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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Roo-Folk (Kangaroo-Folk), what do you think?

"Useless" magic items to give to players

Magic Item: Favored Form Ring

need help pricing a magical item

Lawful Good Antipaladin Archetype

New special material, Ironweave Silk

The Obedience Project

Nauseated condition. Anyone changed it?

Need Suggestions For an Ability

Landscape Shaping Artifact Advice-Dark Sun Setting

1001 Impossible Prophecies (and Surprise! It is actually possible)

Fixing the fighter

Using Heal to distinguish between Unconscious and Dead characters.

The Manikin-Artificial Humanoids

A Collaborative Campaign

Stat Yourself!

Unchained Monk (Altered)

Fix an archetype

Settlement Creator

[Homebrew] Occultist Archetype: THE TRANCE BINDER

How to restrict high level spell casting

[first time homebrewing] So I made an ocuultist-style archetype for the Bloodrager - THE BLOODCRYSTAL RAGER -Please rate and comment your thoughts.

High Tech Gear

Looking for a old thred about stat blocks and what would you do to change them.

Pathfinder Epic Level Handbook, v1.6 - the dead levels update

Custom Art - Some artwork I've modified / drawn to fit Paizo creatures

tho shelt not kill, the gods did not say anything about busting knee caps....

Marshall vs Social Combat (Verbal Dueling)

Barbarian BAB change

Shadowshooting +bolt Ace + minitoaur Double Crossbow

Feedback on a custom template.

Martial Mobility Feats

Magic the Gathering Pathfinder

Who needs a high Strength score when you’re underwater? - Or Archimedes’ Principle at Work in Pathfinder

Houserule idea: Cleric prepared spells chosen by GM each day?

Azothath - Purchased Mounts - and in particular horses

Drug addicted trait / feat / ideas

New class brainstorming, the Military Soldier

Spirit Animal Powers - For Archetype or New Class

Samurai Alternate Class rebuild

Different kinds of divinity

Fix any Class

How would you average AC, touch and flat-footed to just one roll ?

True Vigilantes: Pathfinder-style Superheroes

Warlock: Remastered, But Not Unchained. WIP

Witch Archetype - The Cobblewitch

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Replacing XP advancement with 5-6 discoveries / enemies / allies / ... per level?

Your ONE houserule

The Spell Blade: Prepared 1 / 3 Caster

Gnoll Racial Build-Up (CC welcome)

Mythic Trial To Mythic Level 2 / Level 12 Characters

Post your PC and fellow PC's basic stats.

Fighter House Rule Version

fighter dragon archetype. Help balancing and advice

Jolethi: a Size-Shifting Quadrupedal Race

Idea to make fighters more flexible- martial skill point system

Druid Summoning Archetype - The Beast Caller

Looking for odd character ideas and builds.

Inquisitor Archetype - Death Seeker

Increasing poison DC by experimentation

Suggestions of Pre-Made Adventures for characters level 10-12?

Wizard Archetype - Tome Master

Hybrid archetypes still missing in the ACG (or converted from previous books)

Converting Warlock to Magus

Occultist Conjuration Resonant Power ideas

[Village of the Damned] 100 Villagers

Combat Manager application

Shinobi archetype

New Power Word?

Fixing the fighter.

Magic Beans!!

Baned spells to keep the game simple; teleport, demiplane and on. Ideas ?

Winter War II: Land of the Linnorm Kings vs. Irrisen. ideas?

Can a paladin use poison without falling? An analysis.

Changing the flow of boss combat. Need your honest opinions!

why do cool weapons have to suck?

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Wizard Specialist PrC classes?

Unseating Polearms

Unintended consequences of lowering casting

Dudemeister's Vigilante Archetypes

Help with special material pricing and rules

Set's Stuff

A few archetype stacking houserules

Elven Bloodline for Sorcerers

Would it be unbalanced to give fighters 4 skill points per level?

Feedback on Homebrew Feats

Feat Idea: Deadly Precision (for those who deal precision damage)

Race building and psychic energy from Occult Bestiary

New Kineticist Feat - Need opinions

Is this feat OP?

Base Classes instead of Wizard Specialist

Slenderman, the White King

Has anyone made a simple / quick rule book for combat ?

Custom make me a leveling ninja / monk item please?

My Homeworld (Eagleheart)

Summoning Druid Archetype - Help Me Homebrew!

Power Rangers on Golarion

[Intelligence Check] Removing Alignment from Pathfinder

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