procedure

base attack question????

Step Up, Following Step, Step Up and Strike

Item creation: staff with maximized spell

Retraining, Ultimate Campaign, Mystic Theurge.

Int 3 for Animal companions and the implications following it

Some other doubts about the Summoner-Synthesist

Holding a punching dagger in a spiked gauntlet hand

If I buy and animal is there any way to change the feats from those in the bestiary?

Does negeative channeling effect plants?

Can an intelligent magic item make Intimidate checks?

Impact + lead blades

Longer casting time for meta'ed spontaneous spells...

19,801 to 19,900 of 53,954 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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