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[Samurai Sheepdog - Kickstarter] Fall of Man Team adds Jim Butler

40% Off All Raging Swan Press PDFs, 21-30 November

an Undead slaying sniper (Guns / Archers / crossbowmen / Thrower / Hurler / Arcane) Prestige class

Pathfinder Soulknife (deadly Fist) advice

The Rite Design Blog: The Secrets of the Divine Preview Part 2: Divine Orders.

Version 9.7 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available

[] Databases have been Updated

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus campaign setting races are coming to

[TPK Games] The Ultimate Gladiator

‎Necromancers of the Northwest Paladin Archetype Dragon Knight

"Finding the Path" column - sage Pathfinder advice from Viktyr L. Korimir

"Golarionizing" Way of the Wicked

"P Awards" for 3PP from Paizo?

"So Conflicted!" T-shirts they are now only $18.99

"Two handed weapon" Soulknife build, any idea ?

"We Love Grit" Tome of Munitions 2 [Little Red Goblin Games]

#30 Fleshcrafts coming 11 / 10 / 11

#30 Not So Mundane Items on Sale 06 / 08 / 11


'New' Third Party Warlock: The Invoker

(Dreamscarred Psionics) Nomad's Step and line of effect

(Fat Goblin Games) Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur

(Fat Goblin Games) Shadows over Vathak on sale now!

(fire mountain games) way of the wicked.

A (quite likely unfair yet) Sincere Request of 3rd-Party Publishers

(RDP) Class Options Volume 1: Sorcerer Bloodlines is now on sale!

(Rite Publishing) Kaidan Events at Origins 2012

(SPOILERS) Way of the Wicked Book 3: Tears of the DM

1 thru 20 AP?

1,290 backers! 3 Hours to go! Combat Description Cards - Over 600 ways to describe combat on a 100+ card deck + NPC Distinction cards, GM screen, Native Card Apps, Etc...

1st edition orintal adventures feel products for pathfinder

2nd 4-star review for NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting

2nd Something Short and Sweet

3 Party Products specifically for Ninjas?

3.5 Divine Power and Both ECL and Epic Levels

3.75 / PF RPG Creature Card Decks Released!

3PP and

3pp Cavalier orders for a Daring Champion?

3PP Free RPG Day Offerings!

3PP High Fantasy Settings for Pathfinder

3PP love

3PP modules -low level - that could be set in Varisia

3pp no longer available and OGL questions

3PP on Dead Tree

3PP Printing Advice

3PP products converted for Beginner's Box

3PP Products for GMs

3PP products for Jade Regent

3PP PRPG Modules?

3pp Suggestions

3PP Wizard Schools

3pp, OGL, and OGL Section 8

3PP: Gamestorm 2012

3PPs looking for artists?

3PS Cavalier Archetype: Swashbuckler

3rd Party Alternative Magic Item Creation Systems?

3rd Party and Old school stuff for Tian Xia

3rd Party Artificer, is there any suggestions for filling in the missing parts / fixing missing info?

3rd Party book I recommend: Relics & Rituals: Excalibur

3rd party classes

3rd Party Kickstarter Best Practices

3rd Party Pathfinder approved books

3rd party product about animal companions?

3rd Party Publisher print products round up.

3rd Party Publishers on

3rd Party Settings Discussion

3rd party stuff that needs an errata?

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book of Arcane Magic Preview #2

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book of Arcane Magic Preview #3

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book Signing Saturday August 22 Great Falls, MT

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming teams up with 3.5 Private Sanctuary

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to be acquired by Purple Duck Games

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to publish PfRPG supps

6 Months of Minotaur Games! News and a contest!

6+ Possible Free Adventures: Your Choice Will Decide Which

08 / 2014 - Chronicles Pathfinder Podcast Episode Reference

10 Luckbringer Feats (PFRPG) is now available!

20 interesting cargo ship for pirates to take. [FaSB]

20 levels arcane trickster by purple duck games: opinions?

24 Hour RPG Challenge [Fat Goblin Games]

29.99 for a Boxed Set? & which Box Cover is best?

40% off all PFRPG Print on Demand products at

40% off all Rite Publishing products.

50% off sale going on now!

52 in 52

100 Swords or 100 Weapons

101 0-Level Spells on Sale 04 / 01 / 11!

101 Magical Armor and Shield Properties (on sale 09 / 01 / 11)

101 New Skill Uses (Preview)

101 Series by Rite Publishing

A 101 wish list (attn: Rite Publishing)

178 Larry Elmore Images added to FreeDnDArt!

500 Wonderful Products

1001 spells

1001 Spells (PFRPG) only $2.99 (normally $19.99) through Sunday 08 / 29!

1001 Spells and Hero Labs

2014 ENnie Awards

2015 Advertising Space now available on

A Big Thanks to Raging Swan Press!

A Blade Talent question...

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