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Topic Posts Last Post
Pathfinder Unchained release date?

Pathfinder Unchained Potential Errors

Paizo Blog: Unleashing Unchained!

Is Unchained compatible with previous archetypes?

[Unchained] What's up with Lore?

Emerald Spire Superdungeon Lvl 6 Advanced Bestiary Reference

Heroes of the Wild

Is any of pathfinder Unchained an official update?

Paizo Blog: Magic Items Unchained

Did Unchained address concerns over editing and development that the ACG raised?

Beautiful product (again) - Pathfinder Unchained

Ultimate Campaign / Mythic Adventures: Mythic Retraining

Pathfinder Hopes and Fears...

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Unchained and the need for new character sheets

Store Blog: Are You Not Entertained?!

NPC Codex 2 & 3

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Unusual Race Miniature Sets

Ultimate Campaign: Downtime System Questions

Stamina System, Tactician, Martial Flexibility, and Combat Feat Choices

Paizo Blog: Unchained Skills and Feats

Pathfinder Unchained and the Terrible, Awful, Real Bad Bloat

Blank Pawns?

Paizo Blog: Time to Break Your Chains!

Ultimate Magic Errata

Looking for a module / adventure path fitting my DM style

Any update on Errata / FAQ clarifications for Advanced Class Guide?

Print Issues with Bestiary and Bestiary 2 pawns

Possible Monster Codex Errata

Strategy guide diagonals

Why does the Inquisitor get hand and repeating crossbow proficiencies, and the Bolt Ace does not?

Preparing to run Plunder and Peril, advice? (Spoilers)

A Genderless / Genderfluid / Agender Iconic

Occult Adventures: Post-Playtest Feedback

Ultimate Equipment Errata

Name 20 creatures for Monster Codex II

A set of Pawns for Jade Regent or other Asian based?


Has paizo ever made their own version of something that a 3pp made?

Would anyone buy an Adventure Paths Unchained hardcover?

2016 / 2017 Pathfinder Rulebooks Wish list.

Unchained Summoner Changes

Paizo Blog: Character Building in the Strategy Guide

PFRPG Portuguese Language Translation (Brazil)

Thematically Associated Product Guide

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

Hex Gunslinger?

Class Resources

The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Which Bestiary & Bestiary Box to get next?

An Ecclesitheurge suggestion....

Paizo Blog: Strategy Guide Art Preview!

GM Screen Part III - The Advanced Class Guide Iconics?

Ultimate Campaign Errata

Any word on the ACG?

Game Mastery Wish List

Final Embrace / Horror / Master Errata? (Ultimate Combat)

Gnomes of Golarion Worth the Cost?

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

Ultimate Technology Wishlist

Paizo Blog: 10 Things You Didn't Know Were in the Strategy Guide

Kingmaker Adventure Path

Wounds & Vigor - Undead & Constructs

Militant cleric

Mythic Adventures - balance concerns

Price increase in Pathfinder tales

Misaligned Pawn sheet

The big "100"...

Pathfinder Core Rulebook in other languages?

Will PF Unchained be compatible with existing archetypes?

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Quinn

APs for Rahadoum and the Mana Wastes

Mad about Pack Flanking

Monsters Codex 2 Wishlist.

Rules Compendium, Feat Compendium, Spell Compendium...

Paizo-published maps of Jalmeray

No mounted Samurai Pawn?!

class enhancing items

Catfolk type product wish.

Occult Adventures Wishlist

Alternate City Mapping for Kingdom Builder rules

[ARG] Human Spirit

Rumors of CRB update?

Things I hope are NOT in the Bestiary 5

Issues with the Two-Weapon Warrior Archetype

Advanced Class Guide - How many Print Editions have there been?

Query about map pack pdfs and watermarking....

Where are the character sheets for the Hybrids and Base classes?

Paizo Blog: A Tale of Two Covers

Player Character Folio printing at Staples or Kinkos

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

I seem to remember a list...

Possible Errata from all books in the system reference document

What are you hoping to see in Races of the Inner Sea ?

Pathfinder's "Weapons of Legacy"

Android race points don't add up?

Best Book for Gnoll pcs?

How would you make a High Level Play Book (10-20) viable for Paizo?

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