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a pathfinder...3-ring binder?

anyone see links to Advanced Class Guide Playtest PDF yet?

Dear Paizo (Art)

Like / Dislike pawns in Starter box

[Product Ideas] Ultimate Spellbook, Inner Sea Spells, Spell Master's Handbook

"Advanced Class Guide" Wish List

"Advanced Race Guide" Wish List

"Campaign Setting" and "Inner Sea World Guide"

"Dragon Empires Gazetteer" and "Dragon Empires Primer"?

"Good" Monstrous codex?

"naturalize poison" for the ACG's Shaman

"Where in the world" maps: Paizo RULES!

(Face Cards) Who IS That?

1st print, 2nd print, red print, blue print...

2 different covers for Bestiary ii ?

2 possible core erratas: Siege Weapon Ammo Cost and UMD

2 years without a Brawler archetype anniversary

3.5 AP Experience Progression

2011 Ennie awards - VOTE for Pathfinder!!!

2012 and beyond what would you like to see

2013-2014 Paizo Catalog

2014-2015 Catalog is Up!

2016 / 2017 Pathfinder Rulebooks Wish list.


Ability Score Increase - another unexplained mechanism?

Abjuration Specialist - Ultimate Magic - not helpful

About the Published Adventures

ACG abbreviation

ACG Errata

ACG favored class bonuses?

ACG is coming!!! What will you do?

ACG question: Arcainist and Arcane Discoveries

ACG Shield Issues.

Actual Release Date for APG?

Add this to the next bestiary!

Adding metadata tags to Paizo PDFs

Adding Sections of non-Core Line to the PRD

Adv Race Guide / Race Builder / Reduced stats?

Advanced Class Guide

Advanced Class Guide - How many Print Editions have there been?

Advanced Class Guide - Phrase reapeted in the BloodRager

Advanced Class Guide - The Hunter

Advanced Class Guide - Where's Dex to Damage?

Advanced Class Guide Iconics

Advanced Class Guide Iconics. what iconics do you, the buyers truly wish to see?

Advanced Class Guide Misprint - did you get one

Advanced Class Guide Page 248

Advanced Class Guide PDF Link down?

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Advanced Class Guide Potential Oversights

Advanced Class Guide Predictions

advanced class guide printing error?

Advanced Class Guide Test Version Availability

Advanced Class Guide Weirdness

Advanced Class Guide: Known Class Archetypes

Advanced Class Guide: Merciless Butchery

Advanced class Guide: More powerful spirit animals?

Advanced Class guide: Shaman- wandering spirit question.

Advanced Monster Guide and Kaiju?

Advanced Multiclassing Guide

Advanced player guide

A bit of Occult Adventures feedback / querying

A book for rogues?

A Class you were hoping to see in Ultimate Combat?

A couple of Quick Queries

A couple questions about Pathfinder comic subscription

A feat suggestion for Ultimate Combat

A Genderless / Genderfluid / Agender Iconic

A level 20 Synthesist does what?

A list of things that Ultimate Intrigue clarified for me in the first 10 minutes of reading

A little sad about Words of Power

A new bestiary box

A new sort of Paizo pawn pdf

A noob question about Pathfinder books

Paizo Blog: 2 Many Monsters!

A Paladin in Hell

A Pathfinder Campaign Workbook

A plea to the beast Gods...

A prestige class that needs to be in Ultimate Combat...

A Product Suggestion That I Would Buy - Adventures for 12 and under

A Question about Adventure Paths

A question about design / layout choices.

A question about Errata

A question about Invulnerable Rager and Guarded Life.

A question about the Battle Herald from the APG.

A question concerning Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition.

A Question on Miniature Cases

A recurring error with CMB and Tiny creatures (who use Dex instead of Str)

A request for a dice box.

A request for the APG's Templar Iconic (if any)

A request for the intro game.

A Request to Consider Adding more Slayer Talents

A request: Please do not reinvent the wheel when you don't have to.

A set of Pawns for Jade Regent or other Asian based?

Store Blog: A Place for Your Stuff!

A Suggestion for an Advanced Gamemaster's Guide- Dump Alignment

A talented bummer

A tough decision...

A Void Yai retcon?

A whole book of "unchained" classes

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