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Topic Posts Last Post
Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

[Legendary Games] SUMMER SPECTACULAR previews are here!

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

[DragonWing Games] Lore of the Gods: PFRPG Edition sneak peeks

Perplexing Puzzles #2: Puzzle Chests Now Available

Razor Coast (plus Heart of the Razor) nominated for 5 Ennies!

Way of The Wicked Resources

Non-Player Cards [KICKSTARTER]

Laying Waste: Critical Hit App

Parsantium: City Sourcebook for Pathfinder / D&D underway

Ennies Voting now Open: please consider voting for Razor Coast and HoTR

Goody White's Book of Folk Magic (kickstarter, ends Aug 13)

[AAW Games] The Snow White Kickstarter is rocketing towards stretch goals!

[TPK GAMES] Get your crit together!

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing Psionics Augmented: Wilder

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

Christmas in July Sale

[Ultimate Psionics] Aegis (War Hulk) & making it hurt

Publishing questions

[Legendary Games] Let the Mythic Minis commence!

Upcoming interviews about 3PPs and Kickstarters

ARG Race Builder Program

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

[CONTEST] Snow White: 23 Days of Fairy Tales Contest

RA and CD subscriptions

[Fat Goblin Games] Shadows over Vathak Update

[Kobold Press] Deep Magic—300 new Pathfinder spells and more!

[AaWBlog!] We want your ENnies vote and are bribing you with FREE.

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice


[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)


[Larry Elmore's Sovereign Stone RPG] Introduction and Q&A

[Green Ronin] Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter for Pathfinder Now Live!

[Kobold Press] Potential Issues and Typos in Deep Magic

[LPJ Design] In Defiance of Sorcery: The low-magic / no-magic campaign toolkit by Clinton Boomer

2014 ENnie Awards

[Flying Pincushion Games] Into the Breach: The Gunslinger Coming Soon!

[PDG / 4WFG] Work-In-Progress updates

The Original TACT-TILES are back in a Kickstarter!!!! :)

Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Kickstarter

[AAW Games] Snow White Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow!

One-Roll Combat:: Chronicles of Ramlar Pathfinder Edition Kickstarter is Live

A Dream of Mars: Green Martians

Sword of Air text is DONE!!!!

Kobold Press - Gearforged

Class, Role, and Acceptable Variance

Politics & Power: Adding a Little Class to Pathfinder [Little Red]

Detective Base Class [Little Red]

In honor of 5 ENNIE Nominations--Razor Coast Sale

Publishers: How do you pretty-up your PDFs?

[PDG] Monsters of Porphyra - ENnie-Nominated AMA thread

prd options

Razor Coast

Mesmer (GW2) class

Creating a Psion - Ultimate Psionics Questions

[PCGen] 6.03.03 released.

Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path Kickstarter for Pathfinder coming Fall 2014

[Rogue Genius] Gruesome Giants!

[Aetaltis] The Temple of Modren Free Preview Now Available

Alluria Publishing - Some information

[PDG] Now Ennie-Nominated!

Has throne of Night been canceled?

Store Blog: Find a Deeper Color of Magic!

Feats that advance

Form Fill-able Character Sheet

Basic Wargame Miniatures Types (Plastic, Pewter, Paper) & Ideal Usage

Kobold Press - this summer's PF kickstarter?

[Rogue Genius Games] Talented Classes product line

[TPK] The Reaping Stone: GM discussion

[Archives of Nethys] June 2014 Releases added: Pathfinder #82, Numeria Land of Fallen Stars, The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, and Blood of the Elements

[Amora Game - Kickstarter] the Book of Collective Influence - LIVE

JBE's Latest Editions to

Paizo Blog: This Bestiary is Advanced

Store Blog: Classin' Up the Place!

[Calico Games Kickstarter] Short Order Heroes Locations

[Rogue Genius] Four Horsemen products

[4WFG / PDG / CSP] Flood of New Releases...

Obsidian Apocalypse


List of 3rd Party Base Classes

[Creative Conclave] Free Bonus Material for Dungeon Beasts

Mottokrosh's Eldritch Online Character Sheet - Now Live!

Feat and Exotic weapons questions

[Tripod Machine] readers needed for Runemage class

[Way of the Wicked] We are playing it! Come join us!

Unicorns and Eunuchs and Warrior Women, OH MY! [Little Red]

Which kickstarter product is sent out from John Morris, 5105 Leary Ave. Seattle ?

[Tripod Machine] Conquest of the Universe

[AVALON GAMES] New Stuff for July

[Dreamscarred Press] Ultimate Psionics Update

Store Blog: No Convention? No Problem!

[Spes Magna Games] Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang

Store Blog: What a Tangled Web We Weave!

[Goodman Games] Maximum Xcrawl, Powered by Pathfinder

Hero Lab help

[Legendary Games] SUMMER SPECTACULAR SALE is on! 50% off PDFs and MORE!

[Interjection Games] Solve the last puzzle in Perplexing Puzzles #2 and win a copy!

[Burning Yeti Studios] The Lost Dungeons of Xon series of interactive e-Modules now on Kickstarter

[Dreamscarred Press- Path of War] Strikes and Boosts

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