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El Mariachi (Manito)

Rod of Eldritch Power (but for kineticists)

Daemonhost Oracle

Numenera to Pathfinder conversions

"Advanced Bestairy" and "Dead Man's Chest" for Pathfinder?

"Alien" style monster

"Friendly Berserker" for PF.

"Hangman's Noose"

"High Rank" Monster Hunter Conversion Thread

"Highlander" - the movie campaign

"How to train your dragon"... dragons?

"Jedi" or "Sith" for Pathfinder

"Mecha Crusade" Conversion?

A "Naruto" build

"Old man Katan" (Dungeon #41) - spiders, giant mosquitoes and singing mushrooms

"Percy Jackson" -esque motif

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

"Sign This Form" Cleric Help

"The Shadow" a build for Pathfinder?

"They hit me with a truck" Brock Sampson as a PC

"Wheep" Conversion to Pathfinder RPG?

'Ravnica: The City of Guilds Pathfinder Player's Guide' Link + Discussion

(Another) Making Iron Man out of a Golem!

(Pathfinder-ized) Beguiler Conversion

1st Edition of the World of Warcraft RPG and how it works with Pathfinder

2E Agathinon

2E chronomancer and shaman

2E Complete Handbooks Revisited (Part One: Bard's Handbook)

2E Complete Handbooks Revisited (Part Two: Ranger's Handbook)

2E style multiclassing

2nd Edition Psionics Conversion

3 Storms & Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China

3.0 Apprentice Rules to Pathfinder?

3.0 / 3.5 Vow of Poverty

3.5 Dorje Mastery & Dual Dorje, Artificer’s Surge Path

3.5 - Pathfinder Ninja Conversion

3.5 -> Pathfinder PrC Conversions

3.5 adventures with PF rules?

3.5 Archivist Conversion

3.5 Bard Music Feats to Pathfinder

3.5 Bardic Music "Use" Conversion Question

3.5 Cambion to Pathfinder

3.5 classes I haven't seen converted yet

3.5 conversion help

3.5 conversion-Pterafolk

3.5 Conversions

3.5 D&D Gods with Pathfinder Domains!? Help me, please!

3.5 Expedition to Castle Ravenloft updating encounters to PFRPG

3.5 extra smite in Pathfinder

3.5 Gods and Magic changes in PRPG

3.5 Master of many Forms -> PF version.

3.5 MM Spiders

3.5 Non-Core Class Conversions

3.5 Ravenloft - PrC - Knights of the Raven

3.5 Rules Compendium and Pathfinder

3.5 Rules for DMs to Know About

3.5 to pathfinder

3.5 Turn / Rebuke Undead and Pathfinder Channel Energy

3.5 Undead Conversions (HP's)

3.5 undead with special abilities

3.5's Lyric Spell Feat...

3.5e Blood Domain?

3.5E Master of Many Forms

3.x things you gladly convert and allow into your games

3.x things your players try and scam you into allowing

3E Magic of Faerun - Incantatrix, for Pathfinder.

4.0 to Pathfinder - at will; encounter; daily powers

4e Assassin aka Raven's Queen Assassin

4E Seeker Conversion - anyone?

4E Warden conversion

4e Warden for Pathfinder?

4e-style Warlock

4th Edition Rise of the Runelords Conversion Blog

5-level Prestige Classes as feat chains?

5e Fighter Conversion

A 5lv final conversion- Frenzied Berserker

10 Japanese Monsters That Will Kill You

13th Age And Adventure Paths

40K / Inquisitor from Pathfinder

80's TV inspired characters

1998 Godzilla

2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

A Binder conversion

A Brand New Character Conversion: Catwoman

A Build For Brienne of Tarth

A Build For Loki (Hero or Villain, You Decide)

A Build For Loki

A Build For Robin, The Dark Knight's Squire!

A Build For The Mighty Thor

A challenge? Indeed!

A clown among pshchopaths, help me build Shaco

A discussion about stats for deities without house-ruling...some help?

A DragonLance adventure path

A few questions about a "Metamagic Missile" build

A Field Tested Hulk Build

A new Warlock conversion, including Mythic

A non-standard conversion question.

A Paladin In Hell - Pathfinder Core Rules Conversion (Working Thread)

A Paladin In Hell -- Pathfinder Core Rules Conversion (Final)

A Pathfinder Dragon Shaman: A Conversion by Master Arminas

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