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FAQ System

Best Open Content

Brown Dragons?

Should DM's enforce the Child Characters ruleset?

Bards and Specialist Parties

Straight 10's

Which feats are underpowered? Which are basically taxes?

Regarding Paizo.... Clerics and the Ecclesitheurge

should there be a save vs. detect spells?

Pummeling Style Equals Total Nonsense (In other words...too much damage)

So what do you guys think about technological items?

Which foes are stupid enough to not attack the casters first?

Podcast Feedback

Generating Stats - tricks and preferences

Opinion on the Downtime rules?

Good- or Neutral-Aligned Drakes as steed or companion?

non-ARG race age / height / weight tables?

Skills as a class feature

Share the ideology of your True Neutral hero

Sign Language?

Blade Adept / Eldritch Knight Ability Advancement

What do you mean the dragon is wearing armor!?

Draconomicon monster type "Half-Dragon"

Dragon Disciple Prestige Class

Realistic bandits in your setting

Paladin Alignment

is Dazing metamagic as annoying for anyone else?

Herald of the Horn Skalds don't have Perform(Wind) as a class skill

Would your characters use the 3 monkeys? Details inside

The Troop Template / making lowlevel creatures dangerous again

Advanced Class Guide Cleric Arctype Ecclesitheuge, might be missing something?

I could use help with trouble known as Mounted combat

There's a bizarre lack of str / con and int races

Were there any dev comments on increasing / not skill points / level?

Brilliant Energy - too high an enhancement bonus?

Is there ANY concept that can't be done using existing rules?

What is the roughest thing your party has ever had to do in game?

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Deck of many things

Problems with the Advanced Class Guide.

Cleric spell sheet

Looking for a specific GM guide

Archetypes you wish you could combine but couldn't?

Talk about your critical fumbles...

What country is Absalom in?

Killing Flourish feat chain

A questionable call.

Cartographer Mapping Software

Best Models for Eidolons in Fiction / Movies

is ecclesitheurge downright abusable to you?

What mechanics are immersion breaking?

New pbp campaign

How have you surprised your GM lately?

On Morality and Neutrality (Another Alignment Thread D: )

Strength V.S. Dexterity: A Comparison of Form, Ability, and Power

ACG magic items

so how does the economy in a fantasy world even WORK?

Sacred Fist AC bonus

Warpriest nerf, real?

Wayang up the Aasimar

Elemental Shaman Archetype

deck of many things / random encounters

Optimising Bloodrager Unarmed Fighter

Is there going to be a re-work for the Witch Class?

Ifrit, Oread, Slyph, or Undine sub-species.

Hey All! Taking a Sacred Fist to a PFS Table tonight!

What has the ACG inspired you to play?

I'd like to see more words of power! I'm sure others do as well.

The Twenty-Sided Die

What if...a feat every levels.

Is the sacred fist just better than the base Warpriest?

Rotating Gms, and PC Bandits

A (Play) Test of Honor: One Cavalier's Romp Through Nirmanthas

Map Builder

[Spoilers] Utterly destroy the leader of Geb... In three easy steps

Advanced Class Guide Adventure Path (Parts 2 to 6) - 50 more classes!

Getting rid of the Feat Tax, advice welcome

So my Bard is now level 2....

How high are you? High Fantasy, that is!

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Captain America!

God sucks at his job

Monk Archetype Combinations

Super Strength

Flaming, shocking etc. weapon ability. You really require the character to spend a standard action to activate the ability?

Best Animal Companions in film?

Monster Advancer

Thrown Weapons = Useless?

Darkmoon Vale Campaign

Game scheduling sheet

Why are nodachis polearms?

Who Wants More Hybrid Classes?

thinking about running a game only using the acg classes.

The Investigator

Tetori Monks and The Grabbing style

In-game Epic Fails

Best player resource for Katapesh?

Andoran questions

Bard. Way Overpowered!!!

High-Level Play With Fewer Calculations?

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