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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Unchained.... Part 2) The Cleric...

Casting Defensively (new)

Coppelion, robot race

Creating alchemical items by batch

The Disciple of Metal, Complete (Heavy Metal Bard)

Homebrew Challenge: Pantheon Generator

Magic Items

3 tiered feats

Dolphin player characters

Magic Beans!!

Kingdom Death Bestiary

New Shape Discoveries for the new Metamorph in Ultimate Intrigue

Unhinged Fighter [Tier 3 / 4]

Feats interacting with better weapons...

A Good Loser

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

Feat points -or- Not all feats are equal so they should not cost the same

Race points for 1 / 2 giant's Powerful Build ability

Homebrew Monster Ideas-Carp Dragon

Help Me Name A New Type Of Weapon!

Reskin a Monster!

3.5 Shapeshifter Druid- Please Help!

Insanity house rule

Refactoring Noble Wild

Turn any class into a Vigilante.

Homebrewed Animal / Human hybrid races after watching Zootopia

Downtime rules fix - can we get the most reasonable houserule?

Need a villain idea!


Critique these House rules and new fighter please.

Variant Gestalt E8 rules

Bladebound Campaign - Now Everyone Has A Talking Sword edition

Welcome to the Dorals!

When I was but a little lad we played.... any board games?

Making elemental ray type powers better with feats

Warcraft Campaign Setting

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

Help With Balancing a Homebrew Hybrid Class

Whistledown needs you!

Unchained.... Part 1) The Fighter...

Brute Vigilante Fix

Fighters that don't suck -- an attempt to make fighters flexible and fun

Unchained Fighter design PEACH

Front line savages! Barbarian or Bloodrager. Whose the better savage?!

My Campaign Setting Based on the Perpetual Butcher of the Bound Tarrasque - The City of Salt in Wounds

Combat Manager application

My Crusader (Hybrid Fighter / Paladin) Class

GM Advice: Grab - How do you use it?

Harbinger of Battle - Cha-based "Oracle-style" Warpriest Archetype

I'm bored: give me ideas for a new base class I can design!

New AWT Option: Thoughts?

Feat Points and Feat Tiers

Alkenstar Alchemist

Static skillset

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

New Hybrid class (unchained barbarian / unchained rogue), advice needed, please criticize !

Idea: Different Ability Arrays For MAD / SAD PCs

Sorcerer as a 6th level caster

Random dreams and Nightmeres

Lycanthropes, druids, shapechanging, and equipment.

Worldbuilding Exercise - Get 5 Random Races, Build a Setting

Trying to make a Pathfinder spellthief

Medium Class Melee Beatstick

Co-op Brainstorming for a Ridiculous Artifact

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Custom races: Selachian and Ceta

Hybrid Class: The Sentinel

MCA Archetypes and OGL ?

Buffing "sword & board" styles

Iounthelids, Homebrewed Alternative to Illithids. Feedback wanted!

Spellscar Oracle- Embrace the Chaos

Making money with a sailing ship and Profession: Sailor

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

The Curse of the Godless (an E6 Homebrew World)

Help multiclassing a UC Rogue

Pard-Folk custom race. What do you think and suggest?

Creature Concept: Sinkhole Vine

Describing settings to look awesome and immerse your PCs

100 Unexpected Traps [CLEAVES]

been working on this custom class for a while and now im looking for some opinions

Need Suggestions For an Ability

Fashionista (bard archetype) ... and his nemesis ...

Unusual Game Aides and New Skill System

Fixing the Eldritch Scion

Magitek if Alchemists are in charge

New Monk archetype!

I need some advice on designing an alternate Serpentfolk, please!

MCA Archetypes and OGL ?

pre-Punic Wars Mediterranean redone as an E6 fantasy setting

Custom (and Altered) ARG Race Traits

Antimagic metal?

Homebrew Race

Keeping Spellcasters active for longer

New Magus Arcana advise

Simulating 6th sense as a racial trait

Dark Magic / Forbidden Magic?

The Obedience Project

Magus Archetype - The Rider

Homebrew Campaign Setting: Rahi Kha, The Desert Junction.

Progressive Language System

1 to 100 of 15,259 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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