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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
An alternative to the full attack

Classes Favored

Converting PF To Older Material?

Corrosive and corrosive burst ?

Dear Paizo (Art)

Dungeon Rumors. (Help me brainstorm)

GM Advice: Need help placing loot in campaign against animals

I Nerfed The Spellcasters

Monk Style Masters

Monk. Concept Vs Execution


Poll: What are the changes the Rogue class needs?

So Anyone Else Rewriting Stuff?

Toning Down Offensive Options.

Two Pathfinder players looking for a game

What Subsystems Do You Want More Of?

‎Investigator, Infiltrator Voice Mimicry

"A +1 to hit means I will do 5 percent more damage"

"Against foes who are unaware of your presence"

"All one type" parties?

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Are you SURE?" and Common Sense Checks

"Attack Action" Necessary?

"Bard-Barian" Again

"BECMI" Pathfinder

"Best" action / fate / luck / hero points system?

"Breadth of Experience" + "Multitude of Talents" = Guy who's done *everything*. Super fun!

"Broken" is an illusion

"But I'm not lying! ... Technically." When a Bluff roll is called for

"Challenge Evil", "Knight's Calling", and Cavaliers.

"Class Feature"

"Combat Expertise is a useful feat.." from melee toolbox.

"Cool it with a baboon's blood, then the charm is firm and good"...WHAT?!

"Core 4" Books?

"Crane style is unbalanced"

"Cure" and "Inflict" Spells, Why do they allow a save?

"Day before" spells

"Defender Always Wins"

"Fleet" and mithril armor

"Good Witch" variant for "Witch" Class wanted <3.

"Good" race bias, especially prevalent in Aasimar.

"Hard" Numbers - Ranged attacks Low Levels

"Hero" vs "heroic"

"High" Human Races in Pathfinder?

"I don't want to be a drain on Party Resources / I don't want to be a munchkin"

"Improved Familiar" feat... why take it?

"Insane" room ideas

"Intuitive" Sorcerer

"Lamia" What comes to mind first?

"Legendsbane" from Mythic Adventures too weak to be useful?

"Let's Change Pathfinder!" Threads

"Long feat chains with multiple feat taxes benefits fighters and rangers"

"LOST" as a source of tropes...

"Low-change" custom items, what's your stance

"Modern" Golarion Hymnal

"Monk" Whats Does it Mean to You?

"Mortal Souls" travel to the Boneyard, but who does that include?

"most reading material for the buck"

"Not" an Assassin

"Offense is the best defense" - a myth?

"official ruling" Why is it Necessary?

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

"Old School" vs visual aids

"Optional" feats

"Original Gamer" argument annoying?

"Pads" at the table

"Pathfinder Lore" Did you see this video?

"Practiced Spellcaster"-like feat suggestions for mystic theurge

"Prepared Spellcasters" metagaming?

"Quick Sheath" feat, why it has not been created?: Implications of it

"RAW is LAW" - A Short Story

"Schrodinger's Wizard"

"Serpent's Skull: Ruined forever by a horrid GM", or "Snakes, Snakes, Snakes!" Possible Spoilers, beware.

"Sexism" in RPGs

"Small" Aasimar clarification

"So, the rogue is not a combat class."

"So... You guys want some treasure, or what?"

"That's a weird Pathfinder group." Really?

"The Pit" in Sandpoint Hinterlands map or adventure?

"The Rules Don't Say I Can't"

"Unearthed Arcana" for Pathfinder

"Use Magic Device" is NOT a class skill for wizards?

"Useless" magic items to give to players

"We need to clarify this rule in case we want to play in PFS"

"Well that took me by surprise... and completely off the rails...."

"West Marches" style game and scheming villains

"What do we do with the goblin non-combatants?" - From a different perspective.

"Why Do You Make This Stuff?": Eagle Boy

"x" of the Dragon Empires

"You're tied up and knocked out. Why wouldn't they take your equipment?"

"Zygomind is CR 18?" or "Well I'mma Not Sleep Well Anymore"

$23,000 gold. What do you buy?

'Best' Class for a 2HF Divine DPS build? An addiction.

'Elite' Template


'Natural' classes for Awakened Animals

'Real' Falchions

'Soulbond Doll'

'Soulbound Doll'

(Another) Custom Character Sheet

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