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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Apocrisiarius Kyton and the nature of Truth

RPing around a party member whose motivation is to you kill and only you?

Mage Mangaka

Love the feature, hate the class

Arcanist Vs wizard

Do You Like Stamina (Unchained)?


Do People Use Improvised Weapons?

Hunter Spells

ItemForge: An Android app to help with crafting magic items

Why is it so difficult to determine what has Lawful and / or Chaotic alignments, but so easy to determine Good and Evil alignments?

Interactive Maps + MapTool

Jack of All trades / constant class dipping.

Sanctify Weapons clarification

questions on a justicar deity

So I lost my lawful good alignment. Discussion of what lawful good means...

is there a feat to improve conjuration spells?

Can trauma be healed with magic?

Looking for empathy and insight about a saving throw death...

Trying to locate trait / feat and need help

Tier 1 Summoner

Where does treasure come from?

Which books have settlement stats?

Riding Gecko

Dark Folk

Cool / Interesting Template Creature Combinations

Energy type: What would you choose and why?

A wizards tower.

Do the Fighter / Sorcerer classes need unchained versions?

if full attack wasn't a thing.

Therapeutic Tabletop Gaming

so what kinda move would you like to copy from.....

+1 CR races

My new favorite combo, hit the enemy 3 times before th eenemy hits me once: Unexpected Strike + Fortuitous + Taunting Stance

Non Metal Armor


Eyebiter Mesmerist Archetype

Intrigue Mystery - Thoughts?

Feat value of spell slots

whats the challenge level for a party of 8 level 2 characters?

What do you expect of a Theurge?

Quicken Spell - Really Great of Just Percieved As

Recurring Tactics

Scariest monster in Pathfinder?

Favorite really crazy builds... Go!

Your Favorite Scary Monsters

Looking for Planet Sized Nightshade stats

Your most favorite spell?

New Korvosa material to coincide with Curse of the Crimson Throne

The iron man build

5 Tips For Playing Better Paladins

What's your character design process?

I Hate Feats

Combatting a Lich Player

what's the most effed up magic item from one of your campaigns?

Why does the URogue lose so many talents over the core rogue?

how would you make a blind character?

Your favorite full caster?

Choosing items for created NPCs

Improvised, but awesome?

Campaign Setting: The Coral Coast

What are Paladins Powered By?

Favorite Prestige Classes

Why are Morningstars in the Flails weapon group?

Are the vehicle combat DCs too high?

Question about a warpriest lizardfolk.

Looking for Group in Seoul

Gestalt vs Mythic in a 1-1 Adventure Path game

The AntiMagic Field Conundrum

New PF Unleashed Poisons

Black Dragon Redemption - Unlikely allies

Need Help Making Dungeon Gimmicks

Build Challenge: The Alchemadin

What is a good module for newer players?

Magical equipment items

Question on Calm Stance (Unchained Rage Powers)

Elven Thinblade

Spell duration tracker

Questions about the Shaman.

Mascot in Familiar Folio: not easy to Aid Another ?

How would you fix the rogue?

underwater nations

Glenn the Daring Champion build

How does your GM / group handle resting?

Aristocrat Variant?

Alchemical Zombies and Anti-Undead

Help! Super Beast with Levels

Paizo Blog: Monkeying Around

Funniest / Most Interesting Things That Happened to You in Pathfinder

How many casters are there in the world?

Do wee need to max our stats? It's a necessity or minmax idea?

Quickened spell?

I can't watch TV anymore.

Tattooed Dragon Disciple

Ecclesitheurge Question

Bestiary Necessity

Variant Multiclassing

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