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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

My party just wants to KILL EVERYTHING

Would a LG character get along better with a CG character or a LE character?

Halloween Themed Items

What atheism looks like in pathfinder world?

Roleplay vs Rollplay

Are Undead Always Evil?

so questions about shape shifting and beastform 1

15 point buy, why does it appeal to you?

Kineticist + Evangelist

New spell, Betraying Sting, seems to be missing something.

Ending Bloat

Which Is Bigger: Rappan Athuk, Or The Emerald Spire?

The biggest intrinsic issue with PF (and TTRPG in general)

Adventure path advice

Martial Mages and spell-slinging Fighters - non-standard (yet effective) builds

"Zygomind is CR 18?" or "Well I'mma Not Sleep Well Anymore"

Bronze griffin figurine

what is the easiest class to play?

My GM being fair?

Your personal Top 3 Favorite Races

Holy Crap, Natural Attacks Are Badass!

Cheating gm?

making a bloodrager what are the ways to get pounce w / o races

Pathfinder RPG Random Treasure Generator

Negative and Positive energy in relation to Alignment.

Rule bending and inconsistency.

will Ascendant recollection work for a bloodrager?

know of any gnoll traits and feats?

Ideas for a Cavalier / Rogue Or Stealth Cavalier.

same natural attacks and blood rager.....

what classes are there that improve / use / add natual attacks?

A very Intrigueing situation any thoughts or advice on how to move forward

Can we get some official word on elemental races affinity?

Gnome Ranger Build?

101 character specific reasons for an alternate racial trait

List of monsters doing ability damage / drain

Where Art Though, Treasure Generator?

who is the deity of the sun?

An Honest Rant on the Worst Written Pathfinder Class

What is your favorite thing about pathfinder?

Some artwork based on Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Point-Buy Restrictions Too Complicated?

Cursed Items

150+ Clearly Misunderstood Monsters

Thank you PDT for another lovely FAQ!

mythic immortality, why lich

Dragonblood Mutagen clarification

Horror Adventure Tips

Do spell caster getting weaker and weaker?

What makes a good game?

How to make an antipaladin fall?

What spell list is your favorite and why?

On Will Saves And Narrative Agency

Buy anything or preset shopping lists?

Making horseman of the apocalypse

The Highest damage?

Mythic Adventures: Player Agency and Responsibility

Special Environment Discussion: Floating Islands!!!

Eastern-Themed Homebrew Campaign: Has It Been Done? Any 3rd Parties Ever Do This?

Fractions vs. Text

Horror Adventures: Sanity - how to fix it?

Is the rogue / ranger dead?

A different kind of magus

[Build Guide] The Truest Necromancer

Next Time On the CRB - Running Monster of the Week Games

None Psionic class like the mind blade

hey i am looking to figure out what a creature / humanoid might be.

Gestalt fighter scarred with doctor half orc build help

Curse of the Crimson Throne madness. (Spoilers)

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Master of Many Forms?

whats the point of making magical ammo?

Utopia paradox

Custom Character Sheets Question

How many traits are better than feats?

Your personal Top 3 classes

cleave releted questions

Warpriest Rules question

The Vitalist and other Healing

What options offer the most potential for "narrative control"?

The Bloodrager class really covers a lot of design space.

5 Tips For Playing Better Barbarians

Classes, Archetypes and Prestige Classes I (and hopefully others) would love to see be made real

How can I make my pc a deformed monstrosity?

titan fighter questions

Anyone interested in creating characters for us?

Dire Horse Cost

Best Classes for Altruism

Subjecive Gravity Shenanagains

which druid archetype gives a Drake Companion?

Why are anti-scrying spells expensive?

0 level character rules?

what are dragonborn?

When, What, Where, and How to Horror

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Silly noobie questions

got a question about armor and speed and peicemeal armor.

can you make an effective demoralizer at lvl 3?

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