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Module Conversion

TURBO-PRD Now Available!

Converted Blast Shadow from Pathfinder #15

just wondering what you would do.

Why did the Medium change so much between Playtest and book release?

Pathfinder to 5e Monster Converter

Blade Adept Arcanist, Fighter, Eldritch Knight, and Barbarian vmc

THE best thread

Mike-Mike Min-Maxing: Codename The Green Arrow

Occult and horror adventure recommendations

DR is basically useless. Anyone try using 3.0 DR numbers with 3.5 / PF bypass conditions?

non evil or good aligned drow cities in Golarion is dead

Converting a character from AD&D 2.0 to Pathfinder; looking for suggestions

Skulls and Shackles...with Airships.

Question about full Orc feral trait

GADcon Located near Baltimore, MD May 24, 25, & 26 2013

How useless is a skill monkey rogue?

OP / Broken Classes

So who is responsible for nerfing Butterfly Swords?

Relics of Faith: Lamashtu

Looking for a plague / disease spreading adventure

What do earth elementals see?

Salim Ghadafar?

Crown of the Kobold King: Grugakrug as a Cavalier? -My group...GO AWAY!

Question: Beast Rider Cavalier & Paladin

Mobile polearm fighter

Should I have let her die here?

Seven Swords of Sin Converted to Pathfinder

Science Hero Pathfinder

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