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Topic Posts Last Post
The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

A bit of Occult Adventures feedback / querying

Monsters Codex 2 Wishlist.

Possible Monster Codex Errata

2016 / 2017 Pathfinder Rulebooks Wish list.

Is there an equivalent of the "manual of hte planes" in PF?

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Pathfinder Bloat - are you concerned?

Things I hope are NOT in the Bestiary 5

Random Starting Ages for ACG Classes

Ultimate Magic Errata

Bestiary Box: How To Pack Your Pawns

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

Wishlist: Lycanthropes / Therianthropes Codex.

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

Things that might be cool to see in Pathfinder Unchained

Android race points don't add up?

Possible Bestiary 3 Errata / Issues

Pawns BB Box compared to standard Pawns

Which novel, comic or film Paizo should turn into a stand alone setting?

Gorthek -- Animal vs Magical Beast

Products sold in Realm Works format?

Is it me, or...

Next Player's Companion product line proposals

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

Occult Adventures Wishlist

Paizo Blog: Strategy Guide Update

forgotten realms map

What new hardcover do you want to see for the Core rules?

Mini Adventure Paths

Advice please

Books of Alkenstar?

Possible NPC Codex errors

Paizo Blog: Occult Society

Staples Sells Pathfinder Products?

Class bloat, yup it's happening and I hate it

Tracking down a supplement

Need for Compilation encyclopedia books? Is there a need?

The Mythic Iconics are badass

Name 20 creatures for Monster Codex II

Soulcleave's Quirp

Psionics coming to Pathfinder!

Errata / Typos in APG

Inner Sea Rules

Paizo Blog: Signs and Portents

Advanced Race Guide (Potential Errors)

Bugbear Feat Missing

Question about a picture in the Game Mastery Guide?!?!

M. Bison in Pathfinder

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Oloch

Occult Adventures Speculation and Discussion

Pathfinder PreGens illegal stats? WTH?

Was Making Vampire Spawn a template a good idea?

CR + Levels + Monster Codex

Audara Drovust: Ideas for build?

Characters in Paizo Modules

A question concerning Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition.

Paizo Blog: Monster Mash

Pending order

Noble Families of the Inner Sea

Several kingdom building questions and thoughts.

Store Blog: Monsters are a Game Master's Best Friend!

Tips and Suggestions for "Emerald Spire"

Ultimate Equipment Errata

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Investigator

OK, Bestiary 4 devs, fess up :)

ACG Shield Issues.

Pawn Boxes

Unchained, can it live up to all these expectations?

All Your Item Card Art Are Belong To Us?

Is Mythic Adventures viable?

Golarion map of products?

We Be Goblins question

Map Folio?

What are everyones thoughts on the ACG hybrid classes?

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

Ultimate Equipment 2?

Core Rulebook with more robust binding?

Problems / Errata in Bestiary

Pathfinder Battles: Reign of Winter question

Possible Bestiary 2 PDF errata / problems

Yup, It's time for Pathfinder 2.0

Varian Jeggare and Radovan Miniatures

Player companion line: Classes

Paizo Blog: A Tale of Two Covers

Pathfinder Battles sub question.

Cleaning Flip Mats

Alternate City Mapping for Kingdom Builder rules

I need some info on a Cleric of Sarenrae

Advanced Class Guide - Where's Dex to Damage?

Where did the Map Pack pictures go?

Advanced Class Guide Weirdness

Highest "Official" CR Monster?

My wife made me post this...aka Steve Geddes is one cool cat!

[Spoilers] List of scenario unlocks, specifically for firearms.

Ultimate Technology Wishlist

Shaman Spirit Animal, missing info?

List of Errata in Pathfinder Core Rulebook

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