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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Synthesist help

Double weapon and attacks of opportunity

Metal Oracle: Steel Scarf

Eidolon 'Trample' evolution, does it knock foes Prone?

Spellstrike and Spell Combat

"Move action" vs. "movement" - a 5-foot step question

Animal Shamans - Wild Shape uses per day

Do the crusader and theologian cleric archetypes stack?

Maximized Spell and Sneak Attack

Tiger attacks

Combat Maneuver on a friend

Swift Actions between Attack & Damage rolls?

What happens if a Haunt Siphon is opened with no Haunt around?

Multiple Attacks - Newbie needs help

Esoteric Magic and Staves

Inhaled Poison Delivery system

Need Feat Name: Quick Draw for Potion / Wand

Extend Potion / Amplify Elixir / Alchemical Allocation question

Fatigue / Exchastion

Shape Change 2.0

Adamantine vs. Adamantine

Improved Familiar Intelligence

Bardic Performance Language Dependency

Natural Attack Questions

Hex and Transformation

Ioun Stone, dusty rose Prism

Sawtooth Sabre

Sound Striker: Weird Weird Words

Scry when target is sleeping?

Can disarm, trip, and sunder auto confirm?

(tap) dancing shoes

Can Breath Weapon Bomb be combined with Dispelling Bomb?

Question about the Savage Warrior Archtype

Theologian's Domain Secret ability

Small question - Spell Resistance

Old turning and teleporting undead

Rogue talent: Fast Getaway

Triggering explosive runes

Feats and magic items

Sequential attacks vs Roll with It

Paladin - divine bond

Another grapple question or 2

Cad Fighter and Payback

Cleric's Travel Domain Ability "Agile Feet" and Grease

Does a Mithril Breastplate Count as Light For the Brawling Property

Alchemist / Daggermark Poisoner and Poison Bomb toxic trick

Half-Orc Inquisitors, the Anger Inquisition, and Amplified Rage Teamwork feat

Alchemist Breath Weapon Bomb + Frost / Acid / Shock Bomb

Student of war proficiencies

Alchemist's Throw Anything and Pellet Grenade

Synthesis Summoner & enlarge person.

Some questions about shields

Catch off guard to use a normal weapon in a new way

Banner of the Ancient Kings + 2-Handed Weapons?

Couple question for one of my players who is a Druid

Fuse grenade and alchemists

2 questions

Poison Saves When?

False life, stackable? Beast shape, spell casting?

Rogues and magical traps

Must you make an off-hand attack to receive the benefit of the Two-Weapon Defense Feat?

Interesting potions

How do Combat Patrol and Stand Still work together?

Multiple Disbelieve Saves with Shadow Conjuration or Shadow Evocation?

Free hand while grappling.

Reach, Untrained Combat Maneuvers and AoO

Misfortune and Misfortune and Ill Omen (aka "How awful, dear!")

Evil eye grapple

Disarm and Multiple Attacks?

Invisibility and Create Pit

Ring of Arcane Mastery- Do I need the Arcana?

Transformative Wizard Hook

Polymorph, Feral Mutagen, and Unarmed Strike questions (oh my)

Alchemist Wings Discovery Question

Gaseous Form + Swallowed Whole

Sulis and two weapon fighting

Natural attacks as unarmed strikes?

Trap finding and time?

Is this possible: 5 attacks at 3rd level with sneak attack and with only -2 modifier?

Madu, Klar and Shield spikes

Does attacking a swarm hurt allies sharing the swarm's space?

Can there be a monk of Besmara?

Sense of direction

negative Damage, not Negative Damage

Soul Forger / Bonded Witch

Gunslinger,Two Weapon Fighting and Rapid Reload

Can Blood Transcription be used on creatures with SLAs?

Weapons falling

Summoned Succubi & Profane Gift

Can spontaneous arcane casters teach spells to wizards directly?

Two weapon fighting and just unarmed strikes?

Magic weapon properties interacting with outside sources of enhancement bonuses.

Wayang Spellhunter and Magical Lineage

Combat training and armor proficiency

Dragon Size Attacks and Righteous Might

Samasaran Reincarnation

Allying Weapon and the Monks' Woes

Crafting using found materials?

Dispelling Permenancy - On something I made that was stolen

Dancing weapon stats?

19,801 to 19,900 of 42,324 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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