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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
quaterstaff of entwined serpents

Overwhelming Beauty and Charming Traits

Monk / Synthesist should not work

Splintercloud arrows can someone give an offical ruling?

"Permanent" ability score bonuses and bonus spells

Ward Against Death effects on Maximum and Current Hit Points

Magus int bump retroactive?

Tiger Claw+Dragon Style confusion

Bane weapon with defending

Blood Rager Aberrant 4th level Rage power and reach weapon.

Strike Back Feat Confusion

Mythic Rules Question: Critical Master

Spell Sunder Barbarian Smashing Her Own Face

Pinpoint an invisible attacker after they 5-step

Spider climb and web

Unsanctioned Knowledge: can I take it more than once?

Tremorsense overcoming blinded condition?

Has there been any official word on Twin Soul?

Deft Palm Rogue Talent Question

Dragon Style math

Items present on called creatures.

Horse, Light and Heavy

5 questions reguarding horse mount

Charm Person, recipient being affected after spell takes effect

Greater magic weapon / Bane ability

2d6 damage from a bear trap?

Sneak Attack limits?

Percentile Dice Question

Does the Bard Archetype "Archivist" Lore Master Function As Per Normal Bard?

Using Two Weapons but not TWFing

Lessen dex penalty on heavy armor?

What happens when I'm under a confusion spell?

Creating a taunting weapon.

Duel Wielding Dan Bongs

Aging description for Other Races

Grudge Fighter multiple times?

Metamagic on a cleric's spontaneously cast cure spell

Would a Touch Spell Discharge if it hit an illusion?

Deliver touch spell as a combat maneuver?

PFS Legal Archetype?

Close-Quarters Thrower (Combat) and penalty

Grapplling Hook / Arrow usage

Poison damage when consecutive saves are required

Synthesist Summoner odd questions both legit and absurd

Can a witch use a hex while grappled?

Eldritch Heritage Feat Tree

Halfling staff slings and rapid reload / quick draw?

How much damage do armor spikes do?

Dark Tapestry Oracle's Many Forms revelation questions

Druid wants to wild shape to earth elemental and wield weapons

Undead Anatomy I - does it disguise you against undead

Casting while Mounted Questions...

Powerful strikes blade skill

Underhanded rogue talent?

Adding damage from Sun's Blessing (Sun Domain)

Switching my off hand mid full attack sequence.

Spontaneous Alchemy time for Ultimate Equipment

Collaborative Thaumaturgy - does it work if used as a readied action?

Clockwork Spy questions.

Does Dominate Monster require lign of sight?

Deitys weapon bite attack and Instrument of Faith = DR 15 vs bites ?

'Elemental Fist' and Weapons

Cost for buying magic items?

Define 'Wielding"

Fabricate spell and multiple items

How can a sorcerer escape binding?

Can a Cleric use Touch of Good on himself?

Over 20 level spells

The firearm scatter weapon quality and range increments.

can you direct an emanation using mundane objects?

When I stand from prone do I move, or do I not move.

Bestow Insight and magic item creation

Half humans and Racial Favored Classes

Double Checking My Understanding of a Few Things

Are Floating Disks solid?

Giant Chameleon Animal Companion: Grab vs. Pull

Broom of Flying and Haste

Spell Combat + Dimensional Dervish?

Monks and Cestus (again)

Speed and Armor


[ARG] Water Child & Swim

Official Ruling on True Seeing + Nondetection?

Samsaran Mystic Past Life + Unsanctioned Knowledge Feat

Giving your Imp familiar equipment?

Scarred Witch Doctor and Con

Can a familiar use bluff to feint?

Spellsight Bracer's mage hand conversion ability with the new cantrip system?

Mitheral Silver Armor- Brestplate

How long would it take to fly from Akiton to Golarion?

Mythic question, beyond morality + Divine source?

Spear and Rapid Shot and Many Shot

Horn of the Criosphinx on a Two Handed Fighter

Can I add throwing to a buckler?


Vindictive Soliloquy rounds

Epic DR vs Paladin Smite-What say you?

Skill Mastery, UMD, and Taking 10.

Imp Familiar change chape question

Rogue / Monk Sneak attack

19,801 to 19,900 of 60,834 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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