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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

What's so great about the oracle anyways?

Bring back SLA as spells ruling.

Let's hear your most epic or ridiculous TPKs!!

What is the measure of a character's success in combat?

Magus and Eldritch Scion advice

What Does Your Character Do When Not Adventuring?

Cleric / Paladin Cross Classing

Linear vs Quadratic

Your party sets off into an ancient vault, delving into the ancient black depths...

The cost of bab for sorcerers; is 16 bab worth 695,500 gp? Is 15 bab worth 635,000 gp?

How would a Wizard fake being a lower level wizard?

Explosive Runes is overpowered

Things you would change about Pathfinder

How would a cleric punish or atone if they felt like they are being a bit of a let down

Balanced party for a pathfinder-based comic

Riddles in RP's (whats your opinion.)

Does your GM ignore your immunities?

Why does a sorcerer's magic conform exactly to the practiced study of a wizard?

Is the monk's design a sacred cow?

I'm running a campaign about war profiteers and I thought I'd share.

What's so bad about 'cheese'?

Automatic Bonus Progression and Ioun Stones: Advice Needed

The Aklys is a very silly weapon

Not E6, G6 -- Level-limited progressive gestalting

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Looking for a book reference for an Ustalav NPC. Help!

Fun with Baleful Polymorph

Finding Magical Weapons

Paladin Combat Styles

Things You Love, That Others Might Not?

DAE: Getting stuck with a role?


Unchained Crafting Masterwork Items

What's the Katana good for?

Shell Shocked

New Damage Per Round (DPR) Calculator

Is it weird that the treasure system intimidates me?

Weapons Sheathed inside shields.

Do... we have a firearm-focused Alchemist archetype yet?

Powerful NPC Ally

Dual Wield Dorn Dergar

Hunter / Wizard vs Summoner?

What did you used to like better?

Expanded Summons

Ju Ju Zombie and upgrades

[Unchained] Group Skills vs Consolidated Skills

Looking for kid friendly adventures

Should a magic sword be sharp, light, special and / or strong

Stealth Errata

So about weaksauce Dragons...

I Like the Halfling Slingstaff!

Minimum level of combat allowed

Are Pathfinder's Realm OGL or Copyright?

Sign Language

Advice: Paladin / Oracle Help on progression

Fun Summons

Hunting for Good One-Liners

Character Test Dungeon?

Why do people like the oracle so much?

Clerics of Razmir: Why Not?

Contingency Gone Wrong

Magic Items vs. Character Development

Douglas and Dragons - Actual Play Podcast Set in Magnimar

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

Why Are New Things Always Called Cheese?

High level play and how to incorporate PC tricks into the game

Paladins and Evil outsiders

How many % of hit points is one point of AC worth?

Tablet and laptop Excel sheet - All auto calculating

Has Anyone Else Had To Deal With The "Historical Accuracy" Fallacy?

Making Kaguya Kimmimaro

Swashbuckler V. Duelist

Hybrid classes and "of the society" traits

Consider the Following....

Please convince me to play an Alchemist.

Vestigial Arm / Tentacle uses

Need Jokes / Puns About Being Dead / Undead

Alternate Magic Item Rules and PC Wealth

double vmc would you allow it?

Feats and Feat-Lines

The Highest damage?

Top Arcane Spell Combinations

Mnemonic Vestment & Prepared Casters

cthulhu, has anyone actually used him in your campaign? Any direct face to face combat?

When a GM hates all of your characters you've ever made...

Bloodline Familiars: Are they a fair trade?

Preparation rituals and cool books of magic

dip that change \ make the class SO much better....

Close Combat Sorcerer

full casters with full bab? the possible hidden gem in unchained variant multiclassing

I'm unable to find a description of the Scythe in the core rulebook

"Serpent's Skull: Ruined forever by a horrid GM", or "Snakes, Snakes, Snakes!" Possible Spoilers, beware.

Encountering Animals, How Do You Manage It?

The Dangers of The Phrase "I'm Just Playing My Character"

How does the world change if everyone gets Bardic Music and Spellcasting?

Would anything break if I made MWP a trait?

Two Weapon Fighting Character Build for Pathfinder society

Alchemists are creepy

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