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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
Design Challenge: Simple Fixes

Spellcraft as Alternative to Use Magic Device

Combat Manager application

My half-race templates

"Full caster" alchemist

HEDGE MAGE [base class]

Does anyone know of a Witch doctor class? or an Archetype besides the Scarred?

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

What Classes Are We Still Missing?

Is there going to be a re-work for the Witch Class?

Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslingers

Archetypes you'd like to see.

Possible cool new rogue talents

Race Creation

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

My Witch Adjustments

Paragon paths

Skill Execution (variant rogue class feature)

Shadowdancer rogue variant

Hand-and-a-half weapons

My Hope to Fix Magical Tails (Kitsune)

Monk Archetype: Gunmetal Mystic

Adding BAB to Initiative?

[think tank] Everything happening at the same time

Homebrew Race - The Dreem!

The Rune Knight [Base Class] [W.I.P]

New Base Class - The Chimeric (PEACH)

Twisting the Knife in the Wound

Base Class - The Primal

Prestige Titles (A Prestige Class variant)

Pathfinder as a Fantasy CJRPG Tabletop Engine?


Rogue Talents (alternate)

Prismatic weapon special ability

New Spell: "And your little dog, too!"

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

The Warpriest that I wanted, introducing Marshmallow's Templar class

CR of my dragons. Care to help?

Getting rid of the Feat Tax, advice welcome

Massive deity project idea

Help me with custom classes missions

Converting a Homebrew D&D 4e shark race to pathfinder

Trying to make combat more dynamic. (...again)

Multiple low-level casters acting as one high-level caster

Runethane Base Class

[Summoning] Is summoning specific spirits a nerf, buff, or neutral?

The Disciple of Metal

Child house of terror

Homebrewed Fury Domain

Homebrewed Creation Domain

Aggression Mechanics

Sorcerer's Aid Project Redux: Mutations

Brainstorming My Ideal Necromancer (Input Welcome)

Jacob's Tower: The Classic 1-20 Dungeon

Gunsmith (proto-gunslinger archetype)

Enter the Blue Mage

Wrathblood - a T3 "monster" bloodrager archetype - feedback / critique / suggestions wanted!

Custom Race Trait

Lunar Spirit Shaman?

Alchemist Archetype - Inventor

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

Mystic Path (ki pool alternate)

Ki Strike (alternate)

Homebrewed Mechromancer

The last legion

is this balanced?

Hey, show my GM that I am not making an overpowered character

Ambush (new rogue feature)

[Screwy Idea] Making Feat Trees into single Feats

Hell's Assets Freeze Over

My needlessly detailed rogue / horizon walker

Cunning (new rogue feature)

[spells] Dominate Fix (charms / compulsions)

What do i do with the Gods?

Asking for Awesome Fighter Techniques

Published Resources for Monster and Map Creation

Spell Circuit Tattoos?

Storyline advice for a psionics themed game.

Komodo, a reimagining of lizardfolk for use as a playable race

Razmiran Priest rule bend

Path of a Shinobi (Naruto Table-top RPG)

Truenaming: a supplemental mechanic for any spellcaster (experimental)

Household Deities in Pathfinder

Spirit Animals

I am lightning, the rain transformed. (AKA, cyborg ninja)

Ancient Fencing Style - A feat to make short swords viable for Swashbucklers

New ritual system. Suggestions welcome

The Year of Yokai!

Aquatic Spinosaurus

Contemplating House Rule re Spherewalker PrC and Starknives

Shipwrecked Campaign

Request for Paizo's take on an Artificer class

Deific Obedience Rules for Sivanah

Fighter Rewrite - Deed Focused

What can I do to tune up my oracle archetype?

Cleric willing changing gods after life altering event

List of Artificer Classes

[Homebrew Setting] Ilarion

Alternate Way Of Preventing Gods From Interfering

How do you decide which classes / races to exclude from your campaign?

1 to 100 of 12,203 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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